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Ben knew he could never get the memory of seeing her that day out of his mind.

"We have the tools. You have the talent."

The clear, pristine image of Dexter on top the plasma screen matched with his booming voice resonated with the crowds as they all raised their pumped fists and choice weapons in the air with cheers of agreement. The air was filled with enthusiasm and excitement, everyone anticipating the ongoing fight with their lives and freedom on the line.

"The time is now. The hero is you!"

As Dexter looked down at them all with unknown emotion, the weight of the world's future rode not just on his shoulders, but on all theirs. Ben's especially. Being the bearer of one of – if not – the most powerful object in the universe comes with responsibility with your priorities. Of course, he signed up to help in any way for the cause.

After the end of the rally, an after party was hosted by well, the people, whether joining or supporting the cause in this celebratory manner. Heroes, recruits, and citizens in general gathered in the grand lobby of the DexLabs building. Ben did his best swerving through the bustling crowd of people to meet up with Gwen and Kevin. He spotted familiar faces he would soon be working with on and off the field; Sector V, the Powerpuff Girls, the Sym Bionic Titan trio, even Rex who he was starting to like as a new bud and they just met like a while ago!

After nodding at him, he then spotted his cousin and best bud talking with Grandpa Max and tried speed walking down the obvious clear path ahead when out of nowhere, a tall silhouette walked out in front of him, having him royally crash into them. Stumbling back on his feet and narrowly keeping his balance, a high yelp reached his ears and his eyes darted to see it her falling form play in slow motion. And in just a snap, his hands darted forward as they gripped her sides only to feel her hands grab his upper arms. The air around him felt intense, thick and warm, as he took that moment to catch his breath before pulling her to stand up with him. "S – Sorry about that. Are you alright?" Once their face raised up to see his, he felt something struck inside him when he saw those eyes. Two warm chocolate eyes.

She flushed under his concerned stunned emerald gaze as her eyes flash those same emotions and something else. Something he couldn't quite place. Her eyes snapped and clarity came in her eyes when she quickly pulled out of his hold, brushing a few curly strands of hair behind her ear before hugging herself, giving him a shy, appreciated smile. "I – I'm fine. S – Sorry about that. I w – wasn't looking where I was g – going." She stumbled with her words, blushing in embarrassment as her eyes darted everywhere but him.

After blinking at her in question several times, he chuckled and gave a grin. "No, it's okay. If you're okay, then so am I." He chucked his hands in his jacket pockets, having a more laid back posture, as he gazed at her. Once again, her eyes held some strange emotion he couldn't tell when she started to open her mouth to say something but no words came. She looked like she was struggling getting what she wanted out and Ben's posture grew rigid again. "What is it?"

She bit her lip before taking a deep breath before looking at him with teary eyes and a warm smile. "I'm just glad to see you alright." Ben's head quirked to the side, feeling confused by what she meant, when she spotted something across the room, before quietly saying, "I have to go … bye Ben." Her eyes fluttered at him before speed walking away, his eyes following her form as she approached an awaiting Dexter and Professor Utonium in the back of the room. He saw words exchanged, her worried face, before the Professor ushered her to walk with him through the doorway closest to them when Dexter caught his gaze. The stern, all knowing gaze of the boy genius troubled Ben before he turned away following the other two.

Frozen in place by what just happened, it took the combined voices and bear hug attack from behind from Gwen and Kevin nearly tackling him over that snapped him out of it. And even when talking to them, he still couldn't help but feel suspicious about several things. Did she know the boy genius and elder scientist that well? What were they saying? Why was she on the brink of tears just looking at him? And what was her name?


The Null Void.

Once a prison for intergalactic criminals.

Now it was the Academy; training new recruits to be prepared to fight in the war against Planet Fusion, the Fusion monsters but mostly the evil mastermind pulling the strings – Fuse.

Thanks to the collaboration and teamwork of DexLabs, the Plumbers and Providence, the place became well fortified and fit to use. The ongoing battle with Fuse's forces was raging on and they needed volunteers for the fight. More people – kids, teens, and adults alike – were being pulled into the fight since day one. Those that were willing to join the cause. Those that had a reason to fight. Even the villains willing to team up with the heroes to take down a common enemy, Fuse. These were dark times indeed.

