Fourth Great Ninja War Ends

Alright and we're back! This chapter will probably be the end of the Shippuden arc really. I'll be getting back to the DxD arcs right after it! Just so we can clear up confusion on things.

Shukaku: 1/4th in Naruto and rest in Gaara.

Matatabi: 1/4th in Naruto and rest in Yugito

Isobu: 1/4th in Naruto (eventually) and rest in Murayama

Son Goku: In Naruto

Kokuo: In Naruto

Saiken: In Naruto

Chomei: In Naruto

Gyuki: 1/4th in Naruto (Eventually) and rest in B

Kurama: In Naruto

Akatsuki Members

Madara: Edo Tensei

Kabuto: Alive

White/Black Zetsu: Alive

Obito: Soul Captured by Naruto

Yamato: Captured by Akatsuki

Kisame: Dead

Itachi: Dead

Hidan: Dead

Kakuzu: Dead

Sasori: Dead

Deidara: Dead

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Last Chapter

Real World

"Well, let's get to it." Naruto placed a hand on the husk of the ten tails and said, Hakke no Fūin Shiki! Everyone watched as the same seal the one Minato created was adjusted as the husk of the Ten-Tails was sucked into Naruto. Naruto then placed his hands on his stomach twisting it locking the seal, "You're good Naruto, I've absorbed it all I need now is to give the rest of Shukaku to Gaara and get a bit of chakra from the others." Kurama spoke which Naruto nodded his head. Naruto turned to everyone, "Gaara come here, B, Yugito, I'll Isobu from Murayama when I get back." Naruto extended his fist out, "Bump your fists with mine."

"You got it, Mr. Nine! It should be so fine!" B rapped fist-bumping Naruto.

"Sure." Yugito agreed.

"As you say Naruto." Gaara smiled fist-bumping his fellow Jinchuriki. Gaara felt a rush of chakra enter his body, as his fellow Tanuki tenant returned, "It's good to have you back Shukaku."

Naruto felt about 1/4th of Matatabi's, Shukaku's, and Gyuki's chakra in the seal still with Kurama. Naruto turned to the current Five great nations together, "This is the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. I'll need a few days of training to get used to this. Once that's done, we'll take the fight to the Akatsuki!"

"YEAH!" Everyone shouted, a war with little to no bloodshed. Lives saved, a light at the end of the tunnel was in view. Soon peace can reign, prosperity, love, and unity. The child of prophecy was doing what no one else could. What no one could do alone.

This Chapter a Few Days Later

Yugito, Killer B, and Murayama fell on their butts breathing heavily, "H-How… how *huff* the heck do you *huff* have so much stamina!" Yugito did her best to regain her breath.

"F-For *huh* Kami's sake! *huff* T-That isn't f-fair!" Murayama was on her hands and knees.

Even Killer B a seasoned Johnin was even drained, "Yo, Yo it seems little nine *huff* got the time. It's hard to *huff* catch my breath for a rhyme!"

Naruto chuckled as he rubbed his nose under his nose sheepishly. The four have been training with their Bijuus with Naruto. Naruto had to learn to adjust training with the huge chakra boost he had, with that came with extra stamina, "Sorry guys, I mean… I guess almost seven hours of non-stop training is a little hard even for Jinchurikis."

"I *huff* I'm s-still getting u-use to Isobu's powers." Murayama slowly stood back up on her feet and slipped, "Oh no!" However, Naruto appeared by her side holding her up, "T-Thanks." Murayama's cheeks turned red, but she let her rest on Naruto's shoulder.

"Well, I got a gist of everyone's abilities so far. Once we finish up with the Akatsuki, then we won't have to worry about everyone hunting the Bijuus. I'll find a good home for everyone." Naruto smiled placing a hand on his hips, the Bijuus from within mentally thanked Naruto for his help.

Since Naruto sealed the husk of the ten tails and the others within Naruto. Naruto made sure some of the tailed beast's chakra resided in Naruto. While also asking for a share of Matatabi's, Isobu's, Gyuki's, and Shukaku's chakra. Naruto did also transfer Shukaku back to Gaara which the redhead was quite happy to have back.

Speaking of the Sabaku family, "You taking it easy on them, honey?" Naruto turned his head to see Temari walking over to her hands on her hips.

"I'm making them sweat, I'm sure getting an exercise in." Naruto smiled proudly; he was more than fine to go for another round, "Besides that, how are you doing my beautiful Nojiko?"

Temari blushed as she turned her head to the side. She didn't want the others to see her soft side, "Why does Naruto call me that in public! I'm a strong proud Kunoichi dammit!" Not some teen girl head over heels for some guy she just met, "S-shut up! What did I tell you about…?"

Temari couldn't finish that sentence until Naruto placed a hand on her left shoulder. Then one on her hip, "Don't be like that my desert flower." Naruto nicked the lobe of Temari's ear with his teeth. Temari tried to fight it, but let a small moan out. Murayama giggled with Yugito blushing, and B looking at the two lovers with blood running down his nose.

