Trials of a Gremory Heiress

7/12/2020: Hello back with a quick update and I thought about it and I decided to try it. I know a lot of people don't actually like Koneko. She has a really good relationship with Naruto in this story. The reason I'm okay with Koneko being added is that a person in the review made a logical reason. For my next surgery, it was pushed back a week or two because I need to move my top jaw forward more on my halo. I'm saying this now because anything I write here as the AN I leave it and I don't change it. That is what I was originally going to say, so I don't delete it or change it.

It was a guest, I'll also put this in the next chapter in the intro as well.

Before anyone calls Koneko a 'Loli', she isn't. A 'Loli' is a shortened term of 'Lolita' which is specifically a 'promiscuous young girl', a term derived from a novel by the same name, a Loli is literally a little girl, Koneko is an age many countries would consider 'Legal' meaning she isn't a Loli, she's just 'petite'. Koneko is one of my favorite character's personality-wise with only Rias being higher on the list, and that's because Rias has such a 3D personality, she is seductive yet innocent and cheerful, but at the same time has her Tsun-Tsun moments, I mean in the first two episodes she goes from giving Issei a 'come get some' smirk to an innocent smile while proclaiming her intact virginity, and then gets pissy when he ignores her making her one of the most vibrant characters in anime only matched by those like Lucy Heartfilia. Most characters are 1D or 2D, including Koneko, Akeno, Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga, Erza Scarlet, Nami, etc, which makes them boring usually, though Koneko offsets hers by saying minimal words in her stoic tone, which is why I love her, her calling Ravel 'Fried Chicken' is hilarious or her going 'balls' when she was defeated by Sairaorg's Peerage was hilarious. Her character also always meshes well with Naruto almost regardless of how he's portrayed, if he's the canon goofy idiot, the playful prankster, or even the stoic avenger, she can pretty much always compliment his character.

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Last Chapter

Now, for Rias. Well, that's the issue, Naruto knew that his. Naruto means it as a quote on quote, 'Big Step Brother Riser' was visiting today when Rias was wrapping up her club activities today. He was here to take Rias back to the underworld to get married. Today was the day to see if Rias will grow newfound hate for Naruto. All that Naruto hopes is Rias is okay with him continuing to date Murayama. Granted they just started, but he hoped that Rias won't be too mad that he lied to her all this time. Rias isn't that bad of a person, she is genuinely sweet, caring, loving, and a lot of fun to be around. She cares for everyone in her peerage and does the best for them.

Naruto sensed Riser's presence in the club room. Naruto made his way towards the building and entered; before Naruto went inside. Naruto heard Rias yelling at Riser to stop touching her. Then Naruto heard Riser talking like a perv as complimented Akeno, Asia, Koneko, and then Murayama. Saying that Akeno, Murayama, and Asia were cute and had a good figure. Koneko was cute, pure, and ripe for the taking. Naruto soon opened the door as everyone turned their head to look at Naruto. Naruto recognized Riser as soon as he saw him. Riser is a tall and handsome young man in his early 20's with short blond hair and dark blue eyes. His outfit consists of a burgundy blazer with gold embroidery on the right with matching pants and black dress shoes. Underneath his open blazer is a white dress shirt that is not fully buttoned (just one button short), giving a slight view to his chest. Naruto turned to the other woman in the room, "Who are you?"

"I am Riser Phe." Riser was cut off by Naruto.

"I'm not talking about you Kentucky Fried Chicken. I'm talking to the silver-haired woman." Naruto turned his attention to the silver-haired woman.

"I am Grayfia Lucifuge, queen of Sirzechs Lucifer." Grayfia is a beautiful young woman appearing to be in her early twenties with back-length silver hair that features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down which ends in twin braids and silver eyes. Grayfia was wearing a blue and white French maid outfit with long sleeves and a white maid headband over her head with red lipstick as a cosmetic accessory.

"Ah, I see." Naruto finally turned his attention to the seething Riser. Naruto let a sigh out as he walked over and patted Koneko on her head. Naruto looked at Murayama, "How is everything? You handled everything alright?"

Murayama rubbed her cheek where a bruise was, "Y-Yeah I'm fine."

Naruto frowned, "Who did this to you?"

"H-Her." Murayama looked at Riser's bomb queen.

Naruto sighed, "I'd appreciate it if you kept your servants on a leash, Riser." Naruto glared at him as Riser let a chuckle out.

"Ahahaha who is this? Rias is this another piece of yours?" Riser chuckled looking at the delinquent looking boy.

Naruto closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "That's no way to talk to your new little brother now is it?" Naruto eyes narrowed as everyone's eyes widen. Naruto had one pair of flaming bat wings appear out of his back. Everyone stared at him in shock along with Grayfia, Rias, and Riser. Naruto said nothing as he had his hands in his pockets.

Current Chapter

Naruto glared at Riser and then let a relaxed sigh out. Naruto ran his hand through his hair, and he began to suck the saliva in his mouth down his throat. Naruto looked at Rias as he saw the confused look on Rias's face. Riser snarled out, "Who the hell are you? I don't ever remember there being other clan members here! What do you mean my little brother!?"

Naruto chuckled, "Well it isn't that simple Asshat, I can tell you that I'm no ordinary member of your clan." Naruto smirked as he sat down next to Rias and placed his hand on her shoulder. He sent her a smile so she could calm down and relax. Naruto was hoping that the friendship they built would stay strong. Either Rias will hate him, or she will slowly accept him. Naruto extended his hand out as the Phenex family crest appeared on his hand.

Grayfia couldn't doubt that Naruto had the family crest on his head, "Interesting I was never told the Phenex family had another child."

Riser was confused as he raised an eyebrow, "W-What!? That's impossible!? My Kaa-sama had a miscarriage last time! We all went to our brother's funeral! That's impossible! Who ARE YOU!?" Riser snarled, this time he was angry. He doesn't like people impersonating his deceased family. Riser might be an asshole and everything, but he still cares about family in some aspects.

"Riser I've heard stories about you, but I need to ask you to leave. Leave Rias and her peerage alone, drop the stupid marriage proposal." Naruto placed his hand underneath his cheek, "There is nothing here for you."

Riser couldn't believe who this guy was, first he shows up out of nowhere. No respect, he didn't care who or what he was. Then he begins to call him Kentucky Fried Chicken and another nickname. He appears to be a Phenex clan member, but not any regular member. He is a member through his crest, but not only that a member through his family! What is going on? "Who are you? What's going on here!?"

Soon a red circle appeared in the middle of the room. It represented the Phenex Clan which Riser raised an eyebrow. Naruto was surprised, there the sound of an eagle as flames appeared, "Wow didn't expect you to show so soon." Naruto let a chuckle out.

Once the flames began to stop a voice spoke out, "Well I figured now as good as any. Naruto-kun." Houmi Phenex's echoed in the room as she appeared. Riser couldn't help but raise an eyebrow with his eyes widening in shock.

"Kaa-sama? What are you doing here?" Riser couldn't believe what was going on! His mother knew this child. What is going on here!?

Houmi smiled as she walked over and hugged Riser, "It's good to see you Sochi-kun, but yes I am here for Naruto-kun." Houmi walked towards Naruto as she brought him into a hug, "My Naruto-kun it's so good to see you, sweetie."

Riser couldn't help but slowly stand up and walk towards his mother, "K-Kaa-sama do you mean this boy's name is Naruto… the Naruto you wanted to name."

"Yes… his name is Naruto… though he isn't our Naruto." Houmi gently pulled away as she moved some of Naruto bangs to the side. Yet, they still fell back into place where she tried to move them.

Rias had to say something, "N-Naruto you didn't tell us you were part of the Phenex clan… why didn't you say anything?"

Naruto smiled, "Well for starters I wanted our friendship to build up. Also, you guys never really asked what clan I belonged to. I stated what was true, the Uzumaki clan. If you think about it, this is just the tip of the iceberg of who I am. Hell Murayama doesn't even know who I am, but don't get me wrong. My love for you Murayama is true, that's not a lie." Naruto slowly walked over to Murayama and placed a hand on her head. Houmi couldn't help but let a small giggle happy for Naruto. After hearing so much about Murayama, she was finally happy to meet who she was.

Murayama smiled as she leaned into his hand that shifted down to her cheek, "You told me that you had to wait. I trust you Naruto."

Rias heard what Murayama was saying, but Rias was hesitant. Naruto… was part of the clan that she hated. It was mainly because of Riser; it was Riser whom she hated along with the clan. Though it's not like she loathed the mother or any other siblings Riser had. However, it was hard for her not to be angry and mad that Naruto didn't say anything, "Lady Phenex I must ask why you are here? Was the wedding or something called off, we weren't notified of?"

Just then another red circle appeared with more flames and the cawing of the eagle. Soon Lord Phenex arrived, "Houmi we have a lot to talk about." He spoke out as everyone saw the flames continue spewing out that covered Lord Phenex's face. He looked at Naruto, "We have a lot to talk about." He motioned Naruto, Riser, and Houmi to step into his circle. Riser dismissed his peerage as he got on the teleportation circle with his father.

Houmi placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, "It's okay, I won't let anything bad happening to you. You're my child Naruto-kun no matter what the elders say."

Naruto smiled, "Yeah, I know Kaa-san." Naruto walked forward to join the teleportation circle. He smiled as he looked at Rias and everyone, "Rias… I'm sorry for not telling you, but this should give you guys an explanation of what's going on. Murayama, I'm sure can fill in some of the blanks." Naruto sent a note shaped in an airplane via magic. He then sent them his foxy grin as they disappeared.

Grayfia bowed, "I will give you updates on Phenex clan Rias-sama. For now, I will deliver this new news to Sirzechs-sama." Grayfia disappeared in her teleportation circle.