He looked up at the blood red sky; chunks of space rock floating up high, and let out a deep sigh when a plumber cadet ran up to him and spoke. "The recruits are lined up and ready, sir."

He turned to face the cadet and nodded. "Well then, let's get started."

And so, Earths Combined Forces commander and alien hero Ben Tennyson walked onward with the cadet at his side. Ben was in charge of training the new recruits starting off at level one; beginners. He looked down the line and saw plenty of new faces. Some looked modern, some looked far out, and some looked just plain odd. But looks didn't matter that much out here. Out here, on the battlefield, what mattered the most was cooperation, teamwork, and skill. To know what to do when you're down, when you have to survive, when you have to fight for your life. And it was up to many people to help whip these recruits – these future heroes – into shape. And teaching them himself; Ben thought smugly as a brilliant idea, is the best way to start.

"Welcome aboard!" Ben spoke out loud for all to hear, and was pleased to be responded back with confidence. "Now, we're all here for one reason and one reason alone: stopping Planet Fusion from taking our world and putting Fuse in his place!" Everyone hollered out with equal ferocity. He continued with his speech; one he had help from Gwen and Max coming up with, and he was so in the moment of the heartfelt, inspiring momentum when his voice was slightly halted as his ears caught something.

One recruit was mocking another recruit who was looking to the ground with a sunken look on their face; doing their best to ignore them, when another recruit stepped between them and tried to keep it from being heard. Ben narrowed his eyes at the obvious display of taunting. He was so caught up in inspiring his new recruits to do their best when he forgot one of the most important things when it comes to being a leader … being there for your teammates. Even if he would only be there for them for a short time before they moved on to the next level, he wasn't about to start off the first day with a arrogant asshole.

Ben strolled up and stopped right before the very douche. He was about an inch off Ben's height, had a blond buzz cut, slight freckles on his face and brash looking eyes. Everyone fell silent as the blond paled and almost jumped out of his boots at seeing the commander staring daggers at him. Ben looked to his right and made out three things.

1: The other two recruits were friends as they exchanged comforting, concerning looks that only friends would share.

2: The defending recruit; short by just a few inches standing side by side with their friend, was a pale skinned girl with long ebony hair with lilac highlights that stops just above the knees and large amethyst eyes.

3: The taller of the two was also a girl with long brown curly hair in a ponytail and fair skin; some small moles decorated her face. And her brown eyes looked glassy; two familiar twinkling gems. When she her eyes darted to him, the realization that it was the same girl from back then made his anger at the blond spike as he sharply turned away to face the blonde.

"What's your name?" Ben spoke lowly.

"Brandon, Commander Tennyson, sir." The blonde, Brandon, answered back. Ben could tell from those smug blue eyes that this guy resonated volumes of arrogance just by looking at him. His stance, his tone, even his eyes had arrogance written all over. Ben's arrogant himself, especially after having his secret being revealed to ECF the moment the war began and he wanted to be on the front lines. Being one of Earth's strongest fighters required arrogance; that strong, confident surge he always got in the heat of battle, facing off against one of his foes that make Ben Tennyson who he is, even if at times that arrogance of his can do damage, so working his hardest to keep himself in check is the least he can do. There has to be a balance between arrogance and modesty.

"Have you been messing with these ladies?"

"No sir."

"Really? Because that contradicts what I just saw. So, I will say this once." He spoke lowly enough so only they could hear until he spoke out loud and clear, "So you all better listen up! If you want to fight, fight our common enemy, not each other. If you're serious about being part of this rebellion, then take this training seriously. We work together, not against each other. Only through teamwork, courage, and intelligence can we succeed. If you're not willing to be mature about it and put in the effort, then maybe it's best you leave now. Unless you want me to berate you further in front of everyone, Brandon?" Ben spoke strong and ended it by mockingly saying his name.

Brandon narrowed daggers at him before looking away, grumbling, "No sir."