Temari melted into her arms as Naruto held her close. Murayama realizing that Temari was here for a reason spoke up to break the romance between them, "Naruto." Murayama called out as she crossed her arms over her chest, "You two and the others can go at it once we're done with the war. Temari I'm sure you're not here on a social call?"

"Come on Murayama, don't be like that." Naruto chuckled as he appeared next to her pulling her into a hug. Along with Temari still in his arms, "It's been a whole two days since I've seen her." Naruto let his lower lip quiver a bit making a sad face.

Temari gently elbowed Naruto in his side, "Oh grow up you big baby." Temari closed her eye deciding it was time for serious business, "Besides, Gaara wanted me to come deliver you and your Kage a message."

"What's that?" Naruto asked as his face turned to a serious look on his face.

"The Akatsuki seemed to have gathered a very large army. Remember those White Zetsus? A scout of ours spotted a large army walking towards the Land of Lighting." Temari took out a scroll tossing it to B, Yugito, and one for Naruto and Murayama to look at, "Naruto, our formations have changed, everyone has. This is the division we're all in." Temari began to explain what they were and their goals.

Location: Land of Hot Water

Allied Shinobi Forces: Surprise Attack Division


Allies: Kankuro (Captain), Hoheto Hyuga, Ittan, Kiri (Ninja), Konan, Omoi, Koneko, Murayama, Sai, Tango, and Zaji

Akatsuki: Unknown number of White Zetsu, unknown Edo Tensei

Location: Land of Frost


Allies: Kitsuchi (Commander) Hinata Hyuga, Neji Hyuga, Karui, Kurotsuchi, Natsu (Is a Naruto character), Akeno, Rias, and Shun
Akatsuki: Unknown number of White Zetsu, unknown Edo Tensei

Location: Land of Lighting


Allies: Mifune (Commander), Shino Aburame, Shikamaru Nara, Sabaku Temari, Naruto Uzumaki (Commander), Akamaru, Three Haimaru Brothers, Hana Inuzuka, Kiba Inuzuka, Okisuke, and Ino Yamanaka.

Akatsuki: Unknown number of White Zetsu, unknown Edo Tensei

Location: North-Western coast of the Land of Lighting


Allies: Darui (Commander), Choza Akimichi, Atsui, Kotetsu Hagane, Hiashi Hyuga, Izumo Kamizuki, Yugito, Rashii, Kiba (DxD), Kushina Uzumaki/Namikaze, Samui, and Tenten.

Akatsuki: Unknown number of White Zetsu, unknown Edo Tensei

"I see where everyone will have a good time Wheee!" Killer B rapped putting his hand up in a rock sign, "Now where is Meee!"

"Specifically, Raikage-sama wants you near him at all times," Temari added which Killer B slumped his shoulders.

"Why can't the Killer B who be out who helps swings! I want to take out some of the baddies with Gyuki and my buddies!" Killer B rapped with a sad voice, of course, A wanted B to be near him.

Temari deadpanned, "Raikage-sama specifically wanted you to stay near him."

"What about my Tou-san?" Naruto asked curiously, "I'm surprised they're letting me go out."

"Well." Temari, "I figured you skimmed over it, but your Kaa-san won't be too far from you." Temari pointed to Kushina's name on the roster.

"I see, what about the Kage's what are they going to be doing? Wait where is Ero-Sennin and Sasuke?" Naruto looked on the sheet again not seeing any of their names.

"Jiraiya-sama and Sasuke are part of their own division with Kakashi Hatake. They're part of the S-Class Edo-Tensei elimination. Meaning they specifically go after S-Rank Shinobi if a division doesn't have an S-Rank Shinobi with them." Temari handed a separate scroll to Naruto, "You're more offensive and attack head-on. Besides we all have weapons to take out the Edo-Tensei." Temari took out a sword revealing it to be a red-orange blade, "It was called, Lævateinn?"

"Yeah, he gave that name to the sword a little while after he made it. Almost everyone has one, don't they?" Naruto asked curiously which Temari nodded her head, "He must be exhausted."
"Well, the war is coming, hopefully, we can end this soon. I can't wait to see what your school is like." Temari smiled cutely as she placed a kiss on Naruto's cheek, "Come on, Hokage-sama asked for us to come to him. The rest of you can go back home." Temari added which Yugito and Killer B went back to their current apartments they have in Konoha.

"Well let's go." Naruto placed a hand on Temari's and Murayama's waist and teleported to the Hokage Office.

Hokage Office

Naruto, Temari, and Murayama arrived in the Hokage Office with Minato behind the seat. Yes, once again the Yodaime Hokage takes up office, "Ah, Naruto! Murayama! Temari! Great to see you guys here, please come in." Minato motioned them to come in.

In the room already was Hiruzen, Kushina, Jiraiya, and Kushina, "Naruto! You're here great now we can begin." Kushina walked over pulling Naruto into a hug, Kushina was doing her best to make up the years they've been gone.

"What are we here for?" Naruto asked questions as his head rested in between his mother's chest.

