Chapter 1

Okay, sweet, that was the first story request I've really ever gotten. This story was requested by ChillFanGirl.

"C-c-c-come on, c-c-c-come on, let's go!" Christine called to Jeremy as a blush rose upon his face. He did what he could to ignore it, and grinned.

"C-c-c-come on, c-c-c-come on, let's go!" Jeremy responded, trying to make his voice sound more manly as he said it by deepening it. Christine giggled, obviously having noticed.

Jeremy looked around nervously. He'd make sure everything was set up nicely, but what if Christine didn't like it? Should he have brought her to a theater instead or something?

Jeremy felt something touch his hand and fought the reflex to quickly yank it back. He looked to his right and saw Christine's hand holding onto his, and felt his heart flutter. She's touching my hand! He thought excitedly, Okay, Jeremy, this is your chance. Just turn, gently kiss her cheek, then quickly pull back and let her enjoy the fireworks that she's here to see. You can do this.

He turned his head so that he was looking straight at Christine, slowly went to kiss her…

And she quickly grinned, turned her head, and gave him a short peck on the lips before he was ready at all.

Jeremy reached nervously into his pocket, feeling the ring box that he was carrying. He threw a glance to Christine to make sure she wasn't looking, then took it out and looked over it again. He wanted to ask, but what if she said no? He quietly and carefully opened the box, looking at the ring he'd picked out. He hoped that she'd like it, but the idea of her not liking it was just another item on the long list of things that could go wrong. There was only one way it could go right, and he was starting to believe that it would never happen. He snuck another glance at Christine to make sure she didn't see, then put the ring back into his pocket.

Christine watched from the corner of her eye, checking to make sure Jeremy didn't see that she was looking. She smiled to herself. I wish he'd hurry up and ask, it's such a beautiful ring, and I can't wait to see that adorable grin I know he'll get when I say yes! She thought.

Christine had figured out about that ring a long time ago, but she wasn't sure how much longer she could wait.

Jeremy grinned. He'd waited so long for this day, but it was worth it to see how happy it made Christine. Jeremy looked up to see her smile as she twirled in her giant, poofy dress, which Jeremy had immediately recognized as her dress from when she was in the theater production of The Sound of Music that the local theater ran a few shows of. Christine caught his eye and smiled, so he stood up and began making his way towards her to dance.

"Christine Heere," He said with as confident as a smile as he could.

The two danced for a while, until Jeremy heard a loud call from the doorway. Christine giggled when she heard it, and let Jeremy go to where the noise came from.

"Michael makes an entrance!" Michael called out as he burst through the doorway. Jeremy grinned as he tried to carefully move through the groups of people.

"Michael!" He called, fist-bumping his old friend.

"Dude, I haven't seen you in forever! Where have you been?" He asked, then grinned as he looked over back at Christine, who was now making her way over, "Oh, wait, let me guess…" He said with a smirk, "Glad you finally asked her. You should've taken my advice all along, huh?"

Jeremy smiled. "Yeah, I should have just asked her out the first chance I had, I know. But where have you been?"

"I got this great job helping run an arcade! The owner said I might become the new owner soon!"

"Really man? That's awesome!"

Michael let out a sheepish sigh. "Okay, no, he never said that. I'm just the janitor, but I'm sure I'll be getting a promotion soon! You guys should totally come over and see the place sometime. It's amazing!"

Christine cracked a smile. "We will, Michael," She said. Jeremy took Christine's hand, and the two led Michael to the table that they had been sitting at.

"But, really, you two, congratulations! I never thought that the two of you would really get married, but here we are!"

Jeremy smiled. "Yeah, I can't believe we actually did it." He turned to Christine, "I was convinced you would say no, but you said yes, and I actually really got to marry you!"

It was Christine's turn to smile. "I can't believe you actually thought I'd say no," She said, teasing Jeremy by adding a gentle flick to his nose.

Jeremy paced nervously across the room. He looked back at Christine, wanting to help her, but not sure how. The doctors standing around her had said that they didn't know how much Jeremy could help and that he just needed to stay out of the way, but he wanted to help them. Christine was going through unimaginable pain, he wanted to help!

But he was told not to.

Was this worth it? He tried to push away the thought, but he couldn't. Of course it is! Or… well… I guess it definitely would be if I could help her, but… No. C'mon Jeremy, she wanted this. She wants this. I've just gotta trust her.

