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-Frisk's POV-

As we exited the mountain, I took a deep breath of the fresh air. It had been longer than anyone could ever imagine since I've been aboveground. Anyone who wasn't aware of the Resets would think it's only been two and a half weeks at the most. Officially, I had fallen 2 weeks ago, but if you counted the Resets… It's been longer than anyone could count. As I stood there on the edge of the cliff with my newfound family, I remembered how I had fallen.

-2 weeks ago in this timeline-

I was excited. My parents and I were going on a hiking trip to Mount Ebott in honor of my 13th birthday. It was August 24th, and the weather was perfect. We had gathered all the necessities and had even packed a picnic.

Mount Ebott was a National Park, and no one except the park rangers could enter, and even then they had to be careful. My parents had never been ones to follow the rules, they did what they wanted as long as it harmed no one. This certainly wasn't going to hurt anyone, if it would be harmful, it would only be to the family.

"Frisky~! We have to go!" That was Zoe Evergreen, my mom.

"Coming, Mom!" I quickly grabbed my backpack. I was wearing a purple and pink striped sweater and had a bandaid on my cheek where I had scratched it earlier that fateful day. On my way out, I grabbed my walking stick from beside the door.

I rushed downstairs, where Mom was waiting. "Sebas, Come on! Even Frisk is ready!" she called to my Dad, Sebastian. Mom was blonde and had pale skin. She always seemed to be blushing. She was wearing a beige shirt, and cyan shorts. She also had a teal sweater wrapped around her waist. Mom was shorter than my dad, but it didn't bother either of them. She was curious and inquisitive, but when she decided something, there was no changing her mind.

My Dad suddenly came rushing in. "I'm here, honey!" He lightly pecked Mom on the cheek then turned to me. "So how's the birthday gremlin?" He reached down and hugged me. I was very short for my age, probably inherited that from my Mom. My Dad had darkish skin, brown hair, and always seemed to be squinting. But he wasn't Chinese or Japanese. No one knows how that happened, so we all just accept it. I had inherited my dad's squinty eyes, but also Mom's eye color: green. Dad was wearing a dark blue polo shirt, beige shorts, and had an orange sweater peeking out of his backpack. Dad had always been a fan of puns and dad jokes. He was also quite smart.

"I'm good!" I answered. He released me and looked at me. "Hi, good. I'm Dad." He overused that one, honestly, but I still found it funny. I opened my mouth, a comeback pun on my tongue, but then Mom butted in. "Come on, you two punsters. We've got a mountain to climb!" My parents grabbed their walking sticks and walked out the door. I rushed after them.

Mount Ebott was not too far away, so we walked there. Eventually, we reached the foot of the mountain, where there was a chain-link fence. We walked around it until we spotted an entrance gate. Dad pulled out his lock-picking tools and grinned. He quickly picked the lock, and we were in. There was no security around this area, mostly because there were myths, legends about this place. They say that whoever climbs the mountain never returns. Dad closes the gate behind us but leaves the lock open so we could get back out.

We continued our little adventure, planning to stop at a clearing close to middle of the mountain. We weren't going to climb to the top, we didn't have the equipment for that. All in all, it was a fun trip, we spent the whole time laughing, singing songs, and telling stories. In what seemed like no time, we had reached the clearing. Mom checked her phone for the time: it was 6:35 PM, and we got to the mountain at around 2 PM. So if we had stayed at the clearing for maybe an hour, we would've gotten home at 9 PM. Perfect. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

As we were settling down for the picnic, we heard a crash behind us. All of our heads whipped around in unison, and there was a bear. A grizzly bear. A large, male grizzly bear. All of us slowly got up and backed off. The bear seemed hungry as it sized up the food we left on the ground, then us. It then apparently decided I was a better meal, as it started approaching me, then suddenly leaping with its maw wide open. Mom pushed me out of the way and screamed. "There's a cave over there! RUN!" I turned away, then I heard a sickening crunch. I didn't look at the scene, it would probably be too grizzly. I mentally facepalmed. Why was I making puns at a time like this?!

