Desert Flower

2/21/2021: Konan isn't counted out yet either.

Okay back with another chapter, I see that one person does not like the fact that Naruto has a peerage. Thus, I have decided that if you all don't like the fact Naruto doesn't have a peerage. I'll go ahead and rectify that no biggie, I can easily change things around, and I'll drag Gasper back into the story. I guess it's only right to make this fair for what things have happened. I'm sure Rias would be fine trading a bishop from Naruto for Kakashi. Just how things will end up playing out then.

I also can see there are still a lot of issues with the story. Either some not making sense, Lady Phenex being an otaku, or what the guy put in his review. When I get a chance, I'll go back and re-edit some of those chapters. Try to make everything correlate better and fix my grammar issues. When I do update the chapters, I'll make sure to put in the top that I updated the chapter. Anyways, I'll definitely try to do my best here to make things right. As I still think this story has a lot of potential and growth.

Also, I needed some reason for Houmi to name her child… well Naruto? I mean how else am I going to be able to have her name him Naruto. I can't have her just pull it out of her ass, so I needed some type of reference. Anyways, as I don't mind adding one more character to the harem. As of right now, we have Rias, Akeno, Asia, Murayama, Koneko, Kuroka, Rossweisse, and at this point, it will also probably include Irina and Xenovia too. However, there is one person from the Naruto verse I decided to add-in. This is it for the harem, as there will be no one else then. Just say I've been reading a new fanfic a pairing that I really ended up liking! Anyways I'll drop a hint in the chapter! So, hope you can all catch that! Let's begin the story! By the title of the chapter, I'm sure you can all see the reference to the story named after this chapter.

Last Chapter

"Which reminds me, I forgot to ask Naruto to join us." Rias waved her finger as a red circle appeared in the room.

"WAIT WHAT!?" Ino, Sakura, and Tenten shouted in surprise. Hinata was blushing harder. The girls could not protest anything before it was too late.

Naruto was naked, but had a towel around his waist, "Yeah, I was taking down the stupid flaming… chicken…" Naruto stopped opening his eyes and found himself standing on the water. He looked at Rias, "Really?"

"Yeah, I wanted to scrub your back." Rias stood up giving Naruto a full view of her front. Rias's bountiful chest bounced as she showed off her two glorious melons. Her beautiful clean and silky white skin, and her bear pink nipples for everyone to see. Even her vaginal area was clean and shaved as well. She wasn't even nervous or worried at all that Naruto was seeing her naked.

"Ara! I'll join in!" Akeno licked her fingers. Rias's crime in partner was just as gifted, maybe with Akeno's being a tad bit bigger than Rias's.

"I will too!" Murayama chipped in; Murayama also showed off her own impressive bust. Her twin tails still up gave her that cute look she always has.

"I wanna see it." Koneko ripped his towel off.

"WAIT!" Naruto tried to stop her, but Akeno and Murayama already grabbed both of his arms. Not allowing him to stop Koneko.

"Oh dear." Rias put her finger on her chin, but she did smirk, "Ha, bigger than I thought.

"Ara." Akeno licked her fingers more.

Naruto turned his head to see Sakura blushing, Ino blushing, Tenten also blushing, and Hinata was passed out, "N-Naruto's… t-thing." Asia blushed trying to cover her face, but she had her fingers still apart looking.

"Mmmmm give me some." Koneko felt her hormones kicking in.

"She's in heat fucking great." Naruto sighed as he facepalmed.

This Chapter

After the bathroom ordeal, Naruto was in his room as he sat down. He lifted his hand up as a set of evil pieces appeared. He had all of them, Houmi, his surrogated mother gave these to him. She gave him these the night before he left for the Elemental Nations. Soon Rias came walking into the room, "Oh Naruto? I didn't know you had an evil piece set?" Rias was surprised as Naruto smiled back at her.

"Yeah, Kaa-san gave it to me before I left. Even though she reincarnated me with a chess set, and all those pieces were absorbed into me. I was still given this set to make a peerage for myself." Naruto held up some chess pieces which were glowing with a red-orange color.

Rias smiled as she crossed her arms under her chest, "Hey Naruto… I know was a little too quick. I figured Kakashi might be a bit more inclined to work with you. Why don't you trade me a bishop and you can have Kakashi?"

"Huh? But I thought you always cherish your members?" Naruto raised an eyebrow confused as Rias closed her eyes.

She nodded her head, "I think this works for the best don't you think? You know him better along with his abilities. We can still do joint training to help him work on his magic though. What do you think?" Rias added with a smirk on her face as Naruto nodded his head, "Besides I have a current servant I have to yet reincarnate with a bishop. Nii-sama has been watching over for him since I can't handle his power."

"I see, well if you put it that way. I can't say no." Naruto stood up, but just then there was a knock at the door. Naruto and Rias both looked at one another as they both went towards the door. Everyone else followed. Naruto opened the door to find Neko.

"Naruto-san the Hokage has a request for you. This needs your full attention immediately." Neko looked up to see Naruto and everyone else standing there.

