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Here's Chapter "Christmas Came Late"

Chapter 25

Readiness. Preparedness. One is never completely ready for the storm that comes. It is, and it has always been relative. There exists a probability that everything can go wrong. That everything can fuck up, but one can never know until the last moment how it happens. A storm's coming...

"Where…Where am I?"

"I see, only the three chains of 'Death' remains….. You have done well Uzumaki. We will be expecting you soon enough."

Rias then said, "Well, Me and the club decided that we'll be leaving for the underworld today."

Naruto whistled, "So you going back huh?"

Rias replied with a smile, "Yes."

Naruto said, "Hope you guys have a good time over there. Safe travels."

"What are you talking about? You are coming too, you know." said a voice.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and said, "The conference isn't within a month. So what are you smoking?"

Naruto looked at him and shook his head, "I still refuse. Sirzechs makes a good point but I have some things to do here. I will join you on the day of the conference."

Azazel nodded his head and said, "I'll deliver the message."

"Enjoying the view?"

He spoke while still staring at the clouds, "Yeah. I always loved this kind of atmosphere. Joyous, vigorous, loud and yet peaceful and serene."

"I don't know about serenity but it sure is loud…. and crowded."

Naruto turned silent at that. He then said, "And have you been able to find out what I asked last time?"

Vali shook his head, "No. I'm not sure who but it is definitely not related to the Hero faction or the Old Devil Faction. They are definitely in the dark. That only leaves one other group. Nilreim, the magician faction. The leader of that group is hidden from the rest, but thanks to Ophis I got to know who it was."

"Euclid. Euclid Lucifuge. You asked me if I knew anyone proficient in research and able to develop sacred gears, magic tools, and the like, yeah? Then he's the one you're looking for. He's the butler and aide to Rizveim Lucifer. So if Euclid is involved in something, then it is highly likely that Rizveim is also behind this."

'Strange…..dead for more than a week and yet there are no flies….'

"Sealing Jutsu: Body Seal!"

Once he said that, the body disappeared in smoke and there was a symbol for 'body' in the center of the seal. Naruto closed it tight and sealed it shut.

"What happened here Itachi?" asked Naruto with a tone that said that he wasn't joking around.

"Someone's been messing with Nature Energy." Answered Kurama

"Twisted it, in fact." said Gyuuki following it up.

"This is not good." Added Matatabi

The pair remained silent for a while before Itachi spoke, "Do you think they can achieve the result they aimed for?"

Naruto looked for a moment and thought, "If they can find a large enough source, then it is possible. However, let's just hope that they don't."

Naruto thought, 'It's been a month since they attempted this fiasco and Itachi says that there are no other places that have been hit from then until now….. Have they already moved on?'

Kurama replied, "Possibly. The result of the experiment they did might have possibly shown them that taking from multiple sources is fruitless comparing to getting nature energy from a single large source. The will of such a source while big can be broken down quite easily, unlike the others."

Naruto then asked, 'But the question is, where would they find this single large source?'

Matatabi answered that "This world has nature spirits and nature gods don't they? I believe that they would be a pool of energy just like us, tailed beasts. You can even make them the analogue of us in this world."

Naruto replied, 'Yes. But then again if they make a move on them, won't it make the other factions alert. Then why would they consider this route?'

He then stopped thinking for a moment and thought, 'Unless.'

"I got you now, bitch."

...and each side better be prepared.


Naruto was enjoying a pleasant evening by himself at the Arashiyama forest near Kyoto. He was sitting in a half-Lotus position while meditating in a hidden spot within the thick and green bamboo grove. It was peaceful and serene, unlike the situation back at the palace.

Ever since the competition between Yasaka and Tsubasa escalated to new heights, it has been one thing or the other for him, He didn't have the space to spend some quality time by himself. Don't get him wrong, while he did love the attention he was getting, it did turn out to be a bit more smothering than he originally thought.

Thus this was kind of a getaway for him. However, it wasn't just a getaway as he had a job to do.

'Let's just hope that this seal works.'

Kurama then said, "You're worried about her, aren't you?"

'Yes. If Zetsu is about to do what I think he is going to, then she's a potential target.'

"Better safe than sorry, is it?" asked Matatabi

Naruto nodded his head with a hint of seriousness. It was then Kurama alerted him,

"We are not alone."

Naruto then stood up, dusted himself, and turned back to find a black cat just staring right back at him. He smiled and said, "You must be Kuroka."

The black cat then turned into a female Nekomata wearing a black obi with certain parts of her anatomy slightly more revealing.

"Nyaa~ You're quite the perceptive one aren't you?"

Naruto smiled at that and said, "You aren't the first one to notice that. But I'm sure you didn't come here to exchange pleasantries, didn't you? You wouldn't have sneaked up on me if it were the case."

Kuroka then turned serious and said, "Stay away from my sister."

