Trouble in Paradise

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King: Naruto

Queen: Tsunade

Bishop (Mutated): Kakashi

Bishop (Mutated): Will be Kuroka

2xRook (Mutated): Kushina

2xKnight (One Mutated): Minato

2xPawn (One Mutated): Konan

1xPawn (Did Mutate): Temari

1xPaw (Did Mutate): Yugito

3xPawn (Two Mutated): Jiraiya

1xPawn (Will Mutate): Ravel (Eventually)

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Last Chapter

With Kabuto

"Before this is over, I entrust you to give this to Naruto. What you told me is true, then Naruto will need all the help he can get. I'm sure I can trust you will protect Konoha yourself?" Itachi smiled as he used his Susanoo to hand Sasuke the Yata Mirror and the Totsuka blade.

"Yes of course, ever since Naruto went to the new world, I've taken tutelage under Tsunade Senju for Kage training and Jiraiya of the Sannin for regular training. I am in debt to those two, they're family that helped change who I am." Sasuke smiled while Itachi had Kabuto undo the Edo-Tensei.

Before Itachi disappeared, he walked up to Sasuke and placed his forehead to his brother's, "I'm proud of who and what you've become. You've truly redeemed the Uchiha clan. I know Tou-san and Kaa-san are very proud of you. Now, it's time to relax and let peace reign over the villages. Even still I regret some of the things I've done. If I had been open with you from the start… and looked you straight in the eyes and told you the truth, then I wouldn't have had to stand before you, from above, as a failure, telling you all of this. So, this time, I want to impart this truth to you… You don't ever have to forgive me. No matter what you do from here on out, know this… I will love you always." Itachi pokes Sasuke's forehead and then hugs him as he then disappears, returning to rest in the afterlife.

This Chapter

Naruto was standing above Temari as she laid on the ground. Naruto raised his hands into the air and chanted, "In the name of Phenex Naruto I call upon thee Sabaku Temari. Hear my command, I call you to become my demon servant. Rejoice, that you have been given a new life! Stand proudly as my new warrior servant! Be the sword to defend my name!" Like that the pawn that laid on Temari's chest sank. Before everyone knew it Temari was reincarnated and asleep. Naruto walked over and gently picked her up and carried her to the bed, "She will be asleep for the rest of the day. Which is why I asked to do this later in the day. I promise to take good care of her."

Gaara crossed his arms over his chest, "I have no doubt in my mind you will be Naruto. If I could trust anyone with my sister, it would be you." Gaara finished with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Yeah Naruto, you keep Temari-Nee happy." Kankuro placed his hand on his hips and smiled.

Karura clapped her hands together happily for her daughter and new son-in-law, "I'm so happy for you! I can't wait until I hear about your wedding! I can't wait!"

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "D-Don't you think that's a little early!" Naruto said, sweat rolling down his neck.

Karura had a vein bulge appear on her forehead and she leaned into Naruto. She had her smile still on her face as she said, "Oh? So, you took my daughter from me, turned her into a devil. Which, keep in mind devils live almost forever, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IF YOU'LL MARRY HER?!" Gaara and Kankuro took a couple of steps back, knowing a mother's wrath is truly fearsome.

Naruto put his hands up defensively feeling the wrath coming off Temari's mother, "I-I mean! W-We're just dating! I mean yeah, we got along really well! I-I do definitely love her! M-Marriage is a little too soon!"

Karura tightened her fist into a ball and shook it, she relented and sighed, "Just don't break her heart like that Nara. If you do, I don't care if you are the strongest Shinobi around! I'll kick your ass back to that other world and back here!" She began to stomp away leaving hot sand in her footsteps.

Naruto looked at Gaara and Kankuro as comical tears went down his cheeks, "Mothers are so scary!"

Gaara nodded his head, "I know…" But a smile formed on his face.

Kankuro didn't even have to argue, "Honestly Temari is already scary as hell, I don't know how you deal with her. She's like a raging windstorm when she's on her period."

The room dropped a few degrees.

"WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT!" Kankuro shouted as he stomped his foot into the ground.

"Oh… what was that dear brother? About me being a raging windstorm." Said Temari as she sat up from the bed holding her fan.

Who knows when she got that.

Gaara and Naruto both gave Kankuro a salute and then clapped their hands together praying for Kankuro. Hopefully, the Shinigami would be forgiving this time, "HEY! D-DON'T YOU TWO GO KILLING ME OFF! NOW! RIGHT?! RIGHT?! AUTHOR-SAN! EDITOR-NII! DON'T KILL ME! PLEASE!" Kankuro began to pray to the ceiling.

SoP: "You're on your own man sorry."

Silence: "Good luck"

"FUCK!" Kankuro shouted as Temari ran at him with her fan raised up in the air.

