An encounter with the Wolves of Mibu...


It was wrong, all wrong. This situation wasn't right. Some form of grave mistake had been made that led to the current circumstances. Holding the title of Upper Moon Three, logic dictated that Akaza was the fourth strongest demon in existence, falling behind Two and One, as well as Muzan himself. The number of Pillars he has killed over the course of his demon life can be counted on two hands, and none of them ever came close to killing him. Objectively speaking, this meant that humanity has yet to reach a point where their strength can match his. For Akaza, he has always estimated the strength of the new generations by using the skill increase between previous generations as a benchmark. This made sense to him, as during the time it takes to train the next generation, Akaza himself would constantly improve and hone his own skills. The very concept of humans being able to bridge the gap from their own strength to his own was a foreign concept to him.

Thus it was because of his inability to accept that very idea, that led Akaza to become confused by the current state of affairs. Currently he could only see out of his left eye, as a bloody hole was punched straight through his head from where his right eye was moments ago. His lower jaw was completely shattered and torn open, barely hanging on to what remained of his mouth by several muscle tendons. But what he found strangest was the feeling of weightlessness as he seemed to hang in the air with the scenery around him tilted to the side. Several more moments passed before he was reacquainted with the influence of gravity as his back impacted the side of a train car and immediately caved in, at which point his flight briefly continued. Finally coming to a stop, Akaza lifted up his head and quickly noticed the shape of a foot that was imprinted on his chest from where he was kicked. His wounds began to rapidly regenerate, during which time he tried to process what just occurred. Climbing out from the him-shaped crater in the train car, his eyes immediately locked on to the catalyst of his impromptu flight; a person who wasn't there moments ago, now shifting their foot back after having retracted it from the kick.

Standing in front of Rengoku was a man dressed in a black haori and hakama with white belts tied at his waist. Smoke was still wafting off the barrel of his rifle from the recent discharge, and blood was spattered on the end of the wooden stock due to it being used as an improvised bludgeon against Akaza's jaw. Said demon wasn't sure if he should feel insulted or relieved at the fact that the mans sword was still sheathed, as the outcome of that attack could have been much more worrisome if the blade had been used.

"If you are curious as to why I did not draw my sword, it is because corpses cannot talk." the man remarked, catching the glimpse Akaza made towards his weapon.

The demon snapped his jaw back into place to help speed up his recovery before glowering at the newcomer.

Quickly loading another cartridge into his rifle, the man lowered the weapon to aim at Akaza once more, managing to hold the gun steady with just one hand. "Don't you dare think you got lucky, demon scum."

Akaza clicked his tongue in response. "Not only was that insult uncalled for, you rudely interrupted our fight."

The man grunted. "I interrupted nothing. I simply joined the battle." he replied before casting a glance at Kyoujurou. "If you can still fight effectively, stand up and join me. If not, stay down and keep out of my way."

Kyoujurou stared blankly at the man for a moment before a small grin formed on his lips. "I would be a failure as a Pillar if I allowed wounds such as these to hinder me." he answered, standing up and tightening his grip on his sword. "Though I don't know who you are, you have my thanks for the assistance."

Returning his gaze to Akaza, the man began to thumb at the hilt of his sword. "From the information I managed to gather, I can safely assume that you are a demon who holds a significant ranking in your hierarchy. Thus I find it necessary to interrogate you before putting you to the blade."

"You think you can actually beat me, let alone make me talk?" Akaza questioned with a hint of amusement in his tone of voice. "You overestimate your capabilities, human scum."

A subtle eye twitch was the only initial response that was given, followed by the man fully drawing his sword to wield alongside his rifle. "And yet you yourself fail to realize who you just insulted. Such ignorance will cost you dearly."

The Upper Moon narrowed his eyes slightly at the threat. Although he wasn't the least bit worried about any danger, he felt as if the man was someone he should have recognized, if his words were anything to go by.

"Oh? Well then, would you care to enlighten me?"

For some reason the mans presence seemed to drastically change in an instant. Power surged off him in waves the completely overshadowed Kyoujurou's own, by some trick of the light his eyes appeared to glow red, and Akaza swore he could hear the sounds of gunfire and swords clashing in the distance.

Pointing his sword at Akaza, the man roared at the top of his lungs.