"That's what I thought." Ben turned back to other awaiting recruits "Now, where was I?" After he finished his speech, the recruits nodded firmly at him before retreating to get ready for their first training mission, hoping these newbies will turn out alright enough to adjust to this new life of fighting Fuse. He gathered the first levelers, explaining the Resurrect' Ems and how to fight Fusions, all while doing his best not be distracted by her too much. But once he gave them their missions and dismissed them, his eyes laid on her being hugged by her friend when he approached her. "Are you alright?" She jumped and yelped at him being right there, blushing embarrassed."I honestly didn't expect to see you here." She tried to speak but she was speechless, making him concerned yet amused.

Her friend stepped in, "She will be. She's tough, I can tell. I'm Charlotte, Charlotte Garcia, but everyone calls me Char and I'm here to serve, Commander Tennyson!" She mocked saluted at him, cheekily grinning.

"Ben is just fine. Thank you, Charlotte, for looking out for your fellow cadet."

"Thank you for sticking it to that douche bag. The last thing we need in this invasion is those kinds of people, especially on our side. And hey, I consider her a friend. Ain't that right, Georgie?" Char playfully jabbed an elbow in her side before having her mouth covered by the blushing girl in question.

Ben raised a sly brow, smirking. "Georgie?"

"No! No, no, no! I'm Ge! It's Ge! Call me Ge! Uh … please?" She demanded, waving her arms in protest, before bashfully looking away from his gaze. Both Char and Ben bemusedly smiled at her before snickering. "Okay, we should get moving! Come on, Char!" She grabbed Char's wrist and both walked away when Ben's Omnitrix clad hand grabbed her shoulder, turning her to face him.

"If that guy starts giving you trouble, just let me know." She gaped like a fish adding to her appeal of being this flustered, amusing and strange – in a good way. And her wearing that Plumber training suit was making it hard for him not to swoon over her. "Okay, Ge?" Hearing him call her that made her lips close and curl into a grateful smile as she nodded. But for a moment, there lingered a hint of sadness in her expression but he didn't want to keep them hold up for too long. "Okay. Good luck, to both of you."

He reluctantly let her go and kept her in his line of sight as well as in his thoughts as she and Char progressed through their first level missions, too quickly in his opinion, until the time came for them to part, for now anyway.


Graduation from the Academy atop the floating platform that is Mt. Neverest, the graduating cadets walking through the warped entrance down the long walkway, all the personages lined up to congratulate them as they admire the statues of various heroes surrounding them, leading to a pavilion over a round table. And circling the area around it, the guides and adherents awaited for the choosing. So when Ben spotted Ge talking with Dexter, he wasn't surprised considering what he saw in the lobby back then. Sure, he did get plenty of cadets choose him as their guide, but a selfish part of him wanted her to choose him.

"Oh Gwen, your cousin's gone all googly eyes again~!" Kevin sang out, making Gwen chortle in her hand and Ben swung his arm at him but Kevin easily swerved away.

"Shut up, Kevin." Ben growled out as he looked back to find Ge watching Charlotte in a handshake with Dexter; she must have chosen him as a guide.

"Is it that girl from the party?" Gwen asked as Kevin leaned back on his car.

"Yeah … something's off." Ben crossed his arms across his chest as he leaned against his own car. "I watched her approach Dex and Utonium back then too, and they were talking about something. It was like they were close or something. And she looked sad … like she did back at the Null Void some time ago. Every time she looks at me, she holds some form of sadness. Did I do something?" Ben groaned as he ruffled his hair in frustration.

"He's got cannons, Dex-Bots, the money and resources … " Kevin mused.

"And?" Ben raised a brow at him.

"And you're already taken." Kevin shrugged.

"Kevin!" Gwen exclaimed.

"All I'm saying is she's gotta be in that nerd's inner circle and that's why they seem so close. And every time she sees you, she knows you're taken and that's why when she's smiling, she's actually moping. Case closed." Kevin clasped his hands to seal the deal.

"Well, maybe they are friends. Even so, why would my dating status matter?" Ben huffed out.

"Cause she likes you, dude. Babe, your cousin's such an airhead." Kevin rolled his eyes.

Ben glared at him before sighing, "I don't know. Julie and I aren't exactly on good terms now so I doubt I'm up for this."

