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"Hello There"-Naruto/Human/Devils/Angels/Mortals talking

'Hello There'-Naruto/Human/Devils/Angels/Mortals thinking or communicating telepathically

"Kurama"-Biju/Dragon/Greater Beings talking

'Kurama'-Biju/Dragon/Greater Beings thinking or communicating telepathically.

Chapter 1

Leaves were rustling in the soundless summer evening breeze. A mop of yellow blond hair was seen in this setting with a pair of gardening was pruning the plants around Kuoh Academy with complete dedication and sincerity.

"Aaaaaaaah…..How good it feels when all those annoying brats leave for home. Seriously, Can't those little shits stay silent while they are here."

Naruto was minding his own business and tending to the plant life around Kuoh as a part of his job. He had come to this world after he left his previous one. He lived a happy and fulfilling life there. However He knew that you have to start running like a bitch if people start to worship you as a god. Seclusion didn't help, Nope Nope Nope, Those bastards always tracked him after a few years of searching. 'Therefore, New World It Is!'he decided.

'Though Now that I think about it, I was being stupid for not laying out the proper coordinates for a world. Well I guess it didn't help when I didn't even know where I was going.' thought Naruto

'Contemplating the past ,huh brat' said a voice in his mind.

'Well well well, Look who finally decided to wake up. Had a good night sleep, furball?'

'Fuck You, You little shit. If it weren't for me you wouldn't even be here. I had to expend nearly 99% of my chakra just so you could pass through dimensions with your full body intact.' said the voice to Naruto telepathically.

'Yeab Yeah, You already told me that a gajillion times Kurama. Well it has been a while since we came here to this world.' thought Naruto

He looked at the Pine Tree before him and thought, 'Now what to do with ya Sonny?'

When Naruto came….crashed into this world, he had been completely clueless as to where he was as he should be, duh. He was in a new world. However his arrival didn't go unnoticed as he discovered quickly as he felt someone come to where he is. He quickly hid himself in the forest nearby and went into sage mode so that he could avoid detection and at the same time detect others. However it was at that moment he found out that this world was about to be fucked up as Nature was holding plenty of negative emotions.

He sweated a lot when he was in Sage Mode feeling Nature's wrath and started to fight for control of his mind while purifying the natural energies. When he felt his pursuers leave without finding anything, he left sage mode to find that the surroundings around him had become a little more green with life.

He left for the city and with the ability of shadow clones he quickly found a library to take up knowledge of the world he was in. Luckily, The language the people of this world spoke was almost the same as the one as his original world. This accelerated his progress and thus he crammed his head with all the basic knowledge of this world. History, Science, Technology, Culture, Math, Religion, Mythology, Legends...You name it.

Once he had enough information about the world, he quickly forged his basic details to survive in this world with the help of some basic genjutsu he learnt while he was still in his own world or he had to learn it as it was still a prerequisite for a Shinobi to be a Kage.

After identity,money became a problem which was quickly resolved when he saw a newspaper ad that said that a school which was named after this town called 'Kuoh Academy' was hiring some gardeners. It also stated that the residential requirements for the workers will be taken care of along with basic necessities.

Naruto knew a good deal when he saw one. He ran like the wind towards the school after asking directions from the locals. The principal he met was a weird guy but still gave Naruto the green light and thus commenced Naruto's life as a Gardener.

It also helped that Naruto wasn't a complete clueless idiot when it came to plants as gardening was one of his hobbies aside from training. There were some bumps here and there at the beginning but it all came to pass. So, 5 years had come and passed since then. His 128th birthday had just come to pass but he still looked like a 28 year old. He sported a beard on his face and his shaggy hair had been cut down to make his head look like a trimmed lawn(Naruto's look in Boruto). However the most noticeable difference was that he sported a huge belly. Naruto looked down to see his appearance and sighed,

'Well that's what happens when you don't get a proper workout.'

'And who's fault is that?' said Kurama.

'Well I can't burn the amount of energy required as I store a lot as you know it. If I workout seriously then it would start looking suspicious. Besides there is no need for me to train.' whined Naruto mentally admonishing his oldest Friend.

'Hmph' snorted Kurama and went back to sleep.

Naruto smiled at his friend and looked at the plant before him.

'Now then, do this...and do that...and this..-' thought Naruto while doing his work when a voice interrupted his work.

"Good Evening!" said a voice which sounded like a girl.

"Aaah-...Rias! Don't interrupt me like that. I could have made a terrible mistake ya know." said Naruto.

"Sorry! I just couldn't help it." said Rias while giving him a playful Gremory, she was 17 years old with unusual crimson red hair with a bombshell body. Her hair only heightened her beauty giving her the title as one of Kuoh's 'Two Great Onee-Sama'.

"So, How has your day been dear?" asked Naruto

"It is fine but the history classes were boring as hell." said Rias with a bored look on her face.

"Ha Ha Ha, So Mr. Yamada bored you to death with his history lessons, did he? Too bad squirt, You go to school, you have to suffferrr…" joked Naruto

Rias gave him a deadpanned look and said, "Jackass"

"Why you little Brat!" said Naruto with a mock angry face.