Little Later

Naruto found himself lying in Temari's bed as she snuggled close to him, "I wish this day never ends." Temari took a deep breath taking in Naruto's scent, he smelled like ramen. Not overpowering or unbearable, but just right.

Naruto smiled as he wrapped an arm around her, "I know, I'm glad you're with me Temari-chan… my Nojiko." Temari blushed and smiled as she pushed herself off of the bed with her hands and crawled up to Naruto to be eye level. Before Naruto knew it, he found Temari kissing him, and he kissed back holding his newest pawn close.

The two had a small heated make-out session and she slowly broke the kiss. She licked her lips and smiled, "I'm glad to be joining you on this new journey, do we leave tomorrow?" Temari asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I plan on going back. We've been gone long enough, but don't worry. Coming back and forth is super easy. It's not a hard trip." Naruto moved his hand which gently moved some of Temari's hair out of her face, "So, coming back to see your Kaa-san won't be a problem. Besides, Houmi-chan, the Lady Phenex of the Phenex clan hasn't seen me in a long time. I have no doubt she is worried about me. I know my Kaa-san and Tou-san said that they're actually going to stay here. When I need them, they're going to come with Tsunade-Baa-chan and Ero-Sennin."

Temari wondered how Naruto would feel about the harem he currently has, "I see… well that's okay, but do you think you can handle all of us?"

Naruto scratched his cheek sheepishly, "I've thought about that before, and I know I can do it. You're all precious to me, you girls are part of my family now. My peerage, so, I'll make sure you're treated well."

"I know…" Temari's face began to flush red as she asked, "So… have you had sex yet?"

Naruto swallowed the lump in his throat and said, "Y-Yeah… I helped Maruyama unlock the next level of her sacred gear. I had to really push her to the point where her emotions helped get her to the next stage. So, I spent the night with her." Temari nodded her head as she leaned in and began to kiss Naruto again. She moved down and began to kiss his neck and Naruto could feel "little" Naruto wake up.

Temari was a tad bit upset that she wouldn't be Naruto's first. She knew the chance was slim, but she wanted to hold onto some hope. It might have been silly to think about, "I see… I was just curious is all. I'm not ready just yet, but I hope you find my body attractive."

Naruto gave her a sarcastic look, "Attractive? Hell, yeah, I do! I'd be an idiot if I didn't." Naruto flicked her forehead causing her to puff her cheeks out at him, "You're my Temari, my Nojiko, I don't care if you have a good body or not. I started loving your soul, not you just for your body, baka." Temari only blushed as she sank deeper into Naruto's grip.

"Goodnight, Naruto… I love you." Temari looked away, finding herself staring into Naruto's chest.

"I love you too." Naruto kissed her forehead as he wrapped his arms around Temari.

Next-Day *Hokage Office*

"So, it sounds like this is it huh?" Minato said with a smile on his face, "Guess when you need us, we'll come to your aid."

"Yeah! I can't wait! I'm going to be dropping in once in a while too. This time I'll come back with you Naruto!" Kushina chirped happily, she was going to get to spend more time with Naruto and get to watch him grow up.

Naruto nodded his head, "I should be fine in the other world, got all my friends with me so, everything should be good."

"That's if he stops picking up every girl he saves." Rias with a cocky tone as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Oh, come on, Rias, don't be like that. I mean… I always followed what was right." Naruto scratched his cheek sheepishly.

Rias could only relent as she shook her head. She walked over and wrapped her arms around his right arm, "That's why we all fell in love with you." Kiba stayed silent leaving himself out of that part.

"Wait, so when I do have a rating game. Who would take your place, Tou-san?" Naruto asked as he placed his hands on his hips and tilted his head.

"Well short and simple, I'll have uhhh…" Minato began to sweat a little bit, he hadn't thought of this.

Naruto then placed his arm around Rias and moved her and himself forward a bit, "I know! Rias can! I mean… she technically was a Rokudaime for a while!"

Minato smiled as he placed his hand under his chin, "Yeah… I think it could work; I mean she technically was put in charge after Tsunade-san. She did defend the village… so I really don't see why not. We could make it official; she is a Gremory Clan member too."

"W-WAIT! W-WHAT?!" Rias began to blush with some embarrassment, this was all happening way too fast!

Akeno smiled happily for her king, "Ara, ara it seems that Buchou has become Hokage now… Hokage-sama." Akeno bowed to Rias.

"Akeno!" Rias shouted at her with her cheeks flushing red.

Tsunade walked over and smiled happily placing a hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry so much Rias, you did great when I left you in charge. Not only did you defend the position of Hokage, but also defend this village. Not only that, but you also helped fight in the war, I think that earns some merit to becoming the Rokudaime Hokage."

Kakashi's only eye smiled, but he did shudder for some reason. Whatever it was, he feels like he was forced to become the Hokage in another timeline. Thank Kami for Naruto and his harem… Kakashi began to giggle perversely under his breath.

