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Chapter 20

Lust. An insatiable thirst. A base desire. A quicksand trap that people easily fall into. A sin. But is it? Is it not lust that drives most people towards their goal? Is it not the lust for money that drives an entrepreneur? Is it not the lust for power that drives a politician? Or is it not the lust for beauty that drives a man towards performing better in bed with the woman he desires? (LOL)

Lust can be a weapon if used correctly, if used in the right way but one can also be easily consumed by said lust and lose their sense of being. A double edged weapon, as they say. If you don't know how to handle it, you would only be doing more harm than good (to yourself).

But once again, why in the world am I discussing a topic that is controversial and is obviously going to invite trouble among the readers? Well, I didn't know how to start off, and now I don't know how to end it, but I do know what comes in between, So, Let me show you

Naruto said, "Oh well, then let's start off with my name shall we? My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am a Shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. As to what I am, I am 100% human with a few minor differences….."

Everyone present except Azazel, Rias and her peerage were drawing a question mark on their face. Michael said, "Village Hidden in the Leaves? I don't believe I have heard of such a place in my entire life."

Gabriel nodded her head along with Serafall. Naruto said, "I would be surprised if you did, after all it is not a part of this universe."

Naruto frowned and said, "I do know them. As to who they are, they are people from my world. Or once were."

Michael asked, "Were?"

Naruto said, "They are already dead."

Serafall asked, "Was that bastard that injured me the cause for all of this?"

Naruto nodded his head, "Yes, Zetsu, but he works for another and she's much more terrifying than him."

Azazel looked at Naruto and then said, "If what Naruto says is true then... Even Great Red is just an annoying lizard in front of her."

Sirzechs said, "Alright then, the devils will help you in whatever way we can."

Michael added, "The angels too."

Azazel said, "And you always had mine."

Naruto said, "Then I think it is time I inform you of what has been going on."

Kisame asked, "So what is that you want from us brat?"

Naruto then asked, "What else? Information. Once you are done, I can either release you from this jutsu or let you be like this a little while longer, whatever you wish."

Naruto asked, "Who was the caster of the reanimation jutsu?"

Kisame said, "Unfortunately we don't know, only thing we know about him is that he wears a crow mask. He covers his entire body from head to toe."

"Oh? Couldn't take your eyes off me, could you?"

Naruto quickly turned away as he realized what he was doing. He coughed and said, "Sorry. But you were just too beautiful."

Tsubasa said, "I am going to Tokyo. Lady Yasaka has asked me to speak with the Edo faction Yokai."

Naruto said, "Oh."

Tsubasa said, "And what are you going to do now?"

Naruto replied, "Kyoto. It's been a while since I last visited. And I have one more reason to go there."

Tsubasa replied, "The Great Ancestor."

Tsubasa prepared a teleportation circle and as she was about to leave, she said, "You'll find out about it once you go to Kyoto. It seems my competition isn't over. I'll see you later."

"What's strange?" asked Kurama.

Naruto replied, "Barely moments passed by since she has left, but I miss her already. Strange, don't you think?"

"I go wherever Naruto goes. It looks like things are getting better now on its own. So let's watch for now and let life play it's part on him. Most likely tomorrow."

The other tailed beasts agreed with what Kurama said and turned silent as they would wait.





AND as usual, that brings us to the current moment,

"It's good seeing you again, Naruto. I thought you forgot all about me." said a woman who had a smiling face.

Naruto gave a wry laugh and responded, "It's good seeing you too Yasaka….though I would like to ask you a question?"

Yasaka asked with the smile that still hasn't left it's place, "Yes?"

Naruto then said, "How long are you going to make me kneel on the floor?"

Yasaka replied, "As long as I wish."

As you can see, Naruto was now kneeling in front of Yasaka on the floor and performing a dogeza. He was thinking,

'Why in the world did it come to this?'

"You should have thought of that when you barged into this place."


But I am sure you, our beloved readers don't understand what's going on, so let's take you back to a time so that you get WHAT is going on


The next day after Naruto had gone on the date with Tsubasa, he prepared himself to visit Kyoto. He didn't decide to go there until now since Kuoh and it's issues had been on his mind. But now that he had some time to catch his breath, he decided to use it to the fullest.

He made a shadow clone in his place and instructed him to take care of their affairs in Kuoh while he is away. The clone nodded his head but not without complaining.

