More than Meets the Eye

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Last Chapter

What happened next shocked Irina as her eyes widened along with Rias and the others. Excalibur Destruction began to glow as holy magic began to flow into Naruto, "Wait Naruto drop the sword you could die if the holy magic gets into you!" Rias stopped as Naruto held the sword no problem, Rias was very surprised by this.

"Huh… this is an Excalibur? I can feel the power from within." Naruto was impressed by the weapon as he swung it a couple of times feeling the holy power run through his veins. Naruto looked at Rias and her peerage confused, "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong?! You're holding a holy sword?" Rias shouted at Naruto, completely flabbergasted.

"What?" Naruto looked at his hand confused; Naruto's peerage looked at Rias confused waiting for an answer.

Ravel had her hand over her mouth, "To keep it short and simple, holy magic complexly destroys devils. It weakens them severely and could easily kill them. It can even stop the Phenex's regeneration completely! Only Maous could handle the light in Heaven, but to even hold a holy relic like that would be very difficult."

This Chapter

"Now that we got this out of the way. Why don't I help you out here? I'm willing to offer the services of the Phenex Clan to help your endeavors?" Naruto handed Excalibur Destruction to Xenovia.

Xenovia took the sword and wrapped it back up, placing it on her back. Both Xenovia and Irina looked at Naruto. It was an interesting offer, "What do you gain from helping us?" Xenovia asked cautiously.

"Stopping the weapon you call Excalibur from falling into the wrong hands." Naruto closed his eyes and sighed placing his hands on his hip, "Naruto stood front and center in front of Xenovia, Naruto knew how she ticked, "I Phenex Naruto voucher for me and my peerage's help. If anyone so much as steps out of line, does the wrong move, does something to the church property. Whether it's an accident or not, I will take full responsibility."

"Naruto!" Rias and Murayama shouted; they were shocked to hear Naruto say something like this.

Naruto turned to Rias and Murayama, "I'm sorry Rias, as your friend, as everyone's friend. I aim to make the right choices; I ask you to trust me this time." Naruto stood back up as Xenovia and Irina looked at Naruto's power that dwelled within him, "Let us help, if anything goes wrong. You can take any and proper punishment needed, even if it results in my death."

Xenovia could accept this, Naruto was a soldier, someone she could relate to, "I get it now; I understand your words. Devoted to one's master even if it means defying them, I can respect that." Xenovia rested Excalibur Destruction on her shoulder.

"Great then! I got spare rooms you two can stay in." Naruto had a big grin appear on his face, "Come on let's go, I'll prepare some take out from Whirlpool Bowl." Naruto smacks his lips thinking about the ramen.

"Wait, we never agreed to stay at a devil's house and eat their food!" Xenovia stammered out, she didn't want to stay at a devil's place.

"Keep talking, otherwise you won't be able to even retrieve them on an empty stomach." Naruto began to walk into the distance as Xenovia and Irina saw everyone's mouths begin to water. They were pretty hungry and currently had no money. Kiba, who was off to the side, shook his head and sighed, "Naruto… how do you do these things, you're so much of a better person to Rias than I am." Kiba decided to swallow his past and join everyone. Xenovia most of all begrudgingly agreed with Irina happily accepting the offer. Irina did not think that Naruto was a cook!

*Naruto's House*

Everyone was around at the dinner table and Naruto was there with everyone. That meant Minato, Kushina, Tsuande, Jiraiya, and Kakashi were there. Xenovia and Irina felt completely outnumbered by the number of devils that were under one roof. Xenovia could feel the power coming off of Naruto's peerage members, mainly the older ones, "Well since I have everyone here, Tou-san we have a holy sword problem. There is a rogue group of people from the church who are conspiring with rogue members of the Fallen Angels. They're planning on fusing all the holy swords back together to recreate the original Excalibur."

Minato placed his hand on his chin, "I see… so everyone here is pitching in or what?"

"Well, that's the thing, I'd rather stay out of it." Rias looked at Naruto and the others and relented, "Though, I feel inclined to help him out, that's if he does anything stupid to get himself into trouble."

"Amen sister." Temari waved her hand agreeably as Naruto hung his head. The other giggled at the small joke jabbed at Naruto.

Kushina giggled especially, "Well I see you have everything handled here, thought out." Kushina looked at Minato and the two nodded their heads.

Minato placed both of his elbows on the table and placed his chin on his folded hands, "Well, Kushina here will stay here for the foreseeable future. I'll be visiting here and there."

Naruto tilted his head confused, "What do you mean by that?"

"Well." Minato rubbed the back of his head, "As of right now there are peace negotiations throughout the five major villages, as well as the smaller villages too."

"That's great!" Naruto noticed something off from the way his father spoke, "Something wrong?"

Minato shook his head, "Nothing that Jiraiya-sensei, Kakashi, and I can't handle." Minato shook his head, "There's just been a lot of rebelling people and small bands of bandits. Not only that but someone is trying to rebuild Gato's shipping business. However, we're going to take charge of that and fix it too. Nothing for you to worry about, the reason I want Kushina here is to. . . well. . ." Minato's eyes looked to Kushina who rubbed her belly.

