Try all Ten of Us


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1 Shukaku : Gedo Mazo (Akatsuki)

2 Matatabi : Yugito (Shinobi Alliance)

3 Isobu : Murayama (Shinobi Alliance)

4 Son Goku : Gedo Mazo (Akatsuki)

5 Kokuo : Gedo Mazo (Akatsuki)

6 Saiken : Gedo Mazo (Akatsuki)

7 Chomei : Gedo Mazo (Akatsuki)

8 Gyuki : Killer B (Shinobi Alliance)

9 Kurama : Naruto (Shinobi Alliance)

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Last Chapter

Rias and her peerage seem to calm down and realize what they said. Everyone but Asia saw the two sides, but Asia was glad Naruto made the right choice, "So what will you do with Obito now?" Asia asked curiously.

Naruto already had a plan ready in action, "Easy, I'll use a Zetsu to reanimate him and see if we can interrogate him. I don't know if Inoichi can get anything out of him. However, I know for a damn fact that Ibiki and Anko's tactics won't work."

"Yes, this could prove useful… we do have to inform Kakashi you know that right?" Tsunade added which Naruto nodded his head.

"I know, it will hurt him, but I'm sure Kakashi could talk to him." Naruto turned his head to the two bodies in the room, "If you don't mind Baa-chan I'd like to go bury these two for Konan. I'm sure she'd appreciate it. I'll place them in the Namikaze compound backyard."

"As you wish." Tsunade let the seals down, "I'll call for you tomorrow get some rest, I'll consider this emergency mission an S-Rank, but no one will know about it. Consider it a Black Ops mission. You're all dismissed."

This Chapter

Naruto walked into a chamber and sighed he rubbed his face not knowing if what he was doing was the best thing to do. Naruto unsealed one of the four White Zetsus he sealed away a long time ago. Kakashi was there along with Tsunade and the rest of our Breakfast Club of Kuoh. Including their newest member being Konan. Naruto looked down at the creature, "Well it's time to put you to use, Baa-chan?"

Tsunade nodded her head as she walked up and took a syringe. However, when she tried to draw blood there was nothing, "As I thought, oh well then." Tsunade took a chakra scalpel and chopped some of his flesh off. Where the chunk was taken, there was no blood or anything, "I'll figure out how they replicate later. Now, get him out here, I want to speak with him."

"If I have to, I'll force him to talk. It's not hard." Naruto held up a kunai that took control of their summons. Naruto knelt on his knees and summoned a scroll; it was already inlayed with all the vast array of seals needed. Naruto also was able to further enhance the jutsu by being able to peer into the memories of the deceased person. However, they can only view the memories of when they were alive until they died. Naruto took out the kunai that held Obito's soul and placed it in the middle of the circle. Naruto threw the white Zetsu into the middle. Naruto then went through the hand seals, Tiger Snake Dog Dragon then Naruto clapped his hands together, Summoning: Impure Reincarnation Jutsu! Naruto at the same time deactivate the trap and release Obito's soul. Like that the paper around the White Zetsu went up and engulfed him as Obito began to take form.

Obito opened his eyes and found a kunai with a talisman flung into his head which controlled him. While also giving Naruto access to his memories and full control over his body, "Obito." Kakashi's eyes widen, for whatever reason the person's face reminded him of Kakashi, "Wait… what's going on?"

"Sorry, Kakashi-sensei, but this is one of the masterminds behind this. I'm sorry to say that he was the one who tried to capture me all those years ago." Naruto gestured his hand to Obito who stayed still obediently. Obito only scowled at Naruto as he looked at the ground.

"Obito… why… if you were alive… why didn't you come back?!" Kakashi asked confused by his actions. He had a million thoughts running through his mind, he wanted to say sorry about Rin. Though that was the last thing he wanted to talk about, Kakashi for the first time in a long time was very confused.

"I saw you… kill Rin! The girl I loved! This world is hell! All of it is! I'm no one… I don't want to be anyone. All I care about is completing the Infinite Tsukuyomi! This world is completely worthless… there is nothing left in it but misery." Obito shouted as he moved his hand over to his heart, "Rin is gone! All I had left was the Infinite Tsukuyomi!"

Naruto interrupted, "Let me guess when you died you didn't get to see Rin… did you?" Naruto asked as Obito looked at his whiskered summoner.

"What do you think?! Of course not!? Like I said life is a living hell!" Obito argued noting that he didn't get to see the people he cared about when he died.

Kakashi held his head in shame and shook his head, "I-I can't believe this… N-Naruto can we please continue with the reason why we're here?"

Naruto nodded his head as he took control of Obito. Obito's face relaxed, "Alright, tell me everything up to Madara's plan of the Infinite Tsukuyomi and what you're using to store the tailed beasts."

Obito robotically answered, "To cast a genjutsu of this scale, the user's Rinne Sharingan must be reflected off of the moon. The Ten-Tails and transforms it into a construct of the God Tree, which has a Rinne Sharingan within the blooming flower at its top. Once cast, the penetrating light of the Infinite Tsukuyomi shines across the world, bright enough to dispel the night for as long as it is active. All those who fall under its gaze are trapped in the genjutsu. The Gedo Mazo statue is what holds the Tailed Beasts Chakra." Obito robotically finished as Naruto scratched his cheek.

"Ask how you can get it, or if there is a way to get to it." Rias spoke up trying to help in some way.

"Good thinking." Naruto turned his head and smiled at Rias, "Alright you heard her, tell me how to find this Gedo Mazo statue. Tell me the rest of the Akatsuki bases." Naruto snapped his finger as Obito responded.
"The hold of the Rinnegan can summon Gedo Mazo, the husk of the Ten-Tails. Once all nine Bijuu are sealed within. The Ten-Tails will awaken." Obito finished which made everyone including Tsunade's eyes widen.

