Face Claim for Alexandra - Rhona Mitra

Ever since the Other Side collapsed, and both Damon and Bonnie were gone, Elena was mulling over what to do next, weighing every possible option.

She spent most of her time avoiding everybody, because they would just remind her even more of the loss she suffered.

Elena decided that this time she won't take the easy road, that she won't turn her humanity switch off, every day she kept repeating to herself; 'I'm stronger this time, I will survive this and one day be happy again'.

About a week after that tragedy occurred, Elena woke up in her dorm at Whitmore and spotted her journal opened beside her, something strange was written in it.

She took a closer look and saw it was a spell. What was even more odd was that she could somehow read and identify it. She flipped the page and saw another spell.

Her eyes went wide and to say that she had a puzzled expression would be an understatement. 'I wrote some kind of unbinding spell and the spell that Esther used to create Original vampires.' Elena mused to herself, she inwardly started asking herself why would she write those spells exactly.

The Petrova doppelganger also pondered if she may be a witch and someone binded her magic, and if that were true, who would do that and why, also if she really was a witch somehow, it would mean that John Gilbert wasn't her biological father and Jeremy is also not related to her by blood, making him her adoptive brother.

She debated on what to do. Elena couldn't go to Bonnie because she was dead and talking to Stefan at the moment was a bad idea because he was still grieving, in his own way, over Damon, like she was, and he most likely wouldn't be able to help her anyway.

The doppelganger also didn't trust Luke and Liv with this big bombshell, plus she was still pissed at Luke for stopping his twin sister at the middle of chanting the resurrection spell.

Caroline would think that Elena has gone crazy or she would be judgemental big time because that was just in her nature, and that was the last thing the doppelganger needed right now.

Her thoughts led to the youngest Mikaelson, Rebekah, as she looked at the spells, and realised that while one was written in latin, the other wasn't even written in latin alphabet but it was actually written in what seemed like the old Norse language; Runic script more precisely Elder Futhark.

Elena decided Rebekah was her best solution to turn to. The doppelganger thought that since Rebekah is a 1000 years old, she might be able to shed some light on what was happening to her and if Elena was completely honest with herself nothing was keeping her here.

Besides, she couldn't go home due to the stupid anti-magic border thing and her boyfriend and one of her best friends were dead, which meant if she was weighing pros and cons on 'stay' or 'leave', the option 'leave' would definitely prevail.

So it took Elena an hour to choose what to wear, pack her essentials into a duffel bag, which comprised of her journal, minute sized pouch with a small piece of white oak inside that she kept for herself ever since she and her friends killed Finn, a mini fridge with blood bags,and lastly her favourite clothes that she most often wore.

After that she left her dorm room and the Whitmore college all together, jumped in her silver Porsche Cayenne S and drove away.

As Elena just passed the exit out of Mystic Falls, she decided to head straight to Richmond before calling Rebekah, needing to distance herself from her friends, who would, despite the note she left, most likely look for her incessantly when they found out she was gone.

"Rebekah, it's Elena." Was the first thing Elena said the moment Rebekah picked up the phone.

"What do you want?" Rebekah growled out.

"Your help." Elena voiced calmly, already anticipating Rebekah's harsh tone.

"You need my help? With what?" Rebekah inquired, sounding annoyed yet also with a slight hint of inquisitiveness at the same time. The doppelganger knew that tone. It was the; 'I'm annoyed at you because I hate you and I'm gleeful because I can say no and you can't do anything about it' tone.

"Tell me why I should even bother helping you of all people?" The blonde Original questioned Elena.

"Rebekah, I'm desperate. Something very weird happened to me today, and you are my only option right now." Elena said pleadingly over the phone to the blonde.

"Also I'm sorry." Elena added after what seemed a minute of silence between them.

"Excuse me?" Rebekah asked, startled.

"I said I'm sorry. "Elena echoed." I'm sorry I daggered you, literally stabbing you in the back. You have no idea how long I have wanted to tell you that I'm genuinely sorry." The brunette said softly, her voice thick with emotions.

"I have no right to ask for your help, especially because I was a bitch and I never apologised for it. I knew that the friendship we had during my off switch days was a lie and the only thing we had in common then was a mutual interest, you wanted that stupid cure and I wanted it gone so no one could use it against me. And ultimately I apologise for everything else I have done to you and your family." Elena finished her apology sounding seriously and truly apologetic.

Rebekah was silent for a minute before deciding to play along, if nothing else to satisfy her curiosity to what exactly Elena wants. "What do you need?"

The doppelganger inwardly sighed in relief. "I need a witch."

