There was a board on the locker room wall. Just a simple tack board with four wooden boarders and a cork backing. At the top, a line of cardboard had been scribbled on in semi-neat blocky black sharpie lettering: We keep the peace for them.

Most people supposed that the boss had made it. A sort of 'Parting gift' alongside his retirement, but nobody knew that for sure. It had just appeared there one day, a tack board with the cardboard sign, and to everyone's surprise, Ed was the first to pounce. Right under the T of 'them' landed a picture of Izzy in pink overalls with her tiniest black curls pulled into a silly excuse for a ponytail. She was smiling, and when people passed by and looked at it, they started smiling too.

After a particularly awful smelling prank involving one Michelangelo Scarlatti, Jules sought out the offender in the locker room only to discover the board instead. A day later Sadie sat pinned next to Izzy, Clark with his cello, Sophie blowing a kiss, Dean in his smart new uniform, all of Wordy's girls, the late Lewis Young's twin sisters, and even Spike's mother on an Italian beach. Team one was on the mend.

There was one picture she didn't recognize on her first look, two boys playing basketball in a graffiti-lined alley, but one look at Lonnie Wong and that mystery was solved. Lonnie had come in during her maternity leave, a Chinese Canadian absolute Sasquatch at around six feet six inches with a mane of salt and pepper hair kept back in a plait, biceps that probably required permits, and a tattoo on his collarbone reading 'Lonnie + Matilda'. Yeah, he cut down on the number of thugs who tried to resist arrest, and yeah, no one on the team ever asked about the tattoo.

But he was nice. Very nice actually. And Ed liked him, and Leah respected him, and Spike loved him, and Jules and Sam had another brother from another mother, and meeting the boss... well, Greg could read everyone. Even when Jules came back, he stayed because everyone knew that was where he belonged. So Team One got bigger. But it also got smaller.

Sam left for Team Three, their starling blonde team leader. He was where he was good, everyone could see that, but nobody wanted him gone. Ed and him actually took an all-nighter in the conference room, sitting, drinking, discussing everything that could ever need discussing between two team leaders and discussing some things that didn't need discussing between two team leaders. In the morning, Jules could only smile at two happy-go-lucky team leaders and an empty assortment of kiddie wine bottles. And then it was her turn.

Ed was a tactical leader. He needed a parry, a yin, a brick wall to bounce off of. He knew it, they all knew it. Just because he was going to be sergeant didn't change any of that. So Juliana Callahan and Sergeant Edward Lane had real wine, and they discussed the things that a sergeant and his new team leader needed to discuss. This included play dates between their daughters and the subject of who would replace Sam.

So along came Kass. AKA Kasper Radwanski, Kassi, Rad, Ski, and any combination of the naming ingredients. Team Four had hired him from city homicide after a shooting placed one of theirs in the hospital, but after said team leader returned, Kassi migrated happily to his spot on team one as Jules's second. Spike once joked that it was a reverse Donna move, a joke followed by a sad, halfhearted laugh and Ed and him sharing a look. Nobody ever mentioned it again.

He was older, older than Ed at least, but thinner and lankier, and still holding onto that mop of auburn hair. Jules always thought he reminded her of the boss when he talked to people, that powerful empathy beneath every word, but he wasn't the boss, and he still made mistakes. Their first call out with him on the team was a jumper on the roof of an apartment building. It was risky, but Jules let Raddi try his hand. She knew he belonged after that. Another thing were his facts, the weird tidbits of information on everything and anything that nobody could expect or explain. He sprouted them in every conversation much to Team One's unified bewilderment. Spike was probably the most delighted at this discovery. Put Scarlatti and Radwanski together and a bout of laughter wasn't far behind.

The final shift came maybe two years after the attacks on Toronto. It had been nice before when Jules was the only girl and had a locker room to herself, but it was even nicer when there was just her and Leah. Nothing was ever forced in the conversation, but everything was on the table. Leah approached her after a call. She had been dating Rian for a few years, and she wanted to get married. She wanted to start a family. (Jules didn't see the problem.) She wanted to be there for them. She wanted to put family first. There was a higher chance in the SRU that she might not get to be there. (Jules saw the problem). Jules hugged her and told her she understood, but thinking about it, did Jules really understand? She had stayed, even after Sadie.

And then there was one, new member that is, and her name was Billi Weber and she was certainly something. Billi had the height of a very short person, the fashionable prowess of a mid-nineties teenager, and the aim of a team one sniper. She was good, she was young, and when she stood next to Lonnie, Ed liked to wait a moment, pretend to search for his lost team member, and then finally exclaim 'Has anyone seen...Oh! Weber. I didn't see you down there.' Yes, in times like these everyone was reminded that he was a father.

Billi added her eight nephews and one dog to the board. Yes, Billi had clarified, her sister was going for a world record. And she had the type of personality that when she said it, Jules wasn't certain if she was joking or not. Actually, as Jules entered headquarters on February 2nd, 2015, she still wasn't sure if Billi had been joking or not.