"Anyways I have to leave for home now. I'll speak with you more tomorrow Mr. Naruto!" said Rias and hurried off.

"Alright then, Take care." said Naruto and resumed doing his work.

It has been like this for the past 5 years for Naruto ever since he joined Kuoh as the resident gardener. Life had been pretty mundane with no interesting things popping up. There had been some close calls where he had to reveal his secrets but Luck smiled upon him and he didn't have to. He finished off his gardening work and went to his usual spot unknown to anyone but him. He sat down and went into sage mode and started purifying the nature energy around him

It had been his daily duty for the past 5 years to do this here and there whenever he could,to restore the plant life and to ease the wrath of Nature. When he felt that one place had become too concentrated he quickly switched off to another one before anyone noticed.

Once that was done. His duties in the school were over and thus he was left to his own devices. He strolled around the school when he came into contact with 'them'

'Ooof course….They are up to it again aren't they?' thought Naruto

'Why is it that wherever you go, some kind of pervert always follow into your life.?' said Kurama

'What can I say man? I ask this question to myself everyday since I came into this world.' thought Naruto

'But still, let's play with them for old time's sake.'

What Naruto noticed was none other than the infamous 'Perverted Trio' of Kuoh or so had they come to being called since they came to school the year before. The threesome were laughing pervertedly while spying on the Kendo club changing clothes. Naruto sneaked up on them and decided to lay a trap by their legs and shouted out,

"Watch Out Girls Peeping Toms over here."


"What The-"

"Son of A-"

The threesome stepped on a rope that pulled them up and were immediately caught upside down from a tree with each of them hanging from it individually.

"Man What the hell Naruto?! Why did you do that!" shouted Issei Hyodou

"Not cool Man! Not cool!" said Motohama

"You are gonna get us killed man, Let us outta here" added Matsuda

"Oh I am sorry, How many times do I have to tell you not to spy on women while in school and especially use the bushes here. You know how many times I got into trouble just cause you three decided to take advantage of me growing thick bushes." said Naruto with fury in his eyes which made the three falter, "Not this time….This time you are going to suffer….."

Naruto left the place while leaving a note, a shinai and a piece of cloth. The Kendo girls who arrived on the scene found the boys tied upside down and found a read,

'Have fun girls, This is a surprise present from me. You know what to do with the articles I left behind.'

The girls knew who gave them this as they figured out from his voice when he shouted. Katase, The Kendo Club Captain announced

"Alright girls, we'll be playing 'Hit The Pervs' now. Anyone who can land a solid hit on a three of them blindfolded will be the ultimate winner. Until then nobody will untie you."

"""Holy-""" shouted all three of them but they couldn't complete what the sentence as the game had already started.




"Not the Balls!"

"Aah My Face!"

"Aaaah My testicle!"

"""You will pay for this Naruto""" shouted the three.

However Naruto had already moved on from the school to the town. He was feeling thirsty so he decided he would have a drink. He made a stop at an old bar. It was poorly lit with few customers who were keeping to themselves. He went up to the counter and ordered,

"Give me some sake please."

"One for me too." said another voice. Naruto turned to see a sleek and handsome man who looked about 30 and had unusual brown hair which ended with blonde bangs.

"Coming right up." said the bartender before he went back to get some sake.

The two men didn't talk and waited for their drinks. Once the bartender arrived with their drinks, they started drinking it and quickly finished it off.

"Aaah, Nothing beats a warm sake after-" said the man

"-a hard day's work? Personally I would have it in a warm bath to the boot." said Naruto while grinning at the man.

The man looked at Naruto with a raised eyebrow and grinned "Well It seems my friend, that you and I have very similar tastes."

"The name's Azazel." said the now identified Azazel who gestured his hand forward for a handshake

"Naruto Uzumaki, at your service." said Naruto before reciprocating his hand in return.

"Fishcake? Your parents must have a real good liking of Ramen." said Azazel while joking about Naruto's name.

"It's supposed to mean Maelstrom but being named after a ramen topping isn't all that bad either. It's the food of the Gods I tell ya." said Naruto before he refilled Azazel's glass with another round of Sake.

Azazel did the same for Naruto and said, "Well here's one hoping for a good life ."



Both of them downed their drinks for sometime and talked for a while. They talked….more like jabbered while drunk, each telling their woes of working to death.

"Well it's beeeeeen a wwoonderfull time Naaaaruto" said a drunk Azazel who's words were slurred due to the alcohol affecting his head.

"Hic-It hassss." said Naruto while wondering why Kurama still hadn't detoxified his system of the alcohol's downing effects on his brain. However he didn't complain as he had a good time with his new pal.

"Hic-So Long Theeen Paaaal,I-Hic-Gotta goooo nowwww. We'll seeeee each-hic-each-hic-other tomorr...low" said Azazel who walked out in the opposite direction and called up somebody as far as Naruto could tell.