Rias opened the note and read it and said, "

Dear Rias,

If you're reading this that means Riser has come to take you back to the underworld. I'm glad to say that we're still friends. There is a lot to explain, but first of all, I did this because you're my friend. I knew that you were going to be married off to Riser. I was worried since Murayama was in your peerage. Now that So, now I can only hope that the training I gave you guys. You must get stronger, then challenge Riser to a rating game. I might not be around to train you guys or help you guys if you are given time to prepare. As for why I'm related to the Phenex clan, well for starters I was reincarnated into a devil. I was a full-blown human; I was badly injured in a fight when I was 12. I ended up in Houmi's home that night, I was dying. She decided to gamble everything and used the evil pieces on me. She used her eight pawns, but that wasn't enough. Then she had a spare evil piece set for her child they were going to have. Since it was a miscarriage, they had an extra set, Houmi wanted to save me. So, she used the king on me, but my body absorbed all 16 pieces. Thus, I became like a full-blooded devil in a sense. I gained all the abilities of a devil and the Phenex clan member. I'm quite strong Rias, and it took a lot to just reincarnated me. In a sense, I'm kinda like a heir to the clan, but also an abomination to the clan. I don't fall under the devil lawn; I fall under clan law. Just make sure you win, get your freedom, and keep Murayama and the other's safe. If I'm back well, I'll try to explain if there is any more confusion.

I'll be back!

Naruto Uzumaki

Rias finished as she looked at it confused. She understood what happened and had to agree that Houmi made an interesting choice, "That's a little concerning." Rias put her finger on her lip.

"W-What is it? Will Naruto be alright?" Murayama asked worriedly.

"Is something bad going to happen?" Asia added.

Rias let a sigh out, "T-There is a big issue, Naruto could be executed." Rias saw a real problem in her hands. Yes, Naruto didn't tell her that he was a Phenex member, but he was her friend. Naruto purposely helped Rias and her peerage grow stronger, Naruto knew this was going to happen. Rias was going to challenge Riser to a rating game to earn her freedom from him.

"W-What!? N-No! Naruto can't be! I won't let that happen!" Murayama said quickly as she stood up ready to beat something into the ground.

"What! Naruto! Why?" Asia asked scared.

"Well, where do I begin… well, you understand the normal devil rules for our society right?" Rias asked she sat back in the couch. She closed her eyes and leaned forward to the edge of the couch. She crossed her legs to sit in a comfortable position and her pointer finger pointed to the ceiling.

With Naruto

Naruto found himself in the Phenex Clan main Clan house. Naruto was standing next to Houmi as he saw a worried look on her face, "Hey is everything alright?" Naruto asked seeing Houmi's expression on her face.

"Yes… N-no, not Naruto-kun. In all honesty, I'm quite scared." Houmi put her hands up to her heart scared for her boy.

Naruto smiled back as he placed his hand on her shoulder, "It's okay Kaa-chan you did everything you could do for me. Let's just see what your husband says."

Naruto faced forward to see the head of the Phenex clan. He saw what appeared to be his daughter on his left and Riser on his right. She is a beautiful young girl with dark blue eyes. She has long blonde hair tied into twin tails with large, drill-like curls and blue ribbons keeping them in place. The front of her hair has several bangs hanging over her forehead, with a V-shaped fringe hanging over the bridge of her nose. Her outfit consisted of a light purple dress with dark purple accents and a blue bow at the front. At the back, three feather-like extensions mimicking a bird's tail protruding from the dress, which, when combined with her wings of fire, give her a bird-like appearance.

Then Lord Phenex glared down at his wife and this new Phenex member. He was typically a rather calm and reserved person, but he was also upset. Lord Phenex spoke, "I am Houou Phenex the Clan leader. Who are you?"

Naruto stayed firm and kept his chest up, "I am Naruto Uzumaki! It's a pleasure to meet you." Naruto said no more and decided to wait what the man's response would be.

"I see… Houmi explain to me and the elders on why this human boy was given the power of our clan. Not only that you gave him an evil piece set. Please enlighten us on why you did this?" Houou truly didn't care what Houmi did with the evil piece set. Family was family and he cared deeply for them. Though what the main problem were the elders in his clan, he might be the head clan leader. Though, the elders just have the same amount of power as he did.

"Well, I found him while he was hurt one night. Well, he just kinda fell into my arms… I couldn't let him die. So, I tried to revive him as my pawn in my peerage. However, it was no effect I was too weak to bring him back. Then I decided to use the evil piece set for our child." Houmi looked down as he hands as she closed her eyes and clenched her fists together, "We know the miscarriage wasn't expected, but Naruto isn't replacing the child we lost! I wanted to save him, when I did, he absorbed the king. The king piece, that mutated on its own, but Naruto-kun also absorbed all 15 other pieces. Naruto is powerful, I don't see why we should be so upset. He could be a valuable ally to our clan!" Houmi explained hoping the elders would see that Naruto could be beneficial to their clan.

Houou stayed sitting down as the elders sent their representative over to talk to him privately. After sending the person back and forth a few times a decision was made there and then. A rule like this is only clan matters. In a sense, Naruto had no right when it comes to clan rules. Especially the rule about adopting a non-clan related person into the clan. This was done without the consent of the clan, thus making this difficult on Naruto and Houmi. After some minutes Houou nodding his head and listening to what the elder's opinions were, "Naruto Uzumaki as the clan leader, I have concluded that our clan will not accept you." He said harshly as much as he didn't like it, he was overruled. The clan elders wanted nothing to do with Naruto, "We have concluded that until Rias has been married to Riser. We are to hold you in a cell that will seal away your magic."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Wait why are they so upset? I mean Houmi-chan did a good thing, she saved and helped me. I have done nothing to you or your clan… yet." Naruto chuckled as Houmi shot him an annoyed look as he shrugged his shoulders.

"That's the thing, Houmi used an evil piece set on a human. You were turned into a half-devil; you aren't even a full blood devil. You have the powers of our clan at your disposal the elders don't trust you. Therefore, you will be executed, that will happen once Rias is engaged to Riser." Houou stood up as guards of his house landed next to Naruto.

"W-What? Houou we can do this, please! I did this for Naruto, I wanted to save him! I love him as if he was my own! These past years being able to raise him for a while helped me cope with the loss of our other child! I'm sure you can begin to love Naruto as if he was your own too! He is so kind and." Houmi was doing her best to stop Houou from hurting Naruto. Naruto was her child to her she couldn't lose any of her children! Ravel couldn't help but feel bad for her mother. Though it made sense that her mother was gone a lot in the human world. She was there raising Naruto this entire time, which means that she did care about him.

Houou hated to see his wife upset about this, there wasn't much he could do. Naruto had little to no influence in the Phenex family. Even if Naruto had a bit of a small blood connection thanks to the evil pieces to them. It isn't enough to give him any type of rights a devil in their clan. Thus, the elders had more power and say. The regular devil system could not interfere with matters like this. Naruto was about to bounce and run away, but just then other Phenex devils appeared there to grab him apprehend Houmi if it was needed. Which stopped Naruto from leaving, "W-Wait? This is all me why is Kaa-chan being apprehended!" Naruto said angrily as he went to help her.

Houou shook his head, "I-I have to do this Naruto, I'm sorry. I don't have much of a choice in this matter. The elders agreed to spare Houmi's life, I am allowed to stay married to her. I can stay being the leader and everything. Our clan doesn't work like most where it's only the leaders who lead the clan. Our elders play a major role and can easily remove me from power. As their words, they said if I promised that if you were apprehended and later executed for being the abomination you are. Then Houmi can keep her status as Lady Phenex, she will not be harmed, but she must stay in the underworld, her time in the human world would be limited."

Houmi shook her head quickly, "N-No! I don't care Naruto, go just get out of here. Live a life you want! Go to Murayama and fall in love! I don't care what happens to me! I got a husband, who I know cares, a daughter, and four other sons which include you!" Houmi didn't want to see any of her babies hurt. Maybe Riser needed straightening out, but never would she want her children to die before her!

Houou shook his head, "I'm sorry Houmi dear, I never want to hurt you or see you hurt. Your happiness is the most important to me. However, if I were to let Naruto go you would be killed as well for treason against our clan. I don't want that! I can't have that, that would endanger you and the rest of our family! The elders would just appoint a new Clan Leader! This way I keep you and the other kids safe. I'm sorry to say, but I just met Naruto. I have no real feelings for him even if the evil pieces inside of him were to be used for our other child." Houou had a stern look on his face as he grit his teeth. He never wished this upon any child or anyone, let alone anyone who his wife cared for.

Clan rules are strict, stern, harsh, and cruel. Life it tuff then you die, it's to ensure the survival of the clan, without letting their power extend beyond the clan. In the case of the Phenex Clan, the clan is known as a flock. They're all one giant group of clan members who equally have the same power. Though, they are mainly represented with a Lord and Lady Phenex given title. Though the rest of the clan also has a say on what happens within the family. That includes all the old coot elders as well. It was a small democratic government within a clan, though penalties with enough evidence or majority rule can lead to death. That was a path that was laid down for Naruto.

Yes, Naruto could easily break free, escape, live a life he wants away from them. Continue living, get married to Murayama one day. Maybe even break Rias free from her marriage with Riser and win Sirzech's favor towards him. Though Naruto would be considered a criminal within the Phenex Clan and be hated. Many other parts of their clan would go after him to kill him and his children. To prevent them from spreading their genes far outside the clan walls. Naruto wouldn't want Murayama to be hunted nor his children as well. These were clan matters, not regular devil rules, so it would be a tough situation even if they only targeted Naruto alone. Then it was Houmi, the only reason she was safe right was that they had him right now. Houmi and the rest of her family would be in the same issue as him, yes Houmi would be mad at him along with Murayama to just give up. Naruto doesn't give up, he never does, but this time. There might not be a way out of this, Naruto truly might be able to do anything. If he did do something Houmi will end up paying the price. Naruto owed a lot to Houmi to giving him a lot of help and support. Being there like a mother to him, learning what love was from a mother was great. Naruto loved it, he was ecstatic by it, being loved by a mother was the best thing in the whole world. Along as having a girlfriend who'd want to stand by your side, fight alongside with you, grow stronger for you, and love you forever.