Minato fished a new headband from his desk and tossed it to Naruto, "Simple, the division that Temari told you were a part of division four. With Mifune as the commander for his Samurai. However." Minato was cut off by Naruto.

"Let me guess… I'm the captain?" Naruto asked which Minato nodded his head, "Why me?"

"Simple, Rias has told me a lot about you. Along with the other girls, so far to me you've seemed to be a good leader. I'm sure you can lead well, you'll have Temari to help back you up. The Ino-Shika-Cho trio with you, two Inuzuka members, and more. I'm sure you can do it." Minato snapped his fingers as a person came walking into the office.

Kushina giggled, "Yugito, you have something to ask Naruto?" Naruto looked at his mother and then at Yugito who seemed to look down at the ground with a blush on her face.

Just then Rias, Asia, Koneko, and Akeno walked into the room and Rias planted her foot down. She gave Naruto an annoyed look on her face, "Naruto this is it, no more to your harem." Jiraiya began to smirk with a line of blood begin to run down his nose, "You have Murayama, me, Akeno, Asia, Koneko, Ravel, Temari, Konan, and now Yugito! No more to the harem!"

Koneko nodded her head with a stern look in her eye, "No more, too many girls to share Naruto."

"Ara, ara it was a talk all us girls had." Akeno giggled as she eyed Yugito, she seemed too easy to tease and mess with.

"Naruto is starting to have too many girls." Asia said with her own annoyed voice but did what she could to make her not seem mean.

Naruto scratched his head, "Uhhh… really?" Naruto swallowed hard as he rubbed the back of his head.

Rias and Murayama noticed something, "Naruto… is there something you want to tell us?"

"Well… you see… you know when I left in between me defeating bird brain. Then there was that party in between?" Naruto began to grow more and more nervous as he felt the glares from the girls besides, Tsunade, Kushina, Temari, and Yugito.

"Keep talking." Rias crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well… I might have tracked down where Kuroka was…" Naruto chuckled as he scratched his cheek with his finger, "Might have already… asked her to join my peerage." Naruto began to whistle as he held up his evil pieces. As everyone saw, there was indeed a missing bishop.

"W-What?! How? I saw you with a bishop last time?' Rias couldn't believe Naruto deceived her all this time.

"Well… I mean… I was working on clearing Kuroka's name was all. Besides… I thought it would help Koneko out… ya know to see her sister. I thought it would be fair…" Naruto looked at Koneko pleading for her help.
Koneko seemed to relax quicker than the other girls. Koneko motioned Naruto to lean down which he leaned down, "Thank you Naruto-senpai, I love you, you're the best." Koneko placed a sweet kiss on Naruto's lips.

"Awww… thanks Koneko I love you…!" Naruto couldn't finish as Koneko punched him in the chest sending him into the wall of the Hokage Office. Minato only looked at the ground feeling sorry for Naruto. Kushina was a little conflicted, Jiraiya was chuckling evilly, now Naruto knew HOW HE FELT!

Karma is a cruel bitch.

Tsuande just stared at Koneko in shock. Just then Tsunade heard a voice speak in her head, "You must be so proud." A voice-sounding line an older version of Tsunade spoke in her head, "Your precious runt is becoming a woman." Tsuande didn't know who she was talking to but she did reply with, "Yeah… I mean, she could have followed through more." Koneko off on the side saw how Tsunade was thinking to herself. (A/N: Lol hope you guys get it).

Naruto quickly shook his head, "I'm so confused here, so… you all allowed Yugito to join the harem. When I literally haven't learned what type of person she is?" Naruto looked left and then right, "Am I missing anything?"

Yugito stepped forward as she nervously looked at Naruto, "Well… I know I might be sounding childish, but I was hoping. I haven't had much luck at finding someone, then you came into my life. Since you saved me, I've been doing what I can to help out and get stronger. You helped me and Matatabi out, and I want to help you out. So, please give me a chance, I can see you're an honest and kind person. Overall, your funny, and quirky at times, and you shower the girls you have with love." Yugito swallowed the lump in her throat, "I'm sounding really selfish, but that's something I want, and I'm wondering if I could find that with you." Yugito turned her head away as she began to scratch her own cheek.

At that moment Naruto felt his own cheeks heat up a bit, "Well… she is cute." "Damn right she is! Come on Naruto! Give my girl Yugito a chance! You can even call her Yu-chan!" Naruto chuckled a bit mentally at the nickname, "S-Sure… as long as everyone else with okay with it. I swear I'll make this the last one." Naruto chuckled hoping he doesn't have to meet the end of Koneko's fist again.

"Well, that's good, I hope you all get along well. I can't wait to see so many grandchildren!" Kushina cheered as she brought the girls into a hug. She used her chakra chains to surround Naruto into a hug, "Make sure to give me many so I can spoil them!" Kushina cheered which Naruto blushed at along with the girls.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Everyone jumped by the surprised screaming which came from the perverted Sannin. Jiraiya landed at Naruto's feet as he grabbed onto Naruto's ankles, "Kid! Please! You got to let me write about you! PLEASE! I CAN MAKE SO MANY GREAT WORKS ABOUT YOU AND THE GIRLS!"

