"~I'm waking up to ash and dust,

I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust

I'm breathing in the chemicals!~

I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus

This is it, the apocalypse


I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones

Enough to make my systems blow

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive~~"

Was it weird to have a song like this as your alarm on your phone? No, At least for Naruto it wasn't. The song was still going on in the background when Naruto switched it off. He woke up to see the time on his phone. It showed it was around 5-ish in morning. He got off his bed and did some stretches all the while contemplating what had happened yesterday. Good thing that he didn't have a hangover like yesterday as Kurama deemed it fit to detoxify him early on.

'I knew that there was something fishy going on in this world but I was never interested in it. Now, why is that trouble always seems to find me when I don't want it to?!' thought Naruto while whining mentally about his dilemma.

'So have you decided to finally confront that redhead you hang out with then?' asked Kurama telepathically.

'Nah, Who cares! Rias may be involved in this mess but still, that doesn't give me enough inclination to be involved in it too.' said Naruto.

'What do you plan to do then? Execute Plan GTFO?' asked Kurama.

Naruto responded out loud after sipping on his cup of morning milk, ''What?! No! Let it be known that Naruto Uzumaki ain't a scaredy ass biatch! If trouble wants to find me, then let it do so!"

'Your call brat.' said Kurama disconnecting the link between them.

Naruto then thought about what Kurama said about Rias. He knew that something was off about Rias and her little playmates in the Occult Research Club. He can sense that whatever they were, they were definitely not human as judging by the weird energy they wielded. It was not something common among all humans in the world as he had seen so far. The little girl of the group called Koneko Toujou even had chakra which surprised him. He had nearly been caught on more than one occasion by the little minx whenever he used Senjutsu near the school which led him to believe that she's some kind of sensor. So he had always taken the precaution of using senjutsu in and near his area only after he believed that she was out of range.

He was now thinking about what to do as he wanted to continue his peaceful life here and with the way things were unfolding, it pretty much-spelled disaster.

'Argh Whatever, Let's just think about this later on. I should have known even if I was drunk to mind my own damn business.' thought Naruto mentally closing off the matter and continued with his morning rituals.

While the academy was not strict about his work timings, they were rather critical of his work as they held some amount of prestige as a Nobleman's institute. So even if his work timings were flexible, Naruto had made it a point to divide it into morning and evening sessions where the plants were rather active to do his job.

'With all the hustle and bustle yesterday, I am surprised that the body of that winged girl wasn't yet found.' thought Naruto.

'I am wondering about the same thing. Though I must say that I am impressed with the way you handled yourself even when you were wasted.' said Kurama.

'Ha! Told you Lee's Drunken Boxing technique would come in handy one day!' said Naruto while acting smugly.

'Well, I would have believed you then if you weren't trying to chug down 2 barrels of sake just so you could get wasted to train in it. Then you had to go off onto the streets naked yelling about how Ramen is the Food of the Gods and advertising how big your junk is to the whole village while still being Hokage before you started off your training!' said Kurama while being indignant at how his host had behaved in public while still being a public figure.

Naruto had the decency to blush at that comment as it had been one of his most shameful final years.

'Yeah….Let's not talk about that shall we? You know I don't want to be reminded of some episodes Kurama!' said Naruto, giving a whine of embarrassment.

Kurama stayed silent as he knew that there was more to the matter than just embarrassment. He knew that while Naruto did act shamefully that year it hadn't been without reason. He had lost a lot of his precious ones by then and the alcohol eased the pain of loss. Kurama didn't want to go and remind him of the pain once more.

The entire morning went through without a hitch. It was around 9 am that students started arriving at the front gates as school starts at 9:30 in the morning and ends at 4:30 in the evening. After that, it was the after-school club activities that ended at 6 in the evening with a few exceptions to the rule.

Students in Kuoh were rather respectful of Naruto as he had, in one way or another had helped them out during their difficult times. He was like that one uncle you know that was lame but still had his cool moments.

Now Naruto was done with his job and was going to report his attendance to the check-in counter for staff as his wage depends on it. However, a familiar voice interrupted him

"Hey Mr. Naruto! Wait up! I need to talk with you for a second!"

Naruto looked back to find that it was Yuuto Kiba from the Occult Research Club that called him. Naruto grinned and said,

"Oh? So what does his Highness Prince Kiba want with me? This humble one shall answer whatever he may asketh!" said Naruto while performing a mock bow.