"Why not ask Bonnie?" The female Mikaelson nearly yelled, displeased that all Elena needed from her was a witch when she already had a witch that came from a powerful bloodline.

"Rebekah, when the Other Side collapsed, both Bonnie, who was the anchor to the Other Side, and Damon, who killed himself to stop the Travelers, died for good and you're the only one right now I trust to help me." Elena answered sadly as tears filled her eyes.

"How fast can you get to Arkansas?" If Rebekah was surprised that Elena trusted her with something clearly important, she didn't let it show in her voice, so instead she asked the obvious question in a soft tone after she made the decision to help Elena after all.

The blonde Mikaelson also made a mental note to ask Elena, when she gets here, what exactly happened in Mystic Falls since the last time she was there.

"If I drive all night?" Elena questioned rhetorically, doing the calculations in her head.

"About eight hours tops, I think." The brunette finished thoughtfully, frowning softly.

"Ok, you get your arse to Arkansas and I'll give you the address of where I'm staying when you text me that you've just entered Arkansas while I call my witch." Rebekah instructed Elena.

"Ok. Thank you Rebekah." Elena expressed her gratitude.

"Don't thank me yet." Rebekah replied before hanging up, and Elena took that as a sign to get her ass in gear.

On the way to Arkansas, Elena only stopped for gas and to feed herself while Rebekah was waiting for her at the house, where she, Elijah, and Klaus had a Christmas Dinner, whilst fleeing from Mikael in 1919.

When Elena arrived into town, she texted the blonde Original, who then gave her the address. Pulling up on the driveway of the mansion in Rural Arkansas where a red 1982 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce was parked.

The doppelganger got out of the car, taking her duffel bag with her, vamp sped up to the front door and knocked.

"Elena, about bloody time." Rebekah breathed out, in fact relieved to see the brunette and quickly pulled her inside and shut the door.

"Uh, you sound almost worried?" Elena said in hope to alleviate any possible tensions between her and the female Mikaelson.

"Trust me, I was." The female Mikaelson cut her off before Elena could say anything else.

Elena smiled friendly while inwardly feeling torn between puzzled and grateful that the blonde Original cared for her. She decided to tackle that anomaly later. Right now she had more pressing things to discuss with Rebekah.

The blonde Original led her from the threshold to the living room and the doppelganger froze in her tracks at the doorway, looking shocked and startled. "Uh?" Elena looked from the baby in the bassinet to a completely calm Rebekah. "Why do you have a baby?"

"This cute little one is my niece, Hope. She's Klaus' daughter." The blonde said brightly and the brunette couldn't help but blink stupidly at her as she picked up Hope.

"It turns out that when Klaus broke his curse, he was able to have children, not that we knew." Rebekah explained as she sat down in a chair, looking down at her niece with a look of adoration in her eyes before looking up at Elena and gestured for her to sit down, the gesture which she accepted.

"So does that mean Klaus is here also?" Elena asked, suddenly wary.

"No, he's in New Orleans. He gave Hope to me so that I could protect her while he, Elijah, and Hayley, she's Hope's mom, cleaned up the mess they made in New Orleans." Rebekah explained with a frown, which only deepened as she continued explaining the mess that her family got itself into. "Only presently there's a bigger mess now that my mother is back from the dead."

"What?" Elena choked out, eyes wide in terror. "Esther is back? How is that possible?"

"As you already know, my mother is a powerful witch, so she managed somehow to return to the land of the living just before the Other Side was gone." Rebekah explained, leaving Elena thunderstruck.

"So, you wanna tell me what's been happening in Mystic Falls while we wait for my witch to arrive?" Rebekah asked gently but also determined after a few minutes of silence between the two.

"Well, for starters, as you already know, Katherine died." Rebekah raised an eyebrow at the tone Elena used. "Katherine did what Klaus did to Alaric. She possessed my body." Elena said with a tone that was laced with venom, and when their glances met, the same grimace appeared on their faces, it came to no surprise that they both hated Katherine with a passion.

"Hmm, let's see…" Elena became silent for a moment, trying to gather her thoughts. "Oh, it turns out Tatia wasn't the Original Petrova doppelganger but a Greek girl named Amara, who was Qetsyiah's handmaiden, and Silas' one true love who drank the immortality elixir with him. We also found out that Stefan is Silas' doppelganger." Now it was Rebekah's turn to look at Elena, flummoxed. "And it turns out that when they became truly immortal, nature retaliated by creating the doppelgangers, versions of them that could die." Elena added.

"Bloody hell." Was all that Rebekah could say while wrapping her mind around all of that information that hit her like a huge rock.