Kushina, Tsunade, and Koneko all had vein marks appeared on their forehead. Before Jiraiya knew it, the wails and screams from the pervert began to travel throughout the elemental nations.

Little Later

An Anbu was dragging the unconscious and somewhat disfigured Jiraiya out of the Hokage office. Minato coughed into his hand, *Ahem* "Besides that, I hope you're ready for this, we move in two days from now. I want you all to prepare and be ready, make sure swords are sharpened and ready to go." Minato turned to Rias, "Rias, how has Kiba been doing?"

"Good Hokage-sama, ever since he finished a day ago, he has been asleep since. Naruto left a clone to help take care of him. I'm glad we have been such a huge help in the war effort." Rias gave Minato a polite bow.

Minato waved his hand, "That's great to hear, but no need to call me Hokage-sama. You're my son's fiancé in a sense. So, no need to call me that! I'd prefer either Tou-chan or Minato, that goes for the rest of the girls here too." Minato smirked earning a blush from the girls in the room.

A few Hours Later

Koneko was making her way towards Tsunade's house. Tsunade took up residence in the Senju compound again with Jiraiya, surprisingly. Tsunade decided to give Jiraiya a chance and Koneko was currently sitting in their house at the tea table, "What can I do for you Koneko?" Tsunade asked curiously as she placed a teacup in front of her.

"Well, ever since we've come here. You've helped us with Training, specifically me and Asia." Koneko said with a smile appearing on her lips.

"Well, I saw a lot of potential with you and Asia. Not that Rias or the others didn't have it. It's just you and Asia were a lot more similar to me. Though, I failed to see why you're here?" Tsunade took a sip of tea and placed it on a plate she was holding.

Koneko began to use one of her fingers to twirl her hair around her fingers, "Well, I was wondering about that, I've always wanted a kimono. I saw the kimono that a lot of girls wear back in our world. I thought it would be cool to have one like yours." Koneko then began to blush a bit, "Well… back at home, we celebrate New Years. I think it would be cool to celebrate it with a kimono that came from here."

Tsunade looked at the fifteen-year-old with a surprised look on her face, "May I ask why, you'd want a kimono-like mine?"

"Well." Koneko smiled as she looked at the bottom of Tsunade's outfit and looked up to see the rest of it, "I like the style of yours a bit, I wouldn't mind having something that reminded Naruto of you."

Tsunade froze for a minute and heard a voice in her head again, "Did our heart just skip a beat?" A voice said, "That's just precious." Tsunade tightened her fist and mentally shouted, "Shut the fuck up other me! Where the hell did you guys come from!" Tsunade then nodded her head, "S-Sure, I guess… I can have Shizune come get your measurements."

"Oh." Koneko perked up happily, "In that case can I get one for a battle kimono too?" Koneko smiled happily at the idea. Koneko liked the idea of having this type of style of clothing for combat, or for a holiday. Something that Naruto might like. Like that Koneko grew a few inches taller with her bust about the same size as Asia's. She had two white ears on her head, and two whitetails sticking out of her butt.

"Sure." Tsunade placed a hand on her hips with a happy look on her face, "She's really adorable! I can see why naruto likes her so!"

With Naruto

Naruto was packing weapons into storage scrolls. Naruto didn't like the fact that everyone was split up. That wasn't much he could do, but everyone needed certain people in different areas. Naruto was sealing away extra Hiraishin kunai in his pouch and some into his wrists. Just then the door opened, "Oh, Naruto you still prepping?"

Naruto gave Rias a nervous smile, "You know, even with everything that has happened so far. I wonder… how long will this war take? Can we end it within a few days or what?"

Rias nodded her head feeling Naruto's troubled emotions. Rias walked over and gently wrapped her arms around one of Naruto's arms, "What happened? You seemed confident in what we were doing. What is with the change?" Rias then leaned her head on his shoulder looking up at him.

Naruto placed his free hand on Rias's shoulder pulling her into a semi-hug, "Well… it feels kind of surreal this is happening. I wasn't expecting all this to happen too quickly, well not only that. Then with Yugito so quickly, but that confuses me why this all turned out the way it did."

Rias smiled as she looked at her hands which gentle caressed Naruto's arm, "I know, it's surreal for everyone, but I'm sure we'll pull through. Don't worry, we'll all be safe, besides we have a really strong fighting chance with Kiba's words."