Lo and Behold, Naruto was now on his way to Kyoto. He was once again using the same old fashioned way as he did last time via motorcycle. Once again the police were behind his back as he streaked through the highway like he was a boss.

"Hahahaha! You'll never catch me!" laughed Naruto as he accelerated to the maximum.

"CIVILIAN! THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING! STOP YOUR VEHICLE!" said the policewoman behind Naruto who was chasing after him in her car. She was having a headache due to being part of this mess once again.

Meanwhile Kurama who was in Naruto's mind complained,

"Remind me, why can't we just use the Hiraishin to travel there? Doesn't that vixen hold one of your kunai?"

"Oh come on! Don't ruin the fun, Kurama! And besides, it will be rude to just barge in over there! The Kunai is there only for emergencies!"

"Does this happen every time?" asked Gyuuki who too was a bit annoyed with the mode of transportation. Apparently all the other tailed beasts thought the same

"He never lets go of an opportunity to use that unholy piece of junk!" said Kurama

"HEY! Don't call my baby a piece of junk, you ball of fur!" said Naruto

Kurama and the others were too tired to argue and just snorted it off. Naruto laughed as he made his way all the way to Kyoto. The police were more prepared with their response this time and even included spikes to decapitate Naruto's motorcycle but Naruto avoided each and every one of their tactics by using impossible manoeuvers.

Finally he evaded the hot pursuit and came to the outskirts of the city where he resealed the bike and changed his appearance to that of his original self. He then stood at the bus stop and waited for one to come by. Once it eventually arrived, he paid for the fare, found his seat by a window and looked outside.

'I wonder what she's been upto.' pondered Naruto as he looked at the clear blue sky.

"We can find that out once we arrive there, Naruto." said the Kyuubi

'Wow, you really give no space for imagination, don't you?' asked Naruto with a hint of sarcasm which didn't go unnoticed by Kurama.

Kurama grumbled and then said with a smirk, "Fine! I am pretty sure that she's been waiting for her lovely white knight to come pick her off her feet and take her into the bedroom so that she may finally get what she wants!"

Naruto blushed and then said, "What the hell man?! It's not like that! There's nothing in between us!"

Kurama smirked even further, "Oh? But I just said a general idea. I didn't mention it was you, right?"

Naruto shut his mouth when he knew he fell into an obvious trap that he set up for himself. Naruto sighed and then said,

'I just had to dig a hole for myself didn't I? Why can't I just keep my mouth shut?'

"Don't worry, only half of the blame is yours, the other half came from your mother." said Kurama

'Don't bring my mom into this, furry bastard!' shouted an indignant Naruto

"Or what? Are you going to cry? Or is it that you still haven't gotten over your love for Sasuke?" asked Kurama

'Says the guy with a daddy complex'

"Snot nosed brat"

'Over-sized Rabbit'

"Brainless Buffoon."


And the insults were thrown at each other over and over again until they finally arrived at Kyoto. Naruto then immediately made his way to the palace but his appearance was that of his original one. However he was stopped at the entrance gates once again by a pair of guards.

"HALT! What business do you have here, stranger?" asked one of the guards.

Naruto then had a quizzical look as he had already come through here many times before but why shouldn't they…. Ah! It was at that time he realized that his appearance was drastically different from before.

He then said, "Hello! It's nice to see you guys again. It's me, Naruto Uzumaki! Can you send me through?"

One of the guards looked at him and asked sceptically, "Lord Naruto? Quit lying! Lord Naruto may have blonde hair but he doesn't have an appearance like yours! Speak the truth! Who are you!? What business do you have here!?"

The other guard was an Inugami who sniffed Naruto. He then said, "I…think he's telling the truth… his scent does smell like Miso soup….."

Naruto made a wry smile at that comment. He thought inwardly, 'WHAT THE FUCK?! STOP DESCRIBING MY SMELL TO OTHERS!'

The first guard who heard that was astonished, "But…but….how?! He doesn't look anything like the Lord Naruto we know!"

Naruto scratched his neck and said, "Well, I did do some work out and reduced my weight, so my appearance should look rather….different…"

The guy looked as if he had seen a ghost, ironic, considering the fact that he WAS a ghost. He later on regained his senses, but only slightly as he said, "I…shall…look for Lady Yasaka and….inform…her…that you're here….."

Naruto thanked him as he said, "Don't worry! I'll find her myself! I want to surprise her!"

The guard had no problem with that as he said, "She's in the gardens right now."

Naruto gave a smile and said, "Thanks!"