Naruto smiled as he stopped himself from leaving the place. Houmi's eyes widen when she saw Naruto lower his guards the other devils restrained him. They placed on magic resistant cuffs along with magic chakra suppression seals. How they knew he had chakra, well Naruto could see that one of their members knew what chakra was. He placed the seal on Naruto, so it seems that a rare select few devils can use chakra to an extent. Naruto was being walked away as Houmi continued to cry in her husband's arms trying to reach Naruto. Before Naruto left through the doors he smiled, "Houmi-chan thanks for everything, thanks for giving me the chance at life again. You were a great Kaa-chan… Kaa-chan." Naruto had a grin appear on his face as Naruto walked through the door. The group were engulfed in red light as they teleported to the cell block in the Phenex Estate. Riser was rather pleased that the abomination was gone, but it still hurt to see his mother cry. For Ravel to see her mother cry was hard, but it made her curious about that boy just who was this Naruto?

With Rias

"With those set of rules in the Phenex Clan… Naruto would most likely have his hands tied with Lady Phenex would be in trouble. If Naruto has some sort of good relationship with Lady Phenex, which appeared to be a mother and son relationship, Naruto wouldn't fight back. Thus, at one point Naruto will be executed. If he escaped well, Lady Phenex, Lord Phenex, Riser, and his little sister might be stripped of power. Their status would fall harshly." Rias showed her genuine concern for Naruto when she was rubbing the palm of her hand over the back of her other hand. If her hunch was right, Naruto was going to lie down and take this execution no questions asked.

"N-No… I-I can't lose Naruto… I-I love him!" Murayama had tears welling up in the corner of her eyes, "W-Why! Why is it when I manage to get a boyfriend the universe tries to correct it!" Murayama's right hand began to shake as it closed with a fist. There was so much more Murayama wanted to do as boyfriend and girlfriend with Naruto, now this happens? What is the actual hell, how is any of this fair?

Asia was scared, "Naruto… is going to die… no… that's not fair. That can't be right!?" Asia began to cry and shed tears for her favorite/crush. She never got to tell him how she felt, what she wanted to do with Naruto. She wanted to continue training and getting stronger, to hang out more.

Akeno even said, "W-What can we do, there has to be something. Naruto had done so much to help us all grow. We have to be able to do something to help him." Akeno had to admit that the blonde was beginning to grow on her. If anything, she wanted to get him to cheat on Murayama, but Akeno was going to miss teasing Naruto about Murayama. Trying to shoot lighting at Naruto once in a while to catch him off guard. Well, that was because he accidentally said that she was acting like slut. Naruto typically doesn't go around saying that and is way out of character. Naruto said that because Akeno was trying to throw herself at him, so in a way she had it coming. Even still Akeno and Naruto had a good friendship with one another where they respected one another's strength. They also enjoyed cooking when they got the chance, which was now and then, and sparring when they had to. Naruto could help Akeno dish out extra pain by zipping around and dodging her attacks. This would help increase her reserves and make her lighting stronger when Naruto threw insults at her. Which she hated, but also liked at the same time.

Koneko was not going to sake this sitting down and neither was Kiba. The blonde helped them just as much as he helped Rias, Akeno, Asia, and Murayama. Naruto was their friend, no way in hell were they going to leave him behind. Naruto taught them all, 'Those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who leave their comrades behind are worse than scum.' Koneko looks up to Naruto like a big brother, someone she can trust, spar, train, eat sweets with, and be around with all the time. Kiba, Naruto was like a brother to him to help him see the light. To help guide him so he didn't go down the wrong path. Also, Naruto could make everyone laugh, laughter is the best medicine for anything.

Rias bit her lip, the rest of the group pondered on what they could do for their fellow whiskered friend. Rias continued to think, but then the idea hit her. Rias however frowned at the idea and she knows that Murayama won't like it. Murayama, Akeno, Asia, Koneko, nor Kiba have much influence since they're considered low-class devils. Naruto in a sense was at least mid-class and still was powerful overall. Rias wasn't even too sure, but Naruto has not once been arrogant in his abilities. Not once was he unfair, mean, rude, or intentionally tried to boast about his ego or his strength. Naruto was true, honest, kind, caring, and all-around enjoyable to be around. He can be blunt, strict, lazy, funny, and so much more at the same time. Naruto just had this aura around him that drew anyone in, anyone would want to try to be his friend.

"Murayama, I think I have a way to save Naruto, but it might be one you won't like." Rias looked at Murayama as she nervously looked at her master.

Murayama shook head and quickly said, "Rias… I don't care, if we can save Naruto, I'm okay with doing anything if necessary! He is one of my best friends and my first boyfriend!" Murayama stepped up with a serious tone in her voice.

Rias smiled, "Naruto has helped us get far, he helped us get stronger I can't think of any other way to save him. Is challenging Riser to the rating game as originally." Rias's hair covered her face as she thought about her dream. Her dream to be able to fall in love with the person is still in sight. Though, when she thinks about Naruto and the Phenex Clan. She can't leave him behind, "Naruto and you guys know that I want out of this marriage. You guys know that I don't want to marry Riser and by winning the rating game against him. Would allow me to be free, but instead… I have a different motive now." Rias brought her hand up to her face as she stared at the palm of her hand. She clenched her hang into a fist as she closed her eyes. Rias shot her eyes opened with a smile on her face, "Naruto taught us a lot, I plan on taking what he taught us to help him!" Rias stood up as she walked over towards her desk and face the window. She dramatically turned around making a 180 with her hair flailing in the air. She stopped when she face everyone else, she slammed her right hand on the desk with a smirk appearing on her face, "What I will do first is, I'll ask the clan to allow me to be engaged to Naruto." Rias closed her eyes with her right hand still on the desk.

Everyone in the room's eyes widens with Murayama taken back by Rias's proposal. Rias continued, "If that won't work, plan B is to challenge Riser Phenex into a rating game! As a demand when we beat him, I'll ask for them to free Naruto Uzumaki so I can take him as my fiancé." Rias closed her eyes and let a sigh out, "Murayama I won't keep him from you even if he is my fiancé. Though to keep the peace between our families is to have Naruto and I get married. Though, you will be able to do so as well." Rias smiled, "It's the only way I can think of how to handle this, the best way this could end. Are Naruto and I are allowed to break the marriage contract without angering the Phenex Clan Elders. I know Naruto cares deeply for Lady Phenex if something were to happen to her. I have a feeling that he couldn't even live with himself if that happened."

Murayama smiled as she wiped tears from her eyes and her open hand turned into a fist. Murayama aimed her fist as Rias as she smiled, "Yeah let's save Naruto… Rias… if you do find love in Naruto like I have. Well, I guess I'm okay with it as long as he falls in love with you for you as he has done with me."

Rias couldn't help but blush a little bit, "L-Let does not get ahead of ourselves here!" Rias quickly added, she didn't want Murayama to think that she already kinda like Naruto. It was true that she did, but she never said anything because she wouldn't like it if someone, she loved was stolen away from her, "Just that I want to take things slow and get to know him in my way."

Akeno giggled, "Ara ara! Well isn't that interesting! Seems like our Kitsune-kun is getting himself a harem!" Akeno clapped her hands together, "I wouldn't mind being part of it!"

Koneko's eye narrowed as they found the window interesting to stare outside. She stays silent but everyone noticed that her body was fidgety along with Asia. They both had cute expressions on their faces, which made Murayama wonder, "Don't tell me that Asia and Koneko have something for Naruto too… I mean Asia I guess I can understand. Koneko is a surprised since she doesn't show much emotion."

Murayama would have to address who likes Naruto later, it appears to be everyone but Kiba.

Kiba chuckled, "Well it's settled our fight! We save Naruto-san!" Kiba wanted to save Naruto, Naruto was like a brother to him, a brother has never had. Naruto understood a lot of the pain he went through, Kiba was able to be himself when with Naruto. No one knows it but Naruto, but Kiba enjoys reading romance manga and novels. This is surprising since of Kiba's nature and personality when Naruto got to learn who he was.

Underworld with Naruto

Naruto found himself in a jail in the basement of the Phenex Clan house. Naruto was wearing a black jumpsuit with magic chakra seals and magic seals on. One of the devils in the Phenex family studied and learned chakra to an extent and knew how to seal chakra away. However, what was funny is that the seals were weak as hell. Naruto could easily break out of the chakra seals. Though Naruto knew he couldn't just bust out and he wasn't going to lay down and die. He had to come up with something to get free without getting Houmi hurt. Naruto wondered how long it was until Rias's rating game with Riser. It was only a matter of time, "Hey here is your grub so eat up." A guard walked over delivering the food to Naruto.

Naruto was relatively surprised, "Ummm I thought I'd be getting shit food in here?"

The guard sighed, "Listen you little monster, the only reason you aren't being tortured, beaten, or anything is because of Lady Phenex-sama. We are strictly forbidden to lay a finger on you, the food you are given must be good quality too. I say just accept the good gesture of food until you die. Once you die is when I'll start laughing and knowing I can go about my day when your 6ft under." The Guard slid the food tray into Naruto's cell and left.

Naruto smiled as he read a note from Houmi.

Dear Naruto,

I'm sorry that this has had to happen to you. I'm currently looking into doing what I can to save you. I won't rest until your free and alive, your my baby no matter what womb you came from. I've done some talking with Rias, we have something in mind. I hope you're okay with it. Anyways take it easy the rating game is in a week; I'll stop by once in a while. Please take care of my Naruto-kun and don't listen to what the guards say. Blood or not, you came from me or not, your my child, and I love you!"