Naruto calmly replied, "And why should I do that?"

Kuroka replied, "Because she doesn't need to be a part of whatever you are involved in."

Naruto turned silent at that. He of all people agreed that she's right. Koneko and the others are too weak to handle the threat he's facing. However he wouldn't back down just yet,

"Why are you even bothered about her? Last I checked, you were the one that abandoned her after killing off your master."

Naruto noticed a change in Kuroka's demeanor at that sentence. She was angry, seething with impotent rage. However, he saw that she clenched her fists trying to bottle up her anger.

Naruto knew that he hid a hard spot and thus decided to change the tone, "I'm sorry. I may have been a bit too harsh with my words. I'm sure you had your reasons."

Kuroka then let her unclenched her fists as she released a sigh, filled with guilt and remorse. She said, "No….it's not your fault. You spoke the truth. I did abandon her and leave her to the lion's den, whatever my reasons may have been, I did break my bond as her sister. I have no right to intrude in her new life after I did what I did."

She then turned stern as she said, "However, it's different in your case. I need to do so to ensure her safety in all of this."

Naruto remained silent as she spoke. Kuroka saw that he gave no reply and then said, "I don't know how strong you are, but I know that you are definitely stronger than I am. So I can only request you this. Please stay away from my sister. For her own good."

She was about to leave when Naruto then spoke, "I want to know what happened."

Kuroka looked back and asked, "What?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he explained, "I am not so easy to be fooled. The Kuroka I see in front of me is different from the Kuroka I heard in the tales. The one that the devils, including her own sister, is described as a heartless, cunning, crazy shrew that has gone insane due to the use of senjutsu, part of the reason said sister completely rejected the art."

Kuroka winced at that but Naruto softened his glare and said, "But the Kuroka I see before me, while cunning and crazy for sure, is not heartless. For a heartless person would not be worried about their little sister they abandoned earlier on. So tell me Kuroka, what happened? What caused you to kill your 'master' and leave your sister behind?"

Kuroka turned silent. Her head was facing towards the ground the entire time. Naruto then saw her body trembling, as he started hearing chuckles. The chuckles turned into muffled laughs and the laughs were no longer muffled.

It was Naruto's turn to become silent.

Kuroka continued to laugh while her face was hidden by the bangs of her hair.

She slowly said, "Whatever I have done has always been and always be, to protect my sister. Even if I explained my story to you, Mr. Uzumaki, there is no use because you haven't seen 'it'. You haven't seen 'them'."

Naruto then asked, "And what is 'that'?"

"The true nature of the devils."

Naruto was stunned as soon as she said that, not by the words, but by her face. It was covered in tears. She was crying out her sorrow. She wasn't done. Not in the least,

"But don't worry. Soon you will find out about them. About their true faces. You think you know about them? Hahahaha, you will be surprised at how depraved some of them could be."

She then turned to leave. Naruto didn't stop her from leaving this time but only added,

"Your mother misses you. I don't know what went on between you two but I can tell by the look on her face that she longs for her daughters."

Kuroka stopped. She didn't turn back this time and then said, "My 'mother' is naïve if she thinks that she can ever have her daughters back after the way she left us. I can forgive her for making me go through the things I did after she left us but…"

Kuroka turned around and faced Naruto. She had a face filled with rage and anger as she said, "….I can never forgive her for making Shirone go through what she did!"

Kuroka then said, "I have said enough words as it is. I hope you consider my request, Mr. Uzumaki."

As soon as she said that Kuroka disappeared as mist enveloped her figure. Naruto stood there contemplating the things he heard from her as the sun went down.

'Seems things are more complicated than I originally thought…..'

"From the way she expressed her opinions about the insect wings, I believe the root cause must be her former master or somehow related to him." said Kurama

Naruto nodded his head and said, 'I think so too.'

Kurama then asked, "So…do you believe her? Her claim about the devil's darker nature?"

Naruto sighed and said, 'I do. I know that depravity exists in all living beings, no matter how big or how small. The nature of their birth affects them to a larger extent, but that doesn't mean that the path they take be the same.'

'Each being capable of thought has a different path laid in front of them. It is up to the individual to take the path that they deem fit. Righteous or Chaotic. This logic is the one that has been expressed to the humans a long time… while I wish we can apply the same logic to the devils, I don't think we can. The very crux of their being is completely different from humanity.'

"So you do doubt them." Said Gyuuki.

Naruto shook his head and said, 'That's where you are wrong. I don't doubt them. Doubt is a blessing when deciding on a path but it becomes a curse if one has made the decision. I don't doubt the loyalty of those beside me. But while I can say that I don't doubt those devils like Rias and her group, I cannot say for sure about the larger part of their race. Their actions still cloud me.'

Kurama then said, "The little feline's judgment may have been clouded when she spoke, but there might be some truth in what she said. You may not have felt it but the visit to the underworld wasn't pleasant for me. The place was filled with negative emotions of a variety from different beings, much more amplified from what I usually feel from you humans."