Naruto smiled, "We could end the Akatsuki's plans right now… I could summon the Gedo Mazo and remove the tailed beasts. I'll seal them within me, then I'll release them, though, I'll make sure to do it somewhere else." Naruto thought to Kurama, "What do you think Kurama? Think it would work?" "I appreciate this kit, I'm sure they'll be more than willing to once they're free. Thank you." Kurama smiled within Naruto, definitely one the best Jinchuriki he could possibly have.

Tsunade smiled, "That's good, we can end this all in one fell swoop. Let's notify the other Kages, we need to keep this evidence on the low." Tsunade looked at Kakashi to see him still lost, "Kakashi! I need you here! Listen! I need you to go get our strongest Johnin. I need to go report this to the other Kages. I want this with as few people there."

"Y-Yes Hokage-sama." Kakashi quickly bowed he turned to leave, "Naruto… do you plan on releasing him?"

Naruto gave Kakashi a small smile, "Once this is over I will… maybe some chatting with him will help, I'm sure this isn't easy Sensei."

Kakashi nodded his head but before he left Kakashi looked at Obito, "You know Obito… Rin sacrificed her life for the village. She jumped in front of my attack that day. For whatever reason it was, the three tails were sealed into her. A seal was made to cause the three tails within her to go mad. S-She sacrificed her life for the Leaf." Kakashi turned and took his leave leaving a stunned Obito looking at Kakashi as he left.

"W-What…" Obito was shocked to hear this, was he lied to? Did Madara manipulate him the entire time.

"He probably set you up Obito, I won't dismiss you, but take a moment to think about it." Naruto made a hand seal as a coffin rose up and Obito stepped into putting him back to sleep. Naruto went ahead and turned to Tsunade, "Baa-chan… I was thinking of bringing my parents back. You think… I could get access to their tombs. I would like to talk to them for a bit, ya know?" Naruto gave Tsunade a smile.

Tsunade nodded her head, "I see, well you can if you want to. I won't stop you."

"Ummm what about Nawaki or Dan?" Naruto scratched the back of his head, "I have three more Zetsus. I could bring one of them back for you."

Tsuande shook her head, "Thank you but not thanks Naruto, thank you though." Tsuande hugged Naruto as she kissed his forehead, "I got some writing to do, so I'll see you later. It will be interesting if the Yodaime and Red-Hot Habanero of the Leaf appear."

"Thanks, Baa-chan… I'll let you know how things go. As for how they come back… I used magic." Naruto chuckled along with everyone else in the room. Rias was glad to hear that Naruto could bring back his parents. It would definitely be something he would desire if Naruto is able to do it. Why not?

Though he would have to ask for their consent.

Naruto turned to the girls, "Wait here please, I'll be right back." Naruto Hiraishin to his house and appeared in the tombs. Naruto went through the tomb and found his mother Kushina and Minato in a scroll. Naruto unsealed them both and found their bodies in almost perfect condition, besides the giant gaping hole in their stomachs, "Sorry kit." "Don't worry about it, it's all in the past Dattebayo." Naruto took their bodies and Shushined back to the room where Rias and the rest were.

Once Naruto returned, he placed their bodies in front of the White Zetsus. He went through the same hand seals, Summoning: Impure Reincarnation! The bodies of the White Zetsus were taken over as Naruto's parents began to form. The bodies that belonged to Naruto's parents were transformed into the Edo Tensei bodies to hold Minato's and Kushina's bodies. Both of his parents opened their eyes, "Kaa-san… Tou-san." Naruto smiled seeing his two parents.

Kushina aware of what was happening saw Naruto standing in front of her. Her fully grown 17-year-old son, "Oh Naruto!" Kushina walked up with a happy look on her face, "I can't believe it's you." Kushina's motherly voice has a sweet and gentle touch to it.

"Kaa-san." Naruto had a lone tear roll down his cheek as Kushina cupped it wiping the one tear away.

Just then Kushina's face turn to rage, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING USING A FORBBIDEN JUTSU TO REVIVE US!" Kushina smacked Naruto upside the head causing him to hold his head in pain. Even Minato flinched at the pain, but he did to want to know why Naruto summoned them.

"Ow… ow…ow." Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Well if I make you feel better, I used clones from White Zetsus. They're the enemies anyways."

Kushina sighed and understood, "Okay, but why did you bring us back?"

Minato walked up, "I would like to know too, but besides that. It is good to see you son." Minato walked up and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Well… I was wondering." Naruto stuck his hand out as chess pieces appeared in his hand, "If you two wanted a second chance life?"

"You can revive us with those?" Kushina looked at the chess pieces as they floated in the air.

"They will and can revive you, you will live forever since you'll be devils. What do think?" Naruto gave them a smile which Minato and Kushina thought about it.

"What are they?" Kushina asked curiously, "How did you become a devil?"

"Long story short, almost died since I was banished from the village. I was teleported to another world by a dragon god. I was saved by a woman who was part of the Phenex clan, and yes like the mystical animal Phoenix. She took me in and raised me and adopted me. She treats me as if I was one of her own." Naruto nervously smiled hoping he wouldn't get his biological mother too mad.

Kushina nodded her head, "I'm glad you had someone to look after you." Kushina thought about the idea of it, and she didn't mind it, "What do you think Minato? Think we should come back?"

Minato wondered, "I don't know, do you know how to get back to your world Naruto?" Minato was a little worried about him returning. It could drastically change things if he is alive.