"Well, you can't exactly rule out anything yet, not unless you find out the truth for yourself." Gwen added, squeezing his shoulder for comforting support. Ben looked between those two before returning his gaze only to see her approaching them with that same shy look that made him sense a strange warm feeling forming in his chest as he gave her a welcoming smile. "Hey."

"H – Hi."

"So precious." Kevin teasingly said low enough for him and Ben to hear, making the latter jab his elbow quite hard into Kevin's side, making him almost fall over in pain.

"I'm Gwen and the one leaning over in pain is Kevin." Gwen and her shook hands. "Sorry about that."

"It's fine, I guess. I'm Ge."

"Congrats on graduating."

"Thanks. But part of the credit goes to him." She pointed at a bewildered looking Ben.

"Sure, partially, but the rest was all you. Though I will say, it was sad to let you go. You newbies grow up so fast." Ben sniffed as he wiped an invisible tear. Gwen and Kevin shook their heads whereas Ge brushed back some loose strands, smiling nonetheless at him. That's when he just realized. With the sun beaming down like a spotlight, her Plumber training suit she had on shined so bright. She shined so bright. "So, have you chosen a guide yet?"

"Well, I – "

"Cause if not, then I'd be honored to have a recruit like you." He stepped forward, leaning close to her giving her a toothy smile.

"Oh! Uh …" she giggled nervously as she rubbed her arm, her face visually brighter and not just from the sun beams.

"Tennyson's desperate." Kevin sang.

"Levin, be quiet." Ben sang back, his smile now seeped with anger directed at Kevin.

That made her laugh out loud, surprising Team 10. And as Ben turned back, he thought her silhouette glow brighter as she gave an actual, genuine laugh in his presence for the first time. He felt his lips stretch wide as he just stared at her and she stared at him though bashfully. Time went still as it felt like it was just them in this wholesome, pure space bubble – and then that bubble just had to be popped.

"Hola mis compañeros!" A familiar voice broke out as Ge jumped at the arm slung around her shoulders only to see that it's Rex. "Did I say that right?"

"It sounds about right so yeah." Ge nodded.

"Looks like you two are close." Ben looked back and forth between the two.

"That's cause it's nice to have someone who gets my problem when it comes to Spanish. You and I are definitely gonna get along just fine, newbie." Rex chuckled as he ruffled her hair up.

"Hey!" She pouted as she tried fixing it, making Rex laugh at her flustered state. For some reason, Ben suddenly felt strange inside. Not the warm fuzzy kind, something more troubling. Perhaps … jealously?

"Well, I'll be seeing you in the field soon enough. Good luck. You two, bro." Ben blinked out of his zoned out state to do the fist bump. "Later." As he watched Rex walk back to the podium, he still felt conflicted over these feelings over his new bud and her having familiarity together. Maybe he was delving too deep into this.

"Ben?" He blinked once again out of his dazed thoughts to see her curious, hopeful gaze. "Would it really mean that much to you for me to choose you?"

He felt his cheeks burn at the question. "Huh?"

Her eyes to bulge out and exclaim, "I mean, as my guide, per se!"

Ben felt his stomach flip and twist as he did his best to calm his nerves as he rubbed the back of his neck "Well, yeah, it would." Seeing Ge's sweet smile struck a cord in his chest as she reached her hand out and slowly but surely, they shook on it. "Welcome to the team, cadet. Now, what did you mean by per se?" He raised a brow at her, curious.

"Eh … maybe you'll find out … maybe you won't." She scratched her cheek, mischief written all over her face.

Ben gave a confident grin to that. "We'll just see about that."


As he drew out of his memories, he recognized he was in the present, leaning against her open doorway as he met tired brown eyes. Just as Janice informed them, Ge got released earlier this morning and was ordered to be on bed rest for the next few weeks as those injuries, while not too serious, still took precedence. To Team 10's surprise and relief, a personalized Dex Bot turned nurse got assigned to help out with Ge's recovery. In fact, just as she tried situating in a good enough position to sleep, a hiss of pain escaped her lips from moving too quickly, Ben motioned to help her only to have that Dex Bot hover immediately into the room and at her bedside, carefully laying some of her pillows to support her back and sides, carefully turning her to rest on her left side; which wasn't hurting her much. It beeped in satisfaction and she dismissed it, watching it leave her bedroom.

