Prologue to the 4th Great Shinobi War

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Hello and back with another chapter! By the title of the chapter, I can assume you all know what's going on. For this part, understand that Naruto gaining Madara's Rinnegan greatly changes the outcome of the story. Honestly, there aren't many other ways to do it but I'll make it as entertaining as possible. Now onto some reviews!

rosaurocunanan16: Chp15 Awsome chapter! The building of relationship with temari is really going good! I can really also imagine why naruto said temari is a bit tsundere, also really glad that the other girls accept tge idea of naruto having more girls in his life! Also will konan come along with naruto and be part of his harem? Or is she gonna come along and be with kakashi? Also really excited on how naruto and yasaka will get into a relationship! It'll be so interesting too! And i can already imagine naruto being a father to kuno! I really can't wait for that to happen, really looking forward to it! Also how about fem vali? Like instead of the white dragon emperor it'll be empress... Hehehe... It'll also be an interesting interaction between murayama and fem vali! Please consider the idea of fem vali! And about naruto being the son of meliodas and Elizabeth? It'll be awsome since you're writing it, i can already tell since this and the rest of you're fanfics I've read are super good! Also seven deadly sins are awsome! You really should watch it! Really awsome chapter! Looking forward to future chapters!

SoP: Thank you, I think building their relationship was a great way to do it. For now, on, I will be doing this for the other girls too. Naruto has not once had a chance to really take them out on dates or anything. Temari yes, Murayama, yes, but the others not as much. Though, I am hoping that you all realize that Rias and her peerage will be much more competent later on. Though, Gasper will be the only one to have non-grown as of yet! Anyways, as for Madara's Rinnegan abilities and they were his eyes. I actually looked up his Mangekyou Sharingan abilities which were not stated. It seems the Rinnegan always has a constant ability among all users. The Chibaku Tensei, All-Mighty Push and Pull, the chakra rods, and much more. However, it seems each Rinnegan user always had a special ability. Madara could use the limbo ability and summon Meteorites. Which I assume the Meteorites was his ability he could do alone. So, instead of the Meteorites and limbo technique, I have an alternative ability set for Naruto. Manly since the Rinnegan is in the eyes of a different person. I wonder if that's what changes the Rinnegan abilities. Since Obito used the Six different Paths So, I got a different Idea! Which I think IS MUCH cooler.

Guest: I kinda love ur story tbh

But, the few last chapters kinda disappoint me

1. Why the hell Naruto tell other about what happened to him in dxd world easily, its okay to tell jiraiya or tsunade since they are grandfather and grandmother figure to him. Rookie 12? I think they are not that close, since Naruto got traveled to dxd world when he was 12 y.o?

2. The girls and Naruto know that Naruto was full (harem thing). And yet, Naruto still being too nice to girl that will lead to misunderstanding. If you want big harem. Why need to do something like that?

Sorry for my bad English

SoP: No worries, I think he would easily tell them. There was a lot of crap that happened, but Tsunade and Jiraiya did fight for the lead during the civil war. I have no doubt Naruto would have told them. Also, there haven't been any misunderstandings, everything was done on purpose. Naruto hasn't acted strangely to it, he mostly just sighed or went along with it.

Anyways let's get to it!

Last Chapter

"Hey, no need to be so embarrassed Temari, not like I'll go shouting to the world you wear yellow bird panties… my little Nojiko." Naruto winked at her placing the keys to the room on the table, "Come on I'll meet you outside for breakfast." (A/N: (ノジコ, Nojiko) is Yellow Bunting, that is a yellow bird species native to Japan. I figured it be a neat nickname for her rather than the Sand Flower or something like that. Something a bit more personal for Naruto and Temari).

Temari smiled as she grabbed her clothes and gear. She placed her fan on her back, she smiled, "I'm his little Nojiko." Temari giggled at the cute nickname while placing a hand on her cheek. Temari grabbed the keys and head out the door locking it in the process. She made her way towards the front desk with Naruto standing there. She handed the keys to the front desk and the two left. They went outside to find the Wind Daimyo and his other guards ready to go.

"Alright, we're all rested up let's go!" Naruto shouted out with a big grin on his face.

The others began to walk and Temari paused for a moment and smile internally. When she was with Naruto, he just washed away all the issues in her world. He even helped her scrub away her worries. Shikamaru was the past, Naruto is her future, "Maybe this new world of his won't be all that. Maybe I should ask him more about him being part devil." Temari really didn't want to leave the Elemental Nations and stay close to family. However, Naruto made her happy, if things panned out the way they are going now. Naruto might just end up being someone really dear and important to her in life.

This Chapter

The rest of the journey of Naruto and Temari guarding the Wind Daimyo went without a hitch. Though the Wind Daimyo did notice how much closer Temari, and Naruto was while traveling. Naruto and Temari would continue to tell one another about their missions over the years.

Well, Naruto told her about the wave mission and everything up to the chunin exams, but then it was most of his time on Earth.

Naruto and Temari did spend an entire two weeks together as the Fire and Wind Daimyo become acquainted with one another. This also allowed Naruto and Temari to continue bonding to get to know one another. Since their mission was over, it was time for them to head home. However, they decided to take the long way home rather than teleport back to Suna. Naruto and Temari were currently tree jumping from the Land of Fire to the Land of Wind to get to Suna, "Hey Naruto, I'm glad we got to spend the three weeks together."

Naruto jumped off another branch along with Temari doing the same, "I'm glad too ya know? I think we have good chemistry together."