"Yep. I know. Total shocker." Elena sighed softly before she continued with the story. "Other than that, the Travelers needed mine and Stefan's blood, because after Katherine and some guy named Tom Avery, another doppelganger of Silas, died, we were the last living doppelgangers of Silas and Amara, their goal was to end the witch's magic, fortunately we were able to stop the Travelers before their spell could spread further from Mystic Falls, and now no vampire can step foot there without dying, as for witches, their magic doesn't work there." Rebekah frowned at hearing this and was inwardly glad that she had decided not to return to Mystic Falls with Hope. "That's pretty much everything that has happened in Mystic Falls." She deliberately left out the piece about vampires being lab rats at the hands of Augustine Society because that problem was already permanently solved and talking about Damon,who is now dead, wasn't a good idea.

"Alright, so why do you need the assistance of a witch?" Rebekah finally asked Elena with curiosity oozing from her voice.

"Hang on." Elena grabbed her duffel bag, which she had put down by her feet, and opened it, pulling out her diary. "This is why." Elena said, showing the blonde what she had written in her diary and Rebekah looked at it and was startled to find that the second Spell was written in old Norse language.

"I wrote these spells while I was asleep." Elena voiced.

"And the shocking part is that I can read it just fine without having to use the dictionary to translate it into English." Elena explained, looking with a mix of slightly scared but more worried expression as Rebekah looked back at her, completely flabbergasted.

"And there's something else." Rebekah, still wonderstruck, raised an eyebrow at Elena questionably.

"I kept a piece of white oak." Elena said smugly, pulling out the piece of wood with a size of a rifle bullet from the small pouch placed in her duffel bag and putting it inside her jeans back pocket.

"You sneaky bitch." Rebekah responded with an emotionless expression but inwardly in awe at doppelganger's resourcefulness.

When the witch, Alexandra, a 5'6 brunette woman with light brown eyes and a voluptuous body build, finally arrived, Rebekah, who had in the meantime put Hope down for a nap in the nursery room, told her that Elena is a friend that needed some witchy assistance.

"How do you two know each other?" Elena questioned, glancing between Rebekah and Alexandra curiously, and cautiously in Alexandra's direction.

"Rebekah saved my life in New York a few months back." Alexandra voiced and Elena raised an eyebrow at the blonde Original. "I owe her."

"Before Klaus asked me to take care of Hope, he exiled me from New Orleans because one of my past indiscretions, so I went to New York for some time, where I ran into Alexandra," Rebekah gestured at Alexandra. "who was being tailed by a medium sized group of vampires, and I, loathing how men have the audacity to gang up on women, saved her. She performed a cloaking spell on Hope and me, and also this mansion" Rebekah explained calmly.

"Oh, alright then." Elena mumbled softly, deciding inwardly not to question the matter the further even if she was slightly curious what awful deed Rebekah could have done that it resulted in such drastic measure.

"Alright, now with what do you need my help, honey?" Alexandra asked Elena with a raised eyebrow. Elena silently gave Alexandra her diary, which was opened on the page that had an unbinding spell.

Alexandra knew the moment she saw Elena that she was a Petrova doppelganger, but she didn't mention it because she was only here due to being indebted to Rebekah for saving her life, so it wasn't up to her mention that fact.

"This one is an unbinding spell." Elena spoke, hesitant to tell her about one on the Other Side, and Alexandra looked the spell over with critical yet confused eyes. "I wrote it in my sleep and I have no idea why."

The witch studied a spell for a minute before she put the diary on the table and addressed both of them.

"Are you both sure I should do this, because once the spell is done, the change will be permanent?" Alexandra stated questionably as she looked between them and after sharing a look with Rebekah who gave the witch a slight nod, knowing that Elena already made her decision.

The witch joined hands with Elena and started chainting the spell.

As the chanting came to an end, Elena separated her hands with Alexandra and felt a sudden rush of energy inside of her.

"What was that?" Elena asked with puzzled expression, while noticing that the witch was looking at her with an astonished expression.

"That…" Alexandra trailed off, trying to piece together her muddled thoughts for a second about sensing that the spell awoke two sides in the doppelganger, witch and werewolf part. "That was your magic."

Rebekah and Elena looked taken aback. "But I don't have magic." Elena exclaimed.

"Oh, honey, you always had magic."The witch replied, and crossed her arms. "It's just been completely dormant since you were born by the looks of it, along with your werewolf side. However, unlike what the Original Witch did to Rebekah's half brother, this binding spell made you seem like an ordinary human doppelganger."Alexandra stated and finally revealing that she knew about Elena being a doppelganger, leaving both Rebekah and Elena speechless and dumbfounded.