Naruto then slowly made her way to the office not once being bothered by the gazes on him. Most were wondering who he was as he seemed and acted familiar. But those who found out who he was, were given the shock of their lives, especially the males who were still single. The women around him glanced shyly as he walked by. He gave them his usual megawatt smile breaking their hearts to pieces and then sticking them right above their eyes.

He finally made his way to the garden, where he saw Yasaka looking at some flowers. He noticed that she still hadn't felt his presence and was about to call her when he immediately halted that line of action. A smirk ended on his face as he thought of the best and most simple prank a person can pull on another on.

Meanwhile, Yasaka was in her own world, contemplating the yokai affairs and the rest of the world. However, all these thoughts were secondary, her primary thought had always been one.


Ever since he left, she started noticing that her feelings weren't false and incomplete as she started to miss him. Deeply. She was always expecting the day when he would return, when she could finally express what is in her heart. She longed for him, his warmth, his smile, his presence that lit up like the sun in the darkest of her hours.

It was at that moment when her guard was completely down, she felt a presence behind her say,



Pandemonium struck as Yasaka was scared out of her wits. Her obi almost came off revealing the snow white skin around her neck.

Naruto who looked at her then started laughing like crazy. Yasaka still hadn't identified the person in question even though he looked familiar. She then shouted with impending rage,


She then lit up one of her fox flame and threw a huge ball at Naruto. However Naruto just dodged it and said,

"Woah! Woah! Stop it Yasaka! It's just me! Are you trying to kill me!? It was just a little prank!" shouted a frantic Naruto who held up his hands.

However Yasaka would have none of it. Rage took over as she threw even more balls of flame at him all the while cursing him. Naruto then slowly approached her while dodging the flame balls and then said,


As soon as he said that he came by and then stood in front of Yasaka. He then added, "It's me Yasaka?! Can't you recognize me?! It's me! Naruto!"

As soon as she heard that, her rage stopped as reason came back to her mind. She then took a good look at him and said, "Na…ru….to?"

Naruto looked at her and then smiled. He added, "The one and only!"

Yasaka took a good look at the man's face before her. She then slowly gazed in on his appearance and shook her head,

"No…it can't be… the Naruto I knew wasn't this….this…"

Naruto asked with a curious face, "Wasn't this what?"

Yaska murmured under her breath with a blush on her face, "…handsome."

However Naruto didn't hear that last word and asked again, "What?"


Though she said that, all kinds of things were going on within her head right now and each of them associated with Naruto. Looking that he's finally here, she was finally able to relax and at the same time, an unexpected shock made way to her brain as she looked down and saw something that she could never unsee.

Apparently, those ball of flames she threw at him, while doing no damage, did burn the clothes he was wearing. Naruto wasn't wearing his combat gear at the time as it was just a normal occasion and thus was using normal clothes. Terrible mistake.

Those flames burnt a large area of the clothes he was wearing, revealing his body in full glory which included…..err….a certain part of the male's anatomy.

She fainted on spot while thinking one word,


Naruto noticed that Yaska suddenly fainted and then rushed by her side, "Huh? Yasaka? Yasaka! What happened?!"

Kurama sighed and then said, "Look down idiot."

Naruto finally looked below and noticed his state of attire. It was a terrible wardrobe malfunction, well destruction but you get the idea and so did Naruto.

He sighed and gave a wry smile while thinking, 'Boy…. Am I in a lot of trouble….'

'That you are kid. That you are.'

Flashback Over

Which brings us to the present moment where Naruto who was finally clothed properly in a spare yukata kneeling in front of Yasaka in a dogeza.

Yasaka took this chance to then add, "Months had passed since you came back and you didn't even bother checking up on me or Kunou, not even a letter was delivered. Do you know how worried I was? If it weren't for Tsubasa checking on you for me, I would have beat you to death myself!"

Naruto lowered his head a like a child being chided by their mother. He slowly said, "Sorry."

Naruto knew that he was in the wrong. He shouldn't have worried people like this and thus apologized sincerely. Yasaka looking at the pitiful look on Naruto could no longer have venom in her heart as it mellowed down. She knew that Naruto was truly sorry for what he did and thus couldn't help but feel guilty for throwing her frustrations at him.

She sighed and then added, "But there is a way to make up for it."+

Naruto looked at her in the eye and asked, "Say whatever you want, I'll do whatever I can to make it possible."

Yasaka then said, "Let's go out together."