Your Kaa-chan Houmi

Naruto chuckled reading the letter, but it made him wonder, "What the hell are you guys planning…. Rias… Murayama… everyone." Naruto looked up at a window that gave him the view of the light blue sky in the underworld. Naruto had to admit he hated how willingly he let himself be captured. Though he didn't want Houmi to suffer for what she has done for him. If there was a way to keep her safe in some way. Well, he would take that option if Houmi was doing her best to save him. She has been talking to Rias about this, then there is no doubt in his mind that Rias and the others can pull off their plan.

With Devil Breakfast Club

Rias was walking towards her desk as she sat down on the top and crossed her legs. She smiled as she looked at her feet, "So, would that be a possibility? I mean Naruto is part of their clan is he not? If I remember the ritual used to create certain evil pieces. Naruto would technically have small traces of Lady and Lord Phenex's blood in him. Granted they won't dominate when produced with offspring. Still, this technically makes him an heir and a possible marriage candidate is he not?"

The person she was talking to was sitting at her couch with a smile on his face. He said, "Well, well, well Ri-tan it seems you can get yourself out of this. Grayfia I think you proposing this to the Phenex Clan would be acceptable." A handsome man said who seems to be in his early 20's. He has shoulder-length crimson red hair and blue-green eyes.

"It is indeed true Sirzechs-sama the clan might have decided that he wouldn't be part of their clan. With the offering Rias-sama is proposing would still benefit the Phenex Clan giving what they want." Grayfia looked at Rias with a proud look on her face, "It seems like this Naruto-sama has a good personality and good character. Seems like he could be someone you like?"

Rias smiled, "Well not really, but I know Naruto well enough that he wouldn't force anything upon to me. Even if we are engaged, he wouldn't force me to marry him." Rias stood up and walked over towards the window looking outside at the sunset. Akeno walked up with a cart handing Rias tea after she gave tea to Sirzechs, "If the Phenex Clan elders are arrogant and power-hungry as I think they are. No matter what the offer I give them they still win. The only difference is with one person. That means I can be happy." Rias smiled as she looked at her cup of tea. "I know we can beat Riser and once that happens. All that marriage contract will go to Naruto and offered to him. Naruto, I know you're a good man if Murayama has taken such a liking to you. Maybe… just maybe you're the man I've been looking for." Rias turned around to see what Grayfia would say.

Grayfia nodded her head, "I will deliver this message to the Phenex Clan. There will be a rating game a week from Monday. You will have time to train then, I will come back with the news once I get it." Grayfia had a magical circle appear to blow her as she disappeared.

Sirzechs chuckled, "So Ri-tan tell me more about this Naruto!" Sirzechs shot Rias a comical look as his eyes went solid blue with a shit-eating grin.

Rias quickly puffed her cheeks out as a pouting face appeared. Akeno began to giggle, "Oh no one special just a blonde who has caught her eye."

"AKENO!" Rias shouted as she waved her fist at her.

With Murayama

Murayama was currently at Naruto's house which she helped Asia shut the Whirlpool Shop down. They put a sign up that said the place is going to be closed for a week. Murayama invited Asia to stay at her place, so she wasn't alone at Naruto's house. They were packing up Asia's suitcase to take to Murayama's house, "Murayama-san… do you think we can win against Riser?"

Murayama froze a bit as she tightened her fist, "I-I think we can… when that pawn slapped me into the ceiling. It didn't hurt that much, but the queen caught me off guard." Murayama tightened her fist and brought it up to her face. She let a low growl out, "With this week I'll grow stronger and kick Riser's ass. We will save Naruto together; he is my best friend… my boyfriend. I won't let this world take him from me so soon!"

Asia had a determined look on her face as she fist-pumped, "Yeah, we'll save Naruto together! I owe him a lot, for saving me from the fallen angels. He brought me to you and Rias where I'm made a lot of friends!" Asia said determined as she walked over to a picture. Naruto took a family photo with her once she moved in with him. It wasn't much, but Naruto stood behind her with a happy grin on his face. He had his left hand planted on Asia's head with her smiling at the camera.

Murayama saw the picture and thought it was an adorable picture. If Asia had blue eyes instead of green, she could easily pass off as Naruto's blood related sister. Though it made her think about how Asia looked at Naruto and felt about him. Murayama bit her lip as she watched Murayama pack her things, "Oh this is the hoodie that Naruto bought me! When we went shopping for the first time, he had no idea what to buy me!" Asia began to chuckle, "He bought me this when I picked out my other clothes!" Asia held up an 'I love Ramen' hoodie which Murayama had to admit that it was cute. Murayama saw a small orange fox on the shirt beside the ramen bowl.

Just then Kurama came out and hopped on Asia's bed, "Oh Kurama!" Murayama was surprised to see him, "Have you been eating?" Murayama picked the small kitsune up with her hands under Kurama's front legs.

"I'm a being made of chakra, I don't require subsistence to survive." Kurama replied with a deadpanned expression on his face.

"AHHHHHHH!" Asia and Murayama screamed as Murayama threw Kurama at the wall. Kurama's face-planted at the wall let a scream of the pain out.

"OW! THAT HURT!" Kurama quickly sat up from the ground as he rubbed his snout, "Jeez just what the hell! Where is Naruto?" Kurama growled as got back up on his four tails.

Murayama was surprised along with Asia, "Kurama I didn't know you could talk!"

"Y-Yeah I thought you were just Naruto's pet or something!" Asia was shocked to see the fox talk.

"Well I'm something like that, I'm am… well was the source of Naruto's power. I just reformed with part of my chakra when Naruto came to this world." Kurama rubbed his snout.

"W-What? Came to this world?" Murayama and Asia raised an eyebrow confused.

Kurama froze, "O-Oh I see the kit hasn't told you yet… wait isn't he dating you though? Twin tails your Murayama Moriko, right?"

"Uhhh Yeah I am… though Naruto never mentioned that to me before." Murayama couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Naruto didn't come from this world. You're saying that he came from a different world?" Asia was quite surprised.

Kurama sighed, "Well it's not my place to tell, Naruto will tell you what it is later. Right now, fill me in, what's going and where is Naruto?"

For the next ten minutes Murayama and Asia give Kurama the run down with Naruto, "So, we're going challenge Riser, once we win. Rias would move the marriage contract so we could free Naruto. The Phenex couldn't say no since Rias would be engaged to someone still part of their clan." Murayama let a sigh out, "It seems that I might have to share my Naruto… my Naruto-kun." Murayama was a little upset by this, but just having Naruto by her side is what truly mattered.

Kurama snickered, "I know Naruto cares a lot about you Murayama, don't you dare worry about him not being loyal. Though, I did joke that he would get a harem." Kurama snicker then began to chuckle.

Murayama blushed, "I-I know others have feelings for him." Murayama puffed her cheeks out as she then let her breath out. She thought back to Asia, Rias, and even Koneko seemed to have some emotions towards her blonde. Asia couldn't help but let a small blush out as she shook her head no, "No! No! No! Naruto loves Murayama and vise versa for Murayama."

"Well with that said, do you plan on staying with Murayama, so you aren't alone Asia?" Kurama asked as he hopped into Asia's lap and laid down.

Asia nodded her head, "Until we've saved Naruto, I don't feel right staying here." Asia began to pet Kurama's head as he happily laid in her lap, "I want to stand by Naruto too, I might not be a fighter. Though if I am a healer I can be there for when he needs me." Murayama was shocked by Asia's words; those were almost the same choice of words she had for Naruto.

Murayama smiled, "Yeah… let's continue getting stronger for Naruto! We can do it!" Murayama placed her left hand on her right bicep. Asia nodded her head with determination on her face.

"Heh, well I'll tag along too. Sound like things are starting to get interesting." Kurama smirked as he sat on Asia's head as they walked out of Naruto's house.

With Rias

Rias continued talking and catching up with Sirzechs, soon Grayfia came back with news. Rias and Sirzechs were eager to hear what the Phenex Clan says. Grayfia began to speak, "Rias-sama the Phenex Clan has spoken and accepted your challenge. You are to commence a fight between Riser-sama in a rating duel. If you win, you will not be engaged to Riser. Though Naruto then must fight Riser-sama for the right to be the heir to the Phenex Clan. If Naruto can prove his power as a Phenex Clan member. Though if you or he fails nothing will change you will still be engaged to Riser. Do you accept these terms?"

Rias closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "Yeah I do, I'll show Riser just how strong my peerage and I have become! It's all thanks to Naruto! We'll win no problem!"

Time Skip (Friday)

Rias already informed everyone of the agreement to the rating game, "Let's train our hardest for Naruto! We aren't going to let him get killed because of some stupid rules came up by a clan!" Rias said with determination, Rias had another reason to fight now. Another reason to get stronger, she remembers the echoes of Naruto's words to her.

"YEAH!" Everyone shouted at the same time as Kurama sat there looking at the bunch, "So these are the runts that Naruto trained. I wonder just how strong they've become under him… though that white-haired girl shows a lot of promise." Kurama smirked at that girl had chakra coming off her, and the chakra seemed similar to Matatabi.

Flashback to the Month of Training

It was when Naruto was personally training her and Akeno to work on their hand to hand. Naruto smiled, "Your hand to hand is improving, now tell me do you guys have an idea on how to get even better than you were before?"

Rias and Akeno took a few moments to catch their breaths. Currently, they had on twenty times earths gravity. They had a hard time moving let along trying to spar with one another, "W-What do you mean? How much more can we keep improving? Isn't there a limit to everything?" Akeno asked with labored breathing.

Naruto shook his head, "If you believe like that your limits will be limited." Naruto smiled, "If you can believe in yourself that you can always keep getting stronger. Then that already step one out of the way." Naruto held his hand out as a giant Rasengan began to spin as he aimed it at Rias and Akeno, "I want you guys to start attacking my attack, try to stop it. Otherwise, this will hit you girls and hurt you guys. You cannot use physical moves against this as it will shred your skin off. Only magical attacks will work, good luck." Naruto began to push his Rasengan towards them.