"Yeah, I know… then we return to our normal lives huh? Well… whatever really normal is for us." Naruto chuckled as Rias went up on her tippy toes and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Yes, we'll figure out this whole harem thing then. Just try not to leave anyone out, it's already crowded and busy as is." Rias released Naruto's arm and began to count the people with or interested in Naruto. Each person she named off she counted on her hand, "There's Murayama, Akeno, Koneko, Ravel, Asia, Temari, Konan possibly, Yugito, possibly, Kuroka possibly, and I. I mean that's already ten of us." Rias shook her head letting a small chuckle out, "Seriously, how many more women are you going to make fall for you?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "You know…" Naruto gently took Rias's hand and brought them up to his cheeks and rubbed up against them, "Once this is all over, I need to take you out on a date." Rias began to blush when Naruto said this, "Including everyone else, but… it will be nice ya know. I got my family back; I got my own peerage growing." Naruto let go of Rias's hands and placed his hand on Rias's chin. He gently moved her head, so she looked up at him, "Life though has been amazing. Life wouldn't be life without you or the others." Naruto leaned in and placed a kiss on Rias's lips.

Before Rias knew it, she leaned in accepting Naruto's kiss. The two held it for a few seconds until they heard a knock on the door. The two broke apart to look at the door, "Oh my, I'm sorry to interrupt you two. I just wanted to let Naruto know dinner is ready." Kushina giggled finding her son and Rias kissing, "If so, I can place food on the side until your done with baby-making activities." Kushina giggled leaving the room as Naruto and Rias's faces turned bright red.

"KAA-SAN!" Naruto whined as he placed a hand on his face.

Minato who was in the hallway with the giggling Kushina followed her back downstairs. Minato had his hands in his pockets and smiled, "Well the war shouldn't take too long, I know we can do this. The Edo-Tensei enemies shouldn't be too hard to take down. This should be a swift and easy war to win."

Time Skip, The Day of Departure

It's been already a couple of hours since Naruto took command of his fourth division. Their goal was to defend the spot on the edge of the Land of Lighting. Naruto and the others arrived at the spot to see figures standing off in the distance. Naruto walked forward along with everyone else behind him ready to support Naruto. Naruto held up the special sword designed by Kiba along with everyone else, "It's over, you guys can't win, I'm already strong enough to take on anyone!" Naruto called out as he was covered head to toe with the Kyuubi's chakra. Everyone saw Naruto's eye becomes slit, the whisker-like markings on his face become thicker to resemble the trigram, and the chakra shroud's shape alters to resemble a full-length haori.

Temari's eyes widen, "W-What… Tou-san?" Naruto looked back at Temari to see her eyes widen. Along with this division were Onoki and Gaara in the back commanding the other foot soldiers.

Naruto took in his enemy's descriptions, the first was the Second Tsuchikage. This person was Mū, his entire body was covered by intricately wrapped grey bandages, with only his violet-colored eyes and nose being visible, giving him an overall mummy-like appearance. Along with Mu he wears a dark blue headband with no distinguishing markings and a pair of black pants. He also didn't wear shoes as his feet were bandaged heavily.

The man next to him was the Third Raikage, A was a very tall, dark-skinned man with a large muscular, and well-defined build. He had a full head of white hair which flowed into his back along with a long beard. He had unusual eyes, which had green irises, dark sclerae, and no pupils. His face has pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead with a mole above his right eyebrow. His top lip also had a darker pigmentation than the bottom one. His canine teeth were also slightly elongated. He has the kanji for "lightning" tattooed on his right shoulder. Following a battle with the Eight-Tails, A also gained a lightning bolt-shaped scar that runs across the right side of his chest.

Then next to him was Gengetsu Hōzuki. Gengetsu was a man of both tall and slender stature. His face was accentuated by his relatively long, blond hair, which was worn in a combed-back style. He had a triangular goatee, a thin mustache, no eyebrows, and very prominent lines at the sides of his mouth. Due to the effects of the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique, he had black sclerae but retained his blue irises. Gengetsu's attire consisted of a long-sleeved, high-collared, grey kimono, which has the pin-striped pattern that is common amongst the shinobi of Kirigakure. This article is worn over a dark-green suit, with a similarly colored sash wrapped around his waist, and a pair of sandals that reached up to his calves.

Then there was Rasa, Rasa had auburn hair, dark eyes and was usually depicted with a very stern look on his face. He wore a simple black jacket and pants with mesh armor underneath. He carried a small canister strapped to his hip. He also had two creases around his mouth, "Temari… look how much you've grown." Rasa had a small smile appear on the corner of his mouth.

Naruto walked forward protectively of Temari and Gaara floated towards the front landing next to Temari and Naruto, "Tou-san…" Gaara looked at his father with his own eyes, "I am still that Jinchuriki you create long ago… Tou-san. But I am not the same I use to be."

"I had a lot happened, but Naruto got Shukaku back for me. He sealed it back into me, while also doing wonders for our family." Gaara closed his eyes and smiled as he remembered his mother, "Naruto… Temari's boyfriend revived our Kaa-san. We have our Kaa-san back… we're a family again." Temari only smiled as she looked up to see Naruto placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Karura… is alive?" Rasa's eyes then looked and focused on Naruto who stood there with a smirk on his face. Rasa closed his eyes and smiled, "I see…"

"I am also the Yodaime Kazekage now." Gaara floated back into the air standing on his sand.