Rias smiled as she looked at everyone and saw they were serious, "Rokudaime-sama." Kakashi bowed his head. Jiraiya, Kushina, and everyone else did so. Minato and Tsuande watched as Rias earned great respect from everyone.

"I-I didn't do all that much… I didn't even run for that long." Rias twiddled her fingers together; she was thankful for the praise and respect. Just didn't expect this to happen.

"It doesn't matter." Minato stood up and walked over towards the window that looked out on the village, "You protected the village as if it was your peerage. You defended its people; you ran it properly and acted like a true leader. You are a king, are you not?"

"Yes, I am." Rias answered as Minato smiled happily towards Rias.

Minato walked to the front of the Hokage desk, "Then I don't see why you can't be declared Rokudaime Hokage, just the positions will switch between us occasionally. Anyways, I bet you guys need to head back. You've been gone from your world for quite some time. On behalf of the Elemental Nations, Rias, Rias' peerage, Naruto, and Naruto's peerage. Everyone, I thank you for your sacrifice and time for the war. Hopefully, peace can now reign."

Naruto nodded his head as he walked over towards the portal, he was ready to go. Naruto pulled out a scroll that had the giant Kanji for, portal, and Earth. Before Naruto got started, he felt Kurama return to his seal. Naruto turned his head to see Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Kiba, Akamaru, Hinata, Neji, Tenten, and Choji waving to them, "Bye Naruto! Bye, everyone!" Everyone called out, waving to Naruto.

"See you guys! Don't worry! We'll come back and visit when we can!" Naruto turned to the portal and placed the giant scroll down and opened it. Naruto shouted, Uzumaki Sealing Art: Five Elemental Portals! Like that the portal began to glow with a bright white light and everyone disappeared in a flash of yellow.

When everyone saw Naruto and the others were gone. Kakashi said, "He really is your son."

"Yeah, he is, but with that said, we have work to do. For now, it's making sure everyone is settling back in nicely after the war. For now, we have some work to do, as well as find the rest of the White Zetsus and eliminate all of them if we can." Minato ordered as everyone else shouted, 'Hai Hokage-sama!' besides Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Kushina.


Soon the group reappeared back in Houmi's mansion while a maid just so happened to be in the room, "Oh! Naruto-sama! Welcome home." The maid bowed to Naruto and then turned to Rias, "Rias-sama it's good to see you too. I'll go get Houmi-sama." The maid stood up and left.

"Well, we're here, I hope you guys adjust pretty easily. Houmi is the woman who took me in when I arrived here." Naruto smiled happily until he heard a voice speak up.

"Great! Then I can thank her for helping you out Dattebane!" Kushina's voice rang out when she gripped her fist.

Naruto turned his head, "KAA-SAN?! When did you jump in?!"

"Last second, Minato said I should join you! We can go back whenever, so it works for me! Besides! I'm sure you can show me how to do it! Then I can come back here and there easily!" Kushina smiled happily as she looked around the room, "And I get to see what this world is like!"

Naruto rubbed the temples on his head as he sighed, "Alright, well that's fine." Naruto let a raspberry out as Temari, Yugito, and Konan looked at the lavish room in awe.

"Wow… you lived here…" Yugito couldn't help but stare at the walls and furniture.

"It's so elegant… and nice." Temari looked at the nice rug that was underneath their shoes.

"Goushujin-sama what is Houmi-sama like?" Konan asked tilting her head wondering what type of woman she is.

"Ummm Konan… Naruto is fine. You don't need to be so formal with me." Naruto deadpanned when Konan called him master.

"Naruto…-sama." Konan looked away, staring at the wall with a tint of pinks on her cheeks, "He looks so much like Yahiko."

"Close enough." Naruto sighed as Rias and the others could only giggle, "Well now that we're back home. Temari, Konan, and Yugito, do you girls want to look at attending Kuoh academy?"

"Academy… you mean like our ninja academy?" Temari asked, confused along with Konan and Yugito.

Rias shook her head, "No it's a place where kids our age would go to school. We take different subjects, math, history, science, Japanese, English, and P.E classes. We do these classes to help us integrate into human society." Rias held up her phone showing everyone her class schedule, "That way if there is something we want to do in life. We can achieve it, but most of the time we devils get what we want. That or we live simple luxurious lives so, I wouldn't worry too much. The choice is up to you."

Temari liked the idea of it, "If Naruto is going to school, then I'll try it too!"

"I don't think it would hurt." Yugito smirked at the idea, it could sound fun to do so.

"Hmmm I'd rather be a teacher, I think I'm a little on the older side. Maybe… what's this physical education?" Konan asked which Rias nodded her head happily to help out.

"Yeah, I can just give my Nii-sama a call and he'll help us out." Rias took her phone out and texted her brother some information and took pictures of Konan, Yugito, and Temari. "Though, I hope some of you guys know the basics for some of these subjects. If not, then we'll just have to tutor ya. I know Naruto is plenty smart too, what rank are you sitting at Naruto?"