"I live in Kuoh, and I do know how to get there. Maybe you can… come, I opened a Ramen Shop." Naruto chuckled as Kushina's eyes widen.
"YES!" Kushina grabbed Naruto's shoulder, "MINATO! YES! BRING US BACK!" Kushina has been longing for ramen! Now her son had his own ramen shop! Hell yes!

Minato chuckled a little bit, "Well, let's ask about the war, or whatever is happening?" Minato wanted to get the seriousness out of the way.

"Well, all I have to do is summon the Gedo Mazo. I'm then going to use Chibaku Tensei to launch it into the sky after I've taken back the Bijuu chakra stored into it. Then, I'll go on from then, we can then take the battle to the Akatsuki." Naruto smiled as he clenched his fist, "This way, it allows us to drastically decrease the number of casualties."

"I see…" Minato smiled he placed a hand on Naruto's head and ruffled his head. Minato turned around and placed a hand on Kushina's shoulder and smiled. Minato then walked towards the wall and turned to face everyone. Minato looked at Rias and the others, "I can see that Naruto has made many friends and companions. I'm sure you can do it without me Naruto, we'll continue to watch and support you from above. We love you; we know you can do it. Kushina, if you want you can go, but I decided to stay where I am."

Kushina looked at Minato and then at Naruto. She was torn between the two, "Oh… Minato… Naruto…" Kushina felt really torn between Minato and Naruto. The man she loves, or the child she never got to raise?

"I won't hold it against you Kaa-san, you and Tou-san were meant for one another. It would be a long time for you to die as a devil." Naruto rubbed the back of his head, internally he wanted both of his parents. However, he completely understood their feelings and their position.

"Same here Kushina, I'm willing to wait. I think if one of us deserves to be with our son it be you." Minato gave his wife a smile, Minato was willing to wait. He was more than happy to wait for Kushina to return. It might be a while, but she would someday return. She could tell him about their grandkids one day. He couldn't wait.

Kushina smiled as Adamantine chains sprout out of her back. It wrapped around Minato and brought him to her, and she turned to Naruto, "Alright then! I'll decide! We're both going with!"

"Wait… Kaa-san Tou-san said he." Naruto was interrupted by Kushina.

"I DON'T CARE DATTEBANE! I'm not missing this opportunity to be with my child! I'm not letting my husband out scott free! We got lots of lost time to make up!" Kushina shouted after hitting Naruto over his head.

"Wait Kushina I don't think it's wise to." Minato tried to argue but Kushina glared at him heatedly. Minato hung his head, "Okay."

Naruto was a little nervous about bringing his mother back. SHE WAS REALLY SCARY! "Ara… she has him whipped." Akeno giggled as she placed her hand over her mouth. Naruto held out his chess pieces, "Alright let's see here." Naruto sifted through his evil pieces, just then two knights floated towards Minato. Both of the Mutated Rook pieces floated to Kushina, the knight showed itself to be a mutation piece, "In the name of Phenex Naruto, I ask Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze to rejoice in your newfound life. Live for my sake, so I may live for yours."

The pieces sank into Kushina and Minato giving them rebirth to their reanimated bodies. The cracking around their skin faded and turn to their respective skin tones. Their eyes turned white along with their respective pupil color returning to the way it was before. Kushina and Minato felt their heartbeat once again and they took in a fresh of breath air. Kushina found herself in her green housewife outfit. Minato in his Hokage attire with normal Shinobi attire underneath.

Rias and the others were happy, they were glad to see Naruto with his parents again. Kushina ran up and placed both hands on Naruto's cheeks, "Oooo I can't believe it worked! I'm so glad to be able to hold you Naruto!" Kushina pulled him into a hug and Naruto wrapped his arms around Kushina's waist.

Minato walked over and smiled he wrapped his arms around his family, "Had to wait so long… to be able to hold you in my arms again… Naruto." Minato turned his head to the girls, "What about you girls? Are any of you, his girlfriend?"

"I am." Rias walked forward proudly as she stuck her chest out placing her hands under her chest.

"I'm his mistress!" Akeno raised her hand, no way in hell was she being left out.

"I'm his girlfriend too… it's a pleasure to meet you both." Asia gave Kushina and Minato a polite bow.

"It's nice to meet you two officially, I'm Murayama Moriko. I'm also Naruto's girlfriend." Murayama bowed to Naruto's parents, Kushina kinda scared her.

"I'm Yuuto Kiba, I'm Naruto's friend. It's a pleasure to meet you both." Kiba, like a knight, gave Minato and Kushina a proper bow.

"I'm Konan, I was part of the Akatsuki, but Naruto-sama here saved me. I owe him my life; I am also his pawn." Konan also bowed to Naruto's parents.

"Ummm am too… I might be small, but I am 15." Koneko said with a straight face not letting her size get to her. Even though she does with her chest will be bigger.

Naruto nervously scratched his cheek, "Hehe yeah they're all amazing friends, they've been with me since I arrived at Kuoh. I guess we should report this to Baa-chan huh?"

"Who is Baa-chan?" Kushina asked curiously.

"It's Tsunade, she came back to the Leaf to become the Godaime Hokage. Even Jiraiya is here, we're going to beat the Akatsuki." Naruto smirked ready, he was going to summon the Gedo Mazo, free the tailed beasts in there. While also sealing them all away in him, then release them elsewhere.

Kushina tightened her fist into a ball, "Let's go do it! We'll win and we'll get to experience our son's life! Let's go Dattebane!" Kushina was really looking forward to Naruto's ramen shop.