"It's only been about a week or so… but let's just say you're going to be a big brother in nine months." Kushina giggled as Naruto's eyes widened with stars and Tsuande smiled.

Tsunade placed her hand on her forehead, "Yeah, not even a few months of being alive and they go at it like rabbits. Kids these days have no self-control." Tsunade shook her head until Naruto noticed a perverted grin on Jiraiya's face.

"Oh, Tsunade-Hime you are not one to be talking." Jiraiya stated proudly as he puffed his chest out and wrapped an arm around Tsunade.

"So, you've been a virgin this entire time." Naruto flatly stated as Jiraiya fell out of his chair comically. Everyone began to laugh uncontrollably while Xenovia stared pretty quietly about it, but she found Irina even laughing.

Jiraiya shot back to his feet as Tsunade had a tint of pink stain her cheeks, "Y-You s-stupid pervert! S-Shut up!"

"You little brat! Who are you to talk! You're still a virgin!" Jiraiya shouted as pointing at Naruto angrily. Naruto only smirked at him, "Right… right…" Jiraiya hung his head in defeat.

Naruto had a smirk on his face, "Too little too late Ero-Sennin, sent that card out a while ago." Naruto chuckled as Murayama began to turn beat red staying silent.

Jiraiya's face twisted into shock along with Tsuande and Kushina, "YOU WHAT?!" Jiraiya couldn't believe he missed this!

"Naruto." Naruto turned his head to Temari who was currently standing next to him. Naruto began to sweat as he saw a cold aura behind Temari, "STOP TALKING ABOUT PERVERTED STUFF!" Temari smacked him upside the head.

Naruto sat there as he nodded his head, he noticed Xenovia's and Irina's confusion on their faces. Naruto bowed his head a bit, "Itai! Sorry about that, got a little carried away." Naruto first coughed into his hand and then turned to his mother and father, "I can't wait!" Naruto jumped out of his chair and ran over to his mother. He knelt next to her and placed his head by her stomach, "So… there's a little sister or… brother in there?" Naruto asked with a bright smile on his face.

Kushina placed a hand on her son's head and smiled, "Yeah there is, I know you'll be a great Onii-chan or Nii-chan to whoever we have."

Rias giggled as she added, "Just don't turn out like my Onii-sama please."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "Well anyways." Naruto stood up and coughed into his hands. He walked back to his seat, "Well since we're all here, I'll inform you all further on Kokabiel but I'm sure he won't be too hard to take care of."

Minato sat up straight and looked towards Xenovia and Irina, "Alright then, let's get down to business. You two are members of the church, is there any information you can provide to us on the holy weapons as well as on Kokabiel?"

Next Day

Everyone was currently at school as Xenovia, and Irina was instructed to stay at the Uzumaki residence. Irina and Xenovia were anxious since they were told to stay until Kokabiel made his move. Majorly it was Minato's idea to have Xenovia and Irina stay where they were until everyone got home from school. Kokabiel and his men would be looking for Irina and Xenovia for their Holy Swords. Kushina just walked out not too long ago with Tsunade to go grocery shopping. Since there were more mouths last night to feed, Naruto, Kushina, and Asia cooked more than usual.

It was about four hours since everyone went to school and Tsunade and Kushina about an hour since they left. Xenovia shot to her feet, "I can't stand it anymore! We can't just stay here! Who knows how many more of our brethren are being slaughtered! We need to do something!"

Irina began to sweat a bit, "Xenovia, I think they have the right intentions. Besides, I think this is a fine time to think of a strategy…"

She was already out the door.

Irina's head dipped to the side and down, "Xenovia! Wait up!" The brunette twin tails ran after her friend.

The two quickly found themselves in town, "So… what are we exactly looking for?"

Xenovia stopped and paused for a moment, "I haven't entirely thought of that just yet. I'm not too sure on what to do."

Just then two arms reached out from behind them. The two were suddenly pulled together with their cheeks up against something. The two turned their heads to find their cheeks up against whisker marks, "So, what are you two doing hmmm? Snuck out of the house I see? What did you plan on doing?"

Naruto then released them, "Wait… how are you here? I thought you were at school?" Irina looked at Naruto confused.

Uzumaki Residence

Ravel came walking in from the kitchen, "Irina-san, Xenovia-san! I made some sweets if…." Ravel's eyes widen as she began to panic, "Ahhhh! Where did the two go?! Oh no! What do I…"

Ravel found herself in the hold of a certain blonde with whiskers, "Naruto? What are you doing here?"

Naruto smirked as he said, "Well I might have sent a shadow clone to take my place in school. Don't worry he won't pop so easily." Naruto waved it off, "Now… What were you saying about sweets?"

"W-Wait… Xenovia and Irina they're." Ravel was cut off when Naruto patted her head and smiled. Ravel began to blush at the close contact with Naruto.

"Don't worry so much, I know where they are. I was watching the entire time… until I fell asleep." Naruto chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "I was just well hidden is all. Anyways, let's try those sweets. Then I'll go get them."

Back with Naruto

"Now I'm here." Naruto took a bite of a cookie that Ravel made.

