A long time ago, in a galaxy far,

far away…



The FIRST ORDER is winning the war! With the death of the previous Supreme Leader, SNOKE, the campaign to wipe out the RESISTANCE rages on with KYLO REN as the new leader.

With the RESISTANCE on the run, GENERAL LEIA ORGANA dispatches a secret agent to gather intelligence about what the diabolical FIRST ORDER is planning.

Having succeeded in the mission, the agent is now being pursued by the FIRST ORDER over the planet of EARTHNI, an unexplored planet in the far reaches of the galaxy….

A lone Resistance A-Wing flew to avoid being shot by a squadron of First Order TIE Fighters. It then got shot on the wing and it began to spin out of control as it headed towards the planet's surface. The pilot tried to regain control by flipping switches and pressing buttons, but had no effect. An electrical surge hits the agent before she could call for help, leaving her unconcious. The ship then crashed on the grassy land a smoke could be seen across the nearest town.

It has been six months since Earth and Mewni dimensions merged to one. Solar hung out with his sister along with Marco. They were on their way to meet up with Jackie until Solar suddenly saw some smoke in the distance. He rushed to the source of the smoke as the others followed. They then see a crashed vessel caught on fire. Solar then saw someone in the driver seat of the vessel and grabbed a branch strong enough to break the glass. He then carefully dragged the pilot out and lays her on the ground. He then checked for a pulse and was relieved to say, "She's still alive. Just unconscious."

"That's good and all," Marco said. "But who is she? She does look human, but I don't recognize that spacecraft in any books I've read."

"I know, but we need to get her to a hospital," Solar said. The three nodded and carried the unconscious woman to the nearest hospital.

Aboard the Star Destroyer above the planet, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren observed the planet as he felt a presence on the planet's surface. Not in the Force, but something more powerful. He then turned to face General Hux. "There is something off about this planet," he said. "Dispatch a probe droid to investigate and find that agent."

"Yes, Supreme Leader," Hux said before Kylo Ren turned back towards the window to observe the planet more.

The agent slowly began to wake up to see that she was in a hospital room. She looked around to see if she could find her belongings until a doctor came in. "Ah, you're up," the doctor said.

"What happened?" the agent asked. "Where am I?"

"Well some people found you unconscious in your 'vessel' and they brought you here."

"No. I mean what planet am I on? This planet hasn't been explored yet."

"Honestly this planet used to be called Earth. Now it is called Earthni."

"And who were my rescuers?"

"Oh they are good people. Star and Solar Butterfly along with that boy named Marco. They are here if you want to see them."

"Only to thank them." The doctor nodded and left the room to fetch the agent's rescuers. The three as described then entered the room. "I guess I have to thank you three for saving my neck out there. If it weren't for you, I would have burnt to crisp."

"Why don't we start with your name please," Solar said.

"Oh of course. Where are my manners? My name is Bele Nalle. I am an agent of the Resistance."

"What 'Resistance'?" Star asked. "There's no war on this planet. Unless you came from somewhere else."

"I do come from a Resistance base. I can't tell you the location since there are too many ears and-" A crash sound was heard as the group looked outside to see something. Once the smoke cleared, the head of a robot popped out of the crater. The group then ducked under the window.

"Who is that?" Marco asked. "Friend of yours?"

"Not from where I came from. I was pursued by the evil First Order. And that droid belongs to them. They must've dispatched one to look for me." The droid then floated out of the crater and began to scour the area for any sign of the agent. Bele then drew her blaster and peeped her head at the window to see where the droid went. She then popped out and fired a shot with her blaster causing it to explode after a few more shots. "We need to go somewhere safe. You guys have a place to live?"

"My house! I'm sure my parents would be happy to have a guest over. Even if you are a secret agent." Solar, Star, and Marco led Bele out of the room and carefully out of the hospital building in case the droid was still active and running even if shot.