"So… what do you think about… us?" Temari turned her head the other way as she blushed trying to push it down.

Naruto noticed her blush and moved a bit closer to her as they continued to jump from tree to tree. Naruto smiled as he quickly grabbed Temari bridal style and jumped up. Naruto burst through the canopy of the trees and landed on the tip of a tree. Temari couldn't help but blush at the sudden contact. She found herself looking out on the horizon with the sun seemingly beginning to go down. Temari looked back to Naruto to see the setting sun gently caressing his face. Naruto smiled, "Hey, I'd be happy if we could. However, there is one thing I need to bring up."

Temari smiled and looked down at her hands. She pondered for a second, "That's right I forgot he had others." However, Temari quickly shook her head and looked up at him, "That's okay, I forgot you even had a group of other girls. You know… I know it's been only us the entire time. However, not once did you bring the other girls up. From what I've experienced with you, I can tell how great of a person you are." Temari leaned in close while closing her eyes. She then placed her lips on Naruto's. The two held it there, it was a gentle and soft kiss allowing them to bask in one another's warmth.

Once they separated Temari's eyes fluttered open and Naruto did the same, "Thanks… but it still not easy for me to manage… or well I think I'm managing it alright. I try not to think about it, and I just act how I should."

Temari giggled a bit, "That's what I love about you, you put so much thought into everything. Sometimes you don't even realize it, not once did you make yourself seem some big hotshot. You always kept others' interests before your own. Besides… whose to say that I'll find someone like you ever again. You're one in a million, I'd take my chances with you." Temari took her hand and placed it on Naruto's chest while resting her cheek on his chest, "You think… I could go back… with you?" Naruto let a small laugh out, Temari's face cute pout appear on her face, "Hey I'm trying to be."

Temari was interrupted with Naruto placing a finger on her lips, "I hear you loud and clear little birdie. I'd be happy if you came."

Temari pouted a bit more, she hated that nickname, but somehow, she also found it adorable. It was because Naruto called her his, 'Nojiko' and let it slide because Naruto knew how to use it, "You think… I could be part of your devil system or peerage thing?"

Naruto took off again heading towards Suna, "Hmmm my peerage? Kakashi-sensei already joined so you join would be a real treat." Naruto came to a stop and landed in front of a lake with the sun setting at the horizon. Naruto gently let Temari down as the two looked at the horizon, "It's pretty, isn't it?"

Temari smiled and nodded her head, "Yeah, I think it is too." Temari let the warmth of the setting sun warm her face and the smell of the air off the lake. Just then Temari found Naruto's hand placed on her lower chin as he gently turned her face to him.

Naruto leaned in and captured her lips and then gently pulled away and placed his forehead on hers, "Then that means you are mine Temari, and mine alone. You can do and be what you want. If you want to stick by my side. Then I'll grant you this wish, however, there is no turning back. Once you're a devil you'll be a reincarnate."

Temari nodded her head, "If it's with you Naruto, I'd go to the ends of the Earth or the Elemental Nations to be by your side."

For now, Naruto decided NOT to reincarnate her right now. Unless he had to do it as an emergency first. Until then he said he will do it before he leaves to go back to Earth.

Time Skip Week Later

"Hey! Not bad guys!" Naruto barely dodged a flurry of combo attacks that would kill any other normal Shinobi.

"Dammit! *huff* *huff* How the heck did you dodge all that? We *huff* have to hold back when we *huff* did this against Kakashi-sensei." Rias was on her butt along with everyone else.

"Yeah… *huff* he helped us find the openings and much more!" Murayama whined as she tried to regain her breath.

"This sucks." Koneko brought her fist up to her face and let out a few huffs.

"Man, this bites." Kiba nursed a bruise on his shoulder after Naruto dodged his sword strike. Because he and Koneko both have drastically increased their speed. They tried to use a pincer attack on their combo, but Koneko's fist ran straight into his shoulder.

"It's simple, I'm just too fast, but I can also teleport. You guys have the combo down pat, and it's super powerful! You just need another way to restrain your enemy from jumping around." Naruto explained holding up his hand, "Like trying to make a cage." Naruto used magic as a cage of lighting formed around himself, Rias, and the others.

"I see because our last attack relies on Murayama, Akeno, and me to fire off our strongest attacks." Rias added as her eyes widen at the reason for the failure, "The attack is so large, not a lot of people can dodge it in time. If Gasper were here, he could freeze you in place." Rias growled wishing he was here right here. It would make a sick killer combo like in many of the action video games she plays.

Naruto clapped his hands signaling the end of their spar, "Everyone did well the teamwork was excellent. You've been training with Bushy Brows-Sensei and Kakashi-sensei. Kiba, you've been training with Yugito-san, you're all doing well." Naruto walked up to the group as Rias's peerage came to meet up with Naruto. Naruto's face then got serious as he pointed to said girls respectively, "Rias, Akeno, and Murayama work on fire time. Get those attacks off quicker." Rias, Akeno, and Murayama gave Naruto a slight bow. Naruto then pointed at Kiba, "Kiba, you need to be quicker and follow through with your attacks. You can all the speed in the world, but you won't do a thing without a perfect balance between speed and power. Also, watch that four O'clock. I can tell it's still a blind spot for you." Kiba nodded his head understanding Naruto's words. Naruto then pointed to Koneko. "You need to let nature charka flow more through, allow it to flow like a river. It feels like a creek, allow it to flow through you. Get over the fear of going mad. You won't with me around." Naruto scolded Koneko which she nodded her head understanding his words.