Minato deadpanned, but maybe this was the better way to do it. Minato simply shook his head, "Maybe this is for the best, few should know we're alive." "Kushina, Naruto, everyone, we should try to keep us being revived quietly. We'll start a new life there." Minato liked the idea, of beginning their life there, unless he retook the mantle as Hokage.

"But didn't you want to stay being Hokage Tou-san? I can make a gateway I can teach you to make it. It's not too hard, I got the ingredients needed to go back home." Naruto smiled as his own brilliance which Minato and Kushina were both gobsmacked.

"Well, you are the son of two Fuinjutsu masters. Alright! I'll make the announcement of my reappearance then!" Minato was glad he could restart his reign as Hokage again.

"Good, then I can quit. Though the old pervert over here and I are going with Naruto. We're going to become part of his peerage." Tsunade shook her head, Naruto was going to have some of the strongest Shinobi in his peerage.

"Well, I looked at my pieces, I got a Queen Baa-chan. I think it would suit you well. Ero-Sennin would most likely be a pawn." Naruto held his hand up as he placed a mutated Queen in front of Tsunade and it glowed.

"Come on brat?! A pawn!? Chicks DO NOT dig pawns!" Jiraiya came walking through the door and then froze. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, he quickly did a double-take. He then rubbed his eyes making a comical squeaking. Jiraiya grabbed a notebook from his hand and threw it at Tsunade, "I'm done… I quit; I'm totally done." Jiraiya walked off to who knows where.

"Wait Jiraiya-sensei!" Minato ran after him trying to stop his master from running off.

"Did he just quit being a pervert?" Tsunade looked at Jiraiya's last spot when he left.

"Correction, Super Pervert." Naruto corrected Tsunade who simply held her head confused.

*Scene Shift*

After things were sorted out, and talked out. Jiraiya came back to his senses and nodded his head accepting that Minato and Kushina were back, "Well I'm glad and all… but who is going to be Hokage?"

"Simple, I'll pick it back up. I'm sure the people would be more than willing. It will be a big shock… as to where I've been. I'll cough it up to Naruto using his magic doohickey thing and accidentally brought us back. One time use, his notes, and ingredients were destroyed, and he is unable to replicate it." Minato smirked placing both of his hands on his hips for his genius.

"Or Akeno and I can swap the villager's memories. You never died but were seriously injured and put in a comatose state. When Naruto returned, he revived you guys after using magic." Rias added making everyone in the room nod their heads. That would make much more sense, which everyone agreed to. Naruto's secret was still kept secret, so no one tried to attack Naruto.

"That's a good one good thinking, you know you'd make a great Kage Rias. Hell, you played Rokudaime Hokage pretty well too." Tsunade smirked placing a hand on Rias's head.

"Oh, she was Hokage for a while, impressive. I'm glad Danzo wasn't a possible candidate." Minato lightly chuckled but he saw the hard glares that Rias gave off.

"He attacked the Leaf trying to take it over, I finished him off. No regrets whatsoever." Rias added coldly with the girls agreeing, and Kiba giving his response by nodding his head.

"I see… well I guess we should make the announcement tomorrow. Rias, Akeno, before you guys go to bed. Please go ahead and perform the spell. Naruto show us that Jutsu allows us to teleport between worlds. It will stay a Namikaze Clan or Uzumaki Clan jutsu, it's your choice either way." Minato patted Naruto's head, "That's my boy, furthering impossible jutsus, can't wait to learn them!"

Tsuande placed a copy of the scroll she sent to the other Kage, "I sent word to the other Kage's we're getting our most trusted Kages for this. We'll head into the middle of the Forest of Death to do this. We'll be doing this a few days from now, we need to end the Akatsuki plans."

Just then Kurama appeared on Naruto's shoulder, "Which reminds me, Naruto you should get a bit more chakra from Isobu, Matatabi, and Gyuki. All they need to do is place a bit of their consciousness there. Where there will always be a bit of their chakra within you. That way you can summon their abilities. It would in a sense make you the new ten tails, it would greatly boost your power. You could easily be above the level of the gods in Rias's world."

Naruto chuckled lightly which made everyone pale a bit, "I don't know about that, but if I can use it to protect them. I don't see why it won't be a bad idea." Naruto liked the idea of being able to protect the people he cares about. However, he is already powerful enough, Naruto was pretty sure no one would attack him.

Then again, you never know.

"Well come on we got lost of catching up to do!" Kushina grabbed one of Naruto's arms and grabbed Minato's arm, "Let's go catch up! I want to hear all your new adventures!"

"Mah, mah okay hey can someone get Kakashi? It be nice to see him again." Minato smiled which Naruto nodded his head which he created a clone to tell Kakashi to meet him at the house.


Everyone was sitting in the Namikaze compound with Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Kakashi being the guests. Kushina and Minato on Naruto's right and Rias on Naruto's left with Murayama, Akeno, and the others, "Woah?! That's crazy! I'm glad you were adopted into the clan, but I'm confused why were you declared the heir to the clan? You aren't really related to them by blood?" Kushina looked at Naruto confused.

"Well, that's the thing, I talked to Houmi about it." Naruto wasn't so sure how the others would feel, "I the girls in this room like me… well I don't know about you Konan! I'll leave you to your own devices to see whom you like. I won't force it!" Naruto quickly added that he didn't want Konan to feel that she needs to love him or anything, "I won't force you to do anything you don't like either!"

Konan smiled as she bowed, "Thank you Naruto-sama, I expect no less from you. Don't worry, I'm still currently happy with the way things have been." Konan was truly happy, continuing to help Naruto achieve peace. She can be with Naruto while she experiences him doing it.