"Oh… well…" Irina didn't know what to say, she was worried Naruto would get mad. The two knew that Naruto was the strongest in his peerage and stronger than Rias and her peerage.

"We couldn't stay still and relax; we need to do something." Xenovia added with a monotone voice, but Naruto would hear the seriousness in her voice.

Naruto had a smile appear across his face as he said, "Okay then, let's do something." Naruto grabbed Xenovia and Irina's hands. The two looked at the blonde confused as he dragged them along.

The three eventually stopped in front of an anime store, "Rias likes anime a lot, I don't know about you guys. This is a typical culture here… at least from my knowledge. Though not all girls are into this type of stuff. That or it's shopping or well… shopping, you have to try to find your hobbies."

Irina scratched her head, "Well… our hobbies are praying to god, going to mass, and-"

Naruto put a finger to her mouth stopping her, "Is there anything besides all that stuff? I mean like, writing, reading, doing arts and crafts or something? Something you enjoy doing personally."

Xenovia then blatantly said, "Like slaying devils."

Naruto deadpanned looking at the bluenette, "Okay kill joy just be like that." Naruto let out a sigh as he tried to think of something, "I know come on if anime hasn't piqued your interest how about arcade games?" Like that Naruto began to drag them to other places, okay maybe it was just Xenovia rather than Irina. Irina decided to go along with what Naruto had in store for them. It didn't hurt to relax and be themselves.

Soon Naruto took the girls into the arcade area and bought tokens for the girls to use on games, "So, take your pick? Anything that interests you?"

Xenovia scanned the area until she saw a machine that looked like it had a hilt. She walked over and picked it up. She drew a blue lightsaber from the game machine, "What is this? Looks like a sword."

"Ahhh Star Wars, surprisingly Koneko is into that type of stuff." Naruto placed his hand on his hips, "An anime abridged series."

"Is this a sword fighting game?" Xenovia asked curiously as she saw the demo playing where she was dueling Darth Vader.

"Yes, it's a two-person player too." Naruto gestured for Irina to pick a lightsaber up.

The two picked different color sabers, Xenovia blue, and Irina green. Naruto placed in three coins and hit play for the two. Xenovia squinted, "So… who are all these characters?"

"Just people from the movies and cartoons, now all you have to do is choose who you want. You'll be fighting Darth Vader." Naruto smirked as he watched Xenovia pick Obi-Wan Kenobi and Irina choose Ahsoka.

Then Xenovia hit play as the two began to fight Darth Vader and his apprentices. Though Naruto began to deadpan when Xenovia began to swing the lightsaber like her Excalibur Destruction. Irina began doing flips along with Xenovia following suit. Everyone watched in awe as the girls jumped and bounced around even though their characters didn't jump with them. Though Naruto had to poke some people in the eyes, making sure to make shadow clones henge into random people. Didn't want guys ogling the girls, they were pretty unaware of how big their assets were. While their outfits did very little to hide their curvaceous figures.

Before Naruto knew it, they were on the final stage where the girls had already beaten the record for the game. Naruto could only sigh as Xenovia, and Irina was really into the fight. There was even an instance when Xenovia and Irina knocked two guys out. The two guys tried to get closer to get a better look but ended up getting whacked in the face with the saber. Naruto simply dragged them over to the side and propped them up against the wall. It was rather entertaining to see two church girls dueling with an evil NPC character.

It revved them up even more when Naruto told them that Darth Vader used to be one of the good guys.

Soon the game ended with the two church servants beating the game and earning the new high score. Tickets began to spit out awarding them for their win. Irina and Xenovia began to cheer as they hooked their hands together and shook them, "We once again vanquished evil!"

"Kami-sama will prevail through all!" Irina chirped in unison with Xenovia.

Everyone just stared at the two wondering if they were serious.

Naruto took them to more games like the claw machine. Which Xenovia and Irina both struggled to even figure out. Xenovia got so mad she even lifted the machine to throw it. Naruto had to calm her down that time. Naruto quickly played a game and got them two stuffed animals. Xenovia was given a Blue Jay, and Irina was given a brown rabbit. Naruto had to make their way out, but not before cashing out those tickets. Naruto traded the tickets in for a Goku and Izuku Midoriya statue. At least Rias and Murayama won't be too mad at him.

Once out of the arcade area Naruto asked, "So, how was the place, did you two like it?"

Irina smirked, "Like it?! I loved it! The different games were so much fun! Winning was amazing! Especially that Star Saber game!"

Naruto knew Koneko would want to beat the crap out of Irina now, "It's Star Wars Irina… Star Wars."

*With Koneko 5th Period*

Koneko looked out the window from her classroom, "Koneko-chan what's wrong?" Her Sensei asked, confused.

Koneko simply muttered, "I sense a disturbance in the force."

Everyone deadpanned, how many references was that at this point? A hundred? One fifty? They all stopped counting after a hundred.

*With Naruto*

"Well, I must say it was quite fun, I even got some exercise in." Xenovia had a small smile appear on her face, and she didn't know it.