It was something she needed to work on. Even if she accepted who she was, what she was, she just needed to get over her fears.

Naruto turned to Asia with a smile on his face, "Asia you're doing great, being able to support everyone. Heal everyone from a distance, granted you can't fix their exhaustion, but your timing on wounds is better. However, there is room to improve, you also need to quicken the pace you cast the spell to steal your enemy's stamina faster." Naruto patted her head earning a solid nod from her and a determined look on her face to get better. With that done Naruto nodded his head and smiled placing his hands on his hips, "Alright! That wraps up today's spar! You all did well! Let's break for lunch!" Naruto made a hand seal turning back everyone's gravity and restriction seals.

Everyone began to head into the Namikaze compound with Naruto slightly trailing behind. He looked up into the sky and closed his eyes. The wind blew in his face as he heard the leaves in the trees ruffling in the wind, "I can sense it, it's not long before this 'war' begins, and I don't like it. Not one bit." "Heh, I won't even doubt that war is hell. They got the majority of us except for Matatabi, Isobu, Gyuki, and I." Kurama didn't know what to expect either, he lived through many wars already. However, this was the first he was really going to fight along with aside. Though the other times it was against his will, "Well later on we'll keep working on the Rinnegan. If I have it, I might as well learn to use it." "Won't argue with you there, even if you have Madara's damn eyes. Better you have it than him, but the question is, who is pulling the strings in the Akatsuki." Kurama pondered making Naruto even think what it was too.

"Hey Naruto, you coming?" Rias turned her head to see him standing there in thought.

"Yeah, I am sorry I was just lost in thought." Naruto rubbed the back of his head chuckling as Kurama hopped onto his head to take a nap.

With the Akatsuki

"Dammit, Kabuto what are we to do? The five nations have banded together against us. The majority of us are dead." Zetsu grunted angrily, he didn't know what to do. With Naruto in possession of Nagato's Rinnegan, a.k.a also Madara's Rinnegan, how were they supposed to use the Rinne rebirth to revive Madara.

"It's fine, we'll figure something out." Kabuto snapped his fingers as two coffins sprouted up as Madara and Obito came walking out.

Madara opened his eyes, "Hmmm? Zetsu? Who is this what is going on?" Madara turned his head to see Obito walking out next to him.

"Obito got himself killed but it was something that was far beyond his power." Zetsu answered making Madara raise an eyebrow.

"It was some dragon; I don't understand what happened myself. Before I knew it I was killed by some giant dragon claw." Obito sighed, "He was able to negate my Kamui, but even still I didn't even have enough time to activate it, and before I knew it. I was already dead."

"Plan Infinite Tsukuyomi still has to happen, who posses the Rinnegan now? Where is Nagato?" Madara asked as Zetsu sighed.

"A leaf nin by the name of Uzumaki Naruto, he was able to convince Nagato to betray us. He gave him his eyes, and somehow Naruto was able to revert the Rinnegan back to the Sharingan." Zetsu placed a finger on his lip, "I don't think they know our entire plan, but they do know they want us to revive the ten tails."

"Well, when the time comes we'll take them back." Madara closed his eyes but Zetsu butted in.

"There's an issue, wherever Naruto was sent, he came back with powerful allies. Though allies you can easily take down, but one of them possesses a special Kekkai Genkai. He can create any swords he wants, and he was able to cut down Hidan who was thought to be immortal. He was even able to cut through the Edo Tensei disabling it." Zetsu thought back to Yuuto Kiba and growled.

"Can he mass produce these swords?" Madara asked as Zetsu nodded his head, "I see, well when nigh fall's we'll kidnap him."

"Actually Madara, we found out that Konoha has a special Anbu Nin by the name of Yamato. You see, Orochimaru's experiments to give a child Hashirama's cells. The boy wields the Mokuton, though not on Hashirama's level, but still helpful, nonetheless. If my white half can get his hands on him. We can use him to mass produce a Zetsu army, they can absorb similar Shinobi within their ranks after they're killed. We can cause chaos among their own ranks."

"Good, you've done your research. Obito go to the leaf and find these two people. Kabuto used some Edo Tensei to cause a disturbance if the stealth way doesn't succeed." Madara ordered which Kabuto simply nodded to, "Now tell me just how many of us can you summon with the Edo Tensei."

Kabuto snickered as he snapped his fingers, "Oh there's plenty, thanks to the Uzumaki Shinigami mask, it was quite easy to grab everyone." Kabuto held up the Shinigami mask, "All I need is to use the White Zetsu clones you've been cultivating which can be used as a sacrifice. I also use it to switch bodies when I perform the Reaper Death Seal to release the souls of the Shodai, Nidaime, Sandaime, and Yodaime Hokage. Along with a special person who was known as the red death. As long I have either their blood or some sort of their DNA. Possessing Kushina Uzumaki's umbilical cord allows me to resummon her." Kabuto smirked as Madara nodded approvingly.

"What about Nagato was his body ever recovered?" Madara asked which Zetsu nodded his head no.

"None of us were strong enough to take on Konan. However, she is with Nagato as we speak. She will be joining Konoha once she is done. Though, there something to be wary about Naruto, he has some powerful regenerative power that goes even beyond the Kyuubi's healing ability." White Zetsu warned which Madara nodded his head.

Madara walked towards the entrance with his own Mangekyou Sharingan spinning, "Then it's settled, Obito complete your mission. Do not fail me again, Kabuto be ready to cause a distraction if there needs to be."

