Rebecca sighed contently as she tuned out the conversation Hermit and Homura were having and focused on observing Shiki Granbell; the handsome, lean and muscular sports captain and also her crush. She had met him at the Eden's High School Fresher's Party and the more she spent time with him, the more she found him irresistibly cute and fun to be around. He had a heart of gold, always so cheerful and energetic. Shiki attracted a fair share of girls after him, thanks to his incredibly kind and friendly demeanor.

He was the most handsome and gorgeous guy she had ever laid eyes on. But above everything else, Rebecca was attracted to his wide and boyish grin, radiating warmth and kindness to whoever it was directed at. And she especially loved it when it was directed towards her.

There he was sitting a few seats away, chatting animatedly to his friend. He was gorgeous. Suddenly, he caught her eye and threw her a heart melting smile. She couldn't react for a moment, feeling giddy with love sickness just from that. She smiled back and waved a bit before shyly looking away. Why was it that she found it so hard to just tell him how she truly felt? She knew there was a chance he felt the same way about her too, considering how touchy and talkative he was around her. But she could be reading too much into the situation too because Shiki was just that friendly with almost everybody.

Rebecca was drawn out of her thoughts when Hermit spoke up, "Hey, did you hear? Apparently, there's a mind reader in our class." she said to Homura and Rebecca.

Homura looked positively mortified, "Is that so? That is scandalous. Someone is overhearing all our thoughts right now?" Although Rebecca couldn't understand the reason for her mortification as the girl was known to voice out any opinion that came to her mind instantly. And true enough, Homura added, "Although it is wrong, I would like to hear people's thoughts too. But I won't say it."

Rebecca honestly could not care less about such a rumor. After all, school life was full of ridiculous rumors. Last time she heard a rumor about a girl who could apparently predict the future and had ended up passing all the tests. Clearly, she had studied well enough to ace the exams. Rebecca snorted, shaking her head, "How is that even possible? Did they get bitten by some radioactive bug or hit their head somewhere?"

Hermit shrugged, "I don't know. I just heard some other girls talk about it. They seem to think it is someone from our class."

"Eh…" Rebecca and Homura pursed their lips in thought.

Just then, the bell rang signaling the start of the class. Right on time, their professor entered, and the class settled into their seats.

As she pulled out her books, Rebecca played with the thought in her head for a bit. If that someone was in the class, they were hearing her clearly now.

Professor Steiner held out the textbook and started explaining a math problem. As Rebecca wrote down the date on her notebook, she thought to herself absently, "Can February March? April May."

There was a slight shuffle as someone moved in their seat, and then utter silence.

The professor continued explaining and Rebecca took down notes, trying her best to stay focused, but her mind kept drifting off. He then turned to write on the board.

"Poor Prof. Steiner is turning bald. And he's only turning 36."

There was a light snicker from one side of the class, but Rebecca failed to notice that.

Professor Steiner wrote down a few problems on the board and asked the students to solve them. He carried this on and subsequently summoned students to solve a question on the board.

She was drawn away from her notes when she heard Shiki's name being called out. He walked up to the front, picked up a piece of chalk and stared at the board.

Rebecca couldn't help but ogle at the fit boy in front of her. As he raised his hand to write, she thought, "His arms look so strong. I wonder if he works out."

"Shiki's hair looks so good all the time. I want to run my fingers through his hair." Shiki absently scratched his head. Glancing down at his textbook, he started solving the question.

"I want to yank him by his neck and kiss him senseless." Suddenly, the chalk slipped from his hand. He craned his neck slightly to the side, glancing at the classroom nervously. Professor Steiner raised a brow, "Is something wrong, Mr. Granbell?"

Shiki shook his head, "N-Nothing, sir." and returned to solving the problem. Rebecca turned her attention to her book, attempting to solve the question. She shuffled through her pouch to find an eraser, upon making a mistake. When she pulled it out, she remembered borrowing it from Shiki a few days back when they were studying together at the library. "I have to return this eraser to Shiki."

As he walked back to his seat, Rebecca eyed him. He looked a bit flushed and suddenly the book Shiki was carrying in his book fell out of his hands. He bent over to pick it up from the floor.

"Man- his butt is so cute."

Shiki shot right back up in alarm and blushed as his eyes met Rebecca's across the classroom. Then he quickly scurried back to his seat.

"What- What was that about?" Rebecca thought to herself. She looked back at the board, trying to get her head around the equation. She stopped short as she felt her heart stop.

Wait. No. No, it couldn't be. Slowly, she craned her neck with wide eyes and saw Shiki, who was also looking at her.

"Wait- can he hear me?" Rebecca looked at him and to her utter embarrassment, Shiki stared back at her with red cheeks and nodded silently.

Shiki flinched as she chanted in her head, "Oh my God. No. No. No. No. No. No."

She shot up from her seat gasping and her chair rattled, the whole class looking at her in surprise.

Professor Steiner furrowed his eyebrows, "Is there a problem, Miss Rebecca?"

"Oh my God. He heard me!" she buried her face in her hands. "N-Nothing, sir!" she replied in a squeaky voice, and she slumped back into her seat. Her face was burning up and her thoughts were in a complete disarray. She wanted to leave the class and run away, but she couldn't do that.

Rebecca decided it was time to change her name, face and leave the country.

Just as the bell chimed for lunch break, Rebecca had grabbed Shiki by his wrist and taken him on the school roof top. Slamming the door behind them, she spoke frantically, "I'm sorry I didn't mean anything. I mean it's not what you think, I swear-! I'm not a pervert or anything so please don't think badly of me. It's just-"

She continued to rant as Shiki watched her pace on the roof. "Rebecca."

"-and honestly curse you, for having such stupid and perfect and amazing hair and-"


"All the girls want to kiss you, to be honest! And it's not like I don't want to but-"


"-I swear wasn't looking at your ass like that-"

"I like you, Rebecca." He announced loudly, deep obsidian eyes meeting blue ones. "I've liked you ever since we met at the freshers party."

"Is this for real? Am I dreaming?" Rebecca stares at him, as if he was only a figment of her imagination.

"No, this is real. I like you." He repeats once again.

"I liked you since that time too." she thinks to herself as she chews her lip, suddenly feeling nervous at his confession.

Shiki chuckles as he shakes his head, "You can say it out loud now."

"Wait-you can read minds?" Rebecca gapes and her unfading blush keeps deepening as he throws her a hearty laugh.

"Only yours it seems." He grins happily at her, making her heart skip a beat.

"How is that even possible?" she questions, at a loss as everything was going so fast.

"Perhaps we share a connection," Shiki winks playfully and steps closer to her.

"B-But since when did you- how-" she stutters as Shiki pulls her close to him, already losing control of her loosely connected thoughts.

"Only today. It's a long story. Let's just say, one shouldn't try any unattended drinks." he replies as he hooks a strong arm around her waist.

"Hold on, that would mean-" she blushes her mind reeling as she tries to rack her brain of any instance she had a weird thought around him, replaying the incidents of that day.

"Never mind that," Shiki takes a strand of her hair and twirls it around his finger as he gives her a smirk that makes her skin tingle with excitement. "What's that you were saying earlier about kissing me?"

A/N: A/N: hellooo. here is my first entry for Shicca week 2020. I hope I can finish the other prompts on time. This is my first time writing on Shicca. Since the characters are still new to me, it was a bit hard to nail their characters. let me know what you think! 3 Thanks for reading! :)