Akeno began to shoot lightning at the attack, but her attack was spun around the sphere. It was dispersed into nothing, Rias began to fire balls of destruction magic, but the attack was redirected. Rias thought about it, "Akeno let's do this together!" Rias put her hands out as she formed a beam of destruction magic and fired it at Naruto. Akeno nodded her head combining her attack with lighting to amp up Rias's attack. Though they grit their teeth once they saw their attack doing nothing. Naruto pushed it forward to see if he can get Rias and Akeno to continue. Rias and Akeno kept pushing as they felt their magical reserves emptying.

"What's wrong Rias? Akeno? Why are you guys holding back? Too scared to go all out?" Naruto said with mockery in his voice.

"Tch! We can still win this! Don't underestimate us!" Rias shouted as she amped up her power.

Naruto wondered if he could push their buttons to see if he could get them to get stronger, "So, Rias can you tell me. I know it's a weird time to ask this, but I need to know. Are your breasts just implant you put in? Perhaps they're just full of fat because of all of the food you eat?"

"WHAT?!" Rias screamed in anger as an explosion of red aura came from her body.

"What about you Akeno? Your tits and ass as real as your personality? To me, it sounds like so far, you're just a girl looking for attention. You make yourself sound like an attention whore who gets off on the pain of others. Your nothing but a scared little girl who lost her mother. You can't accept the fact that your father had other important things to do than babysit you." Naruto mocked seeing if he could get their emotions fueling their power.

"HOW DARE YOU! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MY FAMILY! GO TO HELL!"/"MY BOOBS AREN'T FAKE THEY'RE REAL!" Akeno and Rias bother screamed throwing more of their emotions into their attack. Akeno's lighting turned from yellow to red lighting on top of Rias's destruction magic. They saw Naruto's Rasengan completely fall apart and disappear. Naruto quickly had to dodge out of the way from their attack.

Naruto was on his hands and knees, "Phew! Man, if that hit me! I would have been a goner!" Naruto sent a grin their way, but his grin faded as he saw the pissed off looks on their face. He quickly stood up shaking his hands, "Woah! Woah! Woah! Hold your horse's girls! I was just playing! I was using your anger to help fuel your attack!"

Rias and Akeno both stopped realizing they broke Naruto's Rasengan just using their magic, "O-Oh we did didn't we." Akeno said it surprised that they had that much strength within them.

"A big factor of your power is from your belief inside of you. Not only yourself, but in others. Your emotions fuel your power, now tell me what another way you guys can get stronger." Naruto smiled as he gestured them to try to answer.

Rias and Akeno were still pretty confused about what he was talking about. Naruto sighed as he put his hand in his face shaking his head, "What do you guys fight for? What is your reason for fighting?" Naruto asked.

End of Flashback

Rias opened her eyes to everyone, "We're not fighting to save me from Riser. I don't care anymore about being free, I can't be free if Naruto is caged. He is our friend, our comrade, and more important to others." Rias smiled looking at Murayama as she blushed, "Naruto taught us that the only way to be truly strong. Is to fight to protect the people we consider precious. It can be a loved one, friends, family, pets, or even more. Naruto gave us all the tools to get stronger! We will take that and learn from his lessons! We'll free him because he is our friend!"

"YEAH!" Everyone shouted pumped and ready to do their training. They had a week to train; they were going to make it count!

Next Day

Rias and everyone teleported back to the training area where they trained with Naruto. Everyone was ready to go in their workout outfits. Rias and everyone were ready to train, but not everyone knew how to start. Koneko spoke up, "Bucho, you and Akeno should work on hand to hand. Maybe we can all do so together, once we get that out of the way. We can all work on magic while I work on using chakra more. Kiba can train in swordsmanship with Murayama since she is part of the Kendo Club. Asia can practice dodging with me when I throw my chakra attacks at her. Asia can work with magic with Buchou and Akeno."

"Then for our strength, endurance, and stamina training. Koneko can activate our weighted seals with her chakra. Do you have an idea of how well they work?" Murayama asked as she looked at Koneko. Koneko simply nodded her head as Murayama snapped her fingers happily in response, "Alright! This is great!"

Rias smiled, "This is perfect, this is why I never forced you guys to train. I never really knew how to help you guys get stronger." Rias rubbed the back of the head nervously; she knew that she lacked in teaching. When she means teaching, she means by training others.

"Alright then let's get to it!" Koneko put her gloves on tightening them ready to begin their sparring.

They went towards the training spot by the three log posts Naruto set up. Rias and everyone got into their stance. Even Asia was ready to dodge and counter attacks rather than attack. The group waited as a leaf gently fell from the tree, that leaf gently swayed in the wind. It was carried through the air as it finally landed in between all of them. With that, six of them charged in to begin their sparring session. Rias was facing off against Kiba, Rias swung her right foot at Kiba. He quickly dodged under and threw and brought his left fist up to punch. Rias quickly saw his attack and caught his left fist with her right hand. Rias quickly brought her left fist trying to punch Kiba. Kiba quickly did a backflip causing Rias to let go of his hand. He used his feet trying to kick Rias's chin. Rias quickly dodged and charged forward engaging Kiba at round 2.

Currently, Koneko was squaring off against Akeno as their fists collided with one another. Akeno did a small jump back as she shook her hand, "You pack a strong punch Koneko." Akeno said quickly as she avoided Koneko's fist to her chest.

Koneko replied, "As do you." Koneko then turned her body to the right and brought her left foot around. Akeno brought both arms up to block Koneko's right heel to her head. Akeno was pushed back a foot with the ground pushed up. Akeno lunged forward with her hands releasing electricity, "I heard from Naruto that Akeno learned to incorporate lighting into her fighting style. A way that could mess up the nerve in your body, your bodily functions can go haywire."

On the side, Murayama was practicing her hand to hand with Asia. Asia did her best to try to dodge and block her attacks. Asia was just as determined to get stronger with Murayama, Murayama would land shots here and there. Asia was able to dodge some of Murayama's attacks and counter some, "I need to get stronger; we must save Naruto."

"I agree, the only way to do so is to train!" Murayama said back as the gauntlet on her right hand shouted, Boost!

The group continued to train like this for the first few hours, they would change opponents every so often. Once they finished up with sparring, they practiced magic and chakra for Koneko. Their training was going to be long and they were going to give it all they had. They had to keep in mind was to help Naruto. Throughout the week of training, Rias couldn't help but feel a bit worried.

With Naruto

Naruto sat in his cell; it was somewhat comfortable as Houmi made sure he was taken care of. Naruto visited by a special someone, she was a rather interesting person. It was Ravel Phenex, the girl he saw the other day. Houmi has told him about her, she can be rather proud of her clan, "Well Kaa-chan has told me about you, Ravel! It's nice to meet ya!" Naruto stretched his hand out between the bars.

Ravel was rather curious about this Naruto. Why her mother took such an interest in him and why she loved him as if he was one of her own. Ravel accepted the handshake, "You should be rather lucky. I will allow you to shake my hand with a person of my status!"

Naruto deadpanned, "Wow isn't she full of herself." "Uhhh yeah… thanks, I guess." Naruto latterly had no words to reply, "Umm well so what's it like being in a clan?"

Ravel didn't mind answering this lowly devil, "Well if you must ask, being part of the Phenex Clan with such an important status is worthy. Your lucky that we haven't even killed you yet, but what gets me. Is why Kaa-sama took such an interest in you, so far I don't see anything of value, or you possess anything with power."

Naruto shook his head, "I see your clan runs differently from others, but it's family that your Kaa-san sees in me." Naruto smiled as he thought some of the memories, he made with her, "Your Kaa-san is the first one to ever treat me like a normal human being. She also saved me… I'm grateful for her."

"Treat you like a normal human being? I know she saved you, but I'm confused. What do you mean to treat you normally?" Ravel asked confused.

Naruto scratched his cheek, "I-I didn't have the easiest time when I was raised in my village. When Houmi-chan found me… well, she was awesome. She was the Kaa-san I never had, the one I've always wanted."

"What? You make it sound like you didn't have any… parents." Ravel's eyes widen realizing the fact why Naruto took such a liking to her mother, "Then why did my Kaa-sama end up loving you? As if you were her own, I don't understand. You don't even seem remotely powerful, at least not strong enough to beat my Onii-sama."

Naruto smirked, "Looks can be deceiving Ravel-chan. Though I must ask… is there any way to be part of the clan without harming you or your family? This isn't what I wanted or expected, I just wanted to help Houmi-chan and your clan." Naruto said with sincerity.

"Help our clan, but there isn't anything wrong with it," Ravel said confused.

Just then Houmi came walking in, "Ravel-chan there is something wrong with our clan honey." Houmi came walking in with a worried look on her face.

"W-What? Kaa-sama what do you mean?" Ravel said worriedly.

Houmi shook her head, "My queen Merlin, has been doing more and more digging. We head about a d'etat that is about to happen. Once my son was to be married to Rias, we would be voted off of the clan heads by the elders. I've learned that it's Houou's older brother that is planning this." Houmi shook her head, "I have no proof or evidence, only the true word from Merlin."

Naruto nodded his head, "That's why I've been waiting for you to tell me Kaa-san." Naruto didn't know the rest of Houmi's family this well. Though he did know that if anyone tried to hurt Houmi that he would stop it.

"W-What! Kaa-sama then we must!" Ravel was stopped when Houmi placed her finger on her lips.

"We mustn't talk about this too much. Nor can you do anything, the only one who could stand a chance. I found out that Houou's brother is going to kill him if there isn't a leader. It would go to the next in line, it must be an experienced clan member. So, getting rid of us, in general, would be for the best. The elders can't kick us out of the Clan Head without some reason unless we were killed. Houou's brother is powerful… their Tou-san chose Houou instead of his older brother Sekiryu." Houmi looked at Ravel seriously, "So keep your mouth shut and stay quiet. Sekiryu is powerful, no way would Houou listen to me on this."