That Same Night (Konoha)

Kiba was currently getting ready for bed and went to lay down. He got into bed and stared at the ceiling; Kiba realized it his eyes felt heavy as his hand fell to the side. He let sleep claim him, not knowing he was sucked into the portal.

Once Obito placed him in the Kamui he placed a sleeping seal to keep Kiba asleep. His next goal was Yamato, hopefully, he can find him with ease. Zetsu did give him a picture, but he was in the Anbu. So, looking for his specific hairstyle would be a gamble or get him to attack or do something. Just then Zetsu's head appeared on his head, "Don't worry Obito, I'll tell you where he is. I currently have one of myself on him. Though I must be careful, Naruto can sense negative emotions." Zetsu then went back into his small little self that was attached to Obito.

Let's just say, the mission was done successfully. Everyone in Konoha that night, including Naruto didn't even know what happened.


Once Naruto knew the coast was clear. He came from the wall which he had sage mode on. Naruto made sure to act like a piece of gravel on the ground. Sage Mode was a great ability to have, "Kurama was that the same guy who was killed who tried to get us?"

"Yes his chakra seems familiar, so I think it is him. If I remember correctly didn't the cyclops teacher of yours have a teammate named Obito?" Kurama asked as Naruto nodded his head, "They thought they could get past my space-time barrier they're dumber than I thought. Any space-time ninjutsu activate no matter where it is. Will immediately alert me of their presence, once my clone disguised as Kiba dispels. I'll reverse teleport to Yamato place a seal where their base it. Then teleport out of there." Naruto turned his head he unsealed a sleeping Kiba who slowly stood up.

"Did everything go well?" Kiba asked which Naruto nodded his head.

"Now we wait for the clone to dispel once that happens, I'll save Yamato." Naruto let a sigh out worriedly, he would have to wait until the clone dispelled. Otherwise, he won't be able to know when to teleport.

Akatsuki Base

Obito appeared laying Kiba and Yamato on the ground, Madara went to remove the seals but stopped. He smirked, "Zetsu you said the boy Naruto was able to use the Hiraishin right?"

"Yes, but the thing is his seal cannot be removed." Zetsu asked curiously, but Madara then made a few hand seals.

Madara slammed his hand on the ground which causes black seals to run over Yamato. This attached to the Hiraishin seal on Yamato's bicep to be sealed. Meaning Naruto can't teleport to it, "Let's check Kiba too." Obito added but Madara stopped him.

"No, believe it or not, but that's a shadow clone. It's very hard to tell the difference between the real ones with Shadow Clones. How I know, the charka within the clone is large, but his reserves should be even bigger. Also, I used a Fuinjutsu to block the Hiraishin since it works more like a summoning. Fighting Tobirama or knowing how his jutsu worked. It was just like the summoning jutsu. So, I simply block summoning jutsu to be performed on him." Madara simply punched the clone not allowing it to wake up, "Don't worry about the boy named Kiba. We have the other, I say this mission is a success. We will amass our army and begin our assault in two months' time."

With Naruto

Naruto waited but realized his clone was dispersed but he couldn't teleport to Yamato, "Dammit!" Naruto slammed his fist against the wall.

"What's wrong?" Kiba asked worriedly which Rias and the others who also woke up hearing Naruto.

"They dispelled my clone, but I can't teleport… something is stopping me." Naruto was mad at this, now they had Captain Yamato, what do they do now? "Dammit, we're going to have to alert Baa-chan about this. This isn't good."

"Naruto, Kiba, what's going on?" Rias came walking in seeing a worried-looking Naruto.

"It's the Akatsuki again, they're on the move. I'm worried about what they're doing with Yamato… by the sound of it. It isn't good, and somehow, they learned I could use the Hiraishin. I know everyone who saw me use it die… wait a second… Kabuto." Naruto closed his eye and clenched his teeth, "You guys head back to bed, I need to go see Baa-chan now. She won't be happy about this." Naruto didn't tell everyone, but he placed Hiraishin marks on everyone who were Johnin or Chunin in the village. While he also put up a spacetime jutsu barrier for himself and the Barrier Team for Ino, her father, and the other Yamanaka clansmen who help run it.

Next Day

"I see, well we will put this out on high alert that one of our nin were kidnapped. We'll give out full details for everyone. As much as I would like to keep it quiet. During times such as war, we need to." Tsunade filled out four documents and sent four different messenger hawks to the other nations' Kages. Naruto stood in front of her upset and angry, "It's okay Naruto it wasn't your fault you had no idea they had a way to block your jutsu."

"I-I know… but I shouldn't have let Yamato do that. Even with all of Akeno's familiars we still failed to protect him. To think they knew how to block my jutsu is infuriating." Naruto knew it was a risky move, but so did Tsunade and Yamato. Yamato offered to do it trusting Naruto to save him when the time came.

Akeno was there and bowed, "I'm deeply sorry I had my familiars following Yamato. They could not follow unless I'd risk them getting killed. I have no way if I could even summon them all back."

"We don't even know where their bases are, but if they tried to remove Yamato and Kiba. We know Kiba can create swords to destroy the Edo Tensei. If they had him it would have made the way much harder. Though I'm unsure why they need Captain Yamato." Naruto couldn't put his finger on why they needed Yamato.

"I think it might deal with his Mokuton, but what for. Even I'm not too sure, all I know is I'm putting this village on high alert." Tsunade stood up and walked towards the window. She opened it letting a breeze blow in. "I'm alerting the other villages to begin prepping for war, I sense it drawing near."

