Sometime after midnight, when Shiki walks into the kitchen to fetch water, he doesn't expect to see Rebecca. She sat close to the window, legs drawn to her chest, staring into the blank space of the Sakura Cosmos.

"Can't sleep?" Shiki's hoarse voice rings out, drawing Rebecca out of her train of thoughts.

"Shiki." she throws him a sad smile. "You're awake."

He grabs a glass of water and walks to her. She returned her gaze to the galactic view outside, her mouth stiff, and her eyes glistening with unshed tears. She looks shaken and Shiki sighs as he understands what was wrong.

Shiki settles himself beside her, watching her intently, "You wanna talk about it?"

Rebecca heaves a sigh, closing her eyes and opening them again, as if she were contemplating something. She swallows a lump in her mouth, unable to voice her incoherent thoughts. But Shiki understands. He doesn't push her and doesn't look at her weirdly and instead opts to stare into the space by her side.

She had seen Shiki die again.

Ever since Rebecca's Cat Leaper was activated, it was hard to find peaceful sleep. While that was not the case always, it made her anxious whenever she saw a vivid dream. She had gotten used to it over time... But some nights were a bit rough. A night such as this one. She couldn't tell the difference between dream and reality anymore.

She hated that dream so much, because technically, she had seen it for real. A world without Shiki, a world without any of their friends... She didn't want to see it ever again. It was the worst of her dreams, or the moment that had happened in her life. Just like the time when she had seen Happy die.

She was plagued by innumerable questions she didn't know the answer to. What if she couldn't use her powers in another desperate situation? What if she ran out these chances of jumping timelines? Which was the perfect timeline?

She just felt so…vulnerable.

She wondered how many more deaths she had to see of her loved ones with that power of hers.

She grits her teeth as she feels tears pricking the corner of her eyes, trying to dispel the image from her mind when Shiki draws her attention to him.

"Hey Rebecca, check this out." He holds out a coin between his fingers. He encloses it dramatically between his palms and then when he opens his palms, it's gone.

He tilts his head in thought for a few seconds before he claps his hand in realization. He stretches his hand towards Rebecca and she falls back slightly as he touches her hair and pulls out the coin from behind her ear.

"Tada!" he presents the coin to her dramatically and grins widely.

Rebecca feels her lips curl upwards in a smile, "Where did you learn that?"

Shiki chuckles smugly, "I job-changed into a Magician!"

Rebecca stares at him for a few seconds before letting out a soft giggle, "Pfft, what's with that?"

He diverges into a story about the character of Magician in Granbell and then narrates to her other stories about his childhood. How he got Micheal and himself drunk by mistake, how the robots dressed him in princess outfits for a whole week just to mess with him, when they teased him that a watermelon would grow in his belly because he ate a seed.

It is only when Rebecca sees that Shiki was sneaking glances at her, checking to see if she was laughing at his jokes that she realizes that he was trying to cheer her up.

She wanted to half laugh as well as cry, because he was so selflessly kind and caring. Despite being separated from his family in the most heart-breaking way possible, his memories weren't painful; rather so warm and sweet, Rebecca already found her worries melting away.

He gave her hope. He gave her a reason to keep pushing through all the obstacles in their way.

Rebecca promises to herself that no matter how many timelines she falls in, even if she runs out of chances, she will always find a way to make it back to him. To make it back to Shiki. She will use her power no matter how many times it takes to keep him and their friends safe and sound and create the perfect timeline for them. One where they would all be happy together.

She lets her head fall on Shiki's shoulder as her eyelids feel heavy when sleep comes back to her. Rebecca slips her hand in Shiki's and entwines her fingers with his. He pauses his story and sighs softly before squeezing her hand in reassurance. She snuggled into his shoulder, drawn to his scent and warmth. She smiles as she feels a pair of lips brush over her hair and she slips into the most comfortable slumber, now that he was by her side.

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