Naruto placed his hand on his chin and closed his eyes, "If I remembered correctly… last time it was… within the top ten in the school…."

"Yea! I'm so glad he didn't inherit my hatred for school! My son is so smart!" Kushina began to cry happily as tears flowed from her cheeks.

"Actually, that would be because of me, I'd make sure he hit those books well. If not, I'd threaten his ramen." A voice spoke up making everyone look to the side.

Naruto scratched the back of his head as he closed his right eye, "Come on Okaa-sama, don't be like that." Naruto had a light hue of pink stain on his cheeks.

Houmi only giggled as she walked over and hugged Naruto pulling him into a tight hug, "Oh Naruto, I've missed you." Houmi smiled as she placed a gentle kiss on his head. She looks up and smiles, "Oh, what's this? You found some peerage members I see; oh, they all look lovely. Oh, they're all pretty too!" Houmi then spotted Kushina which she seemed to worry about when she saw her, "Oh! You must be Kushina! Naruto's birth Kaa-san am I right?" She hoped Kushina wouldn't take Naruto away from her, she did adopt him into their family after all.

Kushina walked over happily as she said, "Sure am! As to how I'm alive, Naruto used some forbidden jutsu to revive me and Minato! Then used those evil things or whatever and revived us!" Kushina placed her hand on her arm and said, "Now I can see Naruto grow up!" This eased Houmi's mind after Kushina said that.

Houmi giggled as she placed her hand over her mouth. She smiled behind it and said, "I wonder how many grandchildren we're going to be getting."

Kushina also began to giggle as she looked at the girls in Naruto's friend group, "I have to say, they're all quite beautiful don't you think? I can't wait to see little boys and girls running around with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a mix of everyone else's hair color."

Naruto turned bright red as he said, "Okaa-sama! Kaa-san!" Naruto was being embarrassed horribly. The girls in Naruto's peerage and Rias's peerage all began to blush as well.

Houmi was glad Naruto was doing better and was happier, but she had to get down to business, "Well that was fun, but we need to get serious." Houmi sighed, which gained Naruto's and Rias's attention, "Rias, we have some problems in the area. Since you guys have been gone, we've had some visitors that we've been taking care of. There have been issues dealing with the fallen angels who broke off from the Grigori. They're trying to gather all the holy sword Excaliburs and fuse them together into one."

Rias's eyes narrowed as she said, "Okay… so what's been the issue?"

"Well, it's simple really, I feel like it will be involving us soon. There have been members of the church sent by Michael to retrieve or destroy them. They want to meet with you tomorrow at school." Houmi finished as she closed her eyes and sighed, "I don't know what's going to happen, but I am worried what the Grigori and the Rogue members of the Church are going to do. Whatever it is, it can't be good."

"I see… well I'll inform Sona and we'll have a meeting about this later today. For now, let's go get everyone settled in. Which reminds me, Lady Phenex-sama is this your place, or is it Naruto's that was just renovated?" Rias was wondering, mainly because it was going to start getting crowded and she was sure Houmi would like her home. That way a home can be built for everyone to live in, if they so choose to do so.

Houmi walked over to Naruto as she walked behind him and pulled him into a hug, "This is my place; I've actually already ordered a house to be built. You can all move in once you're ready. Though I do expect you to visit Naruto, you're still my child, adopted or not."

Naruto blushed at the closed contact as he scratched his cheek, "Thanks Okaa-sama, which reminds me where is. . ."

"Naruto-Nii-sama!" Ravel came walking into the room waving to Naruto as she gave him a hug.

Kushina's eyes widened, and a sparkle appeared in her eyes, "Oh so cute! You have an adopted Imouto!"

"Huh? Who are you?" Ravel looked at this woman confused.

Naruto walked over and placed a hand on Ravel's head, "Ravel, this is my birth Kaa-san Kushina Uzumaki, she's part of my peerage along with my Tou-san, Minato Namikaze. Some of them are currently at the Elemental Nations but traveling back and forth is no issue. So, they'll be here for rating games when needed." Naruto smiled, happy to see Ravel.

Ravel respectfully bowed to Kushina, she was very pretty, "It's a pleasure to meet you Uzumaki-sama." Ravel had a happy smile on her face, she was excited to meet Naruto's mother.

Kushina cooed at Ravel, "Oh she's adorable! No need to be so formal! You can call me Okaa-san! Or Kushina-Kaa-san! How old are you Ravel?" Kushina pulled the teen into a hug.

Houmi giggled as Ravel blushed at the sudden close contact, "Uhh I'm fifteen right now, I'm actually going to be attending Kuoh Academy to be together with Naruto-Nii-sama."

"Awww how adorable! Trying to be close to my Naruto!" Kushina teased the two causing Ravel to blush up a storm.