"You got it Baa-chan, I got a good grasp on the Sharingan and the Rinnegan. Sasuke and Kakashi have been quite helpful." Naruto added as Tsunade nodded her head happy, it was good Naruto was getting used to it. Even if he wasn't an Uchiha, he could still use it like one thanks to his immense stamina and powerful chakra.

"We've also have grown immensely thanks to your village and your shinobi's great teaching. We thank you." Rias bowed to Tsunade as everyone else did so as well.

Tsunade turned and smiled, "I'm very happy and thankful you all became Naruto's friends, please look after him for me. Kiba, keep him safe, girls look after him for me. If he does anything stupid keep him in line." Tsuande giggled which the girls in the room blushed and nodded their heads. Tsunade then decided to tease Naruto and the girls, "So… after the war am I expecting any grandkids soon?" Tsunade added the last part with a giggled which Naruto rubbed the back of his head trying to hold his blush down.

Naruto quickly spat out, "Let's n-not get so ahead of ourselves Baa-chan!" Rias and the girls began to blush with Murayama thinking about that. It made Murayama blush at the idea of kids.

Rias decided to change the subject, "Well instead once we all head back. I'm sure that we'll return to our normal schedule. Besides we haven't been in school and we need to catch up."

Tsunade's eyes widen as she turned her head too look at Naruto. Then back at Rias to see if she was serious, "That reminds me, how in the hell did you decide to go to school?"

Naruto's eyebrow twitched, "You see… Houmi-chan who took me in forced and drilled lessons into me." Naruto mumbled and remembered the endless lessons and annoying catch-up he had to do. He hated it, but then again being smart wasn't a bad thing, "Well being successful in that world was like being Hokage. So, I had another drive to do what I could in the world to become successful."

"What job was that?" Tsuande scrunched her face as she raised an eyebrow.

"Ramen/pastry shop." Naruto closed his eyes to wait for Tsuande to hit him over the head. However, nothing came as he opened his eyes to see Tsunade begin laughing at him.

"Y-You serious?! A ramen stand!" Tsunade couldn't help it, of all the things for Naruto to do.

It was to open a Ramen shop.

"Hey! I take offense to that! I have you know I've been really successful lately! I've had clones working constantly in the place for me! I left a chakra storage seal before I left! I stored twenty years' worth of chakra. It would create shadow clones that can henge into workers. They keep my shop running mostly 8-9 hours a day!" Naruto argued back trying to defend his ramen stand.

Tsuande shook her head as she walked up and placed a hand on Naruto's cheek, "Only a crazy knucklehead like you would open a ramen shop." Tsunade gently caressed his cheek with motherly intent, "You silly boy the one thing you do… but I am glad you're happy." Tsunade thought about it and nodded her head, "Naruto… I was thinking after this war is over. I think I'm done here… you think I could come with you? Jiraiya has been thinking about the same thing with me."

Naruto's eyes widen, "Wait?! Why?" Naruto asked shocked, to hear his grandmother say something like this surprised him to no end. Rias and the others were surprised.

Tsunade removed her hand and walked towards the window. She placed her hand over her heart and smiled at the window looking out on the village, "I'm getting old that's one, but its because I want to stay by your side." Tsunade turned to Naruto, "Sasuke already knows, and we've talked about this. I want to go with you along with Jiraiya, make us your peerage or whatever you do to turn devils. I'm naming Sasuke as my successor tomorrow."

Naruto was relatively shocked by the news, "Oh… are you sure Baa-chan?"

Tsuande nodded her head, "Without a doubt, I want to be with you. I've missed so many years without you. Sasuke knows that I still care and love him as much as I love you." Tsuande walked up and placed a hand on Naruto's chest, "Please think about it, I hope you don't think we're trying to interfere with your new life. We just want to be there."

Naruto nodded his head and smiled, "Yeah… I'd be happy if you guys became part of my peerage. I think it would look good to begin increasing my numbers as a king of a peerage." Naruto had Kakashi, he was going to turn Temari after the war. Now he has Tsunade and Jiraiya joining him, and also whenever Konan comes back.

"Well now that's out of the way, I have received word from the other Kages. We're all set and ready for our fight. Whenever it's time we can move out and fight, but my question is. When will they make the first move? Because so far, we don't even know where their base is. I'd like to attack them by surprise. However, even Jiraiya was unable to get any intel on their base locations." Tsunade took out some files and laid them out on the table, "Here are missing reports of bodies and shinobi that were buried recently or powerful Shinobi who were bruised and their corpses were missing."

Rias and the others were disgusted by this, "Alright who of importance has gone missing?" Naruto asked trying to learn who the stronger deceased shinobi who have gone missing.

"I'm afraid a lot of powerful shinobi, not all but some of the Kages from the other villages. I know for a fact they probably have Hashirama, Tobirama, Minato, and Sarutobi-sensei." Tsunade closed her eyes and sighed rubbing the bridged on her nose.

"I see… well we have Kiba for that help. He said that he has massed produced the swords already. I have them here." Naruto held up a scroll, "In each scroll, there are over ten thousand of these swords. Though, once this war is over, it would be a good idea for Kiba to release them." Naruto unsealed one of the swords, "They have a seal on them with infinite magic running through them. So, we never have to worry about them disappearing. Kiba can only keep them out as long as he had magic. So, it took a while but he made at least a hundred swords every day."

"Then we all added some of our own magic to help duplicate them. It would be too hard for Kiba to do it all on his own." Rias added everyone in their peerage pitched in. Murayama's boosting in Kiba's sword production also help out greatly.