"I see, okay then I'll be there right away." Naruto turned to everyone else as Neko disappeared, "Well seems I'll be going, see you all later Ja Ne!" Naruto disappeared in a flash as everyone waved to him.

Hokage Office

Tsunade was currently in the Hokage office doing paperwork. Just then there was a flash of yellow as Naruto appeared in the room, "Hey what's up Baa-chan!" Naruto smiled giving her a wave.

Tsunade grew a tick mark on her forehead, but sighed and let it slide, "Yes, I did call for you. I have a mission that requires your attention." Tsunade began to go through some scrolls from a drawer and then pulled it out. She opened it and began to read it, "Naruto I'm sending you on a mission to Suna, Kumo, and Iwa. There have been reports of rogue nin around there. I'm worried they're going to try to attack Yugito and B. They're some of the last remaining Jinchuriki that are left, so I need you to go see how they're doing. Also, Iwa sent word for you. They want to discuss further peace negotiations. This isn't relating to our alliance already, but it is to solidify peace between nations and Suna is hoping to send you on a joint mission to escort their Wind Daimyo to meet out Fire Daimyo." Tsuande snapped her fingers as someone walked up behind Naruto.

Naruto turned his head to see Temari, "Yo Temari it's great to see ya!"

Temari smiled back, "Yeah it's good to see you too, been a while since the meeting."

"Yeah, to think it's already been a couple of weeks since then. How long is this going to take?" Naruto turned his head to Tsunade.

Tsunade sighed, "It will probably take UP to two couple weeks. You are to guard the two Daimyos until further notice. As we are already undermanned, as the Shinobi Alliance was formed. We all agree to keep the current Jinchurikis busy except for you know who. Since no one knows that she is the three tails." Tsunade placed her hands under her chin with a serious look on her face. Since the group has been here, she girls visit her often. They all seemed to take a strong liking to her, along with her. Tsunade had to admit, even though he had a harem he certainly knew how to pick them.

"I'm assuming I'm partnered up with Temari huh? Well, I'm glad to be working with ya." Naruto turned his head with a big foxy grin on his face. Temari had a blush randomly appear on her face.

"W-What! I-I mean y-yeah! C-Can't wait to work together!" Temari was surprised by Naruto's sudden declaration and his smile.

"Well, you two can leave within the hour, you both are dismissed." Tsunade waved them off as the two turned and began to leave.

When they left, Naruto turned to Temari, "Hey I'll meet ya there, I need to say goodbye to everyone."

Temari nodded her head, "Yeah see ya later." Temari put up a façade with her own smile. Naruto took a mental note of the fake smile, if anyone knew a fake smile it be Naruto.

Naruto Hiraishin back to their house, "Hey everyone!" Naruto raised his hand up saying hello as Asia grabbed onto his arm.

"Hello, Naruto! Where did you go off to?" Asia smiled as Naruto placed a hand on her head but then Asia puffed her cheeks out. Naruto scratched his cheek and chuckled he then leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Asia closed her eyes as the kiss and close contact. Once they separated Asia smiled, "Hey… I really enjoyed that." Asia leaned in closer resting her head on his shoulder.

Naruto rubbed her head, "I did too, but a las I must be on my way." Naruto turned to everyone else with Rias drinking tea that Akeno prepared.

"What is our Kitsune-kun doing?" Akeno wondered placing her hand on her cheek.

"Well, Miss. Sadist, I'm going off on a mission. Baa-chan has me guarding the Fire and Wind Daimyo along with a Kunoichi from Suna. Temari, the sister of my friend Gaara." Naruto walked over sitting down next to Rias as Asia sat down next to Naruto.

"Man, that's annoying." Murayama puffed her cheeks out as she came walking in.

"No fair, Asia getting the leg up on us." Koneko came walking in with some snacks in her hands.

"Mah, don't be like that guys. Gotta spread the love, don't we?" Naruto smiled as the girls smiled at Naruto relieving the issue at hand. Yeah, they all loved him, him, and his goofy nature.

"Ara, but what about me. I want a little more than just love." Akeno giggled as Naruto froze up a bit as a shiver ran down his spine.

"Akeno we all know you want more than just love. I'm assuming the pain is involved a bit more." Naruto eye twitched a bit as he forced a smile on his face with his eyebrow twitching.

"Ara, I'm hurt you think that low of me?" Akeno laughed knowing it was true.

"Akeno, it's you, if I get any lower. I would be tied up with rope with a gag ball in my mouth. No way in hell I'm letting that happen." Naruto made an X sign with his hands while shaking his head.

"Awww phooey where is the fun in that?" Akeno tilted her head disappointedly.

"We have time to do that fun later, we should focus on more serious things. As for training as you guys have noticed. I've constantly kept gravity and weighted seals on you." Naruto took out some scrolls which began to glow and corresponded with everyone else's seals on their clothes.

"Yeah, you increase the gravity, gradually right?" Kiba asked as he sat down on the edge of a window lifting one knee up to keep himself on the window ledge.

"Yep, you got that right, I was now going to add these." Naruto took an ink brush and brushed a few strokes on it. The seals on everyone changed, but the gravity stayed the same.