"Hey!" Naruto pointed at Xenovia as he got in close to her face, "You're smiling! See! I knew you could!"

Xenovia couldn't believe this as she backed up a bit. She shook her head and removed the smile from her face, "S-Shut up! For a devil-like you? No way!"

Naruto began to giggle and then his giggles turned into a laugh. Irina began to join with Naruto, "Come one Xenovia! Ahahaha! Admit it! You were smiling! Y-You had fun! Ahahah!"

"Come on Xenovia, it wasn't that bad! I thought this was pretty fun!" Irina didn't know what it was, but it was as if Naruto and she had always been friends. She did admit to herself, Naruto was a lot cuter than Issei.

Xenovia could only relent and let out a smile, "Okay, okay, yeah that was pretty fun."

"I knew it! You two are naturals, you know that? The church should seriously loosen up a bit! That way you two could hang out with us more." Naruto smiled as he placed his hands behind his head.

"Friends?" Irina and Xenovia look at Naruto interestingly.

Naruto nodded his head as he grinned like a fox, "Yeah friends! I feel like trading blows yesterday with swords, eating dinner, and hanging out today! I think we can call ourselves friends eh?"

Irina tried her best to hide her blush as she smiled and nodded her head, "You know thanks to you Naruto, not all devils are bad huh? You're really fun to be around."

Xenovia was a bit more reclusive at the idea of being friends with a devil. But again, Naruto did let them stay at his place even after fighting him. Xenovia closed her eyes, she knew Naruto wasn't a bad devil so, not all devils could be bad then? "Okay…" Xenovia opened her eyes and extended her hand out, "Okay then, I'll accept, but don't you do anything to break my trust."

Naruto shook her hand and smiled, "That's awesome! I can't wait." Naruto looked down to see a bracelet with a cross on Xenovia's wrist, "Oh isn't that cool."

Xenovia smiled as she looked at the bracelet, "My Tou-san gave it to me, but I don't know who he was. He left it with me when the church found me at the foot of the door." Xenovia looked at Naruto curiously, she was studying him. It was fascinating how the holy items didn't burn Naruto even though he was a devil.


Naruto and Irina looked at Xenovia who's face began turning red as they heard her stomach rumble. Naruto laughed a bit as Xenovia pouted as she crossed her arms under her breasts, "Well! It seems someone is hungry! Come on! Let's go grab a bite to eat."

Just then Naruto was yanked into a store that was nearby. Xenovia and Irina had swords drawn and ready to fight. However, they halted as Naruto stood in front of a maid, "Hello Goshujin-sama how can we help you."

Naruto was dragged in, but he went with it, "Well I guess we can eat here. What do you two think?" Naruto asked, gesturing to the girls.

"W-What is this place?" Irina asked curiously as she saw the bright white colors and the girls wearing maid outfits.

"Glad you asked Hime-sama, this is Jiraiya-sama's Maid Café." The maid bowed as Naruto looked at the girl and deadpanned.

Naruto facepalmed as he then asked, "Excuse me… but did you." Naruto pointed his finger at her as it shook, "It is by chance Jiraiya… of the Sannin?"

"Oh! You know Jiraiya-sama! You must be Naruto! He talked a lot about you! Please come have a seat." The maid along with three others pushed Naruto, Irina, and Xenovia to a booth, "Jiraiya-sama already has your tab then paid for! Please order anything you want!"

Naruto then asked the maid, "When you see 'Jiraiya-sama can you ask him if Baa-chan knows?"

"Baa-chan? Umm sure when I see him, I'll let him know." The maid smiled happily; Naruto was as cute as Jiraiya said. The girl placed a menu in front of Naruto, Irina, and then Xenovia.

Naruto looked at the menu and studied it and they knew what he wanted, "I'm going to have the… the…" Naruto slammed his face into the table, startling everyone.

"Goshujin-sama! Are you okay?!" The maid quickly went to Naruto's side checking him over.

Naruto slowly lifted his head, Naruto felt like his eyes sunk into his face. Naruto shot his head up with a red mark on his face, "Did Ero-Sennin change the name of the menu?!" Naruto asked angrily.

The maid took the menu and gave it a once over, "Uhhh I don't see anything wrong with it."

Naruto swallowed hard as he said, "I-I'll have the Icha-Icha Kissy Missy Burger." Naruto wanted to throw up saying that. No one seems to know the meaning behind Icha-Icha since it's from his world, not this world.

Xenovia looked at the menu and so did Irina. Irina piped up and said, "I'll have Icha-Pasty White Boston Cream Pie!" Naruto was flinching hard on the inside trying not to groan at these atrocious names.

Xenovia then said, "I'll have the Icha-Succulent Jiggle Sunny Side Up Egg Mc. Bosom Sandwich?" Xenovia looked at the name of the dish confused and no one else seemed to think it was weird. Besides Naruto, "Is there something wrong with the name?"

Naruto shook his head, "No… no." Naruto waved a hand back and forth, "Don't worry about it, let's just enjoy ourselves." Naruto decided to start things off, "So, out of curiosity what was it like growing up in the church?"