Naruto smiled and then said, "You, me and Kunou? Is that all? No problem! We can go anywhere-"

Yasaka then cut him off as she said, "I mean, you and me alone."

Naruto stopped as he looked at Yasaka. He pondered on what she said before finally asking, "You mean….like a date?"

Yasaka nodded her head while having a blush on her face, "Yes."

Naruto looked stunned as he didn't expect that kind of request. He was scratching his neck as he said, "Yeah...sure! We can go whenever you want to!"

Yasaka smiled and then said, "Tomorrow night."

Naruto said, "Deal!"

Yasaka then gave him one of her most beautiful smile which made Naruto skip a beat. She then said, "Now then, since you are here, how about-"


A nine tailed fox girl looking eleven twelvish pounced on Naruto and embraced him in a hug while wearing a school uniform. It was none other than Kunou.

Naruto then smiled and said, "Woah! Woah! Easy Kunou!"

Kunou eyes sparkled and said, "You look more handsome than before!"

Her eyes darted towards her mother and gave a knowing look as Yasaka blushed. Kunou had already figured out the feelings her mother had for Naruto and approved. She came to look at Naruto like a father and making it official was also one of her goals.

However Naruto didn't know that as he smiled and said, "Aw! Gee! You think so! Thanks little one!"

Yasaka smiled and then said, "Well, now that Kunou has also joined us, how about you tell us of your adventures over dinner?"

Naruto nodded his head and said, "Sure!"

(Meanwhile in Kuoh)

Meanwhile the clone in Kuoh was moving about doing his own business in the garden. The garden was somewhat restored from the fight and Naruto was all the more happy to bring it back to it's original state. To see life blossom once again from a tragedy is always a joy.

He decided to take a break. It was still early in the evening and the students who had club activities were still present in school. Naruto found himself a spot to lie on near the tennis courts where the students were present playing games and with cheering on the side.

Naruto was not of the sport nor the ambience. But still, he didn't mind having change every once in a while. He lied down on the grass and looked at the orange sky but it was then covered by a face that entered his vision.

He sighed and said, "What do you want, Koneko?"

Koneko then said, "Rias asked you to come to the club."

Naruto asked, "Now?"

Koneko nodded her head, "Now."

Naruto asked, "Did she tell you why?"

Koneko then shook her head and said, "No. She didn't."

Naruto thought for a moment and then replied, "Sure, why not?"

They then slowly made their way to the clubroom in the old school building. Naruto once again entered the club which had all the members of the peerage in it. All of them wearing solemn expressions. The room had a dubious look with all the dark qualities and creepy aura. But he didn't mind one bit as he said,

"Why did you call me?"

Rias said, "Sorry I called you on such short notice but I needed all the members to be here to listen to you."

Naruto shook his head and said, "It's alright. I had nothing better to do anyway. For the moment."

Rias then said, "That's good. So the thing is-"

Issei interrupted Rias and then said, "Will you train us?"

Naruto drew a question mark when he heard that. He then asked, "Where the hell did that come from?"

Rias sighed and then said, "Like Issei said, we realized that we are far too weak in our current states to fight against the likes of the Chaos Brigade. We need to get stronger."

Naruto then added, "So you need me to help actively train you."

Rias nodded her head and said, "Yes."

Naruto looked at the members giving them a smile. Rias and the rest took it as something positive and immediately got their hopes up. Naruto said,

"What do you think my answer was going to be? Obviously…






….Hell No."

The entire peerage were shocked at the staunch refusal of their request. Everyone was going to question why before Naruto shut them up with his answer,

"No matter what you guys are going to say, the answer is still going to be no."

Rias asked, "But why?!"

Naruto sighed and then said, "That is because, you guys have already learnt everything you needed to learn from me. I have nothing else to teach you."

The club became silent as they heard Naruto continue. He said, "Now is the period that you all hone the skills you have from what I taught you. I have pointed out your weaknesses and your strengths in detail. It is for you to master them."

"Your wanting to learn from me is nothing but an illusion. What you guys lack is not training but confidence."

Naruto then looked at all the members and said, "Each of you have grown tremendously in this period. You are not weak as you think you are. It is alright to doubt yourself but don't fall into doubt completely and close off your mind. Innovate."

As soon as he said that everyone felt a little bit better about themselves. Naruto then said,

"Besides, you guys already have someone to guide you from here on, don't they, Azazel?"