Ben turned off her bedside table lamp, letting only the night light's multi colors paint the dark room, before dipping down to kiss her forehead. "Good night, Ge." He jumped slightly from her hugging his neck, bringing him closer before whispering, "Stay … please … beloved." Ge's usual habit since they started dating had to be her calling him beloved, making it out to be Ben's kryptonite. Though, she did quite aplenty things that made him go weak in the knees. Warmth drenched them both as his lidded eyes met hers before leaning down to her awaiting lips when a new voice spoke out softly from behind.

"Your communicator's acting up. I think it's important." Both teens froze then looked up and saw Ahsoka patiently waiting by the doorway, though her concerned eyes spoke volumes. Finding out about Ge's accident made her feel left in the dark just like Ben, even more so that the girls' shared guardian had not yet seen Ge nor was present in their shared apartment in Tech Square. As far as Ben knew, the General had been gone for days now. Ahsoka wouldn't say anything further on the subject. And judging by that assuring look on her face, not on this subject either. "You better be glad it was me here and not Anakin. He's overprotective as it is. So, I suggest you prepare to confirm what he already suspects next time you see him. Both of you."

The couple nodded in resigned agreement. "I'll be back." He spoke softly pecking Ge's lips then leaving, giving Ahsoka a grateful look before finding his jacket tossed over the couch in their small living room. He ran a hand in its left pocket, grabbing his comm unit, and pressing it. "This is Ben."


The thick accent was recognized instantly. "Dex? What is it?"

"I believe you already know what this sudden call is concerned about."

The underlying tone of edge in his words, straight out serious, getting straight to business. Ben gripped the comm in his hand harder as he checked to see the Dex Bot cleaning in the bathroom and Ge's door closed before taking a seat on the couch. "If it's about the top secret mission my cadet was put on without my discretion and partly your permission that it nearly got her killed, then yes, I believe I do know." Ben's voice had its own edge as his other hand gripped his pants.

"So Salazar told you? I believed she could handle it."

"Did you also believe that anonymous folder wasn't just, oh I don't know, bait meant to convince you guys to choose her to go with Rex instead of someone higher ranked like one of your own?"

A weary sigh was heard before Dexter spoke. "Ben, she is one of my own."

Ben's breath hitched in his throat. His grip on the comm tightened even further. He felt that long lost emotion named jealousy start to spark. "What?"

"She's technically on your team as well as mine. On graduation day, I informed her that she could partake in your missions as long as she made time to assist me in mine. In exchange, I'd help support her in room and board as well as help her temporary roommates repair their ship for when we defeat Fuse and space travel is accessible, then they could leave as they so choose. I felt I owed her that much."

Ben's own possessive instincts reared its ugly head at the thought of Ge having someone else as her guide, being able to work close with her. While Dex is someone he considers a trusted friend, that dark emotion was lurking within him. "But why? There has to be another reason, right? Could it be why I saw you two conversing at the rally after party? What exactly is your connection to Georgethe, Dexter?" Silence was all he heard. That made him anxious, dreading the response. "D – Dex?"

"Do you remember the reason why the Academy was created in the first place?"

"Because you got insider knowledge about Fuse's invasion."

"Yes, as well as the blueprints for Nano technology. Because of those reasons, Academy was formed. But what you or really anyone aside from me, Computress and Professor Utonium doesn't know is that … I was working on a time travel experiment and needed a subject to test it out on. Unfortunately, they had to endure the insufferable interference of my sister who messed with my precious machine, sending the subject further into the future than I anticipated. But, Deedee's meddling lead to them discovering Fuse's invasion but too late to repair the damage already done. Luckily, they managed to come back from that future, and told me everything they saw and knew … and well, you know what occurred next. But, do you perhaps know who that participant was, Benjamin?"

He needn't answer. He already knew. He had this strange suspicion, ever since they first met.. Her reasons for joining the rebellion, she said it was for her parents, but that wasn't the whole story, was it? The times he spotted her with Dex like they were close back then, sorrow flickering in her eyes those first few times she saw Ben way back then … it can't be …

"No …" He gasped out as he got chills, curling in on himself, feeling and sounding petrified " … Ge, why didn't you tell me?"

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