I then heard my dad call out. "Run, Frisk, run! Hide in that cave! I'll fend it off!" I wanted to shout that 'No! I would not abandon my dad!', but then I heard him shout. "Frisk, f*cking RUN!" My dad wasn't one to swear, so I knew immediately that I had no choice. I started running toward the cave, only faltering when I heard my dad scream. His scream was then suddenly cut off. I closed my eyes shut and ran even faster. I could hear the bear's louds thumps of steps behind me, but luckily, I made it into the cave.

The opening of the cave was too small for the bear to fit through, so it only stuck its head through. Then it ROARED in anger, the whole cave shaking, with stones beginning to fall from the ceiling of the cave. I looked in fear, and the whole ceiling seemed unstable. The bear kept roaring, so I did the logical thing in that moment. I threw my backpack full of stuff at the bear.

This fazed it, and it pulled its head out of the opening, running away. I then heard dragging sounds. I shivered at the thought of what the bear was dragging.

I sighed in relief. I was fine. I survived. Or at least I thought so. The cave started shaking again. It seemed that that it was too unstable to uphold itself. The entrance started caving in, then the whole cave. I backed away from the rocks and stones falling, not noticing the hole right behind me. Then I fell. The rest was history.

-Present time-

To the others, it seemed like I had spaced out. Toriel, my new adopted mother turned to me. "My child, are you ok?" I turned to her with a smile, sort of sad, but also full of joy that I escaped, not only from the Underground, but the bear that killed my whole family. "Yes, I'm fine."

I then hear Asgore's voice. "Umm… Frisk, if I may ask you something…" I turn to the king, waiting. "Do you want to be the Human-Monster ambassador?" Usually, I would have said yes, but… right now, I honestly wanted to enjoy life. "No, not now. But when I turn 18, I'll gladly take up the role. Right now, I just want to be a kid again." That 'again' just slipped out of my mouth. I hope no one noticed it. Luckily, it seemed no one did, but if they had, they didn't mention it. "Ok, Frisk. I will be proud to have you as an ambassador when you're 18."

I turned to Goat Mom. "Mom, perhaps we should go down there first, see if there's anyone around. I'm a human, and you're not large, imposing, or scary." Toriel thought it over before agreeing. "Very well, my child. Let's go."

I guided Mom over to where my late Dad had left the chain link gate open. On our way there, two figures from the forest emerged. They looked at me in shock.

"Frisk?!" They said in unison. They both ran over to me and hugged me so hard that I almost started choking.

-Kisha's POV-

Lila and I had been scouring the forest on Mount Ebott for Frisk, hoping they weren't hurt, or worse. This was not the first time we went looking for them after they went missing several weeks ago. We were giving up hope, this was our last search before we would help organize a funeral for Frisk and their parents. But when suddenly they just show up, walking through the forest with what looked to be a goat walking on its hind legs, we were overjoyed. Me, then Lila both rushed with our full force at Frisk, hugging them tightly and sobbing. The events of the last 2 weeks run through my mind.

-Two weeks ago in this timeline-

Me and my twin sister, Lila received a text from Frisk. It read: 'Going hiking with parents to Mount Ebott! See you later!'. Of course, Frisk and her parents doing something illegal wasn't anything new, we'd gotten roped into it several times before. My sister and I were instead worried about why Mount Ebott of all places? That place was cursed.

We tried texting them back, but it seemed there was no reception on the Mount. So instead, we patiently and calmly (not really) waited for Frisk to send a text that says they're home. But it never came.

The next day, I woke up first. I hurriedly checked my phone to see if my BFF had texted that they've returned. 'New messages: 0'. I was devastated. One of mine and Lila's only friends had gone missing. I shook Lila awake.

"Hmm… What is it, Kiiishaa…" She looked at her alarm clock. "It's 8:30 AM… And Summer Vacation…" She turned over to face the wall. "Leave me aloooone…" I was a bit infuriated that she had forgotten Frisk was on Mount Ebott, but she usually woke up around 10 AM during vacation, with me even later.

I shook her back awake. "Lila! Frisk hasn't texted me that they've returned from their hiking trip to Mount Ebott!" That snapped her awake. She shot up like a rocket in her bed and looked at me.