Ravel's spiral hair seemed to deflate in response to her emotions and said, "W-Well… Naruto-Nii-sama… is my fiancé."

Kushina stood there smiling and didn't move or say anything. Kushina with her happy smile had a vein bulge appear on her forehead. Kushina slowly turned to Naruto with her smile still on her face, "Naruto…" Kushina dropped her smile keeping a monotone voice, "Your harem is already very large…" Kushina placed a finger on Naruto's chest, "If you break any of these girl's hearts… I don't even care if you are my son… I will break you."

"Y-Yes! I-I know that!" Naruto was sweating and Kiba could only smile and chuckle. Though he did look off to the side with an upset look on his face. He took a deep breath and relaxed just like how Naruto told him. Naruto predicted that the Holy Sword project was going to come back and Kiba would have to face it. Naruto just sighed as he shook his head, "Anyways, we should all move into the new place and begin settling in. We have school tomorrow, so for now you girls will probably have to stay at home with Kaa-san until I call for you. Then we can have our meeting with the people from the church."

"Agreed, I'd already received a notification from Sona about the matter. So, we'll meet with them tomorrow." Rias nodded her head as she tucked her phone away. Rias turned to Houmi and bowed, "Thank you again Lady Phenex-sama. We'll take our leave."

Like that everyone began to file out of the house and make their way towards their new place. Naruto also found the ramen store he had opened. He smirked at it to see Whirlpool Bowl running very well. There were lots of people going in and out and Naruto saw the workers, which were Jiraiya, Kakashi, Guy, Hiruzen, and a few others. Kushina shouted, "YOU GOT YOUR OWN RAMEN BUSINESS! WE'RE GOING THERE FOR DINNER DATTEBANE!" Everyone just stared at Kushina as she blushed a bit, "Sorry, it's a habit. It happens when I get excited."

Naruto just shook his head and chuckled, "Let's get to the new place, I'll set up a portal there so you can travel between Konoha and the new house." Naruto was glad he set up seals appropriately, so his clones kept running the business. With the amount of business the place was having, Naruto wouldn't have to worry about money for a very long time. Not only that, but he'll be marrying into wealthy families already.

Soon the group made their way towards the new home. Everyone excitedly began to explore the ten-story house. Naruto only deadpanned, "I think they went a little overboard." "I'll say it's quite extra if you ask me, I think our place back at the ramen shop wasn't too shabby." Naruto then made a funny face, "Where the hell have you been? You've been like MIA for at least a good three or four days." "You asked kit." Kurama began to go on a rant talking about his relationship with Matatabi. Naruto only facepalmed, "Aren't you all siblings…" "I guess if you mortals want to call it that. To us animals, we're animals and we mate. It doesn't matter who it is, I don't see the big reason." "J-just stop talking… that's weird already as is." "Look who's talking, Mr. I'm marrying my stepsister." "S-SHUT UP! I-It's not like that!" Kurama retorted, "Uhhh yeah it is, Houmi adopted you idiot and Ravel is your stepsister and Riser as your stepbrother. But hey, you're at least not related by blood, right?" Naruto decided to shut up, he was fighting an uphill battle.

After they all finished exploring the house, Naruto already took everyone's orders and teleported to the shop to have his clones fill in the order. Once Naruto made sure the orders were right, he teleported back home and gave everyone their dinner. Once dinner was eaten, everyone retired to their rooms for the night.

When I mean retire to their rooms…

Naruto found his bed a little crowded, "HEY! It's my turn to sleep next to Naruto!" Rias shouted angrily.

"Ara, who cares who's turn it is! I got here first." Akeno smiled as she laid her head on Naruto's shoulder.

"This is going to be such a pain!" Temari said angrily as she rested near Naruto's leg.

"Move over Emo." Koneko said looking at Konan with a monotone voice as she laid on Naruto's stomach.

Konan was lying next to Naruto's left leg, "You don't need to lay on top of Naruto-sama like that."

"Mou no fair! I want to lay next to Naruto!" Asia said as she pouted.

"Ummm this is going to be a bit tight… and annoying." Murayama stood there in her underwear letting out a sigh.

Naruto laid there as he felt his eyes sink into his skull. He couldn't believe they were all fighting over this. He understood they each wanted to sleep with him, but there had to be an order he'd sleep with them, "W-What… what is going on here!" Naruto lifted his head up to see a surprised Ravel standing at the entrance of his room in her pink pajamas.

Naruto laid his head back and sigh and Naruto closed his eyes and let a sigh out, "Everyone we need to change things." Naruto sat up as he looked at Rias, "Rias… Asia… Murayama… Ravel. Get in bed, tomorrow we'll get an order to things on sleeping arrangements." Naruto looked at Temari, Konan, Akeno, and Koneko who looked at him upset. Naruto closed his eyes, "I need to put my foot down this time, I'll sleep with you all tomorrow." Naruto created enough shadow clones for the rest to seep with. Though Naruto could clearly feel the angry aura radiate off of Temari, Konan, Koneko, and Akeno.