"Let me guess, does Houmi plan on having an arranged marriage with Ravel?" Rias asked curiously which Naruto turned his head at Rias.

"Ummm yea… how did you figure that out?" Naruto was a little surprised by it, "I mean I guess you're Rias huh? Probably shouldn't be surprised that you could figure it out." Naruto remembered the time that he talked to Ravel, she seemed like a really nice girl when he first met her.

"OOOOOO!" Kushina placed a hand over her mouth giggling while also gently elbowing Naruto in the side, "My son is such a player! I mean after all, even with his blonde hair and blue eyes. I'd knew he be a lady killer! He has facial structure after all. Oh! Don't forget those whisker marks!"

Naruto blushed a bit as he rubbed the back of his head, "T-Thanks Kaa-san it's a bit embarrassing, but I am glad I got Tou-sans's hair and eyes. I'm glad I represent your face, though I definitely wouldn't have minded the straight red hair! That would have been awesome!" Naruto laughed making the girls in the room wonder what he would look like with red hair and violet eyes.

Kushina giggled, imagining her son having her red hair. She certainly was happy that he would have really liked it, "I think he would have looked handsome either way. I like Naruto just the way he is." Asia said cutely she twiddled her thumbs together.

"I agree, Naruto is definitely handsome with either hair color! We all love him for who he is, he always goes out of his way to help others. He is selfless and caring, he loves each and every one of us. Friend, girlfriend, comrade, or a simple bystander. He treats everyone respectfully; he cares about all of us." Murayama placed her hand over her heart. Murayama remembers back to when Naruto doing what he could before she was turned into a devil.

"Naruto risked his life to save me from a loveless marriage. I appreciate what he has done for me; I'm doing my best to learn just who Naruto is. So far, I've been only amazed, and he continues to impress me." Rias places a hand on Naruto's right thigh with a smile adorning her face, "He has become someone who not only helped me become better. Along with the rest of my peerage; he looked out for us, so we do the same for him."

"Because he would be hopeless without us." Koneko said with a smirk on her face which Naruto looked at her annoyed, "It's true, you need to give me plenty of head rubs." Koneko quickly muttered, "Sweets, food, and ramen."

"Hey, that's just food! And head patting! That's not actually." Naruto went to argue but Koneko interrupted him.

"You need us because otherwise, you would be lonely. You also can be forgetful which makes you helpless." Koneko quickly added which made a valid point. Even if they didn't find him, Naruto would still be kinda lonely without Houmi there.

"We help him with his homework when he needs up. I've also been teaching him how to act like a proper king." Akeno giggled placing a hand over her mouth, "He forgets a lot of the proper etiquette he needs to have."

"Mou, come on it's not that easy! I don't like having to be all firm and proper!" Naruto crossed his arms over his chest annoyed.

"We tutor him together Akeno, don't you forget that. You're not the only one doing it, besides he got near the top like us. What position were you in the school?" Rias couldn't remember where Naruto stood at the rank in school. The rank for highest grades.

"Ummm, I don't know, probably within the top ten. If I didn't do well Houmi would kill me." Naruto let a small chuckle out as he scratched his cheek. Houmi was quite insistent that he did well in school, she made sure Merlin drilled lessons into him.

"Well regardless, it seems like you're living the high life. Are you happy?" Tsunade rested her arm on the arm of the couch. While twirling a saucer of sake in her hand.

Naruto smiled as he looked towards the girls, "Well they're amazing, the girls are really supportive and have stood by my side. Kiba has been a really loyal friend and knight to Rias. They worked their butts off and make sure to keep up, they've gotten stronger since coming here. Also, Kiba, my man has been hitting it off with Yugao I hear?" Naruto sent a sly smirk towards his fellow blond.

"H-Hey man come on? Little privacy." Kiba laughed a bit as he rubbed his arm a bit embarrassed.

"Hey, I need to know who my man is interested! I gotta say, nice." Naruto gave Kiba an 'okay' gesture with his fingers, "The good thing the portal will be easy to activate and set up. What do you say? Have it set up in the Hokage Office?"

Minato nodded his head agreeing with Naruto, "I think it would be wise, however, let's rest up. A few days from now the other Kages and some of their strongest Shinobi will be here. We're going to then do a full frontal assault a day or two after. Questions?"

No one said anything and Minato nodded his head, "Well have a good night everyone, Kaa-chan? Ramen tomorrow?" Naruto said excitedly with a big grin on his face.

"You bet Dattebane!" Kushina chirped throwing her fist into the air, "Come on it's been a while since we slept together!" Kushina grabbed the back of Minato's collar dragging him away.

Before Naruto and the girls left Tsunade had a question, "So Naruto you said that age then isn't relevant then as a devil?"

"Yeah, why? Basically, you'll stay the way you look for a really long time. Why?" Naruto raised an eyebrow confused.

Tsunade smiled at the idea, and she turned to Jiraiya, "Jiraiya, this one time. One and only time, you better not screw it up."

Jiraiya looked at Tsunade confused as she grabbed the back of his collar and proceeded to drag him out of the house, "Wait… Hime, what's going on? I'm so confused?" Naruto already turned Tsunade into a Queen and Jiraiya into three mutated pawns.

Naruto began to take note of his current peerage.

King: Naruto

Queen: Tsunade

Bishop (Mustated): Kakashi

Bishop (Mutated): N/A

2xRook (Both Mutated): Kushina

2xKnight (One Mutated): Minato

2xPawn (One Mutated): Konan

3xPawn (Two Mutated): Jiraiya

3xPawn (One Mutated): N/A

Naruto still has a Bishop (Mutated) and three pawns (one of them is mutated).