He held the baby in his arms, looking down at her fragile figure. She was crying, and, oh goodness, it was a loud cry. He stared at the little girl, pride swelling up in his chest. He… He helped bring a child into the world! His focus faded as this became all he could think about. He smiled, then was suddenly brought back to reality as he heard the doctor ask, "So what will you name her?"

Jeremy and Christine looked at each other, both thinking the same name. The two smiled, then at the same time said,

"Juliet," Christine said sweetly.

"Lafeetyamonrea," Jeremy said, trying as hard as he could to sound sweet.

Both Christine and the doctor that had asked looked at him strangely.

"What did you say?" Christine asked.

"Uh, Juliet, yeah. Let's name her that," He said quickly, his face suddenly very red.

After an awkward pause, Christine said, "Juliet Heere, then." While still eyeing Jeremy awkwardly.

"And you're sure he'll be able to do it?" Christine asked.

"Yeah, he told me the time to come, and it's in a few minutes. He said it's right when his shift ends," Jeremy said, quickly parking their car and checking his phone again to make sure they were in the right place. Once he was sure, both he and Christine got out of the car, and he went to get Juliet from the back seat.

"Dad, I can unbuckle myself!" She said, clicking the seat belt release thingy as she spoke. She jumped onto the pavement outside the car, and walked over between her parents to the arcade. Jeremy pushed open the door, and Juliet ran inside.

"Jeremy! Christine!" They heard someone call. Juliet looked up at the man, confused about how he knew her parents. He had a pair of oversized white headphones around his neck, and he wore a blue and red uniform, but he was pulling up a red hoodie over it to cover it. The hoodie looked brand new except for the slushie stain on the inside of the elbow, and the whole thing was covered in patches. A pac-man patch, an anti-racism patch, a pride flag, the Atari logo, a few musician names and logos Juliet had barely heard of, a Galaga ship, a cassette tape, a record player, and even more.

"Michael!" Jeremy called, coming over and fist-bumping him. The two did a little handshake they had obviously come up with, and then Michael smiled down at Juliet.

"And here she is! It's Juliet, right?" Juliet looked surprised.

"You know me?" She asked.

Jeremy smiled, then squatted down, so he was at eye-level with Juliet, "This is my old friend, Mr. Mell," Jeremy said. Michael laughed.

"Oh, please. You can call me Michael."

"Hi, Michael! Yeah, I'm Juliet. Do you work here?" She asked, smiling a bit, "I saw your employee uniform thingy, or was that from somewhere else?" Juliet paused for a second, then her eyes lit up. "Wait, I know, how about I call you Uncle Michael! Because you and Dad were- well, are- friends and I don't know any of my other uncles," She turned to her parents, "Do I even have uncles? I don't know." Jeremy and Christine looked at each other, then Christine shook her head no. "So you're Uncle Michael!"

Michael grinned. "Well then, you can call me Uncle Michael. And yes, I work here. I'm the manager," He said, then glanced at Jeremy and Christine, "I got quite a few promotions in the last year or so," he added with a smile.

Jeremy smiled, then asked, "Wait, did you get a new hoodie, or have you just not grown an inch in the last few years?"

Michael snickered. "I don't know. If I haven't grown, then have you shrunk or something?" He raised up his hand to show where Jeremy came up on him to emphasize his point, then added, "Yeah man, it's a new hoodie." He smiled, then added, "Anyways, my shift just ended, just we can do pretty much whatever." He grinned. "Hey, Juliet, have you ever played Galaga?"

Three hours later, the two sat in front of giant Space Invaders Frenzy screen, Juliet and Michael chanting the song Michael taught her as the duo played.

"It's a two-player game, so when they make an attack," Juliet chanted, moving the blaster around to hit everything on the screen she could.

"You know you got your uncle, gonna have your back!" Michael chanted back.

"Then you stay on track and-" Juliet chanted.

"Ah!" Michael interrupted.

Juliet quickly responded with, "Remain on course!"

"And if they give you a smack, you-"


"You use your force!" Michael said, then followed it up with, "And if you leave your uncle behind, it's lame,"

"'Cause it's a messed-up world," Juliet said, then raised her fist.

"But it's a two-player game!" Michael said, fist bumping her.

Jeremy laughed, and then cut in with, "Hey, alright, Michael, it's been great, but we really need to get going. But we'll come by again sometime, alright?" Michael smiled.