"Hmmm?" Koneko tilted her head as she raised her hand. However, when she did so everyone saw her beginning to struggle to just raise her hand. Koneko soon brought it up after struggling and her breathing became labored, "W-What did you add?" Koneko asked curiously.

"I added." Naruto was cut off.

"You added resistance seals, to make it harder for us to move. This would help increase our speed, reflexes, and reaction speed." Rias easily deduced the seals which earned a wide-eyed Naruto.
"Wait since when did you learn to read Fuinjutsu?" Naruto was a little shocked she picked it up so easily.

"Well, it's quite simple, Tsunade-sama gave me a Fuinjutsu book for me to read in my leisurely time. That helped me stopped Danzo just by knowing the basics of Fuinjutsu. Using magic and what knowledge of Fuinjutsu I can use them together to stop any type of Fuinjutsu. Thus, allowing me to block his Reverse Tetragram Seal." Rias smiled proudly as Naruto was really impressed.

"Wow Rias that is impressive, heh maybe you should pick up on magic seals or whatever is involved with that." Naruto added which he was not too sure what that would be called.

"I never thought about it until you told me about Fuinjutsu. I could dive into a lot of things, sigils for rituals. I could even pull off a Full Metal Alchemist too! Transmutation would be awesome to get down!" Rias fist-pumped at the idea; it be cool if she could do that!

"Well, you never stop ceasing to amaze me, within the rough two weeks I'm gone. I expect progress guys, I will write two times a week." Naruto stood up and gave Kiba a fist-bumped, then made sure to give everyone a loving kiss. With that, he said his farewells and walked out the doors to go find Temari. Naruto made his way through the village as they all bowed to him or said, 'Hello Namikaze-sama.' It was more irksome than anything else, he thought hearing the perverted trio was annoying.

With Temari

Temari let a long sigh out as she waited by the front gates. She looked off in the distance towards the road to leave the village. Just then she turned her head, "Hey about time you got here, we need to get moving. The Wind Daimyo is expecting us to get there in a day or two."

"Hm? A day or two, no need we'll get to Suna now." Naruto spun a tri-pronged kunai in his hand while also sporting a foxy grin on his face.

"Oh, I forgot you could do that. Guess it make things easier huh? When did you." Temari was cut off.

"Might have snuck a Hiraishin seal on Gaara's clothes before we left." Naruto stuck his tongue out like a child while chuckling.

Temari let a sigh out, "Alright well… what do I do?"

"Well, there's two ways we can do this. I can place a hand on your shoulder, or you put one on mine and I teleport us. It is not that hard." Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder as Temari blushed at the close contact. Not only that but now that she is closer, Naruto is good-looking when she is up close to him.

Like that Kotetsu and Izumo saw the two disappear, "Hey you heard that Shikamaru and Ino hooked up?"

"Wait wasn't he seeing the Suna girl that just left?" Izumo added surprised by this.

"Yeah, apparently they had a fallout. Seems that the blonde Ino and him decided to go out." Kotetsu affirmed as Izumo's eyes widen.


Gaara looked down annoyed, "This is annoying to think this much paperwork would be. Hopefully, Temari and Naruto will get here soon, the Wind Daimyo is getting restless." Gaara looked up from his work, "Yes your escorts will be here." Gaara was interrupted as a flash of yellow appeared.

"WOAH!" Temari shouted as she felt herself being launched into the air. However, a warm hand grabbed it. Temari then found herself in Naruto's arms.

"Ops forgot about the recoil it can have if you don't bend your knees." Naruto chuckled with a wide grin on his face.

Temari blushed as she then realized he was holding her like a princess, "Uhh… could you let me down please." Temari looked away as she felt her heart beating quicker than usual.
"You got it, ma'am!" Naruto gently set her down, "Hey what's up Gaara!" Naruto gave Gaara a salute.

"Naruto it's good to see, I'm glad you got here with haste. Our Daimyo is eager to go meet your Fire Daimyo." Gaara gestured to someone behind him.

Temari instantly turned around and went on one knee, "Oh! Hello there Daimyo-sama."

Naruto turned and smirked raising a hand up, "Yo what's up old man!" Naruto smirked as the Wind Daimyo looked at the famed son of Minato Namikaze with interest.

For whatever reason it was Temari grew a tick mark on her forehead, "Hey! SHOW HIM SOME RESPECT!" Temari smacked Naruto upside the head.

"OWWW! What was that for!" Naruto snapped his head to Temari with an annoyed look on his face.

"What's wrong!? You don't call Daimyo-sama old!" Temari then froze as her eye widen and then she blushed and bowed, "Oh! I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to hit you… I-I." Temari began to stutter with Naruto realizing her sudden attitude change.

Naruto relaxed and smiled, "Hey no worries, I can sense you've been tense lately. Just now you felt relaxed, didn't you?"

Temari thought about it and nodded her head, "Y-Yeah… just been really busy with missions ya know? Haven't been able to see these two idiots." Temari smirked as Gaara let a small chuckle out.

"HEY! I'm NO IDIOT!" Kankuro shouted as he came walking into the office.

