Elsa and Honeymaren were relaxing in an otherwise empty part of the Enchanted Forest. The two close friends smiled at each other, while Honeymaren said, "Considering you have ice powers, you could be considered the queen of coolness."

Elsa replied, "No way. I'm not a queen, anymore."

Honeymaren said, "It could be argued that you're the new ruler of the Enchanted Forest."

Elsa shook her head, while replying, "I'm no ruler. Most people would probably be thrilled to be the Queen of Arendelle. Although it was an honor, it wasn't the job I was meant for."

Honeymaren said, "Considering your obsession with ice, I'm doubting you're fond of fires."

Elsa replied, "That's not true. Even though I don't really mind cold weather, I can appreciate a good fire."

Honeymaren responded, "Then I'm hoping you won't mind if I make a fire. It's getting cold."

Elsa said, "That's fine."

Honeymaren stood up and said, "I'm going to go get some firewood."

Elsa also got up, while replying, "I can get the firewood."

Honeymaren responded, "No offense, city girl, but I'm not sure you're ready for that."

Elsa said, "It doesn't sound hard. I just have to look around, for a few twigs or pieces of wood. It doesn't sound like anything, that I can't handle."

Honeymaren replied, "If you think you can handle this, you're welcome to try. However, you don't have to push your limits."

Elsa said, "Like I said, this'll be easy."

Honeymaren sat back down and said, "I hope Elsa knows what she's doing."

A moment later, Elsa started walking around the Enchanted Forest, in the hopes of finding firewood. She looked under some trees and in some bushes. After five minutes of searching, she hadn't found a single piece of wood. She angrily said, "I can't believe it's this hard, to find a stupid piece of wood."

A few minutes later, Elsa saw a piece of wood, that was in a pile of rocks. Elsa looked relieved, while saying, "It appears I've accomplished my goal." She picked up the piece of wood and said, "Thanks to you, I can show Honeymaren I can adjust to this place." She paused and said, "I just talked to a piece of wood. I used to tease Kristoff, for how he talked around Sven. It appears I have a silly side. Of course, that's just a small part of me. I'm a very dignified person." Elsa accidentally tripped over some rocks and fell into a pile of mud.

Several minutes later, Elsa walked back to Honeymaren, who already started a fire. Honeymaren looked up and saw that Elsa had a bunch of mud on her clothes. She even had some mud in her hair. Elsa sighed and said, "I should of listened to you. I thought I could handle a simple task, but I was wrong." She handed Honeymaren a piece of wood and said, "I was able to get this, but it took a lot of time and it put me through humiliation. It appears I'm really bad at adjusting to new places."

Honeymaren replied, "It's fine, Elsa. Everybody makes mistakes."

Elsa said, "I made a pretty dumb one."

Honeymaren replied, "Most people do dumb things, once in a while. You'll get over it."

Elsa said, "Thank you, for starting the fire. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help."

Honeymaren replied, "I appreciate the effort, but for now, you should just focusing on washing up."

Elsa nervously smiled, while asking, "Does this place have a washing station?"

Honeymaren said, "Yeah right. Just take a bath in the river."

Elsa feel uneasy, while asking, "You want me to bathe in the river? What if the river's polluted or something?"

Honeymaren said, "I checked the river, earlier. It's fine."

Elsa said, "I'm afraid I don't remember where the river is."

Honeymaren got up and replied, "I'll show you where it is."

Elsa followed Honeymaren, who went past a series of trees and rocks, before heading towards a fairly-clean river. Elsa looked down at the river and said, "So, this is where I'll be bathing from now on?"

Honeymaren answered, "Probably."

Elsa asked, "Is there a shower curtain, anywhere?"

Honeymaren said, "I'm afraid not, city girl."

Elsa said, "This might be a weird thing to ask, but what am I supposed to do?"

Honeymaren looked amused, while asking, "Is this the first time you've bathed?"

Elsa said, "Of course not, but this is my first river bath."

Honeymaren explained, "You just swim around the lake, for a while, to get cleaned up. When cleaning your clothes, make sure you hold onto them at all times. Otherwise, they might get lost."

Elsa said, "I guess that sounds easy."

Honeymaren handed Elsa a blanket, while saying, "You can use this, to dry yourself off, after you're done bathing."

Elsa replied, "Okay. I have one more question."

Honeymaren asked, "What is it?"

Elsa asked, "Where's the shampoo?"