"Which brings me to my next topic." Tsunade walked over and sat at her desk, "I know Team Gremory works well together; however, I think I'll need to split you up. However, Asia will need to stay by Naruto's or someone who can protect her." Tsunade pulled out some files and placed them next to the files she just put out, "Naruto take the file I just put out." Naruto took them and began to glance at them, "Read the information about the possible Edo Tensei enemies. Also for Rias too, there are enough copies for all of you."

Naruto took out the packets and handed them to everyone, "Let me guess you're splitting us up into divisions. Each person from Rias's group will be a general."

Tsuande nodded her head, "This war is important, Rias's peerage each represents different pieces a chessboard. That's how we all decided to strategize." Tsunade saw a smirk appear on Naruto's face.

"I get it now, the Kages and I will help lead. While Rias's peerage help leads a subdivision of their own. Close range fights like Kiba, Murayama, and Koneko. Medic nin like Asia who would help take care of the injured. Rias and Akeno for the long-range." Naruto nodded his head, "But my question is who will be with them."

"Well, I have it planned, each Kage will have one from Rias's peerage. Naruto you'll be out on the front line along with Yugito. You're part of sector 1 with Mei. Killer B leading sector 2, Onoki and Gaara will lead 3, Ay and myself 4. We will be broken up into different sectors in different divisions. Any questions?" Tsunade asked which no one rose their hand or made a look on their face to show they had a question.

"No." They all answered in unison until Naruto's eye darted towards the east. Everyone looked at Naruto intensely as he disappeared in a yellow flash.

Where Naruto Teleported

Naruto appeared on a tree where his tri-pronged kunai was at. Naruto saw a blur flash in front of him, "Konan!" Naruto ran to her side seeing her in the Akatsuki attire, "Are you alright?" Naruto looked to see Konan holding her abdomen with blood seemingly flow out.

"I-I'll manage for right *huff* now." Konan managed to get out as she focused to keep her paper origami floating high above the air.

Naruto looked up and threw a kunai at the ground and into the air. He quickly grabbed the two items from above and sealed them away in a storage scroll. He then teleported back to his kunai that was on the ground, "Hey take it easy now." Naruto quickly went next to Konan holding her up, "Tell me what's going on."

"Well, well, well we meet again Kyuubi." Naruto looks up to see the same hooded figure that came after him all those years ago. The same one with the orange mask with a swirl.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "You know I think I figured out who you are." Naruto remembered back to Kakashi's teammates, "Itachi killed most and all of the other Uchihas, the only one to have truly gone missing from then until now. Would have been Obito, that's because of your right eye. I know Obito gave Kakashi-sensei's his left eye as a graduation gift from Obito." Naruto closed his eyes and smirked internally. Maybe school really did help him out, "Your intangibility ability is almost as similar as Kakashi-sensei's."

"Well now, to think you were able to figure it out." Obito growled out annoyed, Konan proved troublesome in fighting him. She knew how his ability worked and learned how to counter it. However, thanks to the Edo-Tensei body he didn't have to worry about it as much.

Naruto slammed his hand on the ground as magic sigils and Fuinjutsu Kanj to appeared on the ground, "I've been working on this, and this doesn't work on a large scale. However, it works great against just one!" Impure Reincarnation Release! The ink produced was made up of magic. The letters quickly began to make their way towards Obito.

Obito activated his Kamui, but something was thrown at his head. He unconsciously made his head phase through it. Until he felt a kunai thrown into his foot stopping him in place. Obito looked down and growled, "What did you do?!"

"I distracted you, you forgot you were a zombie already. So, when I threw a kunai at your head. Within that split second, I threw the kunai at your foot. That kunai has a special formula to stop space-time ninjutsu. It also can't be removed or picked up unless it's the owner." Naruto smirked walking over but then frowned after getting into Obito's face, "I made sure to make adjustments to my enemies. Fuinjutsu and magic are work hand in hand, whatever you put your mind to. With the right sigils and kanji, you can make them do just about anything you want."

"Dammit!" Obito growled out, he knew he was a sitting duck.

Naruto, still in Obito's face, frowned at him, "It's disappointing honestly, to think that my Sensei honored you all these years. Acted like you would, I respected him greatly and I still do." Naruto backed up and shook his head, "It's a shame, a real shame to see what you've become. You even dreamt of being Hokage."

"Shut up! Those were silly dreams when I was a child! We need to start seeing reality! There will never be peace! Only pain, suffering, and people become greedier and power hungry people! This is why project Tsukuyomi must happen!" Obito spat out throwing his hand to the side.

Naruto nodded his head, "I won't lie there are people like that, but this infinite Tsukuyomi thing isn't the way to do it. Reviving the Ten-Tails won't do it either, it can't be controlled or reasoned with. It will only cause destruction, and I won't let that happen." Naruto made a few hand seals finishing his jutsu. The sigils and Kanji ran up the rest of their way over Obito. Obito's body began to glow as the jutsu was forcibly being released.

"I hope your plans fail Uzumaki Naruto! I will be revived again, but I swear we will succeed!" Obito shouted but Naruto shook his head and Obito looked at the blond confused.