"Y-Yodaime Kazekage?" Rasa's eyes widen hearing this.

"I thought it was odd I sensed chakra types. From various villages mixed together." The Second Tsuchikage understood why there were so many people together.

"He seems like a fine son." A the Third Raikage praised Rasa's son as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Rasa leaned forward bringing his hand up, "Let me see… what you have become Gaara."

Naruto looked at Gaara, "I'll take the others… you deal with your Tou-san. Show him how awesome you've become." Naruto threw his sword at the Second Mizukage, Third Raikage, and the Second Tsuchikage.

"What do you think you're doing? Throwing your weapons at." Gengetsu said as he dodged out of the way confused. Just then Naruto disappeared next to his blade slicing off Gengetsu's head.

"What! The Hiraishin!" The Third Raikage's eyes widen.

"I thought only Tobirama could perform that jutsu." Mu said with astonishment on his face.

Gengetsu's Edo Tensei body hit the floor as paper from the body fell to the ground. Gengetsu felt his soul leave the reanimated body turn back into a random Oto Shinobi, "Well that was quick, something I didn't expect." Gengetsu smirked as he disappeared.

With Kabuto

Kabuto recognized that Naruto with the Second Mizukage, Tsuchikage, Third Raikage, and Kazekage, but couldn't react in time, "Dammit! His Hiraishin has gotten faster since last time!"

Back to the Fight

"Wait a second." A the Third Raikage, jumped back, "That wasn't the Hiraishin. That was just your pure speed."

Naruto smirked as he held up a bunch of Hiraishin Kunai and tossed them around which A and Mu jumped away, "Clever, we'll never know if you'll teleport or use your pure speed. Not only that… but what is that form." Mu narrowly dodged an attack at his neck from Naruto teleporting around.

Naruto smirked as he held up his hand with multiple chakra arms forming a purple ball in his hand, "This is the result of Kurama and I's training! We're in sync right now along with all the other tailed beasts within me! I am your end!" Naruto appeared in front of Mu and Mu quickly extended his hand out, Particle Style: Particle Style: Atomic Dismantling Area Jutsu!

Naruto effortlessly dodges Mu's attack and teleports above him, Hiraishin Tailed Beast Bomb! Naruto slammed the attack in Mu's back throwing him miles away causing a large explosion to go off.

The other Shinobi of the Fourth Division watched Naruto in awe, along with Gaara who was battling his father in a sand and gold dust fight. Just then the entire division eyes widened as a man came walking up. Temari knew about Madara Uchiha's appearance, she swallowed hard along with everyone else in the division. She readied her fan, "Naruto is busy with the Third Raikage and the Second Tsuchikage! We need to hold out until he is done! Gaara is busy with our Tou-san! WE MUST HOLD HIM off!" Temari turned to the division, "Be ready! Water Ninjutsu users! BE At the READY!"

For the Fourth Division shinobi watched as the man known as Madara Uchiha. For everyone, they heard nothing but the beating of hearts in their heads. They also heard ringing in their ears seeing the legendary Shinobi show up. Especially in his Edo Tensei form, they all gripped the swords that Yuuto Kiba made to help destroy the immortal corpses that walked the Elemental Nations, "Let's help them out! GO! CHARGE!" Temari called out as she unleashed her fan completely and swung it at Madara.

With Naruto

After Naruto launched Mu into the distance, he turned his head to see a man with red armor and long spiky black hair. However, Naruto's attention was diverted away dodging a two-finger thrust attack. It was the Third Raikage's Hell Thrust. Naruto decided to use this opportunity to eliminate Mu. Naruto using pure speed disappeared and reappeared behind the Third Raikage. He grabbed the hands of the Third Raikage who still kept his finger in the Thrust of Hell. Naruto used the Third Raikage's momentum against him.

So, Naruto had a hand on his wrist and then another on his elbow. Using his strength Naruto lifted his left foot and slammed it into the ground. Naruto used his right root and pushed off spinning into a circle. Then launched the Third Raikage into the distance.

With the Fourth Division (Temari)

Fire Style: Majestic Destroyer Flame Jutsu! Madara spewed out a huge wave of hot waves towards the Fourth Division. Just then a line of water users from Kiri and Konoha ran up running through the same hand seals. Then they kneed water from their stomachs and spat out water. They all shouted, Allied Shinobi Style: Water Wall Jutsu! The large torrent of water came together creating a large wall of protective water to counter Madara's attack.

Then the attack mixed together causing a large fog to appear. Temari waved her fan to rid the fog but everyone froze finding Madara smack dab in the middle of the Allied Shinobi forces. Along with being right behind Temari. Madara raised his hand a Susanoo ribcage formed with a sword aimed at Temari.

With Gaara

Gaara who was battling his father was trying to find an opening for someone to cut him or seal him away. Gaara already knew of Madara's entrance and his sister trying to fight him. However, he was forced to react when he saw Madara aiming to kill Temari, "NO!" Gaara shot sand towards Madara to stop him. However, he was forced to also focus on saving himself from his own father trying to attack him.