"I'm a witch,vampire and a werewolf?" Elena choked out, eyes completely wide opened and the feeling of being dumbfounded still not wearing off.

"No, Elena." Rebekah told the doppelganger before Alexandra could say anything.

"You're a vampire-witch hybrid at the moment, but when you make your next kill and trigger your werewolf curse, you'll lose your magic. You can't be all three." The blonde Original explained, knowing that her niece was an exception.

"Actually, she can." Alexandra voiced her opinion, shocking Rebekah and leaving Elena looking at the witch in confusion.

"What do you mean?" Elena asked, feeling more and more curious about what she truly was.

"What I mean, honey, is that you're one of the rare children born as a hybrid between a witch and a werewolf who have the ability to tap into both parts of yourself and not lose your magic in the process when you trigger your werewolf gene,and because now you're also a vampire, you're oficially a tribrid, or you will be after after your werewolf part becomes activated, the only one of your kind." The witch explained, leaving Elena stunned and Rebekah gobsmacked. "Cases like you are extremely rare. Although I think now I know why would someone perform such complex binding spell on a baby." Alexandra said calmly as she looked at Elena slightly in awe.

"What are you talking about, Alexandra?" Rebekah inquired, eyes slightly narrowed.

"If i'm right, the magic I can feel rolling off you in such powerful waves means what I think it means, then you, honey," Alexander pointed at the doppelganger. "belong to a very, very powerful and ancient witch bloodline, and you're most likely the last descendant of that bloodline, so that paints a target on your back, seeing as others would consider you to be a direct threat, all that power you now have is a double-edged sword. Both a blessing and a curse." Alexandra explained and Elena grimaced while Rebekah frowned.

"Oh and as for your daylight ring, you no longer need it." Alexandra added when she saw the ring on Elena's finger ,which instigated the doppelganger to remove the ring from her right hand and put it on the table.

"Thank you for everything, Alexandra." Elena said gratefully.

"Well, I suppose my job is done then?" The witch asked, looking at Rebekah, who nodded.

"Then I'll be going. It was nice to meet you, honey." Alexandra said to Elena as they all headed towards the front door.

"It was nice meeting you too, Alexandra." Elena replied kindly.

"Oh and before I go, I would strongly advise you to start honing your magic as soon as possible but also keep it a secret of what you are from anyone you don't fully trust" Elena gave affirmative gesture with a deadly serious expression on her face as Rebekah opened the door for Alexandra.

"Bye girls." The witch said over her shoulder as she stepped outside.

"Bye Alexandra." Rebekah and Elena responded in unison.

They watched as the witch got in her 2008 MINI Cooper S and left before Rebekah closed the door and glanced towards the doppelganger.

Just as Rebekah opened her mouth to say something Elena's phone rang in the front pocket of her jeans.

Seeing Caroline's name on the phone she picked up the phone.

"Hey Caroline, this means you saw the note I left for you." Elena greeted her vampire best friend.

"Yes, I got your note, Elena!" Caroline exclaimed unhappily before sighing softly. "Just answer me this, why leave so abruptly? What about college?"

"Caroline, I have to deal with everything that happened in my own way and I can't very well go home due to that stupid anti magic border." Elena told softly but also with a fervor in her voice that meant she made her choice and she won't be dissuaded from it. "College isn't going anywhere and right now I need a breather from all the crap that happened in Mystic Falls. Besides, we're both immortal, we have all the time in the world to finish college."

"Ok, yeah, that is true." Caroline mumbled dejectedly and Elena frowned while Rebekah silently watched the brunette and listened closely, crossing her arms. "Where are you? Please, I need to know that you're safe, and won't do anything that would get you into trouble."

"I can't tell you where I am, Caroline, and please don't try to track me down" Elena stated. "I'm safe and I'll be fine. I need time to clear my head, to heal, and being around you and Stefan…" Elena kept silent for a moment.'' Being around all of our friends just hurts right now. I need space and time, I promise I won't turn my emotions off again and I will stay in touch."

"Oh Elena, you're right, I didn't think about it that way until now, I'm sorry, I'm just feeling a bit lonely and useless because even after I read plenty of various books about witchcraft I still can't fix our town." Caroline said apologetically.

"It's fine, Care, I know you'll find a way eventually, because once you set your mind on something, you don't give up easily." Elena said gently. "Bye Caroline and stay safe."

"Bye Elena, and see you soon." Caroline replied, feeling relieved that her best friend is at least somewhat ok, before Elena ended the call.

"So this means you're not an actual Gilbert and Jeremy is not your blood relative, also please tell me you brought more clothes then what I saw in your duffel bag." Rebekah suddenly asked with a tone interwoven with curiosity.