"No, you won't, I know Kabuto. He wouldn't have used your entire body just to do this. Edo-Tensei only relies on a bit of a person's DNA. Yes… I do know how to perform the jutsu however, I'd only use it on people who've done really bad things." Naruto quickly added narrowing his eyes, "The only true way to do this is to seal your soul away." Naruto walked up to the glowing Obito as he placed another kunai into his chest, "This will prevent your soul from being summoned to this world again. Until I release it, you'll stay within a plane of existence between life and death." Naruto pushed the tri-pronged kunai into Obito's chest, Soul Extraction Seal! Obito's soul was sucked into the kunai causing Obito's Edo-Tensei body to fall to the ground. The paper left the sacrifice revealing a girl who seemed no older than eighteen. Naruto gently walked up and closed the girl's eyes and sealed her corpse into a storage seal on his wrist. While also sealing the kunai into a special seal on Naruto's wrist.

Naruto turned his head to Konan to see her still alive, "You have a major wound Konan… you won't survive." Naruto could see that the attack destroyed the majority of her large and small intestines. Yet she still kept on kicking.

"I-I didn't want them… t-to get to Nagato… a-and Yahiko." Konan said with a small smile.

"Konan, I don't want you to die here; but if you want. You can go to Yahiko and Nagato if you want." Naruto asked as Konan began to feel weaker and weaker due to blood loss.

"I promised to join you… if I can continue, I will go with you." Konan spat out some blood and Naruto nodded his head as he summoned his evil pieces. He had a queen, one bishops, eight pawns, (A/N: Naruto has not used one on Temari yet) two knight, and two rooks. Two pawns floated over and began to glow, "I Phenex Naruto command thee Konan to remain by my side. Live for my sake, so I can live for yours." Naruto finished the ritual as the two pawns sunk into Konan's chest healing her wounds. Naruto gently carried her bridal style to take her back to Konoha to rest. Before Naruto left, he stared at the spot where Obito once stood, and Naruto looked up at the sky. It was cloudy and looked like it was raining before he came. Naruto smiled as he saw the sun break through the clouds, "With this, I hope this war comes to a quick end. I'm sure there will be casualties. I just hope people don't suffer too much."

Back in Konoha

Rias, her peerage, along with Tsunade waited worriedly after Naruto suddenly teleported away, "What do you think happened?" Asia asked worriedly breaking the silence.

"I'm not too sure, I just hope whoever he went to go save is alright." Tsunade closed her eyes until someone walked up and placed a hand on her shoulder.

Tsunade turned her head to see Rias on her right and Murayama on her left, "It's okay, Naruto will be fine." Murayama gave Tsunade a confident smile.

Rias spoke in a soothing voice to help calm Tsunade down, "If you know Naruto as well as we know him. He always has something up his sleeve. I'm sure whatever he is doing, he'll come back safe and sound. Even if he can be a little reckless."

"Thanks." Tsunade nodded her trying to push down her worries for that boy. "I swear he will be the death of me."

Just then there was a flash of yellow which appeared in the room. Everyone saw Naruto holding an unconscious Konan in Naruto's arms, "Hey everyone, she's safe I saved her using two of my pawns."

"Oh! So, she's part of your peerage huh! That's exciting!" Asia skipped over and ran a diagnostics on Konan, "Hmmm she seems to be just tired is all. She'll wake up by tomorrow."

"Thank you for that Asia. Makes me feel better when someone professional checks the people I care about." Naruto placed a kiss on her cheek causing Asia to blush and nod her head.

"H-Hey don't worry about it. A friend of yours is a friend of mine." Asia put her hands up to her lower jaw and giggled.

"Well want to inform me what happened?" Tsunade asked as she sat down in front of her desk awaiting Naruto's report.

Naruto made a shadow clone to take Konan back to the compound to watch over her. Naruto walked forward, "It's simple, Konan has been spying on the Akatsuki for some time for me. I figured the fewer people who knew the better. She used Origami to send me messages and notes from what intel she could find."
"I see." Tsunade narrowed her eyes as she made a few hand seals placing up a privacy and silencing seals, "Whatever said here is to be kept here, I declare this information SS-Rank secret keeping the integrity of the intel. We shall share what we can later, we don't want them to get any types of leads."

"Wait before we continue." Naruto walked up to Kiba and forced some senjutsu chakra on him. Kiba felt the sudden power course through his body. Like that four White Zetsu appeared with Naruto quickly taking one down. Then Koneko and Murayama tackled the other two restraining them. Kiba tackled the fourth Zetsu holding him in place.

"What the hell?! It's that thing! How did it get in here?!" Tsunade stood up in shock and anger, to think that a being like this infiltrated the Leaf so easily.

"Yeah, I sensed them too I wanted to make sure I caught them off guard. Once you placed those seals up I took my chance. I've sensed them on Kiba since the masked Nin tried to take Kiba. He must have placed some in the house. My clone put a barrier to prevent anything from getting out. The clone will be supported with Kurama's chakra. He should be able to take them out easily." Naruto looked down at the four Zetsu, "However, for these three I think I have a good idea on what we can do. We should put them to good use, as much as you might hate this Baa-chan." Naruto pulled a scroll out and sealed the three into them, "We can use them for later, I'll perform the Edo-Tensei on them since they're considered living."

"Not a bad move, but it is a forbidden technique how the hell did you learn it?" Tsunade raised an eyebrow as Naruto smirked.

"It's not hard when you leave perverts guarding the Scroll of Sealing." Naruto let a small chuckle as Tsunade just sighed.

"Fine, whatever as long as you use it on these four mutton heads I don't care. However, do pray and tell who you'll use to bring back?" Tsunade asked as she watched Naruto putting the sealed Zetsu away.