Before everyone left and Koneko got off of Naruto she placed a kiss on his lips, "Baka-Senpai." Koneko hopped out of bed and left through the door.

Naruto just sighed as he rested his head back on the bed, "… I feel like an asshole."

Rias and the others crawled into bed and Rias now felt bad, "Sorry… I guess I was being selfish huh."

"Yeah… we all want you… guess it isn't that easy for a harem huh." Murayama felt bad as she rubbed her hand on her bicep.

"I hope… I didn't mess anything up." Ravel said her hair seemed to deflate with her emotion.

"I feel bad too… I didn't mean to be selfish." Asia was stopped when Naruto placed a hand on her head.

"No, you both did nothing wrong. This was something I probably should have thought of." Naruto rubbed her head helping her perk up a bit, "Let's head to bed, I'm tired."


Naruto woke up and found himself surrounded by the girls from last night. Naruto was being snuggled into by Rias, Murayama, Ravel, and Asia. Naruto created a shadow clone and substituted himself with one. Naruto then put some clothes on and made his way to the kitchen. When Naruto got downstairs, he found Konan, Akeno, Koneko, and Temari glaring at him. The four stared at him upset. Naruto rubbed the back of his head as he sighed, "I had to make a choice last night and that wasn't easy. But we needed to get to sleep, I hope you all can understand." Naruto began to go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Konan sighed as she said, "Naruto-sama is not to be blamed, if anything we should be. We all got greedy, and we couldn't even talk about this like adults."

Koneko relented and decided to let the grudge go, "We shouldn't be forcing Naruto-senpai to choose who he wants to sleep with."

Akeno giggled, "It doesn't matter, me being able to steal Naruto from you makes it feel like we're cheating." Akeno felt her body heat up.

"Pervert." Koneko stared blankly at Akeno.

Temari decided to drop it, "Yeah… you're right I just… I wanted to sleep with Naruto…" Temari puffed her cheeks out, "Honestly… I wanted to sleep with him alone."

Naruto came walking over to the table and placed some pancakes down, "Yes, I know but you want Temari. We'd have to do this interchangeably. I'd be happy to sleep with you by yourself if you want." Naruto then placed a kiss on top of her head, "We just need to."

"Naruto…" Naruto turned his head to see Rias and the others out of bed, "Get dressed and begin making your way to school. Us girls need to talk."

"Ummm sure… then." Naruto turned to them and said, "There are more pancakes in the kitchen and some are still going."

"I'll take care of that." Asia reached up and kissed Naruto on the lips.

Naruto was still getting used to this, "Why are you all so… forward now?" Naruto looked at them all confused.

"Why do you think?" Temari raised an eyebrow which Naruto felt kinda stupid, "Guess they're all trying to sleep with me… hey where is Yugito."

*YAWN*! "Why are you all so loud this morning?" Yugito rubbed her eyes, "What's going on… why did you wake me up?"

Murayama sighed and placed her hand on her hips, "To talk about sleeping arrangements with Naruto."

"Wait… s-sleeping with Naruto?! Already?!" Yugito began blushing up a storm.

"You're a little slow… aren't you Yugito-san." Akeno giggled, earning a glaring pout from her.

"Hey! I actually went to bed in my own bed last night! Where were you all?!" Yugito looked at them trying to turn the interrogation on them.

"Trying to sleep with Naruto-senpai." Koneko blankly added as Yugito stared at her surprised.

"YOU look like a child!" Yugito shouted, confused by this, "IS NARUTO A LOLICON?!" "No kitten, that kitten over there just has a small body is all. She's 15 from what Kurama has told me." "HOW?!"

Koneko had a smirk appear on her face, "Stop being such a pansy about this, Naruto is used to this by now. Come on Yugito, grow up."

Yugito snapped, "THAT LITTLE!"

"That's my que to leave." Naruto felt the air tensing up and Naruto returned to his room. Naruto got his clothes on, grabbed his book bag, and jumped out the window. Naruto went back to school for the first time in a long time.

After school

Everyone was in the club room as Rias was leaning in front of her desk. She waited as Akeno came walking back into the club room. Naruto was also there with his peerage. Yugito, Konan, Temari, Ravel, and his mother were there. Naruto heard from Rias that Sona said their names were Irina and Xenovia.

Soon the doors opened, Irina and Xenovia came walking in with their holy weapons on them. Naruto stood off to the side of the room while near Asia and Koneko. Kiba was on the opposite side of the room. Naruto saw the glare of anger in Kiba's face, Naruto said nothing as he stayed quiet. That's when Kiba's face then turned back to neutrality as he began to remember what revenge can drive him down. "Rias Gremory, it's a pleasure to meet you." Xenovia said with not much care.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too." Rias added with a smile on her face, "Anyways enough of chewing the rag, let's get to business first."