As soon as he said that, the club members looked behind to find Azazel sitting on the chair with his legs on the desk, smiling. He said,

"Aw. There you go ruining my chance to show off!"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. Azazel then said, "Well, you heard the guy. So from now on, like I promised in the meeting, I'll be the one to guide you into utilizing your powers to the maximum and to keep my end of the bargain for all the damage Kokabiel caused you."

Naruto said, "He is the better teacher for you. Azazel has done much research on the sacred gears each of you hold and has a better understanding of your powers than I do. He would be the best option for you right now. Besides, my style of fighting is not as suitable for any of you here."

All of the club members looked determined right now. They did have some reluctance in their eyes but agreed with it. Rias bowed and then said,

"Thank you, master! For all the guidance you have given us and teaching us patiently thus far!"

The rest of the peerage bowed the same way and said,

"""THANK YOU!""""

Naruto scratched his neck and gave a wry smile while saying, "It's alright guys. Don't need to be too tense about it! I'm not going anywhere, alright!"

Rias and her peerage smiled at that. Azazel then said, "Well, now then. I guess I have some announcements with regards to the peerage's living arrangements."

"Living arrangements?" asked Issei

Azazel smiled and then said, "Yeah and you're in luck boy! Since Sirzechs saw that the motivation factor for you to further improve yourself is women, he ordered that all female members of the Gremory peerage are to therefore live in the Hyodou household."

"SAY WHAT?!" asked Issei, which wasn't an over-reaction.

Naruto wryly smiled and saw the reactions of the different members of the peerage. He saw that Asia and Rias showed some kind of disappointment but that quickly faded away, while Akeno and Xenovia showed some joy. Koneko's face was completely neutral. Naruto figured that she wouldn't care about where she lived as long as she got a decent place with candy.

Naruto looked at Issei and thought, 'That kid is going to be in a lot of trouble. But he's getting what he wanted. So that's a plus, I guess?'

The hectic atmosphere didn't get over as Azazel then made another announcement,

"And yeah. But you will need someone to supervise you, therefore Naruto will serve that role."






"Say what?" asked Naruto

Azazel grinned and then said, "Henceforth, you'll be living in the Hyoudo household."

Naruto was stunned as he couldn't compute what was being said. It took a few moments for him to regain his sense being. It was then he said,

"Are you joking? Why the hell should I move over there and baby-sit a bunch of brats!"

Rias and Issei who heard that shouted in indignation,


Naruto replied, "OH! Shut it! You guys are still brats by my terms!"

Azazel smiled and said, "One, I wasn't joking and Two, you'll be properly compensated for this."

"Look here, Chicken wings. If you're not going to be clear and trying to pull a prank here, then I swear on my very existence that I'll share the pictures I took yesterday of you in the-!"

Azazel who was smiling but in a very nervous way as he shut Naruto's mouth from revealing the incident,

"Oh! Oh! It's nothing. Just some private things. Me and my buddy Naruto here need to talk. So we'll go out for a while, alright?"

As he said that, he dragged Naruto out of the club room leaving the club members to guess what Naruto was about to say. They thought,

'What pictures?'

Azazel then took Naruto to the roof before saying, "I know that this will be a little hard for you but please understand-"

Naruto replied back, "Understand what? That you are basically making me babysit them. In this situation? Does Sirzechs realize the kind of threat I am facing? Does he understand the threat that they will face if I am near them?"

Azazel sighed and said, "Look. You aren't the only one who asked him of this. He said that the group will eventually face danger regardless of you being near them or not. You being near them gives him an assurance that you'll be there to protect them if there was an enemy that they cannot face."

Naruto snorted and said, "It will also make us an easy target."

Azazel sighed. He said, "Look, I understand what you're talking about here. So does Sirzechs. But it will be effective if everyone is near each other. It will be easy to communicate and work together. You will also be there to assist them, mentally."

Naruto sighed. He knew that this was actually better but it will ruin some of his private business.

Naruto asked, 'What do you think Kurama?'

The nine tailed beast replied, "It seems that these guys still don't trust you, yet. Asking you to live there is also a way for them to monitor your actions."

Naruto snorted, 'You figured huh.'

"Regardless, I say agree."

Naruto sighed, 'There isn't any other option is there? If I need the devils cooperation, I need to play by their rules.'

Kurama smirked and said, "But that doesn't mean that you can't have conditions of your own."

Naruto had a cunning smile and thought, 'What do you have in mind?'