"When Itachi was defeated, he gave Sasuke some intel on certain things. I planned on using it to ask Itachi for his help one last time. Along with his friend Shisui who entrusted his Mangekyou Sharingan to. I plan on using a bit of their DNA, from their eyes to use the Edo Tensei. That way it will even out the playing field." Naruto then unsealed two bodies wrapped up in paper, "These are the bodies of Yahiko and Nagato. Konan protected them thinking Kabuto would use the Edo-Tensei on them. So, I sealed them away for easier traveling." Naruto put them off on the side to be buried for later, "Then there is this." Naruto took out his kunai that held his Hiraishin formula but other seals on it too.

"Wait this isn't your ordinary Hiraishin formula." Rias recognize the seals on it were different.

"Good eye Rias, it is different, and it's a very special one. I've made only a few because they're hard to use and require perfect timing. This is the counter to the Edo-Tensei, I call this the Hiraishin Soul Eater." Naruto spoke making everyone look at Naruto confused until they realized what it did.

Rias's eyes almost bulged out of her head "WHAT?! Are you saying… that kunai can seal away someone's soul?!"

"Yes, I did." Naruto placed the kunai on the table, "The soul can only be collected by the caster and released by the caster. The kunai can only be picked up, removed, thrown, by the caster. Special kanji, sigils, and different types of runes were added. Thanks to Merlin-Sensei's and my years of studying on Fuinjutsu. Acquired me to gain this ability to even controls souls." Naruto narrowed his eyes, "Konan was attacked by the masked man who attacked me all those years ago."

"Hmmm so they reanimated him that's troublesome, the good thing is we still have Itachi's body. That was kept safely tucked away thanks to Sasuke, guess it was a good thing too. Even I don't know where it is. But I need to ask… who is in that?" Tsunade asked worried about the answer.

"He claimed to be Madara Uchiha, which was a false alias he went by. I figured this out watching his fight, and his ability to use Kamui. He only had one eye, his right eyes. It didn't really take long to figure out who this was. He is an Uchiha that's no doubt, and he left the village during the Third Great Ninja War. Tell me who is the only Uchiha to have given their left eye to." Naruto waited for their answer until Koneko gasp making everyone turned to her.

"No way… Kakashi-sensei has told us about his comrade before. Obito Uchiha, how he gave his left eye to Kakashi after he was crushed by a giant rock. You telling me… that's who the masked man was!" Koneko couldn't believe this, Kakashi made Obito out to be such a great guy. Obito's childhood was marked by dreams of being acknowledged. This motivated him to become a ninja so that he could, in turn, become Hokage and have the entire village finally recognize him." Koneko remembered everyone about the details Kakashi once told them about.

Tsunade nodded her head, to think that it was one of their own nins doing this, "This would break Kakashi's heart o learn that it was Obito the entire time." Tsunade shook her head.

"He's in that kunai, right?" Akeno spoke up with a hint of anger in her voice.

Naruto didn't realize it but everyone in Rias's peerage seems to stare at the tri-pronged kunai with anger, "Wait… why are you guys mad?"

Akeno spoke with a low and upset tone, "Don't you get it?" Akeno walked up to the kunai and held it in her hand, "He's the one that caused you the most pain. More than even the villagers, he caused them to hate you, caused you to grow up with no parents. H-How do you forgive someone like that? A monster… a real monster resides in this kunai."

Naruto could see the hatred burning in Akeno's eyes. He was glad she cared deeply about him, along with the others. He knows everyone doesn't' take kindly to those who hurt their friends, "Yes I know you guys hate him, I truly understand."

"Naruto, he killed your parents! He took away a happy life you could have had!" Rias argued wanting Naruto to see how evil this person was. Then destroying it or suggest sealing it away for eternity would be for the best.

"Yeah, seal it away forever! Lock it away and forget about it!" Murayama quickly added with Kiba nodding agreeably.

"Yeah, I could… couldn't I?" Naruto gently took the kunai from Akeno's hand.

"But you won't." Asia gave Naruto a small smile, she didn't like Obito either. However, in Asia's book, everyone deserves a second chance.

"It's easy you idiots." Naruto sent Rias and her peerage a small smile showing that he did appreciate their protectiveness of him, "If he wouldn't have been in my life. I wouldn't have been able to meet all of you." Naruto walked over and placed a hand on Kiba's shoulders, "Kiba's like a brother I've never had… and now don't even get me started on you five. Where do I even begin? Then the new friends I made along the way, Konan, and then Temari." Naruto placed his hands on his hips shaking his head in disbelief.

Rias and her peerage seem to calm down and realize what they said. Everyone but Asia saw the two sides, but Asia was glad Naruto made the right choice, "So what will you do with Obito now?" Asia asked curiously.

Naruto already had a plan ready in action, "Easy, I'll use a Zetsu to reanimate him and see if we can interrogate him. I don't know if Inoichi can get anything out of him. However, I know for a damn fact that Ibiki and Anko's tactics won't work."

"Yes, this could prove useful… we do have to inform Kakashi you know that right?" Tsunade added which Naruto nodded his head.

"I know, it will hurt him, but I'm sure Kakashi could talk to him." Naruto turned his head to the two bodies in the room, "If you don't mind Baa-chan I'd like to go bury these two for Konan. I'm sure she'd appreciate it. I'll place them in the Namikaze compound backyard."

"As you wish." Tsunade let the seals down, "I'll call for you tomorrow get some rest, I'll consider this emergency mission an S-Rank, but no one will know about it. Consider it a Black Ops mission. You're all dismissed."

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