"Well, you are an idiot if you didn't realize I was joking." Temari sent a smug look towards Kankuro's way as he just decided to shut up.

Naruto smirked and shook his head, "Well it's good to see you Daimyo, we're ready to leave when you want to."

"Ahh yes, how about we leave in two days' time then! I can't wait." The Wind Daimyo smiled while leaving the office as Gaara hung his head.

"What's wrong?" Naruto turned his head to Gaara noticing Gaara's change of emotion.

"He came here… everyday… for the past two days asking for you two. He goes… just like that… he visited every five hours to ask. He leaves… just like that." Gaara rubbed his face as he let a low growl out.

"Ahahahah!" Naruto chuckled as he walked up to Gaara and placed a hand on his shoulder. Naruto leaned in placed his face next to his ear, "Here's a tad bit of information for you. Just used a shadow clone to do the work for you." Naruto leaned away patting Gaara's shoulder while showing him the hand seal. While also giving a small explanation.

Gaara stood there in shock as he looked at his desk with the paperwork. Naruto made sure to slip out of the office deciding to look for a place to stay. Temari and Kakuro were curious about what Naruto told their brother, "Hey Gaara are you." Temari was cut off when Gaara scooped her up into a hug.

Gaara used his sand to pull Kankuro into a hug as well pushing their cheeks next to his, "I-I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I COULD HAVE DONE THAT ALL THIS TIME!" Gaara began to chuckle insanely as Temari and Kankuro were scared. Gaara let them go as he turned to the window of his office. He took a deep breath in… and then he exhaled as he placed a hand on his hips. He turned to Temari and Kankuro, "Well… to think that I stupidly didn't think about this!" Gaara smiled as he began to chuckle evilly, "JUST YOU WAIT PAPERWORK! YOU SHALL BE DESTROYED!"

Temari and Kankuro sweatdropped as they both inched their way out, "I-I'm gonna go prepare for the mission." Temari added quickly leaving pushing Kankuro back into the office.

"HEY! WHY DID YOU!" Just the sand grabbed Kankuro's leg dragging him to Gaara's desk.

"Kankuro made a shadow clone you're helping me finish this." Gaara added as he made a shadow clone as he began to work on the paperwork.

Kankuro began to mentally cry, "I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH CHAKRA TO REALLY DO THAT!"

With Naruto

Naruto was making his way around Suna as he found many people looking at him. Others looked at him with interest, curiosity, and even some with lust. That was mainly the female population, Naruto trekked through the village with ease as he came across their academy. Naruto looked over on the fence as kids were practicing the basic academy jutsu.

Just then the kids saw him along with a teacher, "Hello there, would you like to listen?" The teacher was a female to be about a few years older than Naruto. Naruto nodded hopping over the fence, "Hello there my name is Suna, yes my name was named after the village."

"Well nice to meet ya!" Naruto looked down at the kids, "You teaching them some of the basic academy jutsu?"

"Yes, I am, but I'm having a bit of an issue. None of them are listening to me, I'm fairly new at this." Suna scratched the back of her head with a small smile on it.

"I see… well I wasn't that great of an academy student myself. Listening to boring lectures didn't do all that much." Naruto placed his hand on his chin and squinted his eyes thinking about what he can do to help.

Temari was so happened to be also passing by as she saw Naruto talking to the teacher who taught the current academy children. She leaned on the fence listening in on Naruto's attempt to help out. Naruto clapped his hand really loudly as all the chattering kids looked at him. Naruto held up his hand, "Hey what's up kids! The name is Uzumaki Naruto! Nice to meet you all!"

"Ummm who are you mister?" A boy asked.

"Well, I'm a Konoha Shinobi… at the moment at least. I heard you all think your sensei's lectures are boring?" Naruto asked tilting his head as all the kids nodded their heads.

"Yeah, they're super lame and boring!"
"We want to get into kicking butt!"
"Sensei's teachings aren't that bad." A girl added nervously.

"Yeah, they aren't horrible, but they could be a bit more entertaining." Another girl added.

Naruto closed his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest as he thought. Just then he snapped them open and knew what to do, "ALRIGHT YOU BRATS LINES UP" Naruto shouted gaining all the other kid's attention. The kids immediately lined up in a single file line. Naruto smirked walking up to them, "Alright at ease, but I want you all to sit down and listen." Naruto sat down with them on the ground. Naruto looked at the kids with a smile, "Alright then let's go way off track then. I'm assuming you've all been going over history?"

"It's so boring!"

"How is that going to help us?"

"Yeah, it's not even that cool!"

"Well, I'd say you're wrong." Naruto added in nodding his head, "But again I'm also wrong. History is important, which is something you all should do in your own time." Naruto stood up and began to pace a bit thinking how he should word this, "Alright then how about instead of doing lectures like that!" Naruto turned to face them all and smirked, "Say why not tell me how all your chakra control is! Maybe we can even begin to work on charka exercises and get your chakra up!"
The kids began to tell Naruto how well their chakra was. Some said their levels were good with great control, little with amazing control, large with little control, and so on. Naruto nodded his head, "Alright then how about this then, we'll begin working on wall walking. It'll get your reserves up while also working on your chakra control."

