N/A: This is a flashback episode which will explain Colleen's whereabout during the event of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and "The Suite Life On Deck"

The Secret Life of Colleen

(Opening with where the previous episode left off where Zack, Cody, and Colleen facing Pennywise and Herod in the sewer system)

Cody: Okay...let me get this straight, you are actually a clown who live in the sewer system

Pennywise: Ummm...that is correct and you guys are my next targets as those losers who thought that they has finally got rid of me but were totally wrong

(Pennywise chuckles)

Zack: So...what in the heck is Herod the magican dude doing here

Pennywise: Oh...he is actually my sidekick who like to eat humans and hypnotize them as well

Zack: Oooookay...that was creepy

Pennywise: Well, let move on to an important matt...oh, well, well, look who we have here, Colleen Martin was that you

Colleen: Yep...that's me and I won't let you get away with it

Cody:What in the heck are you talking about

Colleen: Well, the truth is...

(Pennywise chuckle)

Pennywise:...she is not actually your sis, Herod! Show the boy who she really is

Herod: Very Well

(Herod use his magic power to turn Colleen into her true form which is an alien)

Zack: What the...

Cody:...is this some kind of FREAKING joke!?

Pennywise: Nope, I would love to tell you a tale of Colleen Martin. But first, let enjoy totally unrelated music, shall we?

(Then, we are seeing "The Suite Life" Theme Song and back to Zack, Cody, and Colleen facing Pennywise and Herod)

Pennywise: Now, I will have Herod here to help you to visualize my tale of your long lost sister

(As Herod put the spell on Zack, Cody, and Colleen which cause them to stay still, we are seeing a white light and seeing The Tipton Hotel with the text that read; "March 2005" and seeing a young Colleen sneaking out of the lobby and young Cody stalking her)

Colleen: What are you even doing out here

Cody: I just...ummmm...noticed that you were sneaking out with a back...wait, are you running away

Colleen: I had to...because, I can't even imagine myself being surrounded by some snobbish people

Cody: Wait, are your talking about The London Tipton? Oh, come on...she is the only snob rich person who lives at The Tipton and she couldn't even go in the right room

Colleen: I...just...want to be where my heart desires

Cody: Weeeeelllll...if it what do you want, then we will miss you terribly and you would miss some such great adventures and before you know, we would be attending the school on the cruise ship

Colleen: I will miss you too bro

(As Cody head back inside, Colleen sigh)

Colleen: This is just the beginning of my new life

(Then, we are seeing Colleen getting on the bus and Jerry the bus driver close the door)

Jerry: All aboard to Derry

(Then, we are seeing the bus passed a sign that read "Welcome to Derry" and Colleen approach to an abandoned house and sign)

Colleen: Home Sweet Home.

(Then, we see Colleen approach to the box office with the text that read; "a few months later")

Colleen: One ticket for...ummmm...Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

John: Ohhh...I just saw it last night with some buddies of mine and spoiler alert...Anakin has gone to the dark side

Colleen: Ohhhh...thanks for the info, NOT!

(Then, Colleen went to her seat and spotted Herod kept staring at Colleen)

Colleen: Ooooookay...that was creepy

(Then, we are seeing Colleen walking down the street and Herod bump into her)

Colleen: Who in the heck are you and what do you want

Herod: Oh, pardon me...I am Herod...the...magician and you actually remind me of my...ummmm...daughter who recently passed away from cancer

Colleen: Oh, I am so sorry for your loss and what can I do for you

Herod: Well, for the starter...I would like for you to come to my house for dinner

Colleen: Ummm...sure, I would love to.

(Then, we are seeing Colleen and Herod walking into the middle of the forest)

Colleen: Ummm...are you actually live in middle of the forest

Herod: Yes, but first I want to introduce you to a close collage of mine

Colleen: Very Well, but I...

(Colleen was being interrupted by Pennywise pop out of nowhere)

Pennywise: Hello there, little child

(Colleen yelp)

Colleen: Who in the heck are you?

Pennywise: I am Pennywise the clown and Herod here used to work for Ringling Bros.&Barnum&Bailey Circus for a couple of decades until we has been let go in 1975 and moved to Derry

Colleen: Cool, sooo...what do you want with me

Pennywise: Well, my little child...I just don't want you but...we want your brothers as well

Colleen: Whoa, whoa, and whoa...how did you kno...wait aren't you a clown who apparently kidnapped that poor kid

Pennywise: Well, I do not want to brag but why...yes, I did

(Pennywise chuckle)

Pennywise: Oh, I also ate that poor Georgie as well

Colleen: Y-y-you...MONSTER!

(Colleen ran off)

Pennywise: Go find that gal and bring her to the sewer system

Herod: Very well

(Then, we are seeing Colleen ran off to the gas station on Hwy 2 with the text that read; "Vermont" and approach the fridge to grab some Coca-Colas and went to the snack aile and grab Lay's, and Snack Mix)

Fred: Hey, don't forget to pay those, young lady

Colleen: Oh...right

(As Colleen take out her wallet, she spotted Herod)

Colleen: Oh...chiz, I better get going

(Colleen ran out)

Fred: Wa...who am I kidding, I am widow and none of my kids would not ever call me back and she wouldn't even listen to me either

(Then, we are seeing a montage where Colleen is running from Herod; Herod chasing Colleen all the way to New York City, Colleen running through Waverly Place Substation, Herod stolen a half-eaten sub and take a bite out of it and made it disappeared and Jerry witnessed it)

Jerry: Hmmm...maybe it is time to introduce my kids to the world of magic. Theresa, I think it is time for us to have "The Talk"

(Then, we are seeing Colleen still running all the way to the Time Square and Herod spot a Taco Truck and stole it from Liz Lemon)

Liz: OH, COME ON...can I get good freaking stuffs that happen to me at least for ONCE

(Liz spot some background characters staring at her)

Liz: What, it is not like you would probably get good stuff anyway

(Then, we are seeing Colleen run all the way to Hawkin and ran pass Jim Hopper who was eating at Ed's Diner and Herod flying pass the window as well.)

