Chapter 13: Nick and Other Residents

Later, all of the first years are sorted in their houses, all of the students were talking to each other. McGonagall dings on a cup.

McGonagall: Your attention, please.

Dumbledore: [rising from his chair] Let the feast...begin.

[From the aerial view of the Great Hall, food magically appears on all the tables, and the hall is filled with awe and chatter.]

Eva: Wow.

[Alhertina looks at all the food, raises hsr eyebrows and digs in. Luis and Trevor stuffs their faces.]

Sammy: I'm half and half. Me dad's a Muggle. Mam's a witch. Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out.

[Jack laughs. Eva is sitting next to Mikinze. She leans over.]

Eva: Say, Mikinze, who's that teacher talking to Professor Quirrell?

Mikinze: Oh, that's Professor Snape, head of Slytherin house.

Eva: What's he teach?

Mikinze: Potions. But everyone knows it's the Dark Arts he fancies. He's been after Quirrell's job for years.

[Luis and Trevor, having just finished a chicken wing, reaches into the bowl for more, and a ghost, called Sir Nicolas, pops out.]

Luis: Ahh!

Trevor: Ahh!

Nick: Hello! How are you? Welcome to Ravenclaw.

[Numerous ghosts come pouring from the walls, sailing along.]

Bloody Baron: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Girl: Look, it's the Bloody Baron!

Mikinze: Hello, Sir Nicholas. Have a nice summer?

Nick: Dismal. Once again, my request to join the headless hunt has been denied. [Begins to leave]

Luia: I know you! You're Nearly Headless Nick!

Nick: I prefer Sir Nicholas if you don't mind.

David: Nearly headless? How can you be nearly headless?

Nick: Like this. [Grabs head and pulls it to the side. His head is hanging on just by a thread.]

Trevor: Ahh!

[Danielle, Faith, Christen, David, and Justin moans in disgust; Eva just simply rolls her eyes. Nick reattaches his head back to his body. Later, Mikinze is leading the Gryffindors to the staircase tower.]

Mikinze: Ravenclaws, follow me, please. Keep up. Thank you.

Boy: Hufflepuff, follow me. This way.

Mikinze: This is the most direct path to the dormitories. Oh, and keep an eye on the staircases...they like to change.

[The camera pans up and we see a vast amount of staircases, people walking on them, and some switching places.]

Mikinze: Keep up, please, and follow me. Quickly now, come on. Come on.

[They begin walking up the stairs, several of the portraits began greeting them]

Jack: Sammy, that picture's moving!

Luis: Look at that one, Eva!

Eva: I think she fancies you.

Girl: Oh, look! Look! Who's that girl?

Man in a painting: Welcome to Hogwarts.

Girl: Who's that?

[A bit later on the seventh floor, They are in the corridor leading to Ravenclaw Tower. They come up to a large painting of a large woman in a pink dress. She is known as "The Fat Lady".]

The Fat Lady: Password?

Mikinze: Caput Draconis. [The Fat Lady smiles and nods in confirmation. The painting opens up to reveal a doorway in the wall, leading to Ravenclaw Tower.] Follow me, everyone. Keep up, quickly, come on.

Girl: Oh, wow.

Mikinze: [Inside the common room] Gather 'round here. Welcome to the Ravenclaw Common Room. Boy's dormitories, upstairs and down to your left. Girls, the same on your right. You'll find that your belongings have already been brought up.

[Later at midnight. Eva is sitting by a window in her cotton white nightgown with short sleeves, with Hedwig. She pets the owl and looks out the window, sighing with content, knowing that she will love it here at Hogwarts.]