Xenovia put a finger on her lip, "Well ever since I was a little girl I was always training and studying Kami-sama. I was raised to wield holy swords since I am a natural user. Just like yourself. My swordmaster and legal guardian was Griselda Quarta. Then I became an exorcist and was partnered with Irina later." Xenovia rested her elbow on the table with her chin on her hand, "I mean that's been about it, I did cut my short after a run-in with a stray vampire. Made it so I can't get grabbed as easily."

"I see, well that's pretty cool. What about you Irina?" Naruto turned to the brunette twin-tailed exorcist.

Irina placed a finger on her chin and looked up. She had her other arm sitting just below her arm that was tapping her chin, "Well, let's see here. Well, since I was a little girl my Tou-san and Kaa-san have been members of the protestant church. I was also childhood friends with Issei Hyoudou until I moved away."

"Woah, Woah, Woah." Naruto cut in as he looked at Irina confused, "You're telling me? That Issei, of all people, was your childhood friend?"

Irina smiled as she nodded her head and shrugged her shoulders, "Yeah, I haven't been able to see him though. He doesn't even know I'm here; I would like to see him. But I'm worried our enemies might go after him."

"Well, I'll be damned, it seems like the pervert knew a cute girl." Naruto shook his head as he let a chuckle out.

Irina scratched her cheek as she blushed embarrassed, "Well actually I don't think he knew I was a girl. I acted a lot like a tomboy when I was a little girl." Naruto could help but begin laughing, earning a deeper embarrassed blush from Irina. As well as everyone else in the café looking at Naruto and the two exorcists. Irina stammered out, "W-What's so funny?!"

Naruto reigned himself in as Naruto wiped a tear from his eye, "W-Well i-it's just that, Ahahah, the pervert is obsessed with women's breasts so much and women in general. He didn't even realize he was childhood friends with a hot chick, to begin with!"

"W-Wait! What's that supposed to mean?!" Irina shouted out, still confused about what was funny.

"Well, there's two reasons." Naruto held up two fingers, "One he is a pervert and that was probably the closest time he'll ever be even less than a foot of a women's breast. Then two, and no offense either, but it's the fact that you're an exorcist, you pledged your life to Kami-sama. Including devoting yourself to purity am I right?"

Irina's twin tails face turned red, "W-Well y-yes y-you're r-right! But that's beside the point! We are Kami-sama's servants! I-I cannot d-divulge in such things!"

Xenovia wasn't understanding the big whoop, "I don't understand, is there an issue for staying pure? I thought if we have a husband as long as it's true and pure procreation. That we're okay and it's not a sin."

Naruto deadpanned as he said, "Well… for you guys, I guess it matters for us it doesn't. It's the fact that Issei, the pervert, has been trying to lose his v-card for a while now. He hasn't been able to land a single girlfriend." Naruto sat up against the back of his seat as he let his laughter settle, "I'm not being a perv girls, but honestly have you two ever looked in a full-length mirror?"

Xenovia was confused by what Naruto meant by v-card, "What do you mean by v-card? As well as look at ourselves?" Xenovia looked down at her body and hands, but she was confused.

Irina did so too, "Yeah, what do you mean by that Naruto, I don't understand."

Naruto had a sweat mark appear on his forehead, "W-Well… *cough* v-card stands for your virginity." Naruto knew they could be dense, but maybe it was more than he thought, "Then when I mean look at yourselves. I'm saying look at your bodies, like not to be a perv, but you two got killer figures. You guys have well-toned muscles, toned flat stomachs, thick strong thighs, curves all in the right places like your hips and your butt. Then your chests, I mean you guys do know you have overly large breasts? It'd make any guy, or any sane guy would go crazy over your bodies. Not only that, but you both have cute faces."

Irina and Xenovia didn't know how to take this. Just then Xenovia got it as she hit her fist into the palm of her other hand, "So… what you're saying is. We're sexually appealing to the opposite gender because of our looks?"

Naruto had an invisible question mark appear on the top of his head, "I guess… if you want to look at it that way. Kinda complicated way to say it, but just understand you're both very beautiful."

The girls didn't know how to take a compliment, so Xenovia did what Griselda always said, "Remember Xenovia when you find yourself being complimented by a guy. Make sure to tell him…" Xenovia then closed her eyes and nodded her head, "Yes, I see then thank you Naruto. I shall compliment you too. Naruto."

Naruto for some reason felt something wrong was about to happen. The way Xenovia was taking it, she was about to say something wrong, "Uhhh yeah?"

Xenovia opened her eyes and with a serious look on her face she said, "You have a nice body, with a big penis."

Naruto felt a breeze blow past behind him. As his background went white. The maid who came walking up with their food stood there. Naruto just blinked a few times.

Irina then said, "Nice one Xenovia! Griselda taught me that one too!"

Naruto slammed his face into the table, surprising Xenovia and Irina. Naruto began to mumble, "Mmppmm eempppp een maaa isnis." (A/N: Translation: Ahhhhh you never even seen my penis).

Xenovia was confused as she placed her hand under her chin, "Uhhh what? Did I say the compliment wrong? Shoot I knew I should have said your penis was big. That would have been a much better compliment."