"Well, we came here to ask you to stay out of our business." Xenovia blatantly stated, her tone however almost seemed hostile. Xenovia continued, "Which means if you get in our way, we will eliminate you."

Well, there goes the polite way.

"Hmm? That sounds like a threat." Rias raised an eyebrow as the room grew tense.

"Xenovia relax, come on! We should try to be civil about this even if they're devils." Irina put her hands in a prayer pose, "Oh lord! Please have mercy on these sinners!" Irina prayed for them all as they all flinched in pain. However, Naruto stood there with no ill effect from Irina's prayers for him. Irina and Xenovia both coughed it up to Naruto being able to handle the prayer from holy members of the church.

"Well anyway since you're going to be in my territory. I'd like to ask why you're here exactly." Rias asked, she had a right to know why they were here.

"Well, it's simple, not long ago some fallen angels stole the fragments of Excalibur. We are here to retrieve them." Xenovia explained as Naruto spoke up.

"Kokabeil? I'm pretty sure it's been Kokabeil pulling the strings. The fallen angels that killed us try to attack us again. I took care of them by sending them back to the current governor of the fallen angels. However, Kokabeil has been silent so it's a possibility." Naruto stood up from the wall walking next to Rias, "He's strong, stronger than you two combined."

"How do you know about Kokabeil?" Rias and the others looked at Naruto, surprised by his answer.

"It's not hard to figure it out when you really think of it. Raynare and her posse?" Naruto raised an eyebrow using his hand as gestures to explain his reasoning, "Besides, Houmi informed me of some of the survivors of the war. I know Kokabeil, a warmonger, is one of them."

"Hmp! We don't need your concern! We're only doing what Kami-sama has asked of us! We shall do it even if it kills us." Xenovia turned her head away, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Just having Kami-sama on your side doesn't mean anything. You're running into this half-cocked, by the energy your weapons are giving off. I assume those are pieces of Excalibur as well?" Naruto asked as he crossed his own arms as he continued to stare intently in Xenovia's eyes, never looking away or even blinking.

Xenovia felt Naruto's cold stare which made her hands clam up, "W-We can do this j-just fine without your help! Just stay out of our way." Xenovia and Irina prepared to leave turning away until Xenovia saw Asia, "You… are you Asia Argento the witch?"

Asia's eyes widened, Naruto walked over and said, "Hey! Leave Asia alone!" Naruto clearly could see that they were upsetting Asia.

"No… it's okay Naruto." Asia quickly answered away from Naruto's protection, "Yes… yes, I am Asia Argento."

"Hmp… how ironic a woman that fell from grace who was once considered a saint." Xenovia scoffed, "To think you'd fall so low to become a devil. How disgusting? Did you forsake your love for Kami-sama?"

Asia shook her head, "No! In fact, I still believe in him, I still think he is out there. He's happy with the choices I make. Yes, I'm a devil… but I don't regret my decision. I've made so many friends, people I consider family. Even if I can't pray, read a bible, or do other things, I've done my best to keep believing in him." Asia was sincere and clearly wasn't lying.

"Oh, so you do still believe in him, that's amazing! Didn't think devils could still believe like that!" Irina said surprised.

"If you're still a believer in Kami-sama then." Xenovia drew her sword pointing it at Asia, "You shall let me kill you here in his name, that way he would forgive your sins." Naruto jumped in front of the blade protecting Asia.

Just then Xenovia felt a piece of cold hard steel, "You move one more inch, you won't be breathing for much longer." Naruto's shadow clone stated coldly with his kunai to Xenovia's throat, just centimeters away from her jugular. Another kunai was also being pressed towards the lower spine as well.

"He's so quick… I didn't even sense or see him move!" Xenovia shouted in her mind as she lowered her weapon, "You're stronger than you lead onto." Irina was surprised as well.

"Naruto… stand down." Rias called out as Naruto quickly put away his kunais and dispelled his shadow clone. He moved next to Rias using the body flicker movement, "I'll leave you with a warning, you may do as you wish as long as you don't threaten or harm my servants again. Do that again, and there will be an issue, understand?"

"Fine as you wish… but I do ask to test my skills against him." Xenovia turned to Naruto with Irina looking a bit worried, "You're faster than the average reincarnate devil, there is no reason to take this to the higher-ups, a friendly spar perhaps?"

"I'm not a recently reincarnated devil. I have been one for quite a while now, I'm 18." Naruto added as he looked at Kiba. Kiba closed his eyes and stayed quiet. Naruto looked at them and said, "I'll take you both on if you want, everyone else stay out of this." Naruto began to walk towards the outside as Rias let out a sigh.