Naruto was a little agitated, "So your husband's brother is jealous because of your family's power… that's ridiculous."

"Kaa-sama you saying that this half-devil is stronger than Onii-sama?" Ravel looked at Houmi shocked at hearing all this information.

Houmi nodded her head, "The elders and upset with Houou's son Riser, he is weak even though he holds a lot of promise to be powerful. Riser boasts too much about his powers instead of training. If… Houou were to be killed, you guys would be thrown out. I'd be forced to stay with Sekiryu and bear his children. Because of my status of pure blood, I would be forced into doing so. They would use you and Riser as bargaining chips."

"Wait but they know you care about Naruto a lot so how is he any different?" Ravel asked confused.

Houmi smiled, "Naruto-kun is powerful… way more powerful than Riser and Houou. Might be even stronger than the Four Maous." Houmi looked at Naruto behind the bars as she extended her hands-on placed them on Naruto's cheeks.

"H-Hey Kaa-chan… that's embarrassing." Naruto blushed at her motherly contact.

"You're my boy Naruto-kun, I know you can do this family proud." Houmi leaned forward and placed a kiss on his forehead. She smiled and pulled away, "Come on Ravel let's go we need to prepare for next week Monday's rating game."

Naruto smiled as he watched them leave. He looked out the window he had in his cell and remembered what more of Houmi's letter to him said, "Once Rias frees you and you are engaged to her. You have to challenge Riser for the seat as the Heir to the Clan. If you show your power to the elders, you might just prevent the elders from attacking us. The duel challenge is known as Garuda Hishou. Sekiryu well then be forced to back down, or he will himself personally challenge you to a duel. That way Sekiyu has no easy leverage if he tried to kill Houou." Naruto wondered why would the Elders even allow this then? Wouldn't they still have the power to eject him from the heir seat or Houmi's family? (A/N: A little bit of a take away from Avatar Agni Kai. Garuda is the Hindu God of Phoenix and Hishou means flying).

With Ravel and Houmi

"I get it Kaa-sama! If Naruto does become heir, he would be engaged to Rias… so the elders can't execute or remove him. Because of." Ravel understood what the plan was. However, Houmi wanted her to stop talking.

"Yes, yes now you know this way this keeps the elders at bay. Having the Gremory Heiress in our family protect Naruto and us." Houmi smiled, "One way or another Rias was getting out of the marriage contract with Riser."

"Did Naruto-san want to do this?" Ravel asked curiously.

Houmi nodded her head, "Naruto-kun has been undoubtedly grateful for me saving him. I never asked anything from him in return. He did this on his own even though I asked him to stay away from the life of a devil. Naruto is so selfless, even putting his life on the line for me." Houmi looked down at her hands as she brought them to her chest.

Ravel couldn't help but have a small smile appear on her face, "Wow… so Naruto-san is someone you do care about." Ravel could now see why her mother took such a liking to him. Not because of his name or the replacement of their possibly family member. It was because Naruto made Houmi genuinely happy, Naruto was like, no he was a son to Houmi.

Time Skip to the Day of the Rating Game

Rias and her peerage were currently in the ORC room, it was 9:00 am and the rating game was at noon. Rias was sitting on the edge of her desk nervously, but she knew she could do it. Rias oversaw everyone's training, Koneko was the biggest help of them all. Koneko made sure their weights were working and appropriate. Akeno and Rias themselves made sure everyone practiced their magic and increased their reserves. Koneko also oversaw their stamina and endurance training. They all had the tools to get stronger within a week, luckily Riser even said that giving them a week wasn't going to help them. However, Rias knew that this would be Riser's biggest downfall, his ego.

"You alright Buchou?" Murayama looked at Rias worriedly.

Rias shook her head, "I-I guess I can't help but feel a bit nervous." Risa started looking out the window.

"That's new Rias, you don't typically speak out your emotions so easily." Akeno stated shocked, mainly since Rias only talked about her issues with her.

Rias smiled, "Honestly I feel like I've grown closer to all of you since Naruto, Murayama, and Asia have become our new friends." Rias couldn't put her finger on it, something about Naruto just made it easier for Rias to open up to her peerage. She realized how unopen in a certain aspect of her life she keeps hidden.

"I must say the same, I typically stay quiet and do as told. Now… I feel like I can feel more and show more of me." Koneko looked at her hands happily, though it also bothered her. Her own emotions have been making it hard for her. She doesn't know what this feeling was, but all she knew is she enjoyed being around Naruto. Which made her wonder… was it love? Then again would he like her? She is a Lolita which would be a turn off for Naruto if he felt that way. Though not once had he ever commented on her body or how she looked. If anything he stayed himself; respected her and treated her as if he was talking to anyone else.

Murayama knew Rias was in a pickle and so was Naruto. Murayama is even considering putting a hold on their relationship with one another. Yes, she knows that Naruto likes her, and he likes her back. However, with this scenario, Naruto technically must have more than one lover. Murayama knew she was alright with Naruto loving someone else, but it still conflicted with her on the inside. Sharing Naruto wouldn't be easy if they all want to be with him. They are allowed to be greedy and they would want Naruto for themselves. Maybe it be best to hold off on their relationship and wait. Wait and see how Naruto can handle more than one lover, not saying he can't. It would just give Naruto and herself some more time to see how this would work out. Even now it felt a bit rushed to Murayama when they first got together. Maybe more time is needed, and more time is what she wants.

Rias smiled as she crossed her legs the other way, "Alright everyone we can do this, we trained our butts off this past week. Let's show what the peerage of the Gremory Clan can do! We will win, we have a reason to win. This fight is for Naruto!" Rias had her right hand up bent in from of her, so her hand was flat. She swung her hand to the right cutting the air making a dramatic scene.

"YEAH!" Everyone shouted ready to go as Grayfia soon arrived to teleport them all to the underworld.

"Are we ready everyone? Rias-sama?" Grayfia looked at the little sister of Sirzechs.

"Yeah, we trained like hell during this week. We won't let this be done for nothing!" Rias said revitalized and ready to go.

Soon they teleported to the underworld, Rias and everyone just teleported back into a room that looked like the ORC. Murayama walked over to the window, "Wow to think that magic could do this." Murayama looked outside to see the sky. The sky was a dark purple like the sky and everything else outside was a replica of the school.

"I see, so we'll have the home-field advantage in this." Rias smiled sitting down in her replica desk.

Soon Grayfia spoke up for everyone to hear her. Naruto was sitting next to Houmi and Houou with guards watching the rating game. Houou leaned in to speak to Naruto as Grayfia explained the rules, "I'm glad you have a chance to get out of this. In all honesty, this was the last thing I wanted to happen."

Naruto smiled, "It's okay Houou-san it's family and I completely understand your motives. I'm still a stranger, but I have no doubt we'll get to know one another." Naruto nodded his head; he turned his attention back to the screens. He saw how determined they all were, Naruto wondered what they did to get stronger.

With Rias

"If Rias-sama wins, she frees a devil known as Uzumaki Naruto from execution. Naruto-sama then will have to challenge Riser-sama to a Garuda Hishou. If Rias-sama loses nothing changes and she marries Riser-sama." Grayfia stated with a monotone voice as Rias in the ORC stayed stoic. Riser chuckled as he was in the principal's office with his team ready to go, "Let the rating game between Rias Gremory and Riser Phenex begin!"

Rias already went over the battle plan, to begin with. Since the layout was different, she went ahead and quickly barked out some orders, "Murayama and Koneko I want you to two capture the gym! Akeno you take your familiars and set up traps in the forest, Kiba you can take the tennis and basketball courts. Asia, you're with me, we'll slowly make our way towards Riser. Everyone once you defeated your opponents meet up at the entrance of the building. We'll keep in contact with our magic comms."

"HAI BUCHOU!" Everyone ran out of the building to get to their spots.

With Koneko and Murayama

The two came running into the gymnasium to come across their first opponents. Murayama recognized the three, "If I remember correctly those two small girls are pawns and that one is."
"The rook, I'll handle her, you take on the pawns. I'm sure you got those two." Koneko walked forward tightening her gloves, "You must be the rook… Koneko Toujou." Koneko got ready to fight.

"The name is Xuelan, rook of Riser-sama lets give it our all." The now named Xuelan prepared to fight. Xuelan is a well-endowed young woman of Chinese descent with shoulder-length black hair and blue-green eyes. Her hair has two Chinese-style buns on both sides of her head, while the front features bangs that form a slight V-shape across her forehead. Her outfit consists of a navy blue qipao with gold accents, a white sash around her stomach, and black, low-heeled shoes. The qipao is open at the chest area, giving view to Xuelan's breasts and cleavage. She also wears black armguards over her forearms. She does not wear any undergarments

Murayama was wearing her Kuoh uniform, "The name is Murayama Moriko, the pawn of Rias Gremory." The Boosted Gear appeared on her right fist as it glowed giving her a boost. Boost!

"We're Ile and Nel, we're both pawns of Riser-sama!" They both said at the same time. Ile and Nel are two very young girls with turquoise hair, which they keep tied to one side of their head with a yellow ribbon (opposite to their sister), and blue eyes. Both of their outfits consist of gym uniforms, which consist of white t-shirts with blue accents, black leggings, and blue sneakers over knee-high socks, similar to the Kuoh Academy's girls' gym uniforms, albeit without the logo. They also wear an orange wristband on their left wrist. Both of them had chainsaws appear which are colored blue.

"Let's dance!" Murayama ran forward as she pulled her arm back. Boost! She swung down the middle of the two which forced them to separate for a moment.

"WE GOT YOU!" Ile said.