"Ummm how do we do that?" A kid raised their hand.

"It's easy, this training involves focusing a fixed amount of chakra to the bottom of one's feet and using that to climb a tree without using one's hands." Naruto began to walk over to the wall of the academy building, "Now tell me what would happen if you added too much chakra?"

"Ummm you would shoot off right?" A girl asked.

"Yes correct, what about not adding enough?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"You won't stick!" A boy shouted as Naruto nodded his head.

"That's right, now you guys get up and try it!" Naruto unstuck himself and landed on the ground. The girls and boys ran over to the wall practicing their tree walking. Naruto made shadow clones, which impressed them all, to help each kid individually. Temari watched intently interested in Naruto's guidance then Suna came walking over.

"Woah, he's really got their attention. Do you think this is what we should be teaching the kids instead? Have them work on chakra exercises and focus more on training?" Suna asked curiously as Temari put a hand on her lip.

"It might not be a bad idea, something to bring to Gaara's attention." Temari watched intently not realizing a smile on her face forming.

Suna giggled, "You know him, don't you?" She nudged Temari in the side.

Temari flinched with a blush, "W-What!? H-Him? No! No! He already has some girlfriends and a fiancé."

"So what? I've heard he is the son of the Yodaime and the last Uzumaki. Doesn't hurt if you know." Suna giggled perversely as she pulled a small orange book from her pocket.

Temari's eyes widen as she then placed her hand on her face letting a long sigh out. Temari shook such thoughts out of her head, "Come on get back you can do it! Keep doing it until you got it down flat!" Temari turned her attention back to Naruto.

Naruto then waited for a few more minutes for the kids to practice, "That's alright kids! Don't worry about it, why don't you all come over here?" The kids came running down as he motioned for them to sit. Naruto sat down with them as he crossed his arms he smirked, "Alright while you guys rest up a bit. Why don't we talk a bit, now let see…" Naruto placed his finger on his bottom lip as he thought about what to talk about. Just then he hit his hand into his palm, "Alright kids what can you tell me about being genins?"

Before Temari knew it a bunch of people were around the fence listening to Naruto's story, "Then I came across this boy, his name was Haku. He was an interesting guy that I met. Also, one of the first real outside friends I've ever made. He was truly an amazing guy."

"What made him so special?" A girl asked curiously.

"Well, it's quite interesting, he noticed that I was a ninja. I was training really hard and doing my best to get stronger. Then…" Naruto turned his head as a cool breeze came blowing in as his hair began to flow in the wind. Temari couldn't help but feel entranced by this looks as the setting sun made the tips of his hair glow golden, "He asked me… a question that would change me… allow me to be the ninja or person I wanted to be." Naruto stood up and knelt back like Haku did to him all those years ago, "Now tell me… what are your reasons to get stronger?" Naruto asked with a look of curiosity on his own face.

"Ummmm to beat up bad guys!"
"To be a hero!"

"To be able to perform super cool ninjutsu!"

"To be awesome!"

"To be super awesome!"


"To get cute guys to notice us!" Some of the girls all cheered together which made Naruto chuckle. Temari sighs thinking about fangirls, the bane of all Kunoichi.

Naruto patted a couple of the kid's heads, "Yoshi, Yoshi those aren't wrong… okay some are, but then again none of them are right either." Naruto said with a gentle smile as some of the kids looked at him confused, while some of them knew they were wrong. Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Now what's with all the sour faces? Isn't this what the academy for? It's for learning and growing, this is my lesson to you all. Instead, let me ask you all." Naruto stood up and walked into the middle of them gaining all their attentions. All eyes were on Naruto as he knelt back down and sat in the middle of them. He had a grin appear on his face as he almost began to act like a child just like them. He then said, "Do you have people in your lives your treasure importantly?" The kids all looked at Naruto curiously as they thought about the question. This even earned a question forming in Temari's own thoughts. Everything for her was going right when Shikamaru asked her out those many months ago. Since it didn't work out, he hasn't sent letters to her at all. He never even said if he wanted to stay friends or anything, he just dropped their chance together. It hurt Temari as she looked at Shikamaru as an important person to her.

The kids took a moment to think and to come up with their own answers. Just then a kid quickly asked, "Is it your family? Like your Tou-san, Kaa-san, and if you have any siblings?"

"Bingo!" Naruto shot the child a giant smile and a big thumbs up, "That's exactly it, if you all grow up to be Shinobi. There is a rule you must always follow, to be truly strong, to be able to defeat anything in your way? Is to fight for someone you consider precious, someone important in your life. You must truly mean it, otherwise, it means your will wasn't strong enough." Naruto said with his tone changing as the kids took this lesson to heart.

"Woah is that what this Haku person told you?" A girl asked.

"Yes, he did, sadly as time went on. I learned he actually was working for Zabuza… he was hit tool." Naruto frowned a bit but then smiled.

"Wait… Haku sounds like such a nice person why would he be." The child was cut off by another child.

"Haku saw Zabuza as his important person didn't, he?" Another child asked as Naruto nodded his head.