Hopper: Huh, I haven't seen anything strange in a couple of decades and my entire experience seems not so bad right about now

(As Hopper chuckles, Colleen running all the way to Pawnee and run pass by Ron Swanson doing one of his woodworks and Herod turned Ron's project into Tiki. Ron sigh)

Ron: Those youths and their worthless witchcrafts today

(Then, we are seeing Colleen ran all the way to a local diner in Kansa near I-70)

Ricky: What may I serve you today, ma

Colleen: Just...a...water...and...gigantic...meal

Ricky: Well, you got it

(As Ricky exit, Colleen eardropping on a couple of addictive gamblers sitting in a booth next to her's)

Dave: Even though, we might had lost a tons of money to some sort of skilled gamblers tonight, we would probably make a bet against him on possibility of electing a first black president 3 years from now

(Jack scoff)

Jack: I just don't think it would be possible to elect a first black president in a couple years into the future

Dave: Jack, just trust me on this one, because, I have such awfully great feelings about this bet. So, that way we could end that jerkface's winning streak

Jack: Weeeeelllll...

(Jack sigh)

Jack: Sure, what the heck. So, to the bar shall we?

Dave: Yes, we shall

(Then, we sound the scream from Dave and Jack which make Colleen peek out of the window and spotted Herod killed Dave and Jack and ran off to the back and got on a stolen motorcycle and drove off into an open road. Herod groan. Then, we are seeing Colleen passed by a sign that read "Welcome to Nevada" and the motorcycle broken down in the middle of no where. Colleen groan)

Colleen: No, no, and no...great, this just what I needed; a FREAKING motorcycle broken down in the middle of nowhere. DANG IT!

(As Colleen kick the motorcycle, it was set on fire and Colleen ran into the desert and went into the motorcyclist's bar which caused the drunken motorcyclists stop chatter, drinking, and laughing and stared at Colleen.)

Harry: What in the heck are you doing in the bar, kid

Colleen: Well, it was sort of a long story but, I would need your help to fix my motorcycle

Gary: Aren't you little young to be operationing a motorcycle and being in a bar

Colleen: Why, why, yes...I am and currently traveling across the country in order to get away from a rip-off magician

Toby: Whoa, that was like totally insane how a kid is actually running away from some crappy magician across the freaking country and these Hollywood dudes got to produce a movie based on your life.

Colleen: Yeah, it is totally not like my twin brothers would end up being a star of a short-lived sitcom based on their lives

Harry: Alright kid, since you had literally blown our minds and we would help you by fixing your motorcycle

(Then, we are seeing Colleen take off which leave the motorcyclists in tears)

Harry: Run, Kid, Run

(Harry sniffing)

(Then, we are seeing Colleen passed by a sign that read "Welcome to Rachel; a town where aliens are habitual" which we see a text that read; "6 Years Later" and panning over to Colleen who is recently graduated from Yoda Greenard High School and working at Extraordinaries Museum Gift Shop along with an alien who had power to transform into anyone)

Colleen: So, it was hard to believe how the time went so freaking fast

Yurt: Yeah, I remember it was just like it was yesterday when you came into the town on the FREAKING motorcycle

Colleen: Don't you forget that I was on the run from some sort of rip-off magician across the country when I was like 12

(Yurt chuckle)

Yurt: Man, that was like totally insane and it was not like a crappy magician would keep searching for you for 6 years or something like that

Jerry: Colleen, I think there is someone who want to see you

Colleen: Jerry, if it was Colonel Frank, tell him that we basically had nothing to do with breaking into Area 51 when I was like 14

Jerry: Cool, but I think it was some magician who want to see you so badly

(Colleen's eyes became wider)

Colleen: Holy Chiz.

Yurt: Wait, don't tell me. Was that...

Colleen: Yep, remember back on my first day in town

Yurt; Don't drink until you turn 21 and do not smoke bec...

Colleen: N...n...o...o...y...e...e..s...beside that, you had to take my place in order to trick Herod the magician and I would no choice but to...

(Colleen gulp)

Colleen: Skip town in order to go in hiding...

(Yurt sigh)

Yurt: Alright, I will miss you so, so, so much

Colleen: I will miss you too

(As Yurt transformed into Colleen, Yurt nod and ran off. Colleen sign and ran off to another direction. Yurt approach Herod)

Herod: Well, well, and well...look who finally crawling out after those years

(As Herod captured Yurt and put him in the cage, we see a bright white light and we are back to Zack, Yurt, and Cody facing Pennywise and Herod)

Pennywise:...Then, once Herod finally brought Colleen to me and I just recognized something...it was actually not Colleen at all. It was turned out to be Colleen's close friend from a small town called "Rachel"

Zack: That was actually explain why we don't recalled her being with us during those adventures

(Pennywise sniff)

Pennywise: You actually thought that I wouldn't aware of your angst and lengthy adventure that involved time travel and other dimension which I actually been to Upside Down myself back in the 80's

Cody: Oooookay...then, ho...

(Yurt use his power to knock Pennywise and Herod out)

Yurt: RUN!

(Then, we are seeing Zack, Cody, and Yurt ran out of Derry with a text that read; "To Be Continued...")

N/A: This episode also revealed how Jerry Russo got an inspiration to introduce his kids to the world of magic which was a result of setting up the event of "Wizards of Waverly Place."