"Er…." Elena drifted in thoughts for a moment before they went back into the living room. "No. I was hoping I would go shopping for more clothes in the upcoming days,when I deal with more pressing matter, which I just did, so i'm definitely open to an idea of going shopping as soon as possible." Elena completely ignoring the remark about her not being a Gilbert, discussed with the blonde Original while her head still spinning slightly from everything she found out about herself.

"I suppose we can go shopping tomorrow then." The Female Mikaelson said, sounding excited because she really wanted to go shopping for days and now she had one more reason to do that."

Now, what are you going to do with the other spell?" Rebekah questioned Elena.

"I think I have to become an Original, and moreover I really want to." Elena said, sounding very determined. " I mean, I have no clue why I wrote that particular spell down in my diary, maybe because of what i actually am or because subconsciously I wanted that ever since I got my hands on that piece of white oak, but I'm guessing it's a pretty good sign I'm supposed to be one" The doppelganger stated while Rebekah was looking at her seriously and silently agreeing with the doppelganger.

"Well then, I'll grab a bowl, a knife, and a wooden stake while you just sit there and prepare yourself mentally to do the spell." The blonde Original spoked and left to grab the aforementioned things, while Elena sat down and opened the page in her diary where the spell for becoming an Original vampire was inscribed.

The female Mikaelson tore a single leg from one of the chairs in the kitchen, that she planned to use as an extemporized wooden stake to kill Elena and thus enacting the serum in her system, took also the knife and a bowl from one the cabinets and went back to living room, Rebekah placed the bowl and knife down in front of the doppelganger while holding the improvised wooden stake in her other hand.

Looking at Elena, who had finished studying the spell, Rebekah watched as the doppelganger picked up the knife and quickly pressed it into her palm and drew enough blood to fill half of the bowl before she withdrew the piece of the white oak from her back pocket and put it into the bowl.

Placing her hands inside of the bowl, Elena started concentrating and chanting while Rebekah watched in fascination as the woman, who was only a normal vampire not a two hours ago, now did magic right before her eyes.

The small piece of white oak started to dissolve and mix with the doppelganger's blood until there was no more two substances, but only one, a pure reddish liquid.

"Bottoms up." Elena said, feeling excited before picking up the bowl, bringing it to her lips and quickly drinking it.

Rebekah watched as she drank all of it and waited for her to put the bowl down before getting up with the makeshift wooden stake in hand and came to stand behind her, placing a hand on brunette's shoulder to steady her when she died.

With lightning speed, Rebekah quickly drove the makeshift stake through the doppelganger's heart and watched as her skin started to dessicate before pulling the improvised wooden stake out and placing it on the table, then the blonde Original gently placed Elena's body on the couch.

The female Mikaelson went in the kitchen towards a fridge, from it she grabbed two blood bags, knowing that Elena will most likely want one too, she sat in the armchair, placing one blood bag on the table before she opened the other and gently took a sip.

As Rebekah waited for the doppelganger to wake up, she recollected about what Alexandra had told her about Elena being born as a rare werewitch hybrid that could tap into both parts of herself and suddenly she remembered a woman named Vivianne Lescheres, who was once Klaus' wife, and also a aforementioned hybrid that was able to use her both witch and werewolf side.

"Well, you've gone up in the supernatural world, Elena…" Rebekah mumbled softly." Now you're even more powerful and stronger than Klaus. I bet he'll love this." A small smirk crept up onto Rebekah's face at the mere thought of her bastard brother and Elena actually engaging in a fight.

When Elena woke up, Rebekah handed her the blood bag, which the doppelganger took from her with a gratefull expression and drank it hurriedly to regain her strength.

"Thank you, and you were right when you told me that the feeling of power was euphoric, it's like every nerve in my body is electrified with huge energy." Elena said, smiling kindly and friendly at Rebekah, who couldn't help but smile back. Such genuine smiles on Elena's face were contagious.

"You're welcome." The female Mikaelson replied with a friendly expression before getting up and helped Elena get to her feet.

"Well, I think you should go to bed now, seeing as you drove here with haste, and then had an unbinding spell done on you, as well as you doing magic for the first time and becoming an Original, I'm sure everyone in your shoes right now would be exhausted." Rebekah stated and Elena nodded knowing that the blonde Original was absolutely right, the doppelganger took her duffel bag and followed Rebekah upstairs to one of the empty bedrooms.

"Get some rest because tomorrow we're going shopping, which will take up most of our day." Rebekah said with an excited expression on her face while brunette groaned at this, not being in a such huge shopping mood, truth to be told she was never a big fan of shopping, and wishing that she had grabbed more clothes then what was packed in her duffel bag.