Kiba frowned and looked annoyed at Naruto, proving that he didn't like the way he was addressed, "You of all people should know how much I hate that title, "

"That's why it's so funny to see your reactions. Still, if you hate the title so much why do you not speak against it?" asked Naruto

"That's because it would be pointless to do so and may make it worse than it already is." said Kiba exasperated at his title.

"Very well then, I won't call you with that title anymore." said Naruto.

"Thank You" said Kiba who was at the very least relieved that someone understands but the next thing he said ruined all he believed.

"So What do you need of me, Your Gayness?" said Naruto.

Kiba hit his head with his palm muttering, ''It's hopeless"

"It won't be if you can relieve my doubt and date a girl. You know that even I am starting to question your sexual orientation when you don't date someone or even look at some girl in passing. All you ever do is look at sword magazines and the males in workout magazines. Hell, even Rias believes that you look like a character straight out from a yaoi fiction." said Naruto while stating facts after facts.

Kiba raised his hands to counter the argument but knew that he had lost this battle of words when he couldn't refute his opponent's statements. He sighed and said,

"Forget it, Call me whatever you want but let me get to the point, Rias said that she wanted to see you in the Occult Research Club this evening and was hoping if you could free up your schedule."

"Lil Red wants to see me? Why?" asked Naruto with a curious look and further added, "If she wanted to talk with me. Then all she has to do was come and see me herself. Why did she send you out?"

"I don't know. All she said to me was that she wanted to talk in private, in the club room. She would normally ask you to come herself but she's kind of busy now, so that's why she sent me." said Kiba

"Alright, I will see what I can do. 5 sound good?"

"Yeah Sure. 5 it is." said Kiba and left for school.

Naruto was about to leave once again when he heard the commotion from outside the school gates and he saw something he couldn't believe. Rias was walking with that Pervert Issei who had a confused expression.

However, Naruto figured out what was going on almost instantaneously.

'Aah So Rias was the one who revived him. Guess the kid has some luck in him after all. I wonder how she did it though. Last I heard reviving the dead wasn't something possible in this world.'

'And moving through alternate dimensions was something of an everyday deal in your world?' asked Kurama in rhetoric.

'Well, You know the answer to that question. But still makes me curious as to how she did it as the kid was dead enough for me to not heal him.' thought Naruto.

'I believe that all will be answered this evening.' said Kurama

'Well, Let's hope so.' said Naruto cutting off the link.

And so the day had passed quite monotonously with Naruto doing nothing but sit on his ass all day either watching the clouds or move to his secret chamber to learn and develop new seals.

Sealing was an art he picked up later in his life to continue his Uzumaki Legacy. He had all the free time in the world, so he thought 'Why Not?'

And thus he came to learn it, love it, and add his own ideas into the mix which resulted in the modification of the Hiraishin formula to cross Alternate universes.

However, though many believe that he had mastered the art, he believes that there is no true master as the art of sealing is complex and at the same time endless. New possibilities arise every time with a change in a few formulas.

Thus Naruto always makes it a point to study the basics of sealing whenever he can, to get inspiration for a new seal.

Other than sealing Naruto had nothing else to do as he couldn't find a solution to containing his chakra while training as even the slightest amount is much larger than the amount let out by the average chunin. Thus he could be detected very easily. The only way he avoided suspicion was growing the belly of his to show that he wasn't all that fit and to contain his chakra by placing a chakra suppressing seal on his body on top of placing a genjutsu. Though this did help a lot it did impede his movements a lot more.

Quickly the day had passed and Naruto made it a point to complete his work by 4:45 in the evening as not much was required to do today other than mowing the lawn grass.

He then made his way to the club after taking a quick bath to wash off the dirt.

Once he entered the building though. He felt a prickling sensation on his body. He then noticed a poster on the nearby wall. He quickly tore it off to see a few writings behind it which made no sense to Naruto

'Hmmm Some kind of barrier that prevents whoever it is that is entering by placing them in some kind of illusion judging by the effects I feel.' thought Naruto

'Pretty Complex thing they have here….wonder how they did it.' thought Naruto.

'Heads Up Brat.' said Kurama

Naruto then turned to his side to find a beautiful Raven-haired female waiting on him. He quickly identified her as Akeno Himejima one of the other 'Two Great Onee-Sama' of Kuoh academy along with Rias.