"You're a smart one, good, but yes that's true. Haku had to fight me and my team, we were able to beat him. However, in the end, he was killed… that's just the line of work we Shinobi are in." Naruto stood up as he began to slowly walk away with his hands in his pockets, "Shinobi die every day protecting the civilians, one another, and their village." Naruto turned around to face the kids with their attention still on him, "It's important to protect the village you'll be serving, be strong. Never give up, never go back on your words. That's been my nindo way for the longest time. Find something to protect, hold onto it. You'll never know when you'll die, I won't sugar coat it. Life isn't fair, you can die a few seconds from now, in a year, or even five hundred years later. What you can do is take what you have now, cherish it, love every moment you have with one another, with family, with this village. With that, I'll leave you all with this important thing to always remember. In this Shinobi world, those who break the rules are scum. That's true, but those who leave their comrades behind are worse than scum. Never forget that." Naruto walked down the middle of the kids as they parted for their teacher to walk. Once he made it to the other side he turned around quickly as the air tightened, "NOW TELL ME! JUST WHAT TYPE OF SHINOBI ARE YOU!" Naruto shouted out with a strong authoritative tone.

"WE'LL NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GO BACK ON OUR WORD! PROTECT THE PEOPLE WE HOLD PRECIOUS AND NEVER LEAVE ONE ANOTHER BEHIND!" The kids all shouted together, others added, or said the line differently. However, they all meant the same thing, nonetheless. The kids have never met someone so awe-inspiring before, it made each and every child there want to be like Naruto.

Temari and Suna watched in shock along with the others passing by. This was definitely a sight to behold, every child there. Clan or clanless, girl or boy, tall or short, fat or skinny, just listening to Naruto's speech was the most inspiring thing the kids have ever heard. Temari couldn't help but smile at this, "Well he really is good with kids… to think was that runt I thought he was all those years ago. He saved Gaara, changed Gaara, and even became his friend." Temari couldn't help but smile looking at Naruto, she didn't know what it was. His personality was intoxicating, his face was alluring, and his smile just added more icing to the cake. Naruto clapped his hands, "That's enough for today kids, make sure to treat Suna-Sensei well. Practice hard, I expect to see you all being excellent Shinobi one day." Naruto turned to leave as he walked over to Suna and Temari. Even the parents who were there to pick them up were shocked.

Naruto was one hell of a guy, a teacher, too.

Naruto saw Temari and Suna with their own amazed look on their faces, "Uhhh you guys good?"

Temari and Suna were still a bit shocked, just then Suna snapped back to reality, "Y-yes! I'm good! Uhhh I-I s-should probably release m-my students thank you very m-much Naruto-san I-I mean Namikaze-sama!" Suna quickly ran away towards her students with a bit of a blush on her face.

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "What was that all about? Was it something I said?"
Temari broke out of her own stupor as well as she shook her head, "N-No no… just those were some impressive words Naruto. Very inspiring… guess it's a little hard to not notice how well you work with kids."

"Aww, ya think so?" Naruto chuckles sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head, "Thanks… it's important to me ya know? I want to be a good Tou-san one day too… so I guess this counts as practice." Naruto looked down to see a little boy walking up to him and Temari. This was someone now part of the class.

"You dropped this miss." The boy held up a piece of paper.

"Oh! Thanks!" Temari gently took the letter as she tucked it away, but Naruto noticed the fault in her eyes.

"Hey Temari, show me to your place. I'll make some dinner what do ya say?" Naruto snapped his finger at her as Temari had a smile appear on her face. Naruto and Temari began to their trek home as Naruto noticed how tense Temari was being, "You alright?"

Temari flinched, "Oh! Uhhh yeah I'm alright… just a lot on my mind." Temari gently rubbed her hand on her bicep.

Naruto noticed how tense Temari seemed, but he also knew what was going on as well. Not like he doesn't know what happens with the people he cares about, "It's hard isn't it?"

Temari looked at Naruto confused, "What are you talking about?"

"I don't want to make you feel uneasy or anything. I want you to know that you can tell me anything, I won't judge nor tell anyone else about this." Naruto slowly came to a stop as Temari looked at Naruto nervously, "Please as Gaara's friend please trust me."

Temari nervously looked at Naruto and then back at the ground. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in and let it out. She stopped and paused on a bridge that had a small river of water flowing underneath it, "Shikamaru asked me out not too long after you disappeared. For a while, we communicated and even went out on a few dates." Temari had a small smile appear on her face as she looked at her reflection. Then her smile disappeared, "Then… he stopped sending me letters, luckily I was sent to Konoha acting as a representative for Suna. When I went… I found that blonde Yamanaka girl holding Shikamaru's arm. I didn't even go see him… just went to the Hokage tower, said my business… and then left."

"I see… didn't think Shikamaru would ever do that. He doesn't seem like that type of person, but I can see why he didn't say anything. If anything, he probably said it was too troublesome to deal with. Though, I can see him nervous to say anything to you." Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder as Temari let a low sigh out as she continued to look at her reflection.

"… I want an honest truth… do I even look that good?" Temari continued to look at her appearance wondering if she even liked the way she looked.