A Few Days Later

One after the Mizukage, Raikage, Kazekage, and eventually the Tsuchikage arrived in an office. Minato did attend a meeting surprising everyone in the room. The Shinobi in the room were shocked to see the Yodaime Hokage alive. Tsume was very happy to see Kushina again, and Naruto explained to only the Clan Heads how he revived them. The civilian council had their memories altered where they were in a comatose state for a long time, "What in the Sage of Six Paths hell?" Onoki shouted as he saw Minato sitting at the desk waving to him.

"Hello everyone, Raikage, Tsuchikage, Mizukage, and Kazekage." Minato gestured them to all sit, "I'm sure you're all wondering, but first things first. Naruto if you would please."

Naruto snapped his fingers as a person walked into the door, "Don't worry Gaara, I'll explain everything later. She isn't a devil anymore after I released her. I figured I wanted to give you and your siblings something." Naruto stepped to the side. A woman walked into the room with a gentle smile on her face. Kankuro and Temari helped escort Gaara eyes widen recognizing who the woman.

"Kankuro, you've grown so much. Temari, you've grown into a beautiful woman. My Gaara, my sweet baby boy." The woman had shoulder-length, sandy-brown hair which framed her kind-looking face and indigo-colored eyes. She wore a simple outfit along with a long, light yellow scarf draped loosely around her neck. She walked up and pulled Gaara into a gentle hug, "I've longed to see you my Gaara." She pulled Temari and Kankuro into a hug, "My children, I've missed you so."

Gaara's eyes simply stayed wide as tears ran down his cheeks. Minato smiled along with Kushina placing a hand on his shoulder. Once the woman broke the hug, she saw the tears running down Gaara's face. Gaara looked up at the woman with his eye visibly shaking, he was hoping that this wasn't some genjutsu. Gaara flared his chakra a bit, but she didn't disappear, "A-Are you… who I think you are… Kaa-san…" Gaara raised his hand up slowly and placed it on his mother's cheek.

Karura placed her hands over the hand Gaara used to touch her, she nodded her head, "Yes… yes, it is Gaara. I'm your Kaa-san." Karura was smiling happily, the fact Naruto immediately released her from his peerage. Naruto really did want Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari to be happy, he hoped they weren't too mad. He may or may have not snuck into their tombs, he was going to tell them later.

Hopefully, they won't kill him.

Temari walked up to Naruto as she wiped her tears, "I-I don't know how to thank you… but thank you so much Naruto! You've done so much for my family." Temari wrapped her arms around his neck and simply kissed him. Karura seeing this smiled, "Not a bad choice Temari… not a bad one at all."

"No need to thank me, if anything I'm actually sorry." Naruto rubbed the back of his head shamelessly, "I used the Edo Tensei to revive her and explained my reasoning. I had to use her body from the tombs to get a bit of her DNA. I wanted to make sure she had a body to return to, so I knew either way. She would have wanted to be revived, so I thought the second body of your mother might be a bit much. So, I used the entire body as the DNA sample."

Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara were a little on edge and annoyed. But in the end, Naruto had good intentions even if he went about the wrong way t do it. Asking them first would have been better, but then again. Would have they really believed in him to begin with?

Probably not, but then again Minato and Kushina are alive and breathing.

After a few minutes, Naruto quickly explained what he did. With everyone knowing that he was a devil, they were okay with it. Naruto then began to explain the mission, that they were going to take the fight to the Akatsuki. Naruto told them that he would be able to summon the husk of the Ten-Tails. Naruto would then remove the Tailed Beasts which is within it. Naruto would reseal it into him and then decide what the tailed beasts want, "Okay, but how can we trust that you won't turn on us?" A looked at Naruto sternly.

"Come on Raikage-sama Naruto is a good person; he wouldn't do that." Yugito stepped up for Naruto, "He showed me nothing but care for me and helped me out. I'm sure we can trust him."

"I got no qualms; I just want this Akatsuki business over with." Onoki threw his hand into the air and back into his lap without much care.

"I'm glad to finally put this behind us, I would like to be able to focus on rebuilding." Mei agreed, she would like to not have to worry about war. The Mist has gone through enough, a large-scale war is the last thing they would want to do.

"Well, what do you think? We can hit the Akatsuki head-on, Konan, who is part of Naruto's peerage. Knows where all their bases are at. We should strike once we took away the Gedo Mazo statue." Minato suggested making A smirked, A liked the way Naruto and Minato thought.

"I see nothing wrong with it, I'm sure with many Kage level Shinobi. We can handle a bunch of ragtag teams of rouge Shinobi. All they are a bunch of Gothic Cape Crusaders." Tsunade smirked, she like where this was going, soon this was going to the end of the Akatsuki. Maybe, the Elemental Nations can finally see peace.

"Well let's prepare, shall we? We will take this to the forest of Death." Naruto smirked as he held out a tri-pronged kunai, "Gaara's Kaa-san, Rias can you please show her where she can stay for the moment. We'll bring Gaara back, I promise." Naruto smiled warmly as Karura nodded her head trusting the blond.

Naruto and everyone took off towards the Forest of Death. Naruto was approached by Killer B and Yugito, "Yo, yo, yo it's Mr. Nine who glows and shines! It's rad that we could meet! I wouldn't miss it in a beat!" B rhymed making Yugito sigh and Naruto looks at the Hachibi Jinchuriki confused.

"He said it's nice to meet you." Yugito chuckled at her sensei's antics.

Matatabi then appeared on her shoulder, "Yo Naruto-kun! It's been a while how have you been?" Matatabi purred happily to see their fellow Jinchuriki.