"Of course!" He looked back at Juliet. "Bye, Juliet," He said with a grin.

"Bye, Uncle Michael!"

Juliet ran through the door, and saw Michael sitting on the couch.

"Uncle Michael!" She called, grinning.

"Juliet!" He stood up, came over, and was almost tackled by her jump at him. The two hugged as Michael laughed. "I've got a few more games in my room, so you can go run in and grab them. They're on my desk, and the room is the second room on the left in the hallway." He pointed Juliet in the right direction, then said, "Grab them all; we'll decide what to play in here."

Juliet ran off, her hands in the pockets of her light blue NES hoodie. She dashed into the room, her eyes scanning for the game cartridges. She saw them on his desk, but then next to them were a bunch of gray pills. She looked at them. "Huh," She said quietly. She glanced down at the door to make sure no one was coming and that no one could see, then she grabbed one. She slid it into her pocket, then grabbed the game cartridges and ran them back in.

I probably shouldn't mention the pill to him. He might get mad. Maybe I'll ask what it is online? Mom lets me borrow her phone sometimes to play on it, I'd bet I could take a picture of them and ask about it. Should I delete the picture afterwards? I don't know. Maybe I should?

"Alright, what game will it be?" Michael asked, snapping Juliet out of her thoughts. He spread out the game cartridges that Juliet handed him onto the table, and Juliet pointed to the one that was, by far, her favorite.

"Galaga!" She grinned.

"Hey, Mom, can I use your phone? I was really close to beating Uncle Michael yesterday at pac-man, and I think I saw an app for it that will help me get better." She lied, racking her brain for any excuse she could use when that failed.

"Of course! Just be careful and don't do anything I wouldn't want you to do." Christine handed Juliet her phone. "I'll be in my room if you need me. Be safe!" She said, stood there for a moment, then walked into the hallway and disappeared into her room. Juliet let out the sigh she didn't realize she was holding in, then pulled the weird pill from her pocket. She took a picture of it, then went to the app store to download the app she told her mom she'd use. Mom will notice if it isn't here. She thought, but as soon as it was downloading she opened the web browser. She took a deep breath, pulled up Eddit, and went to e/askeddit. She posted the picture, typed in "Does anyone recognize this pill?" and hit Submit. She waited, then went back to the main page.

She reloaded it.

She reloaded it again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Eventually, she went to the app she had downloaded and started playing to pass the time until someone responded.

Every minute, she reopened the web browser and reloaded the page. Finally, after ten more minutes, she got a response. She looked over it. Mountain Dew? She thought. Why would a pill only work with Mountain Dew? She ignored the thought, then continued reading.

Okay, so if I take the pill, a few minutes later, everything will hurt. But then it will get better, right? So I've just gotta push through when it hurts. But do we even have Mountain Dew? She sighed. I guess that I'll have to wait to do this. She opened the pictures on her mom's phone, then deleted the picture of the pill. What did the person say it's called? A... Squid? No, that can't be right. I don't know what it is, then. Okay, I need to check that.

After she made sure she knew what it was, she closed the web browser and went back to her game.

Jeremy's phone rang.

"Juliet, can you get that? Then put it on speaker." Jeremy said, flipping over the burger patties on the grill.

"Yup!" She jumped off her chair and grabbed his phone, answered the call, and put it on speaker.

"This is Jeremy Heere, what's up?" He asked, trying to be loud enough that whoever called could heere him.

"This is William Afton. There's been a staging accident here at Two River Theater, we're not entirely sure what happened, but during it-" The man cut off; Juliet thought that she heard him choke out a sob before saying, "I'm so sorry." Jeremy dropped tongs he was holding for the burger patties. He didn't flinch when they hit his foot. Juliet didn't think he even realized they did. "She's gone." The man said, then he hung up.

She held the bottle in her hand. This is about to change my entire life. She though.

Will I still like playing video games with Uncle Michael?

Will I still like the same songs?

Will I still even be Juliet?

Should I not do this?

She paused, and slowly lowered the bottle. She stared down at the pill in front of her, then let out an audible sigh. "I can't do this." She said.

Mom's gone. What if something happens to Dad? I can't let that happen. She looked back at the pill. This can help me stop that from happening. She took a deep breath, put the pill beneath her teeth, raised the bottle of Mountain Dew to her lips, took a drink, and swallowed the pill.

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