*Thwack! * "OW!" Temari held her head where Naruto hit her, she turned to him with an angry look on her face. Just then she stopped herself from doing anything. She wanted to wait for Naruto's response.

"If you're looking for an apology you can forget about it. You deserved it, don't you soiling yourself on your looks. Temari you're a fine-looking woman, you're a beauty and don't you forget that." Naruto smiled as he pulled Temari into a hug, not a hug for affection. A hug for comfort, concern, and friendship. Temari did not argue it, she let it happen as she relaxed in his warm arms. Temari began to lose herself in his hold as Naruto found her head resting on his shoulder.

"Thanks… it is upsetting… then again it isn't easy to find a guy to like a girl like me." Temari chuckled the last part as Naruto again frowned.

"Don't you go saying that too, baka." Naruto said annoyed as Temari looked up at him shocked, "Your strong Temari, you need someone to be able to see and like you for whom you are. You're also tuff and you don't take crap from others. You have your own opinion and when things aren't right you know when to put your foot down." Naruto smiled as Temari got lost in his blue orbs and his smile, "I know I wouldn't mind getting to know you myself."

Temari nodded her head, "Thanks… besides Gaara and Kankuro… you're the first guy who's ever really given me a chance… thank you." When her and Shikamaru tried hanging out for the first time. It was slow, but he made her feel like the center of the world. Granted he was a bit slow, lazy, and tired all the time. He did try to do his best, but the way Naruto is, it's the opposite. Naruto isn't trying unlike how Shikamaru tried, Shikamaru tried but that's what different between Shikamaru and Naruto. Shikamaru is lazy due to his Nara nature and needs to try. However, Naruto doesn't need to do that, he doesn't need to try because he is being himself.

"Alright then, how about I make you some dinner for this? I'm sure you don't want to expose your soft side too much huh?" Naruto gestured for Temari to take him to her place.

"S-Shut up." Temari lightly punched his arm as she began to walk towards her home, "Come on follow me." Temari couldn't help but feel her heartbeat quicken as she led Naruto to her place.

The two walked in finding Gaara and Kankuro eating a quick meal themselves, "Oh Naruto what are you doing here?" Gaara was a little surprised to find Naruto with Temari.

"Oh, well Temari and I just got done seeing the kids at the academy. The teacher there asked me to teach her kids a bit. One thing led to another; we came here to make something to eat." Naruto explained as Temari nodded her head a bit nervously.

Kankuro raised an eyebrow, "Little surprising, anyways I got patrolling to do. You two have fun… oh and Temari's cooking ain't the best either. Just warning you Naruto." Kankuro chuckled but froze when Temari gave him a cold glare as he quickly rushed out.

Gaara chuckled shaking his head, "Well I got work to get back too, I won't be home tonight. You can stay in the spare bedroom we have if you want Naruto. You're more than welcomed to stay here than some crummy in." Gaara walked over and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder with a smile, "I can't wait to hear what the teacher has to say about you too. I just hope you didn't teach the kids anything too dangerous."

"I didn't do anything like that! I just taught them some basic wall walking and that type of stuff." Naruto rubbed the back of his head with Gaara nodding his head accepting the response.

"As well with some inspiring lessons he taught the kids too. I think we'll have a good crop of Shinobi this year Gaara." Temari smiled as she went into the kitchen to get ingredients out.

"Well, I better go get started before your sister begins to yell at me to begin cooking." Naruto trotted off into the kitchen as Gaara walked out.

When Gaara walked outside he shut the door and looked at it. Kankuro came walking up, "Don't you think that was weird… Temari was awfully quiet don't you think?"

"Yeah, she was… she hasn't been with any other guy besides up and that Nara guy… which I still need to beat some sense into for hurting Temari." Gaara glared but he then relaxed as he wondered, "You think Naruto is interested in her?"

"W-What!? Well… I mean you never know." Kankuro scratched his cheek thinking about if it's possible.

"Well, I approve, he doesn't need my approval to date her. I know he'll treat her well." Gaara had a genuine smile appear on his face which surprised Kankuro.

"Well, I'm glad you're comfortable with Naruto." Kankuro walked next to his brother as Gaara looked into the sky.

"Well… he's done a great deal for me along for you two. Having to deal with my… unsavory self since then." Gaara let a long sigh out, "Though paperwork is going to be annoying even with a clone helping me out."

"Yeah, I hear ya. Well, I got some patrolling to do Ja Ne." Kankuro left as he headed towards the roofs to get there quicker.

Naruto and Temari

Temari brought out as many ingredients as she could find. Naruto looked at what they had and nodded his head, "Alright with this I can make something, anything you got in mind?" Naruto turned to her as he put a pink apron on.

Temari's eyes widen as Naruto puts it on, "O-Oh! I didn't think you put an apron on?"

"Well, why wouldn't I? Don't want to get my clothes dirty." Naruto tied the light pink apron to his body as he began to prepare the ingredients.

"Ummm I like sweet chestnuts and Kenchin soup." Temari had a small smile appear on her face as Naruto looked at the ingredients more intently. Temari was a little shocked since that apron was her mother's.