Naruto lifted his head and looked at the maid with a red mark on his forehead, "Food please." The maid quickly nodded her head and handed Naruto, Irina, and Xenovia their food. She then scurried away, and Naruto looked at Xenovia and Irina, "I don't know what they taught you in the church. But that is not the case."

"The church didn't teach us that. Griselda did." Xenovia corrected Naruto quickly as he looked at her confused.

Naruto raised an eyebrow confused, "That makes… no sense… I don't understand is she your-."

"Kaa-san? No, she is our legal guardian, she is a sister, so no." Xenovia shook her head, she still didn't understand what Naruto was trying to do with this.

Naruto just looked at his food and said, "Let's just eat, maybe there are some things you two still need to learn. Especially about being in public, you just don't start complimenting a guy's junk like that. It's weird."

"I see… seems there is still much for me to learn." Xenovia squinted her eyes at her food. She sniffed it, "Oooo, this smells wonderful." Xenovia and Irina clasped their hands together.

The two said together, "Bless us, O Lord, and these, thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty. Through Christ, our Lord."

Then Irina added, "Bless us to this Jiraiya-sama who paid for our meal."

"Amen." The two made a sign of the cross, and then Naruto heard a scream coming from the back room. Naruto smirked as he knew it was Jiraiya, sucks for him since prayers and holy objects would hurt him.

The three soon made their way out of the restaurant, "Well that was interesting." Naruto pulled out his phone, it said it was 2:30 so the school would be over soon, "Well this was fun, but we should probably head towards the ORC. I'm pretty sure I'm about to be chewed out in three… two… one." Like that on que Naruto received his clones' memories as Koneko punched it in the stomach. Causing his shadow clone to pop once they got to the ORC.

"This has been an interesting day for us, is this what is called a hangout?" Xenovia asked, looking at Irina with confusion.

"I think so… or is it a date that Griselda has talked about?" Irina looked at Xenovia if it was a date.

Xenovia shook her head, "No, a date is when a man and woman have intercourse."

Naruto facepalmed as he listened to Irina and Xenovia, "Okay you two, let's go." Naruto walked up to them and placed a hand on their shoulders. Naruto dragged them into an alleyway, thankfully no one heard or saw them. Naruto Hiraishin them to his house, grabbed Ravel, Tsunade, and his mother, and then teleported to the ORC. Jiraiya

He could get there on his own, serve him right for naming the food items on the Maid Café menu.


Naruto appeared in the room as he found all the girls staring at him with their hands on their hips. Naruto chuckled a bit as he shrugged his shoulders, "Ehehehehe I mean… I did learn…"

Rias and Temari walked up to both sides of Naruto and pulled on his ear. Temari leaned in first and said, "Naruto… what did you learn?"

Naruto's lip was quivering, "Not to use shadow clones to replace myself for class?"

Temari nodded her head, Rias added, "And?"

"Uhhhh actually I don't know, I mean I was keeping an eye on Irina and Xenovia." Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"No, it's frolicking off and hanging out with other girls. What did we talk about your current numbers?" Rias looked at him with an angry tone.

"What?! Come on, I was just talking to them! Ya know? Getting to know them?" Naruto was trying to defend himself as best he could.

Rias sighed as she dropped her arm to the side. She walked over and sat up on her desk, "Well now that everyone is here… wait where is Jiraiya?"

Tsunade looked around, "Yeah… why isn't the perv here?"

Naruto looked at Tsunade with a bland look on his face, "I was just showing Irina and Xenovia around, I was pulled into a maid café. Turns out, Ero-Sennin somehow got his hands on the rights. Now he runs the join… he chose some… interesting names for the food items on the menu." The girls in the room chuckled, besides Kushina, Tsunade, and Kiba. Tsunade and Kushina had more frowns on their faces, and Tsunade wasn't very happy to hear about this.

"Well since we're all here, let's think of a game plan then." Rias looked towards Irina and Xenovia, "We should try to find Kokabiel and his lackeys, obviously this is an issue we need to address soon."

Naruto jumped in to add his input, "If you think about it, Kokabiell could come to us. He is collecting the holy swords, during the meantime, I'll be able to." Just then Naruto paused while everyone looked at him confused. Naruto blinked a couple of times and then a smirk appeared across his face, "Well not anymore, I found Kokabiel. I had shadow clones prowling around." Naruto snapped his fingers as the window to the clubroom opened.

Rias and her peerage eyes widened as Irina and Xenovia looked at the four new people in the room. Naruto stood up and walked over to them as they all knelt in front of Naruto, "So, I see you've been keeping an eye on Kokabiel, it seems to leave you four to live worked out. Been taking care of my Ramen Bowl restaurant right?"

The four bowed their heads as Raynare lifted hers, "We did as you asked Naruto-sama, Kokabeil's location was given to you through your clones. What is your next move?"