Rasa looked at his son as he desperately tried to save his dear sister. Rasa continued to hate himself more and more. Seeing his son lead, to become Kazekage, and become friends with the Tailed Beast he cursed him with, "You have truly changed my son… no how could I call myself a Tou-san after what I've done to my son." Rara relaxed a bit as his gold dust was let up from its attack. However, Kabuto soon took control noticing Rasa's fault in his attack.

With Temari

Temari turned around holding up her fan to block the attack from Madara. However, Madara wa then hit by something and sent flying away and into the wall. Everyone was shocked along with Temari who stood there ready to fight again. Once the dust cleared, they found the Third Raikage's Hell Thrust attack in Madara's chest which broke his Susanoo. Thanks to the throw from none other than Naruto.

Just then Naruto appeared next to Temari, "I sensed you were in danger, so I did what I could to protect you." Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder which Temari stayed strong. Many of the male Shinobi were a bit jealous to see Temari showing this much affection.

"Wait, where is Mu?" Temari asked confused.

Naruto smirked using his thumb to point behind him, "Old man Onoki is taking care of him. He might be on his last leg, but I'm sure he'll pull through. Also, give me a moment." Naruto disappeared and reappeared in front of Madara and the Third Raikage. Naruto, who stole someone's Laevatein, swung the sword removing the Third Raikage's head from his shoulders.

Madara who regained his bearing after reforming quickly ducked and dodged Naruto's attack. Madara watched as the Third Raikage's Edo-Tensei body fell to the ground. Then his soul left as it departed back to the afterlife. Naruto standing in front of Madara in his Kurama Chakra mode activated his Rinnegan, "I must thank you for these. With these, I will be able to end this ridiculous war."

Madara did the same, "Let's see how you fare against me! Let's dance! Show me what you can do!" Madara charged forward engaging Naruto in hand-to-hand combat. Naruto dropped the sword and backed up a bit as Madara continues to engage him in hand-to-hand. Naruto did his best to keep up with Madara but his skills with close-quarters combat were second to none. So, Naruto quickly Hiraishined behind him where he dropped the sword. Naruto had arms growing out of his body made up of chakra. There were in total four Rasengans, one if his left and right hand, and two more in the extra arms on his back, Quad-Odama Rasengan! The Rasengans grew in size slamming it into Madara. However, Madara used the Preta ability and negated the chakra attack.

Naruto then threw a bunch of Hiraishin kunai around the field and began to teleport around. Madara did his best to follow as Naruto appeared in front, behind, to the left, right, up, below, diagonally, or any which way Naruto could appear he appeared. Naruto then lunged in for an attack, Naruto slammed his fist into a hard ribcage which he backed up. Madara's Susanoo appeared and grew a hear, with flesh, and armor, "No more games, I will be taking which what you back!" Tengai Shinsei!

Naruto didn't know what he was doing, but he took this opportunity to stop him. Naruto dashed forward and held his hand out as he spun a Rasengan into his hand. Naruto slammed his attack into the ribcage of the Susanoo causing it to crack and buckle underneath the pressure. Just then the Susanoo power formed around the Rasengan bypassing Madara's Susanoo. Since Madara was so focused on his jutsu. He underestimated Naruto being able to break through his ultimate defense.

Naruto quickly summoned a kunai in his hand and stabbed it into Madara's torso. Naruto then jumped back and held up a tiger seal, Impure Reincarnation Improved Release!

With Kabuto

Kabuto who was watching the fight through Madara's eyes saw the kunai be stabbed into Madara's chest, "What was that." Kabuto heard Naruto say, Impure Reincarnation Improve Release! Just then he couldn't see anything anymore. Kabuto opened his eyes and looked at his board to see the Madara piece broken, "No way… how is that possible!"

"Nothing is impossible when it's Naruto." Kabuto turned around in shock to see two people standing in front of him. Sasuke said this while placing a hand on his hip.

It was Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha with their Susanoo's springing to life, "It's over, this war ends today."

With Naruto

Everyone watched as Naruto stopped the frozen Madara who couldn't move because of the jutsu. Black kanji made of ink began to spread across his body, unable to move, unable to talk, and unable to use his chakra, "This is the end, Madara, I worked hard on his to improve this jutsu. The Fourth Great Shinobi War comes to an end in one day. I'll make sure of it." Naruto created a bunch of shadow clones with the Kurama mode and shot off towards the other divisions around the world. Naruto held up another kunai, "For crimes against the Elemental Nations, I charge you with trying to disturb the peace, desecrating the dead, reviving the dead, forcing them to work for you as slaves, manipulation, and most of all. Trying to put everyone into a fake reality, would be dictatorship, tyranny, forcing everyone under your foot. In this case your genjutsu, I cannot and will not allow that to happen." Naruto held up a special kunai, a similar one he used for Obito. Naruto stabbed it into Madara as his body was beginning to fall apart, Soul Extraction! The kunai sucked Madara's soul into the kunai as his Edo-Tensei fell apart and the body of a Kusa nin laying dead on the ground, Seal! Like that the kunai that held Madara's soul was sealed, "With that… I sentence you to many… many… years in solitary confinement."