"Soooo Long!" shouted a drunk Naruto who took his own time walking around the block before he went back to his quarters on his own by a miracle.

He slept like a drunk would and woke up the next morning with a hangover. However he couldn't help but grin about the evening's passings as he finally found someone who could be a good drinking buddy. However what baffled him was when Kurama who had stayed silent the entire evening finally spoke

'You should be wary of him, Naruto. The man was hiding something.'

'What do you mean Kurama?' asked Naruto with a serious look as Kurama never lied to him and he had always trusted the fox.

'I don't know what I felt, but whoever he was, he was powerful and at the same time had some mixture of light and dark energy in him. That's why I couldn't detoxify you yesterday.' said Kurama

'So you were afraid that he would detect you huh?' asked Naruto while understanding why his friend didn't help him last night.

Kurama nodded his head and further added, 'Though he didn't have any ill intentions when he was speaking to you, I would advise caution in the future.'

'Agreed' said Naruto as he was no longer the immature brat he once was. Time and Circumstances had matured the blonde. Well it should have, considering he was well over a hundred years old.

'Well I'll keep that in mind while meeting him later tonight.' said Naruto

'On a side note why didn't you do it later on after I left.' asked Naruto

'Just too lazy to do it. Besides I wanted to see experience a little pain.' said Kurama

'Asshole.' said Naruto cutting the link

Naruto once again proceeded with his daily rituals from morning till evening but the most unusual thing that happened during the day was one of the Perverts, Issei had come hand in hand with a girl who he proclaimed as his girlfriend. Naruto only looked stumped at how Issei could score a chick in the first place. However Naruto did notice that the girl in question had ulterior motives by the look in her eyes that gave off all alarms. He warned a baffled Issei to be careful and went on his jolly way.

Once again Naruto met up with Azazel who invited his new found friend/conversation partner/drinking buddy to a table and once again they drank till late in the night before they had the same kind of conversation

"Hic-So Loooong-hic-friend" said Azazel while trying to control the hiccups.

"Sooooo Loooong Paaaal" said Naruto whose words were slurred. He started moving towards Kuoh while swaying around.

The population he met with on the way cursed at him

'Drunken Fool'

'Should put this ass in jail for public nuisance.'

'What a waste!'

Naruto paid no heed to the populace but made his way to the park near the school. He walked towards one of the benches and began resting on it assuming that the police should have already patrolled this area. He rested his heads on the benches and began to lay down while looking drowsy.

However a noise disturbed his sleep. He woke up from the sound and looked to what it was.

'What the helllllll….wazz thatt?!' thought Naruto while still maintaining his drunk stupor.

He saw Issei on the floor and was bleeding through his chest which had a huge hole in it. Immediately Naruto sighed at the loss of life. He saw the condition Issei was in and knew that he couldn't do anything to help the poor kid. He looked at the person who killed him and he immediately recognized it to be the girl Issei introduced as his girlfriend this morning. He looked at her and asked

"Hic-Whyyyy did you... kill the pooor kidd?" asked Naruto with anger evident on his face but turned out to be comical as his face showed he was drunk.

"Ohh A mortal was hiding huh...A drunk fool no less. You are that Gardener in this boy's high school aren't you? You should have slept fool, Nevertheless you witnessed something you shouldn't have. Collateral damage I suppose." said Raynaire who summoned a light spear and threw it at Naruto.

Naruto dodged the incoming light spear with a wavy sidestep. Raynaire surprised at this formed more light spears and threw them at Naruto who dodged them very professionally in a drunk manner that resembled that like the Drunken Martial Arts of Rock Lee. He then went forward and gave Raynaire a punch to the gut. He said

"Nowwww-hic-Young Lady-hic-You better getttt out of myyyyy sight." said drunk Naruto

"You Drunk Ape! I am going to kill you where you stand." said Raynaire while moving forward with a summoned light spear.

"Youuuu Leaaave-hic-meree no cccchoice." slurred Naruto

He then gave a sharp knife hand to her heart effectively killing her.

'Aaannd there goeeesss anoooother one.' said Naruto

He then looked back to look at Issei who was missing. He sharpened his eyes and his senses to look for the boy so that he can bury his body and pay respects. However he picked up Issei's life signature at a distance which he assumed to be his house. However it was slightly different to what it was before

'Weellll Alll thattt matterrrz is the Kidddsss aliveeee!' thought Naruto who then moved onward to his journey to Kuoh

'You always get involved in some deep shit don't you?' said Kurama.

'Kurrraaaama-hic-my furry friend, here come giveeee mee as huggggg' said Naruto moving in to hug his furry friend in his mindscape

'Get off me you drunk ape! Hold still while I take this alcohol out of your system.'

'Thaannnnkkksssssss' said Naruto and started to move much better and was able to form coherent thoughts much more easily than before.

'Still, It's been a rough night. Wonder what's in store for tomorrow though. Better have some of that Ichiraku's I had sealed up.' thought Naruto while quickly moving away from the apparent murder spot but not noticing a string of red hair that got caught in his shoes.


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