"Hey, not bad, it's certainly been a while! Since we're here I got a request for the both of you." Naruto sent the two Kumo Jinchuriki a smile, "This is more for Matatabi and Gyuki."

"Oh, you learned Guyki's name? Since when and how?" B rapped.

"Kurama enlightened me on everyone's names, I ask if you could give me a bit of your chakra. Like a bit to place within the seal along with Kurama." Naruto looked forward as he jumped off another branch, "The world I'm going back to, I was told by Kurama to look into getting everyone's chakra. Though to have enough to have your conscious alert in the seal. You see there are actual gods and other mystical beings in that world. He thinks I should get as much help as possible."

"Woah you mean like actual kami-samas?" Yugito looked at Naruto surprised t hear that there were actual gods.

"Yeah, there is, there are a lot of them." Naruto turned his head where Kurama appeared on his shoulder.

"Yes, this idiot will need the strength. I feel like Naruto is the man that Old Man Sage kept telling us about. I think we can place our trust in him." Kurama turned away from everyone and disappeared and went back into the seal.

"Awwww you do care! I knew you were just a ball of fluff!" Naruto replied with a smug look on his face causing the said 'ball of fluff' to growl within the seal.

"I'm all down for it! Which reminds me! Yugito has been non-stop thinking about you! What is this peerage or harem thing we've heard about?" Matatabi giggled perversely making B even chuckle perversely.

"MATATABI!" Yugito shouted as she looked at her friend embarrassed.

"Oh, yeah I am a devil. I can change anyone or resurrect someone as a servant of mine. I don't ever force anyone. Like my Tou-san and Kaa-san, I asked them and they agreed to it. This way I get to have my parents with me!" Naruto smiled happily as Kushina and Minato were jumping not too far from them.

"Naruto." Temari jumped up next t her fellow blond, "Thanks again for bringing back our mother. I'm sure Gaara greatly appreciates it, I know I do. Sorry, to also interrupt your conversation."

"No biggie." Yugito waved it off, she didn't mind. Anything to get Matatabi off of Naruto's mind.

"Since we're on the topic of that harem or peerage… you think I can come along with? Though, I'll be able to come back to see my Kaa-san right?" Temari quickly added the last part a little worried.

"Of course! I found a way to teleport back and forth! My Tou-san will learn it so we can d it whenever. I can make one for Gaara to learn to use. Though…" Naruto jumped off another branch with everyone else doing the same, "Do you really want to come with me… I know we hit it off pretty well. Isn't that right my Nojiko." Naruto teased Temari with his little nickname for her causing her to blush.

"Y-Yes… I-I do." Temari smiled as she turned her face away from Naruto. Gaara and Kankuro both smiled happily for Temari. They were glad to see their sister happy, Gaara was even more confident that Naruto would make Temari happy.

"Well! I can't wait then! I got three pawns and a bishop left over. So, once we're done here I can change you. So, if your mind changes at all just let me." Naruto was interrupted as Temari got closer to him and puffed her cheeks out at him, "Cute." Naruto was a little surprised by Temari's pout face, "Yosh, Yosh, I hear ya." Naruto quickly scooped Temari off her feet carrying her bridal style. Temari began blushing again being really close to Naruto as she felt his toned muscles.

Yugito looked jealously, "I wonder… you think I can get a chance?" Yugito turned her face forward hoping, maybe, just maybe that she could get a chance.

Naruto himself doesn't understand why he doesn't have a harem. Honestly, it still doesn't feel real to Naruto to think that so many girls fell for him. He was easily excepting and very perceptive of their love for him. Sometimes it makes him wonder what they even see in him.

If the girls would have asked or known what it was, it was quite simple.

For Murayama, he was someone loyal, a person who wouldn't their back on you. He does everything he can to protect you. No matter how many other woman there is in his harem. Murayama knows he will treat each and every one of them as if they were the center of the universe. Murayama wants to be the strongest for Naruto, she wants to be the best she can. So, she can stay by his side and always fight with Naruto. She doesn't want to be left behind Naruto, she plans on being the strongest as she possibly can.

For Rias, it was his overprotectiveness and the love he shows for everyone. Naruto sometimes puts himself in extreme danger, regardless of if he would be safe. His loving, caring, and gentle nature draws everyone in. Rias wants to be the best leader and friend she can possibly be. She knows she is leagues behind Naruto, but that doesn't mean she can't catch up. When she can, she is asking Sirzechs and her mother for training.

To Akeno, he was someone who understands a person's pain. Even if he couldn't relate in any way, he would find a way to relate to you. He tried to understand you, not give any sympathy for someone's pain. Naruto didn't care who or what you were, he accepted whomever you were. Akeno wishes to stay with Naruto as his mistress, or lover. It doesn't matter, but she wants to be by Naruto as a proper Queen. Even if Rias is her king, she wants to be the Queen that Naruto could be proud of.

Asia, he is loving, Naruto loves everyone, cares about everyone. Naruto hates little to no one, but the ones who hurt his loved ones. He doesn't care if you were his enemy before if he can see good in you. Even after your battle as enemies, he did what he could to be friends with you. That's something Asia just absolutely adores about the big lug. Asia just wants to make friends with Naruto. She might not be able to fight, but she wants to be able to stand next to Naruto proud of herself.

Koneko, just like Akeno, she knows Naruto doesn't care who or what you are. He excepts you for you, even if your sister went bat shit crazy and killed your previous master. He doesn't care, you're someone different, he wants to know you. When Naruto sees you as a friend, he does everything he can to help you. Koneko wants to be able to stand next to Naruto and learn Senjutsu with him.