Azazel then looked at Naruto thinking for a while before he finally said,

"I agree."

Azazel replied, "Alright great-"

Naruto then said, "Call Sirzechs. I have some terms I would like to speak with him first."

Azazel's back started profusely sweating when he saw that smile Naruto had. It was the smile Naruto had when he was up to no good. However he also had a smile on his own face as he thought,

'Sirzechs, Sirzechs! You are in big trouble my friend! And I am going to enjoy watching the show! Hahahaha!'


Once dinner was over, Naruto was escorted to his room by Yasaka. Kunou had already left for sleep as she had school the day after. Yasaka spoke,

"I'm really happy that you came to visit us, Naruto, despite your busy schedule."

Naruto replied, "I'm sorry I hadn't done this sooner."

Yasaka smiled back and said, "Don't be. I am not angry, you came back. That's all I'll ever need. You just have to compensate for all the time you have missed."

Naruto nodded his head and said, "I promise I will."

They then came to a room in the corner before Yasaka said, "Alright we're here."

Naruto stepped inside the room and thanked Yasaka and turned his back. He then directly crept inside the futon after removing his clothes and stayed inside with nothing but his underwear. It was then he noticed another presence by his side.

"Umm, Yasaka?"

"Yes, Naruto?"

"Can I ask why are you are in bed beside me?"

Yasaka gave a beautiful laughter before saying, "To sleep with you! Obviously!"

Naruto's eyes bulged out as Yasaka's hot breath reached his torso. She started kissing him in various places but Naruto stopped her and said,

"Yasaka! We shouldn't be doing this! Stop it!"

However Yasaka didn't stop and continue to cuddle and kiss Naruto as all her tails were wrapped around him as he was her most precious object. She then said,

"It's alright dear. You're the only one that can make me feel this way. So please accept all of me."

Naruto thought, 'This can't be happening! What the hell happened?!'

Kurama said, "Whatever it is, kid. You're getting lucky!"

Naruto complained, 'Yeah right!'

It was then he noticed the unusual state of Yasaka. Her behaviour was a stark contrast from before he met her. Her breath was hot and her body was sweaty and leaking a scent. Naruto recognized what it was,

'She's in heat!'

Naruto figured that her cycle had merged with the time he came to meet her. He thought,

'Darn it! She must have been suppressing it until now! Since I made contact with her, I guess she could no longer control it and let it go!'

"Well then, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to get frisky kid!" said Kurama while chuckling.

"Yeah. The fox is right." Said Shukaku.

Naruto yelled back at them, 'I am not some depraved harem protagonist with blue balls! IF we are getting FRISKY, then it would be under the right conditions!'

Yasaka soon started heading towards the lower regions. Naruto thought, 'Shit! Too close! Need to stop her!'

Yasaka was trying to remove his underwear when he heard Kunou shouting

"Mother! Are you here?! It's your heat period! You shouldn't be-"

She suddenly barged inside to look at Naruto and her mother entangled in an ambiguous way.

Naruto looked at Kunou like she was some kind of saviour and shouted, "Help me Kunou!"

Kunou figured out what was going on and then said to Naruto, "Tickle her ears! That's her weak spot! She'll fall asleep as soon as someone does that!"

Naruto did as she asked and immediately started tickling her ears. Yasaka laughed for a moment asking to stop. The laughter soon changed to moans that would make a third person think that some adulterous affair was going on. Kunou and Naruto blushed at those moans.

The moans eventually turned to purrs as she started sleeping. Naruto then helped Kunou take Yasaka to her room and left her there. Kunou thanked Naruto as she headed back to her own room.

As Naruto moved back to his room, he was deep in thought at the incidents that arose.

'I can finally get some sleep now that that's over!'

Kurama then said, "Yeah, Shame that you didn't bone that chick."

'Like I said before Kurama, I'm not going to take advantage of her when her mind's clouded.'

Kurama asked, "Are you sure it was clouded? She seemed to speak alright to me."

'Enough. Whatever it is. It's done. Besides, I don't think she has any kind of feelings for me anyway.'

Kurama then asked, "I'm not too sure kid."

Naruto replied, 'What the hell is that supposed to mean?'

Kurama snorted and said, "Figure it out yourself."

He then cut off the link he had with Naruto and went to snore in the corner of Naruto's mind. Naruto was confused at the cryptic message of Kurama but didn't seem too bothered about it. He then went to sleep in the room provided for him. This time, alone and in silence.

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