"Ahh okay yeah, we got everything we have to make." Naruto grabbed the chestnuts and some roots, and tofu. He began to cook them accordingly which Temari watched in amazement.

It took a little bit the meals were done with Naruto also cooking a BBQ chicken for themselves as well. Temari couldn't help but enjoy the cooked meal as her hair buns seemed to twitch as she happily enjoyed the meal, "Wow this is so good! How the heck did you learn to cook this?"

"Well, when I was in the other world, I learned some things. A woman who took me in, her name is Houmi Phenex. She looked after me like her own son and her butler Merlin. He taught me how to cook and all that fun stuff." Naruto began to eat the meal enjoying it herself as Temari ate with a giant grin on her face. While the two ate naruto chuckle which Temari tilted her head at him curiously, "You're face… the look you're giving off. It's pretty cute you know? You should do it more often."

Temari blushed, "S-Shut up!" Temari turned her head to the side as she began to eat with a small scowl on her face. She felt exposed now, a secret side of her is she a bit of a glutton. A side she doesn't like others to know, only Gaara and Kankuro know that.

Naruto shook his head, "It's okay, I like to eat tons of ramen too. Don't downplay yourself just because you have to keep up an image since you're a Kunoichi. Be yourself when around me, I wouldn't want you to act any other way. Besides you're prettier like this." Naruto didn't know what this was, but Temari just seemed like an entirely different person.

"T-Thanks." Temari blushed nervously as she continued to eat her food. She relaxed at Naruto's words; she didn't know what it was but he made her feel at ease, "What was it like… in that other world?"

"Oh? Well, I'm certainly not a normal human or Shinobi anymore." Naruto scratched his cheek, "You see when Houmi found me, I was gravely injured and close to death. She saved me by reincarnating me into a devil. Specifically, a member of the Phenex clan, it was a weird way to put it. But I'm the heir to their clan even though I was… reincarnated. It's really complicated, but to put it simply I'm a devil a Phenex to be exact." Naruto said as two wings appeared out of his back with flames.

Temari's eyes seem to glaze overseeing the wings Naruto showed off, "Wow… they're pretty."

Naruto had a foxy grin appear on his face, "Thanks, I like them too. I'm pretty strong too thanks to this, I've met a lot of people too. Made a lot of friends, hell I even have a fiancé now, with a few other girlfriends."

Temari forgot about that she nervously asked, "Oh… yeah I forgot about that, but how were you reincarnated?" Temari was a little upset that Naruto was already taken, not by one, but multiple other girls.

"Oh? We used evil pieces." Naruto held up his hand as fifteen pieces appeared in his hand, "We use these to reincarnate those into our servants. Of course, if I ever do get anything, I'd take great care of them." This piqued Temari's interest, listening to Naruto's new life. It was interesting on how he became a devil, part of an important clan. Now only that but hear about this high school he goes to sounds pretty amazing too.

"Wow that's pretty amazing… so what exactly has happened over there? What did you do to get yourself in this position?" Temari was really intrigued by Naruto's life as he began to explain everything. From his first encounter with Houmi, all the way to when he saved Rias from Riser. How, he was willing to take her as his fiancé to keep the contract the Gremory and Phenex clans had agreed on beforehand.

"Then I got a message from the toads that the civil war in Konoha was over and I was needed. That's when I finally finished up the jutsu to be able to travel between worlds." Naruto explained which Temari was a little surprised by that.

"Wow, you're something else to be able to do that! This other world you speak of it sounds really interesting to see." Temari finished her meal placing her chopsticks down. Temari was impressed with how Naruto was in this new world. If anything, a deep desire of her own was beginning to take hold that she was unaware of.

The two continued to talk with Naruto asking Temari about her own life. Naruto got to learn of Temari's missions of what she has done. How she went either on delivery missions, rescue a village, or other missions of that caliber while also being a representative for Suna to Konoha as ambassador. Before the two knew it, it was late, and they had to go to bed.

While the next day rolled around Naruto and Temari spent the day talking as well. They didn't realize it, but it was like a small date they went on. Naruto got up and made breakfast for himself, Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro, "Woah this is delicious! You can cook way better than any of us can!" Kankuro chowed down on the cinnamon rolls Naruto made which Temari began to take more too. Naruto continued to eat the breakfast burritos he learned to make thanks to Merlin.

"This is mighty impressive; any lady would be lucky to get you." Gaara mentioned stoically which no one noticed, but Temari had a tint of pink stain on her cheeks. However, she quickly shook her head getting rid of such thoughts out of her head.

"Well thanks, Gaara, I already got some pretty ladies waiting for me at home." Naruto let a chuckle out as Kankuro grunted.

"Lucky bastard." Kankuro said with jealousy hearing Naruto had more than one girl.

A/N: Hmmm I actually want to end it there. I'll dive deeper into their mission together. Just kinda straying from the main story a bit, it allows Temari and Naruto to build a relationship. Naruto knows it, but he is testing the water, I honestly like the idea of a Naruto and Temari pairing. Would not mind doing a story like that one day. Anyways hope you all enjoyed! TitanFall007 OUT! Ja Ne!