Now granted Kiba isn't part of the harem, but he is a very loyal friend for Naruto. The two are like brothers, they get along very well. Naruto helped Kiba with his revenge issues, Kiba feels entitled to help Naruto. Kiba wants to be the best for Rias as her knight and Naruto as a friend… no a brother.

Soon everyone landed in a big clearing in the forest of death. Naruto turned to everyone, "Alright back up, I'll need some room to summon it. Have everyone be on guard." Naruto asked as the many Kage level Shinobi extended their senses. A had C, who is a sensory unit, extend his senses further to watch out for enemies. So far nothing Naruto was in the clear and ready to summon the Gedo Mazo. Naruto looked at Konan, "How do I summon it? Surely you've seen Nagato do it?"

"Simple, make a mirrored ram seal." Konan showed Naruto the hand seal which he nodded his head.

Naruto turned the Sharingan on and advanced it to the EMS. Everyone still awed that Naruto had Madara's Sharingan. Then Naruto furthered it activating the Rinnegan in both of his eyes. Naruto opened his eyes revealing the infamous ripple pattern Dojutsu. Naruto made the mirrored ram seal, Naruto had his right thumb on top, and put his hands together, Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path! Naruto slammed his hand on the ground, a cloud of smoke covered the area. Soon the smoke disappeared revealing a the Demonic Statue is a giant, earthen-colored humanoid entity with a mummified appearance, a body shaped similar to a robe, and a number of spike-like protrusions on its back. The statue has nine eyes the size of an adult man, however, it seemed that seven of its eyes were open.

"Tou-san you said you sealed the other half of Kurama's chakra in you right? You don't have it do you?" Naruto looked at his father which Minato simply nodded his head; they must have taken the other half of Kurama out of the Gedo Mazo. Naruto walked up to the husk of the ten tails, "Kurama how do remove the tailed beasts?"

"I'm not too sure, see what Rinnegan abilities you can utilize." Kurama suggests not knowing how to extra their brethren.

Naruto walked up to the statue and placed a hand on it cautiously. Naruto felt the other tailed beast chakra within it. Naruto summoned a rod remembering how he used it to find Nagato. Naruto stabbed it into the statue and began to drain the chakra from the statue. Naruto felt a rush of charka with Kurama disappearing back into the seal. Naruto went into his mindscape.


Naruto found himself in front of Kurama who was much taller now. Along with the One, Four, Five, Six, and Seven Tails, "Oh Kurama did you end up fusing back with your chakra?!"

Kurama smirked, "Indeed I did! I'm back baby! The strongest Bijuu in existence!" Kurama held up his paws flexing them like a human.

"It's good to see you bag at full strength Kurama! Yo! What's up everyone! Sorry for having to reseal you into someone again! I promise once I get the chance I'm going to." Naruto was interrupted as Kurama lowed his head to Naruto interrupting him.

"Naruto, I know what you want to say, but the rest of us made up our minds. Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, and Gyuki agreed to give you enough chakra to manifest their consciousness in the seal. So, their pools of chakra will grow over time, not to the max extent of their actual Jinchurikis they're currently in. I'm going to absorb the others and become the next Ten-Tails. However, I'll need you to seal the husk of the Gedo Mazo. I'll act as the host absorbing it into me." Kurama explained making Naruto look at him shocked.

"What about Son Goku, Saiken Kokuo, and Chomei? I'm surprised they all agreed to this." Naruto was surprised but Kurama smiled, he wasn't.

"Kurama said you would say something like this." Son Goku lowered his head to Naruto.

"He did, but I'm quite tired. In a sense, we'll be within you, within Kurama. Don't worry, we can manifest whenever. Though it prevents multiple consciousnesses within one host. It wouldn't be easy, but we can manifest when needed." Kokuo was pleased with Naruto's response.

"Don't worry, it's already enough that you got us out of that thing." Chomei was okay with what was happening.

"We're tired of constantly used as weapons. Granted you're doing the same, but for different reasons." Saiken added perfectly fine with what was going to happen.

"If you guys say so, I'll begin immediately." Naruto went to leave as the others fused their charkas with Kurama disappearing. Naruto noticed that Kurama even got bigger than he was before.

Real World

"Well, let's get to it." Naruto placed a hand on the husk of the ten tails and said, Hakke no Fūin Shiki! Everyone watched as the same seal the one Minato created was adjusted as the husk of the Ten-Tails was sucked into Naruto. Naruto then placed his hands on his stomach twisting it locking the seal, "You're good Naruto, I've absorbed it all. Now all you need to do is to give part of Shukaku to Gaara and get a bit of chakra from the others." Kurama spoke which Naruto nodded his head. Naruto turned to everyone, "Gaara come here, B, Yugito, I'll Isobu from Murayama when I get back." Naruto extended his fist out, "Bump your fists with mine."

"You got it, Mr. Nine! It should be so fine!" B rapped fist-bumping Naruto.

"Sure." Yugito agreed.

"As you say Naruto." Gaara smiled fist-bumping his fellow Jinchuriki. Gaara felt a rush of chakra enter his body, as his fellow Tanuki tenant returned, "It's good to have you back Shukaku."

Naruto felt about 1/4th of Matatabi's, Shukaku's, and Gyuki's chakra in the seal still with Kurama. Naruto turned to the current Five great nations together, "This is the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. I'll need a few days of training to get used to this. Once that's done, we'll take the fight to the Akatsuki!"

"YEAH!" Everyone shouted, a war with little to no bloodshed. Lives saved, a light at the end of the tunnel was in view. Soon peace can reign, prosperity, love, and unity. The child of prophecy was doing what no one else could. What no one could do alone.

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