'No matter how many times I see it, I still find it astounding…..' thought Naruto as he looked towards the impossible chest of the female in question.

"Ara Ara, I don't mind here standing and having you stare me here all day Mr. Naruto but I believe that Rias is waiting for you." said Akeno

Naruto blushed at the comment as he remembered what he was here for, "Yeah, Sorry Akeno, But no matter how many times I see it, I still find it impossible for you and Rias to have a chest that size. Seriously what do you guys eat to make them so big?"

"Ohhh? Would you like to test them on yourself, Mr. Naruto ?" asked Akeno while giggling.

"No, not me but I know a friend of mine would kill for this information." said Naruto.

" 'Would' ?" asked Akeno.

"She passed away a while back." said Naruto in a calm manner.

"Oh! I am sorry for bringing it up…." said Akeno while feeling bad.

"No worries, I have come to terms with it." said Naruto

Akeno still felt bad and wanted to console him but what he said next removed all her feelings and threw them to the gutters,

"May her Flat as A Floorboard Body and her Angry and Borderline Love Obsessed Soul Rest in Peace." said Naruto to which Kurama responded

'Amen To that'

Akeno didn't know whether to laugh at his jab or to cry for the person in question for the way she was remembered but left that topic for another time.

The pair both arrived at the club room where Koneko was sitting on the couch having candy and were soon joined by Issei who was led by Kiba. Issei was looking very confused about the entire ordeal but immediately threw away all his doubts when he heard the sound of a shower

"Aah, It seems Buchou is showering. Please wait for a while until she finishes. Here take a seat you two. I will prepare some refreshments." said Akeno.

Issei started to comment perversely on the entire thing that's going on while bleeding through his nose like crazy eliciting a short cry of 'Perv' from Koneko.

Naruto looked like the odd one out among the entire club including Issei as he was clueless as to why he was here in the first place but had some idea on what was about to happen.

Rias took a shower and came into the room while wearing a bathrobe which earned a reaction from Issei

"Whoo Hoo! This has been the best day of my life!"

However, Naruto looked at Rias with a scrutinizing eye to which Rias responded by asking

"What are you thinking about?"

"In all the time I have spent with you Rias, I know that you are unlike the way everyone portrays you as you are a weeb, a Japanophile, and a sucker for dramatic flair but still I never knew this side of you and I am trying to figure out whether you are a nudist or an exhibitionist as I can't seem to classify you in either one."

Rias who looked at him in disbelief,

"W-Why-y w-would you say that? I am neither?"

Naruto gave her a blank look and pointed at what Rias was wearing and then at the shower in the club room and said

"Seriously, What kind of sane person would want an open shower in the middle of the club room and come in with nothing but a bathrobe?"

"You know? You couldn't have been more correct in saying that. Buchou always loved to show out her body to the entire world. She couldn't even sleep at night unless she's in the nude." said Akeno betraying her Buchou by giving information for teasing her.

"Ohh? Still, I didn't think that you would turn over your friends like that Sadist-chan" said Naruto giving Akeno a knowing look.

Akeno had the decency to blush at the comment as she found out that Naruto knew that she was a sadist at heart.

Rias gave Akeno an indignant look who maintained an aloof expression. Rias seeing this sighed and decided to clothe herself. After she was clothed, she coughed to get everyone's attention and started off

"I assume you would like to know why you are here, am I correct?"

Both Issei and Naruto nodded to that question.

"Ok but before that, I would like to ask you a question. How much do you know about the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic mythology and beliefs?" asked Rias

Issei shook his head as if to say he had no clue but Naruto answered her and said,

"Not much, just that some big guy in the clouds created the world and humans and that there exist some beings called Angels and Devils." said Naruto remembering what he had brushed up in the library when he first came into this world.

Rias looked at the pair of them and said,

"Well since you know that, it would be easier to get this done with."

"The short version of it is..-"

"..-Let me guess. Dark and foul energies from each and every one of you. I would wager a dollar that every last one of you are Devils from where this topic is going." said Naruto, cutting off Rias.

Rias didn't respond vocally and instead, all the club members showed off their wings to prove his point.

"Well it seems I was right on the mark." said Naruto.

"Yes you were however now that you know what we are, we would like to know something about you." said Rias.

"Who are You Naruto Uzumaki?"