Naruto turned his head to see a large pyramid with seals. Naruto saw as the pyramid swallowed up Rasa thanks to Gaara. Naruto looked off in the distance to see Onoki standing over Mu being cut up which his soul was released. Onoki came floating over with Gaara landing by Naruto, "It seems we've done it… this has to be the shortest Shinobi War to have existed." Naruto dropped his Kurama chakra mode.

"Onoki turn around." Naruto motioned Onoki to turn around.

"What for?" Onoki looked at Naruto confused.

"Just do it." Naruto sighed which Onoki only sighed listening to Naruto. Naruto's fist began to glow as if he was in his Kurama chakra mode. Naruto slammed his fist into Onoki's back shocking everyone.

"AHHHHHHH! MY BACK! WHAT DID YOU DO YOU LITTLE!" Onoki stopped as he opened his eyes. He stood up and flexed his back, "Oh my sage of six paths! My back! It feels so much better!"

"Easy, a lot of your muscles are contorted and tight along with your bones pinching the muscles. I just made your muscles relax, try not to float around so much." Naruto waved his finger explaining what he was doing.

"Well, it's over, so are you other clones working to help the other divisions?" Temari asked as she walked up next to Naruto as she wrapped her arms around Naruto's left arm.

"Yeah, they…" Naruto's vision blurred as felt all feeling in his body.

Luckily Temari was holding him as her eyes widen as she screamed, "Naruto! Naruto! What's wrong! What happened to him!"

No one understood what was going on, but they called medics over quickly. No one knew why Naruto passed out like that.

In Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto opened his eyes and looked around, "Hey what's going on?" Just then he saw Kurama and the other Tailed Beasts, "Guys… why are you all asleep?"

"That would be because of me." Naruto turned his head to see an old man floating in front of Naruto, "I am Hagoromo Otsutsuki, and I want to thank you personally for stopping the revival of my mother." Naruto raised an eyebrow confused at the man's words. Hagoromo was a tall and pale-skinned man, who had deep wrinkles and a strong jawline in his elderly age. He had spiky, shoulder-length, pale brown hair, with a chin-length, braided lock hanging in front of his left ear and a goatee. Hagoromo had a pair of horn-like protrusions extending from either side of his forehead and purple rippled pattern eye and a red Rinnegan-like marking in the center of his forehead.

"Oh! Wait… you're super gramps, right? The Sage of Six Paths?" Naruto asked curiously as he tilted his head confused.

"Yes, I am. I'm also glad you survived those many years." Hagoromo knew Naruto was going to need a power boost for the foreseeable future, "I know you plan on going back to that old world you were in previously. That's perfectly fine, and I've decided that you will need help."

"Help? I'm already plenty powerful now, what more could I need?" Naruto asked confused at the man.

"You see, knowing me as the Sage of Six Paths my brother and I make up two halves of a whole. Now with the entire world at peace. Without a possible way to revive my mother. I figure it would be beneficial to help you. You will still have to train to master our power." Hagoromo snapped his fingers as Hamura, his brother appeared next to him, "You might want to get comfortable; this will take a bit to explain."

With Kabuto

"Before this is ended, I entrust you can give this to Naruto. What you told me is true, then Naruto will need all the help he can get. I'm sure I can trust you will protect Konoha yourself?" Itachi smiled as he used his Susanoo to hand Sasuke the Yata Mirror and the Totsuka blade.

"Yes of course, since Naruto went to the new world. I've taken tutelage under Tsunade Senju for Kage training and Jiraiya of the Sannin for regular training. I am in debt to those two, they're family that help me change who I am." Sasuke smiled which Itachi had Kabuto undo the Edo-Tensei.

Before Itachi disappeared, he walked up to Sasuke and placed his forehead to his brothers, "I'm proud of who and what you've become. You've truly redeemed the Uchiha clan. I know Tou-san and Kaa-san are very proud of you. Now, it's time to relax and let peace reign over the villages. Even still I regret some of the things I've done. If I had been open with you from the start… and looked you straight in the eyes and told you the truth, then I wouldn't have had to stand before you, from above, as a failure, telling you all of this. So, this time, I want to impart this truth to you… You don't ever have to forgive me. And no matter what you do from here on out, know this… I will love you always." Itachi poked Sasuke's forehead and then hugged him as he then disappeared returning to rest in the afterlife.

A/N: I will actually end it there, just so everyone knows this is really how I wanted the Fourth Great Shinobi War to go. Really not much of war when Naruto is this strong and overpowered. Not a lot the enemies could have done to stop Naruto. Yes, Hagoromo and Hamura will offer their chakra to Naruto to help him out. Hamura will not end up giving the Byakugan to Naruto. Naruto will only get the Rinnegan and the Sharingan. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed it! It is a little on the short side, so enjoy and see you all later! Sage of Prophecy Out Ja Ne!