"Does he still believe you are his allies?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow as Raynare quickly nodded her head, "Alright then, I'll uphold my end of the bargain. I let you live and you had a favor to do for me. We're taking out Kokabiel and you four are free to do what you want. However." Naruto's eyes shifted to Madara's Mangekyou Sharingan causing the four to flinch under Naruto's power. The four have never seen this before, and they could only be scared of what power Naruto held. That was more Dohnaseek, however, Mittelt, Kalwarner, and Raynare were more squeamish and flustered. Naruto turned to every as they stared at him in disbelief.

"Woah… didn't see that coming." Kiba added as he looked at the loyal Fallen Angels Naruto had behind him. Though Naruto could only see contempt and hatred coming off of Akeno, which was directed towards them.

"Well, it seems you had another unauthorized organization working for you. When were you going to tell me this?" Rias raised an eyebrow seeing that Naruto, even now, still hides things from her.

"If I would have told you, would you have believed in me and trusted me at the time?" Naruto said smugly back as he walked up to Rias and placed his hand on her chin, "Come on Rias, lighten up, besides we have Kokabeil's location now. Besides those four know what is at stake, Raynare if you could please." Naruto turned to her as Raynare sent magic to a seal that was on her stomach, "Ero-Sennin could you please let everyone know what that seal does?"

Jiraiya glared at Naruto, "I told you to stop calling me that dammit! Stupid Gaki! Geez." Jiraiya made his way over and checked the seal out. He nodded his head, "Not bad brat, it's a loyalty curse seal." This alerted Kushina and Tsunade when they heard this, "This isn't like Orochimaru's so don't worry. This is more to make sure they don't attack innocents, Naruto, or anyone important to Naruto. The worst the seal will do is paralyze them while also cutting off their magical supply, including holy powers."

Naruto smirked as he looked at Rias, "See! Nothing to worry about! Besides I've had to use it only one person, the other three have been loyal."

Koneko walked up to Naruto as she had her monotone look on her face, "It's the girls isn't it, by the way, they're reacting to your power. Acting like horny dogs in heat."

"HEY!" The three female fallen angels glared at Koneko.

Koneko flipped them the bird and continued to talk, "Trying to expand your harem even more you pervert."

Naruto began to sweat, "W-What?! N-No?! That isn't what this is! I was just making sure they won't do anything! I didn't make them do it."

"Oh, it was amazing!" Naruto glared at Mittelt as she hugged herself blushing, "When you put those on us, we felt your amazing power all over us! Hugging us like a blanket, and ever so carefully watching over us!"

"The way the seal makes us submit to him, it's great to work with someone as great as Naruto-sama." Kalwarner nodded her head wanting to praise Naruto.

Naruto deadpanned, now they're just doing this on purpose. Raynare smirked as she stood up and walked up to Naruto. Naruto had a pouting look on his face, "What, are you going to say something too?"

Murayama was tapping her foot angrily on the ground with her arms crossed. Yugito, Temari, Konan, and Ravel with an annoyed look on their faces, "Naruto what more are you keeping from us? You've been finding many women to entertain yourself with." Yugito raised an eyebrow as she leaned forward.

"Naruto-sama, are we not enough for you?" Konan looked at Naruto as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Naruto looked at Asia, "Asia help me out here?! You know I was just trying to make our lives easier here! I mean! AHHHH!" Naruto began to scratch his as tears began to run down his face, "Help me, Asia! They're all teaming up on me!" Naruto jumped forward as Asia caught him.

"Oh there, there." Asia giggled as she rubbed Naruto's head, "I'm sure Naruto only has good intentions, everyone. I mean, he'd never even cheat on any of us."

Rias sighed, Akeno could only giggle, and Murayama was more frustrated than ever, "This is getting out of hand." Murayama needed to ask, "Naruto, beside us, and the other girls in your peerage. Besides your mother and Tsunade. Who else is part of your harem?!"

"W-Wait a second here! I know it's you guys, I mean. Then there is Temari, Konan, Yugito, and Ravel too. Then there is Kuroka, but that's later. She's been keeping an eye on the Hero faction and the Khaos Brigade for me." Naruto began to count on his hand, "Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Asia, Murayama, Yugito, Konan, Temari, Ravel, and Kuroka." Once Naruto finished, he had ten fingers up, "See, ten!"

Raynare, Kalwarner, and Mittelt felt hurt, "So, Naruto-sama, are we of no importance to you?" Raynare had a look of almost confusion on her face.

Naruto sighed as he put his hand up to his face. He turned to them, "You four, do you know you killed Murayama and also did try to kill Asia. I may somewhat trust you now, that's because the seals prevent you from attacking me. I don't think I could ever love you three like I do these girls. I'm sorry, I'll be straight with you…besides, I don't think they're allowing anymore."

Raynare didn't care as she still went down on one knee. It hurt to hear Naruto say that, but she didn't care, "It's fine… you can even use me as your plaything… j-just don't throw us away when you're done!"

Naruto looked at Rias and the others. Rias was rather taken back by this; it was sad. Kushina smiled as she walked over to Raynare, "Raynare wasn't it?" Kushina asked with a gentle tone, Kalwarner and Mittelt looked at the redhead.

"Y-yes… w-who are you?" Raynare asked as she looked into the violet eyes of Kushina.