Honeymaren chuckled and said, "You really are a city girl. I've never used shampoo, before."

Elsa asked, "Really? You smell great."

Honeymaren replied, "I'm flattered, but I've never really cared that much scents. Considering my brother hangs out with stinky reindeer, I get used to weird smells. By the way, don't tell Ryder that I think the reindeer smell bad. He gets easily offended."

Elsa responded, "Kristoff's also very protective of reindeer, so I've learned to ease-up on reindeer."

Honeymaren said, "I'll be by the fire waiting for you. Have a nice bath, city girl."

Elsa replied, "Thank you."

Honeymaren walked back to the area, where she made a fire and sat on her log. She wasn't completely sure, if Elsa's first lake bath would be successful, but she decided trust her new friend. She relaxed and ate some berries, while hoping Elsa wouldn't take too long to clean herself up. She was eager to spend more time with her newest friend.

Although Elsa was far away from Honeymaren, Honeymaren could hear Elsa say, "Come on!"

Honeymaren said, "It sounds like something went wrong. I better make sure she's okay." She walked back to the river and saw some things floating around. She picked up the items and noticed they were Elsa's clothes. She said, "Oh, no. Elsa must of accidentally lost her grip on the clothes, during her bath."

Elsa walked up to Honeymaren, while having a blanket wrapped around her body. She looked embarrassed, while saying, "I'm afraid I messed up, again. As I was finishing up my bath, I let go of clothe, for a few seconds and they started floating away."

Honeymaren said, "You're lucky I came by and saved your outfit."

Elsa replied, "You're a lifesaver."

Honeymaren said, "I probably should of told you to wash your clothes after bathing. Trying to do both things, at the same time doesn't always work."

Elsa replied, "I'll remember that, for next time."

Honeymaren looked at Elsa's hair, while saying, "At least, you got the mud out of your hair. You look much better." She paused and said, "Let's go warm up next to the fire." Elsa nodded.

Elsa and Honeymaren walked back to the fire area. Elsa's blanket was damp, because she had used it to dry herself off, so Honeymaren gave her a different blanket to wear. Honeymaren hanged Elsa's clothes on a tree branch and said, "They should dry off, soon enough."

Elsa sat on her log, while saying, "So, you've never heard of dryers?"

Honeymaren said, "I'm afraid not."

Elsa said, "I would ask Anna to bring me a dryer, but there's nowhere to plug it in."

Honeymaren said, "To be honest, I barely understand a lot of what you say, but I still really like talking to you."

Elsa sighed and looked embarrassed, while replying, "I'm sure you'll have plenty of things, to talk about, the next time you see Ryder and the others. You'll probably tell them about how I couldn't find firewood and how I fell in mud."

Honeymaren asked, "What kind of person do you assume I am? Elsa, you're my friend. Sure, I like teasing people, but I'm not going to tell my brother and the others, about what happened. I'm just starting to bond with you. I want to make you feel comfortable."

Elsa smiled and said, "Thank you, Honeymaren. I really appreciate that. I'm sorry, for thinking you're someone, who would make fun of me. I guess I'm letting my paranoia prevent me from trusting others."

Honeymaren started holding hands with Elsa, while saying, "I care about you. I'm not just showing you around the forest, because you're our newest resident. I'm also doing it, because I enjoy being with you."

Elsa replied, "I enjoy being with you, too." She looked down at Honeymaren's hand and said, "Your hand is warm."

Honeymaren responded, "I'm hoping you aren't allergic to warm hands."

Elsa said, "I'm not. Your hand feels soft and soothing."

Honeymaren replied, "If I'm being honest, your hand is pretty cold, city girl."

Elsa asked, "Can you stop calling me that? Arendelle wasn't a city and I don't even live there, anymore."

Honeymaren sat closer to Elsa, while saying, "Alright, but what am I supposed to call you?"

Elsa said, "My name."

Honeymaren replied, "No way. I want to give you a special nickname. My brother and I have nicknames, for each other. He calls me Super Sister and I call him Reindeer Man."

Elsa raised an eyebrow, while asking, "Reindeer Man?"

Honeymaren explained, "It was his suggestion. It's a corny name, but I think he's aware of that and doesn't mind. Ryder knows how to take a joke."

Elsa said, "I tried using the nickname, Chocolate Girl, for Anna. She didn't appreciate that, but that didn't stop her from a majority of Arendelle's chocolate supply."

Honeymaren asked, "What can I call you?"