Xenovia smirked, a fight between her and Naruto would be interesting. She wanted to see how Naruto was so fast as a reincarnate. Typically, they're weak, rarely do any of them get that powerful. Naruto walked out in the courtyard with a kunai in hand. Irina and Xenovia both walked up as Irina equipped her Excalibur mimic and Xenovia Excalibur Destruction.

Naruto stood with a first-class swordsman stance, "I'm ready when you are." Naruto said stoically.

Irina and Xenovia were a tag team, they knew how to fight well together. The two quickly dashed forward as Xenovia brought the sword up and swung down vertically at Naruto. Naruto simply dodged and blocked Irina's flank trying to hit his blind spot. However, Naruto knew one of them would go for it. So, he didn't even need to turn his head, all he did was bring his kunai up and block her horizontal slash. Naruto stated, "Too slow." Naruto disappeared from the middle of them as they regained their composure.

Irina was shocked, "Naruto is really strong…" Irina held her sword up ready for Naruto to appear.

Xenovia suddenly had alarms going off in her head as she quickly dodged. She ducked to the side as Naruto's kunai nicked her cheek. Xenovia slammed her feet into the ground as she held up her sword, "Impressive… I didn't even sense the danger until you were close."

"Tickled me impressed. I kept my presence hidden. Surprised you even sensed it, then again a member of the church should be able to sense devils am I right?" Naruto asked as he pointed his kunai at Xenovia.

"Yes, we are, it's quite easy to tell the difference between the magic. However, you seem to be different from the others." Xenovia readied herself as she took a few deep breaths.

"Xenovia you alright?" Irina asked as her Excalibur Mimic took the shape of a katana like Naruto's.

"Let's go!" The two rushed forward faster than they were before. Naruto was surprised at the speed the two possessed. It seems they were on the same level of Naruto's, the two began to swing their swords at Naruto keeping him on his feet. Naruto dodged a strike from Xenovia, and he went to strike back. However, Irina was quick enough this time and forced him to back up. Naruto was impressed by their swordplay; it would have given Sasuke a good time.

However, …

Just then Naruto seemed to make a mistake, Irina and Xenovia both slashed the sides of Naruto. Naruto's eyes widened as Xenovia smirked, but Irina had a worried look on her face for Naruto. He may be a devil, but something was also telling her he was a really good person. As well as someone not to be trifled with. However, the two went wide eye when Naruto suddenly burst apart in a murder of crows surprising the two. As Naruto was performing the genjutsu he mentally said, "Thanks Itachi, I'll make sure to put these to good use." Naruto might have gained more than just the Totsuka Blade and the Yata Mirror from Itachi.

Irina and Xenovia began to frantically look around for their target. However, he was nowhere to be seen, "Where are you? You coward!?" Xenovia shouted.

"What are you talking about, I'm right here." Naruto spoke out as everyone looked towards the tree nearby. Naruto was sitting in the tree with a calm and collected look on his face. He was sitting on a branch with his legs hanging off of the branch. He had one leg up resting his foot on the branch and allowed his chin to rest on his knee while he kept his leg close to his chest, "It seems you've taken out my crow clone, everyone else struggled to take a clone out too. So don't feel too bad." Naruto knew their strength and speed were impressive along with their endurance as well.

"Get over here!" Xenovia held up her sword angrily, she couldn't be humiliated by a devil!

"Wait Xenovia we need to." Irina was cut off when Xenovia charged forward at Naruto as she appeared in front of him.

Before anything else was said or done Naruto said, "Too slow… besides, I already won." Naruto's eyes morphed into the Sharingan as he cast a genjutsu which knocked Xenovia out instantly.

Irina saw Naruto's eyes change into the Sharingan as Xenovia fell to the ground. Irina saw that Naruto didn't even move a muscle. All he did was look at Xenovia with that weird eye pattern. Xenovia just fell to the ground and passed out, Naruto hopped down and created a clone that carried Xenovia over. He walked over and gently picked up Excalibur Destruction.

What happened next shocked Irina as her eyes widened along with Rias and the others. Excalibur Destruction began to glow as holy magic began to flow into Naruto, "Wait Naruto drop the sword you could die if the holy magic gets into you!" Rias stopped as Naruto held the sword no problem, Rias was very surprised by this.

"Huh… this is an Excalibur? I can definitely feel the power from within." Naruto was impressed by the weapon as he swung it a couple of times feeling the holy power run through his veins. Naruto looked at Rias and her peerage confused, "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong?! You're holding a holy sword?" Rias shouted at Naruto completely flabbergasted.

"What?" Naruto looked at his hand confused; Naruto's peerage looked at Rias confused waiting for an answer.

Ravel had her hand over her mouth, "To keep it short and simple, holy magic complexly destroys devils. It weakens them severally and could easily kill them. It can even stop the Phenex's regeneration completely! Only Maous could handle the light in Heaven, but to even hold a holy relic like that would be very difficult."

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