"I am Naruto's mother, I'm glad you three still want to serve him. That's fine, but how about this instead. Come back to the house and work for me, I'm going to be having a daughter or a son in about three months. Naruto will be a big brother, by then. If I can judge, you three to be helpful and that you've truly changed. I'll allow you three to stick around." Kushina gave the three a gentle smile as the three girls looked up at her with smiles on their faces.

The three girls immediately bow to Kushina, "As you wish Kushina-sama! We will do what we can to please you. So, we can gain yours and Naruto-sama's trust."

Rias couldn't believe what she was seeing, to think that Naruto and Kushina could. Rias nodded her head, "Okay then, let's prepare for Kokabiel. Xenovia, Irina, why don't we begin our debrief, let's talk and trade information."

Xenovia closed her eyes and nodded her head. She opened her eyes and placed a hand on her hip, "Okay, that's fine, it's because Naruto took us out on that date."

"IT WASN'T A DATE! IT WAS A HANG-OUT!" Naruto facepalmed when Xenovia said that.

A/N: Alright I want to end that chapter here. Though, there is a special part I want to add at the end of the chapter. If you guys have questions, leave a review and I'll respond, I usually do. So, I'll see you all next chapter! Sage of Prophecy OUT! Ja Ne!

Special Scene

"So… why are we doing this again?" Rias asked as she was wearing a revealing red tight outfit that hugged her body. It was only the top and her bottom two-piece outfit that was red. She also had on red heels. (A/N: Literally what the girls wore in the official music video for Mambo Number 5 but red).

"For a song! I've always wanted to try performing!" Naruto chuckled as he walked onto the stage wearing a white suit, white hat, and an orange tie. Someone slid Naruto a Shure 55SH Series II Dynamic Vocal Microphone. Naruto grabbed the handle of the pole of the microphone, and Rias looked at Naruto confused. Just then Akeno, Yugito, Murayama, Asia, Koneko, Konan, Temari, and Ravel are all wearing the same outfit as Rias. (A/N: Look up Mambo Number 5. The Instrumental version on YouTube).

Naruto smirked as he walked up to the microphone as he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this Shinobi number 5." (A/N: About a 14-15 second pause. Also, just picture Rias, and the others dancing around Naruto. Naruto continuously dances while singing with the girls around him).

Naruto begins to sing, "One, two, three, four, five

Everybody in the car, so come on, let's ride

To the liquor store around the corner

The boys say they want some gin and juice

But I really don't wanna

Beer bust like I had last week

I must stay deep because talk is cheap

I like Asia, Murayama, Temari and Rias

And as I continue you know they're only getting sweeter

So what can I do? I really beg you, my Lord

To me is flirting it's just like sport, anything fly

It's all good, let me dump it, please set in the trumpet

A little bit of Akeno in my life

A little bit of Konan by my side

A little bit of Rias is all I need

A little bit of Ravel is what I see

A little bit of Temari in the sun

A little bit of Yugito all night long

A little bit of Murayama, here I am

A little bit of you makes me your man

(19-second break).

Shinobi Number Five

(5 or 6 so second break).

Jump up and down and move it all around

Shake your head to the sound

Put your hand on the ground

Take one step left and one step right

One to the front and one to the side

Clap your hand once and clap your hands twice

And if it looks like this then you doing it right

A little bit of Akeno in my life

A little bit of Konan by my side

A little bit of Rias is all I need

A little bit of Ravel is what I see

A little bit of Temari in the sun

A little bit of Yugito all night long

A little bit of Murayama, here I am

A little bit of you makes me your man

(25-26 second break)

Trumpet, the trumpet

Shinobi Number Five


A little bit of Akeno in my life

A little bit of Konan by my side

A little bit of Rias is all I need

A little bit of Ravel is what I see

A little bit of Temari in the sun

A little bit of Yugito all night long

A little bit of Murayama, here I am

A little bit of you makes me your man

I do all to fall in love with a girl like you

'Cause you can't run, and you can't hide

You and me gonna touch the sky

(about 20 second pause)

Shinobi Number Five!

Naruto finished as he threw his hat into the air and the girls all finished posing around him as he stood there in the middle. Naruto smiled as he regained his breath from the singing. Naruto smiled as he looked at his viewers. Though, there was a very irate Kushina and Tsunade with their arms folded across their chests. Minato could only chuckle and smile at this, but then there was very loud clapping.

Jiraiya was sitting there clapping loudly, "Wow brat! You make your sensei so proud! I'm so happy! I could die happy!" Jiraiya had visible tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Man, this was amazing! I'm glad you brought me along! I must say your student is quite amazing!" Said a man with black hair with bits of it dyed blonde.

Kushina had a visible vein pulse on the top of her forehead. Her hair stood up at the ends like nine tails, "NARUTO!"

"THAT'S A WRAP! SAVE IT!" Jiraiya shouted at the recorders which made Tsunade and Kushina look at Jiraiya with anger.

Naruto smirked as the others stood around him, "I think that went well, you all look quite amazing too." Naruto winked at the girls as they all blushed. Naruto pulled them all together into a hug, "Thanks for doing this! This was fun! We should do this more often!"

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