"We're gonna CUT YOU UP!" Nel said with a crazed voice.

"So much for you two being cute!" Murayama quickly leaned forward following with her punch. Her hands landed on the ground; she twisted her body with her legs extending out like helicopter blades. Ile and Nel were both kicked and sent skidding backward. Murayama rushed Ile Murayama grabbed her foot and swung her around in a circle. Boost! Murayama chucked Ile and Nel as Nel was standing back up. Murayama ran towards them again not wanting to give them a moment to breathe. Murayama grabbed both of their arms and began to run with their bodies dragging across the ground. Boost! Murayama quickly ran up to the wall as she spun in a circle, this smacked Ile and Nel both into the gymnasium wall. Murayama kept her grip on them and quickly threw them against some bleachers. Boost! Murayama felt that she had enough power in her boosted gear. She held her right hand up and opened her palm and charged up her attack.

The attack began to build up in her palm as it was glowing red. She grabbed the orb crushing it, then she opened her palm as the ball was compacted. She let the orb float for a second and pulled her fist back and punched her attack, "Take this!" Dragon Shot! Ile and Nel were both engulfed in her attack as they were teleported away. "Two of Riser's Pawns retired," Grayfia called out.

Murayama looked over at Koneko to find her in a hand to hand battle with Xuelan. Koneko was able to dodge many of Xuelan's punches. Koneko was able to counter sending Xuelan away or into the ground. Xuelan tried to land a right hook, but Koneko easily swatted her hand away. Koneko grabbed her wrist and turned her back to Xuelan. Koneko used Xuelan's momentum against her and flung her over her shoulder. Once Xuelan landed on the ground Koneko did a front flip and slammed her left knee into Xuelan knocking her out cold. Soon she was engulfed by blue light as she was also taken out of the game, "One of Riser's Rooks retired one other pawn defeated."

"Hmms seems Kiba must have taken out one of the pawns." Murayama spoke.

"It was indeed me; I took out Mira one of Riser's pawns." Kiba spoke up on the comms.

"We took out two pawns and a rook." Koneko quickly added.

"Good work everyone let's meet up at the school entrance." Rias was proud of how well everyone was doing.

Murayama and Koneko exited the building, suddenly Koneko sensed a presence and went to dodge an attack. Murayama saw this as she ran in front of Koneko and stuck her hand out where her gauntlet was, Move Break! Murayama's gauntlet shouted as the attack directed at them was dispersed. Murayama has been working hard on a new move, it all stemmed from destroying the outside skin of a potato. Koneko smirked, "Thank goodness you learned that move."

"Yeah, but it consumes a good amount of magic." Murayama let a few huff and puffs out.

Koneko looked up at their attacker, "The name is Yubelluna, Riser's Queen." Yubelluna is a voluptuous woman with long, wavy purple hair that falls her back and matching eyes. At the front, the right side of her hair falls over her breast and covers her right eye, while the left side falls near the top of her skirt.

Her attire is a dress consisting of a navy blue tunic top with gold accents and a pale blue skirt with open sides, black shoes, and overmatching thigh-high stockings with garter belts. The top reveals much of her cleavage and is held with a gold choker with blue and red jewels. Over this, she wears a white overcoat with black and gold accents and matching pauldron. For accessories, she wears a black headband with a red-orange jewel over her forehead to keep her long hair in place and wields a staff-like scepter in battle. For cosmetics, she wears purple lipstick and nail polish, matching her eyes and hair.

"The bomb Queen." Koneko stated not impressed by Riser's Queen.

"Ufufufu, what's this? Seems a Queen versus a rook and a pawn. Maybe I should join on in." Akeno came flying up after placing traps in the forest. Just then there was an explosion that went off in the forest, "Five of Riser's pawns retired."

"You'll pay for that!" Yubelluna shouted as she turned her attention to Akeno.

"HEY PAY ATTENTION!" Murayama shouted as she was thrown into the air by Koneko. Murayama landed a solid punch on Yubelluna, this sent her towards Koneko on the ground.

Koneko quickly pulled a sign up from the ground, "Batter up." She swung the crosswalk sign as it hit Yubelluna in the face sending her back up into the air.

"Let me in on the fun!" Akeno charged up a ball of lightning in her hand that struck Yubelluna in the back shocking her. This temporarily paralyzed her as she fell the ground unable to use her Phenex tear.

Koneko walked over using the sign like a driver. Koneko winded up, "FOUR!" Koneko swung the sign around as smacked Yubelluna in the face adding chakra to her attack. This sent the bomb queen flying through the air until she disappeared, "One of Riser's Queen retired." Grayfia called out.

"Great work everyone! Let's head towards the school entrance." Rias said over the magic comms as everyone began to haul ass.

Soon everyone met up where Rias and Asia weren't insight to keep themselves hidden. Murayama punched her fist into her other hand a smirked, "Alright let's take the rest of these fools out!"

The rest of Riser's peerage appears it was his two knights, one pawn, and two bishops left over. Everyone was prepared to fight, but the one bishop with blonde pigtail drills wasn't going to fight. Which confused everyone, but what happened next shocked Riser's group. Asia came walking out since Riser's pieces were close together, "Alright this is for Naruto-san!" Asia stated proudly as she said, Twilight Steal! Asia's twilight healing had a new ability Asia learned to do. Asia learned she could control the energy within a person or persons and transfer it to others. However, she cannot do so with her energy nor can she transfer their energy to herself. The energy Asia took from her opponents sent it to Murayama and the others.

Riser's remaining peerage members fell on their hands and knees shocked. Even the girl with the blonde twin tail drills was too. However, everyone else saw how drained Asia was from that attack she just performed, "Let's end this!" Akeno shouted as she raised her hand in the air, Lightning Strike! She swung her hand down as lightning shot from the sky hitting all of Riser's members.

Murayama meanwhile already charged up to six boosts, Murayama cupped her hands together imitating Goku's Kamehameha. Murayama smirked, "I've always wanted to do this!" Dragon Cannon! Pushed her cupped hands forward imitating Goku as her red beam engulfed the enemy removing them from the field. "Two of Riser's Knights, One Rook, and two Bishop's retired."

Soon Riser came floating down with his arms crossed annoyed, "Well, well, well it seems a week was enough to power up your entire peerage Rias-chan." Riser did smirk as he rubbed his chin, "Well at least I know the woman I'm marrying is strong. Along with your peerage members, makes me wonder just how long you'd last in bed!"

Rias grit her teeth, "Riser I'd never love you or marry you! You disgust me! Thinking about my dear servants like that! Though right now my marriage isn't important, all that matters right now is winning! We're going to save Naruto together! He has done a lot for us! We're going to repay the favor!" Rias got into a fighting stance which Riser began to laugh at.
"Are you serious? You're going to fight me hand to hand? Please we all know your magic orientated, you know you're far weaker than I am." Riser chuckled as he crossed his arms not caring, "You know I'll even give you the first punch." He aimed at his cheek.

Rias grit her teeth, but she smiled, "How nice of you, pray that I don't mess you face up too badly!" Rias ran forward with her fist pulled back. Once she was mere inches from his face her fist began to glow red and black with destruction magic. Hakai Smash!

"WAIT! WHAT?!" Riser screamed as Rias's fist punched him in the face. Riser was shot from his spot rocketing into the classroom building.

Rias stood in her spot with her fist still emitting destruction magic, "What's wrong Riser? Thought it wouldn't hurt."

Riser stood up as his face slowly began to heal, "Damn! Seems you can pack a punch, but that still doesn't matter! YOUR NO MATCH FOR ME!" Riser gathered up flames in his hands to fire it at Rias.

"How about you pay attention." Kiba quickly appeared behind Riser as he swung his sword at Riser.

Riser quickly dodged the attack but was cut by the tip sword and found himself bleeding, "W-What!? Why is it taking longer to regenerate!?"

Kiba chuckled, "If I have anyone to thank it be Naruto, my ability is called Sword Birth. I can create any demonic swords. So, I created a demonic sword that can hurt even immortals like you." Kiba jumped back a bit and swung his sword to the side to get the blood off it. Kiba smirked, "Naruto called it Phenex Eraser."

"W-What!? How did you know it would work!?" Riser snarled angered by this mere half-devil hurting him.

Kiba chuckled, "Naruto can regenerate way faster than you can. Plus, he is a good guinea pig." Kiba rushed forward putting pressure on Riser.

"Don't forget about us!" Murayama shouted as she landed a solid kick on his face. This stunned Riser as he stumbled backward.

"This is the strength Naruto-senpai helped us achieve, suck it." Koneko was holding a sphere of chakra in her hand and slammed her attack into his solar plexus. Rasengan! Koneko shouted as she followed through with her attack. "Thank you for teaching me the basics Naruto-senpai, I trained my ass off to master this for you." Koneko said proudly to herself.

This sent him flying back as Akeno was floating above him, "Ara, ara, it seems you're in pain, I want some in on it too!" Akeno licked her fingers as she extended her hand out, Lighting Rasengan! Akeno dive-bombed her attack slamming her attack into Riser's face causing him immense pain. Akeno's Rasengan wasn't complete like Koneko's was, but she was able to use magic to stabilize the attack. Adding lighting to the attack was just a bonus.

"AARRRRRGGGGGG!" Riser screamed as his body was trying to heal, but the continuous attacks made it hard. The number of attacks they were throwing at him. He was taking way more damage he thought; they are way stronger than he anticipated.

Riser was on his knees as he continued to slowly heal while he caught his breath. Rias slowly walked up with her hands folded under her breasts. She had no expression on her face, "Riser, we won because this was thanks to Naruto. Another reason we won was that you thought if you would win and marry me. You thought I'd let you touch my peerage? They're my family, I'd never let scum like you lay even one finger on them!" Rias held her hand up as she formed a magic sphere in her hand, Hakai Rasengan! Rias pushed her attack at Riser as the spinning magical ball ground against Riser's body and face as he let out screams of pain. There was a loud explosion as smoke covered the field.