"We need to tell Mom and Dad. They'll know what to do." We both got quickly dressed, and ran downstairs, where Mom and Dad were getting ready for work.

"Mom! Dad!" We shouted at the same time, almost tumbling down the stairs.

Our father, Rick was tall, and really good at cooking. In fact, his job was a chef. He had brown hair and was currently making breakfast for him and Mom.

Bethany, or Beth as most people called her was our stepmother. Neither me, nor Lila remember our biological mother, so Beth is Mom. She is a blonde and works as an accountant. At the moment, Mom is getting ready for work.

Both of them raise an eyebrow at us. "What are you two doing up so early? Your Mom hasn't even gone to work yet!"

I speak first. "Frisk and their parents went hiking on Mount Ebott yesterday," This made their eyebrows go up even higher. "T-they went at 2 PM. And they're not back yet."

Mom answered this time. "Sweetie, how do you know?" I showed her my phone. "Both of us told them to text us when we get back. Frisk would text back no matter what." This got my parents worried.

Dad looked a bit thoughtful "Maybe… You should go to Frisk's house and see if they're there." Lila and I nodded, and we ran out the front door.

When we got to Frisk's house, we did everything we could think of. We banged on the doors, rung the doorbell, everything. Nothing. Dejected, we made our way back to our place. Mom had already left for work, and Dad was going later. When we walked in, he could immediately see the results of the search on out faces. "Nothing, huh?" Both Lila and I shook our heads.

He walks up to us and embraces us. "Don't worry… we'll find them."

The next two weeks went in a sort of similar fashion. We would wake up early, look for Frisk, and come home empty-handed. School started on September 8th, and it was the 7th already. We went into the forest for our last search, and we found them.

-Present time-

Eventually, Lila and I pulled away from the hug. "Frisk… Why'd you have to disappear?! Kisha and I have been working our butts off, searching for you!" Frisk rubbed the back of their head in what I assume was shame. I then remember the goat lady. "Frisk… Where are your parents? Also, who is that goat lady?"

Frisk giggled a bit, but not much. "My parents… T-they got attacked by a-a bear." That simple sentence got the whole message across. Lila and I swooped in for another bone-crushing hug, which lasted a good 5 seconds. "As for the goat lady… This is my new adoptive mother! Toriel!"

I… was confused. Why, exactly was Frisk's new mother a goat? My face must have been funny because both Frisk and Toriel burst into laughter. "Frisk, my child… Are these your friends?" The aforementioned human turned to the goat lady and smiled widely.

"Yes! These guys are my BFFs! Kisha and Lila!" They pointed to each of us as they said our names. Toriel turned to us. "It's nice to meet you. As Frisk said, I am Toriel."

Frisk then ran up to us. "Guys! You will not believe what happened over the last two weeks!" They then spun a story of falling, Monsters, and saving them.

At first, I didn't believe the story. But then, Frisk asks, "Do you want to meet the rest of my Monster family?" Lila and I both wordlessly nodded. Frisk grinned, grabbed our hands, and dragged us up the mountain. I could hear Toriel behind us, shouting "Frisk, my child! Wait up!"

Eventually, we reached a small cliff that was in front of a tunnel-like hole. There was an array of different Monsters sitting on the cliff, looking at the Sun and sky. "Guys!" Frisk called out. All the Monsters turned to look at us.

Frisk stopped running, then motioned at us. "These two are my best friends!" A monster immediately stood up. She was blue-skinned and looked like a fish. A spear appeared in her hand.

"WHAT?! Punk, I thought you said I was your best friend!" Frisk stuck their tongue out.

"Not anymore, you aren't~!"

As the two friends argued, a skeleton sitting close to where we were winks and says. "be careful, or undyne might turn you into fish-sticks!" Frisk immediately stops. They heard the pun. There's a pause, then they burst into laughter. Lila and another skeleton both let tout exasperated screams. I don't really care for puns, but I'm ok with them.

Eventually, Lila and I learned the names of all the monsters, and their general personalities. They were all awesome in their own way, and I enjoyed spending time with them. But eventually, the Sun started to go down. We all agreed to make our way down to Ebott Town.

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