Elsa shrugged her shoulders and said, "I suppose you can call me anything, as long as it's not anything embarrassing."

Honeymaren said, "I do have a name, in-mind, but it's pretty dorky."

Elsa replied, "I'm open to dorky suggestions."

Honeymaren explained, "A long time ago, a man and woman, who were traveling around this area. I was told not to interact with them, but I did hear some of their conversations. The woman used the nickname, cutie-pie, for the man. I always thought it was an odd, but appealing name. Can I call you that?"

Elsa wondered what she was supposed to say. Nobody had ever used that word, when they were around her. She shyly said, "I suppose that would be okay. Is there a nickname, for you?"

Honeymaren said, "Well, the man used the nickname, honey, for the woman. Since that's already part of my name, it sounds like the perfect nickname."

Elsa continued feeling shy, while replying, "I suppose that nickname makes sense. Has anybody ever called you that name?"

Honeymaren said, "Not in a long time. I want you to be the only one who calls me honey and in return, I'm the only one, who can call you cutie-pie. Sound good?"

Elsa said, "Um, yes."

Honeymaren said, "Then let's start using our new nicknames, now."

Elsa looked directly at Honeymaren. She tried to hold back a blush, while saying, "I'm sure this is one task that I can actually accomplish."

Honeymaren replied, "I certainly hope so, cutie-pie."

Elsa responded, "I know what I'm doing, honey." As much as Elsa tried to resist, a big blush came on her face. She had never called anybody honey, before. It felt weird, but sweet, at the same time.

Elsa and Honeymaren started telling each other, about their childhood and their favorite activities. After a long chat, Elsa stood up and checked on her clothes. Although they weren't completely dry, they were less damp, than before. Elsa said, "I think my clothes are dried off. Do you have a changing booth?"

Honeymaren answered, "You know I don't."

Elsa sighed and said, "Fine." Elsa grabbed her clothes and started getting dressed, while in some bushes.

Honeymaren said, "Make sure you avoid branches that have pokey things on them."

A few seconds later, Honeymaren heard Elsa said, "Ouch."

After getting dressed, Elsa returned to Honeymaren and said, "I feel much better. Despite the undignified circumstances, the lake bath wasn't too bad. At least, me and my clothes are clean." She yawned and said, "I think I've done enough foolishness for one day."

Honeymaren asked, "Feeling tired?"

Elsa said, "I sure am. Are you?"

Honeymaren said, "To be honest, there's a lot more I want to learn about you, but it can wait."

Elsa looked around and said, "I don't even know where I'll be sleeping."

Honeymaren replied, "You can sleep around here. I brought a small pack of supplies. I have an old sleeping bag and plenty of blankets."

Elsa nervously said, "But I'm so far away from the others. I don't want to sleep here by myself."

Honeymaren calmly replied, "Don't worry, cutie-pie. I'll stay with you."

Elsa felt relieved, while saying, "Thank you."

Honeymaren pulled out two sleeping bags. She placed the sleeping bags on the ground and put some blankets on top of them. She started laying on one of them, while signaling to Elsa, to lay down. Elsa nodded and into the other sleeping bag.

Elsa looked at Honeymaren, while saying, "Thank you, for everything. I think I'd be lost, without you."

Honeymaren replied, "Then I'm glad we found each other, cutie pie."

Elsa said, "So, we just go to sleep, now?"

Honeymaren casually replied, "Unless you want to give me a goodnight kiss."

Elsa shyly said, "Oh." At first, she didn't know what to say. Eventually, she asked, "Do you want a goodbye kiss?"

Honeymaren explained, "I was kidding."

Elsa tried to not look embarrassed, while saying, "Okay."

Suddenly, Honeymaren kissed Elsa on the forehead. Elsa looked surprised, while asking, "Why did you do that? You said the goodnight kiss was a joke."

Honeymaren replied, "I didn't want you to feel embarrassed. You've had enough embarrassment for one day."

Elsa smirked, while asking, "Was that your only reason for kissing my forehead?"

Honeymaren smirked back, while replying, "I might of had another reason."

Elsa figured she better call it a night, before she starts blushing, again. She said, "Goodnight, honey."

Honeymaren replied, "Goodnight, cutie-pie." Honeymaren watched Elsa close her eyes and start resting. Despite Elsa struggling to adjust, Honeymaren believed that Elsa was starting to like her new home and Honeymaren knew she loved her new friend.