As the smoke began to clear everyone saw a large crater where Riser laid in. Rias stood at the top of the crater with a smile on her face. Rias turned around leaving Riser in the ditch as his body began to glow and disappear, "Riser Phenex… King retired, the winner of the Rating Match is Rias Gremory!" Grayfia's voice sounded a bit more elated than usual as Rias's mother cheered. Naruto was also cheering shouting happily for Rias's win, "Serves you right… Torikatsu." Rias chuckled as everyone in her peerage struck a pose behind her. (Fried Chicken Cutlet; for the pose think of the Jojo Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders. The Egypt tour they went on.)

Of everyone in the stands who were in shock and awe, Houmi screamed as she stood up happily, "AHHHHHHH! It all went accordingly! Naruto-kun! Your free!" Houmi quickly turned to Naruto enveloping him in a tight hug. Houou couldn't help but smile as he ruffled Naruto's hair, it seemed like he was going to become part of the family. Meanwhile, the elders were cursing their luck as well as Sekiryu internally. Elders had no choice but to side with the current head clan leaders. Rias winning still kept her in a marriage contract, but with Naruto. They wanted to execute him. Now, Rias had the elders under her thumb. The only thing left was for Naruto to duel Riser.

In Head Clan Room

Naruto was escorted with Houmi and Houou by his side to where the Gremory Family was. Naruto saw Rias and everyone healing up with whatever scratches or marks they received. Naruto waved to them, "Hey congrats everyone! You all did it! You've guys gotten so strong within a week!" Naruto walked up to them, but he was suddenly enveloped in a large hug by all the girls beside Kiba. The girls slowly let go of Naruto as he turned his head to Kiba, "What? No hug from my brother?"

Kiba chuckled, "I wasn't too sure how you were feeling. Either you were serious about the hug or you were going to prank me."

"Hey, I would never do such a thing!" Naruto pointed his finger at Kiba annoyed, but then a bunch of items used for pranking dropped out of his sleeve.

"You didn't see anything." Naruto quickly mentioned as everyone began to laugh, "GET OVER HERE YOU BIG BABY!" Naruto pulled Kiba into an armlock giving Kiba a noogie on his head.

Soon two people came walking up, "Well you must be Naruto, we've heard quite a lot about you. We look forward to getting to know our future son in law." A man walked up who had an appearance of a middle-aged, handsome looking man with long crimson red hair that is tied in a loose ponytail with a black hairband. He has bright blue eyes just like Rias and Sirzechs; he also has a short and red beard or stubble, "I am Zeoticus, I am Rias's father."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Naruto-kun, I'm Venelana Gremory. I've heard so much about you from Sirzechs, you are certainly a cutie." The woman named Venelana looks very much like her daughter with shorter flaxen hair and violet eyes much like the natural-born members of the Bael Clan. Due to their devil lineage, she appears around the same age as her daughter and her son who appears to be in his early to mid-twenties.

"It's a pleasure to meet you guys too, but you guys are young Dattebayo. You could even pass as Rias's older brother and sister." Naruto scratched his head shocked by their appearances.

"Well thank you Naruto-kun, my aren't you a charmer. You better watch out Ri-chan I might take him for myself." Venelana put her hand up to her mouth giggling.

"Now dear, let's not overwhelm the young man. It seems he already has potential wife candidates of his own." Zeoticus chuckled looking over at Rias's peerage members.

Murayama and Asia hard deep red blushes that rivaled Rias's hair color. Koneko had a small tint of pink on her cheeks as she found it interesting to stare at the ground. Akeno giggled as Rias sighed shaking her head, "Can we please just get to the part where we can go home." Rias let a huff out as some of her hair flew out of her face.

"That hurts Ri-tan! I never even got a hug from dear little sister!" Sirzechs came running out from the doors with his arms out to hug his little sister.

Rias had a tick mark appear on her forehead, "No Nii-sama! Stop acting like a weirdo!" Rias stuck her hand out as Sirzech's ran into it unable to advance.

Grayfia walked up and began to pinch Sirzech's cheek, "Now Sirzechs-sama this is unbecoming of a Maou please act like one."

"OWWWW Zhat horts Grayfa-chuan!" Sirzechs tried to speak as Grayfia tightened her pinch on his face.

Naruto chuckled, "So… now, what do I challenge Riser to a Garuda Hishou?"

"As soon as your ready." Some of the elders came walking into the room with a now healed Riser, "This is a serious battle between possible heirs, though does Houmi and Houou both okay with Naruto… your adopted son to challenge Riser to a Garuda Hishou?"

"We both do." Houmi and Houou said at the same time.

Riser was outraged, "Tou-sama, Kaa-sama I must ask why? Why are you doing this? I don't understand! I am your blood! I am your true son! Not this low life you so happen to save Kaa-sama. I can see you care for him, but over your blood son!?"

Houou sighed, "Riser, you need to understand you can't."

"No, Houou-kun we can't keep babying Riser! Riser-kun you need to get your priorities straight! You aren't fit for clan heir with your attitude! Women aren't your thing to be used for your pleasure! I know you can make your peerage do what you want, but you can't go willy nilly telling another woman to lick your feet. Bend over when you want them too!" Houmi stuck her finger out angrily making sure she disciplined her son, "Naruto-kun and you are both my sons regardless of blood or not. You've also become arrogant of your status and believe that you truly are invincible! Your dead wrong, angels, or fallen angels could very well be stronger than you! Azazel the leader of the fallen angels could easily take you down!" Houmi didn't want to see her son Riser end up dead because of her ego. She couldn't lose a child, not another one.

Riser stayed quiet not wanting to voice against his mother, but he wasn't so sure. The elders told him that everything given to him was because of who he is. Yet, his mother was telling him the way he sees things were wrong, "I-I accept the challenge, but I'll make sure to give it my all!" Riser still shot back leaving the room.

The elders nod their heads, "For this match, we will allow peerages to fight as well."

"What! Naruto-sama is his peerage that's not fair." Ravel spoke up which surprised everyone, but Houmi could only smile for Ravel. Ravel seemed to be heading towards the right direction too.

Elders stated, "It's not our problem."

"It's fine I'll fight by myself; I should be more than enough," Naruto smirked ready for his fight.

"The fight will begin in two hours from now." The elders left with annoyed expressions on their faces.

Naruto smirked, "So do I just fight until the opponent is unable to fight?"

"Yes, though I suggest showing your true wings Naruto. The elders will fall in favor if you can prove just how powerful you are. Everyone here is unaware of the mutation that you have personally." Houmi smiled as she walked up and hugged Naruto, "I know you can win, now your free as well. I'm glad you're doing this, it teaches my dear son a lesson. Your free to do as you wish, though being an heir will come with some responsibilities."

"Would want you to have multiple partners… I know it seems Murayama knows that the best out of all of us." Naruto looked over at Murayama as she had an almost confused and pondering look on her face. Naruto walked over to Murayama as gently grabbed her hands and smiled, "You're confused and conflicted about this… I can sense that coming off you. Even though I already asked you out, waiting is the best option. I won't force you to do something your uncomfortable with." Naruto turned to Rias as he gently let go of Murayama's hand. Murayama couldn't help but feel a pain in her heart watching Naruto say that to her. However, it also gave her a clear mind to work with, now that they aren't dating anymore. They don't have those words said to one another as boyfriend and girlfriend. Murayama can focus on if she wants to be with Naruto with the way things are. It also allows her to see how Naruto will handle this as well, "Don't worry Rias, I won't force us to do anything. Hell, I won't even force you to marry me even if we have to fake it. You should love whom you want to love." Naruto placed a hand on her head petting her.

Rias couldn't help but puff her cheeks out, but then she relaxed and smiled, "Don't treat me like I'm a kid, but yeah… I appreciate that Naruto. I know many other guys would jump at the opportunity to get a chance at me." Rias couldn't help but have a small tint of pink stain her cheeks. Naruto was truly a kind and selfless person, always putting others before himself, "Definitely a kind of man I'd like in my life…" Rias froze at the words that echoed in her mind as she watched Naruto walk back to Houmi.
"Well, I guess we should all get acquainted! I know! You guys got a kitchen somewhere? I'll make all of us some killer ramen before my next match!" Naruto licked her lips as he also rubbed his hands together excitedly.

A/N: Alright! That's it for this chapter! I hope you all enjoyed it and the fight with Riser in the Garuda Hishou will be the next chapter. I purposely had Murayama question her own feelings for Naruto. Think about it, she was crazy for Naruto in the beginning. She was head over heels for him. Now that they actually started dating. She doesn't know Naruto as well as she thought. That there is more to him than just being a devil. Remember her encounter with Kurama. So Murayama wants more time before she can decide if she wants to be with Naruto like this. He is going to have more than one lover, she needs to be able to settle on her own feelings and emotions. Hey, hey, hey! Character development! Lmao, so yeah that's why, and I'm trying to help Koneko be more comical and show more emotions. Now, Ravel will not be in Naruto's harem. Though I accepted Koneko and Asia, Asia was me, and then the guest made a valid point about Koneko. I never use Koneko as a pairing, if you don't like my changes the simply stop reading. Oh, the reason Koneko knows the Rasengan is Naruto taught her. She knew the basics and mastered it on her own. Akeno and Rias have great magic control, they can't use chakra. However, that doesn't mean they can't use magic to form a Rasengan. I can think that they could add extra magic to stabilize the Rasengan. With that said, I am still recovering from surgery and I have a device on my head called a halo. It is being used to pull my top jaw forward. I will have it on for another week or two. Then I'll go back in for surgery again, so it's a long road for recovery for me. I'll be working on the My Hero and Naruto story, and continue working on the Child of a Devil and Angel story. Anyways TitanFall007 OUT! Ja Ne!