Naruto frowned at that but Kurama added, "But this is a conversation for another time. You have things to do kid. Better get to it."

Naruto remembered what Kurama said and then thought, 'Yeah….it's almost time for the conference to begin. Let's hope that everything works out as planned.'

The tailed beasts nodded their heads as Naruto used the Hiraishin to disappear from the place.

(In the Underworld-The Peace Conference)

Issei was having a hard time negotiating with the ever-changing atmosphere within the Hall where the party was currently taking place. He was dressed in formal attire, a tuxedo prepared for him by the Gremory Household.

He couldn't be underdressed for this event, after all, it was a social call for different pantheons and factions. He noticed that those beings came in all shapes and sizes. Some of them so buffed up that they would put the world's best bodybuilders to shame, while others so small and lanky he wondered if they were eating enough.

However, the good news was that he was not alone. Kiba was dressed up for the occasion just like him, standing beside his best bro(cough) in the peerage, giving him company.

"Man, it's really difficult to be in this place. It's Déjà vu all over again." Said Issei in a hushed voice maintaining a straight face to not show any disrespect to the other guests.

Kiba replied, "You are not the only one. No matter how many times I attend these kinds of events, they still get me nervous. So don't beat yourself up."

"Man, but look at the President and Xenovia. Those two look like they have it all figured out."

"I can't disagree with that. Xenovia is looking like she's having fun talking with those Valkiryes from the Norse faction."

The boys then found Koneko, Asia, and Akeno, walking towards them. All three of them were looking beautiful, with Akeno wearing a black one-piece dress that matched her eyes and hair, Koneko wearing a light blue top and skirt, while last but not least Asia wearing her usual Nun's clothing, which despite its' simplicity suited her the most.

"Ufufu~ You boys sure do look charming in those clothes~ So much so that I could gobble you all up." said Akeno while maintaining a coy smile on her face.

Issei smiled at the usual and flirty nature of Akeno. He pretty much got used to it by now just like Kiba. He saw that Asia was getting jittery a bit due to the overbearing nature of the place. He asked,

"You doing alright, Asia?"

Asia who was a bit nervous in the beginning then slowly said, "Y-yes, I-I didn't think that this place would be so…..crowded."

Issei then grabbed hold of her hand and said, "It's gonna be alright. We will jet out of here soon enough, okay?"

Asia gave a quiet squeak at the sudden act of intimacy taken by her secret, yet-not-so-secret crush. A rosy red hue colored on her face soon enough and she took the effort to hide her embarrassment by looking downwards to the cold hard floor. She slowly gave a nod and said,


Akeno was getting jealous of the interaction between Asia and Issei. However, that jealousy was hidden underneath her coy face. Issei then noticed that something felt off about Koneko and decided to ask,

"Is everything alright, Koneko?"

Koneko gave an uneasy nod and said, "Hmm..yeah…"

Issei noticed that she was distracted by something but chose to let it go thinking that he was just overthinking things.

"Well well, look at you issei! Putting the moves on Asia so smoothly, can't believe that a pervert like you ever had it in you! But be careful, you're making Akeno here a bit jealous." Said a playful voice that entered their hearing range.


Issei immediately let go of Asia's hand much to her displeasure and embarrassment. They immediately turned to find a grinning Naruto wearing a waiter's uniform.

"Master! What the hell?! Why do you always have to sneak up on us like that? And why the hell are you dressed like that?!" complained Issei.

"Shushhhh! Do you want to blow my cover away just like that? Honestly Issei, I thought I taught you better than to commit the same mistake twice." said Naruto in a reprimanding manner.

Issei was about to retort but just ended with a sigh knowing naruto's personality. He then asked,

"Why have you dressed up like a waiter…again? Didn't you get an official invite for the party?"

Naruto gave a foxy smile and said, "Yeah, while I did get an invite, it wasn't official. You see….Sirzechs has made the nature of myself and Itachi a secret from the other devils for now to prevent any chaos that might cause due to it. So I'm once again pretending to be a waiter."

Akeno smiled and said, "I don't see why Issei is complaining though, you look rather sexy in that outfit."

Naruto puffed up in fake pride as he raised his shoulders and snorted, "Who the hell do you think you're talking to? I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I can pull off any outfit I want."

He then smiled and said, "Alright then, see you later!"

But as he moved away, he turned back and gave a serious look as he said, "Oh and I forgot to tell you, there's gonna be an attack soon enough. So stick together."

As soon as he said that all the peerage members became alert. Koneko's eyes especially so as she realized something. She then slowly started to sneak away as Kiba asked, "What do you mean-"

Naruto cut him off and said, "You'll know soon enough. Just relax and enjoy the party. Don't look as if you're on guard. Don't want to spook them yet."

Rias then joined the group and asked, "Hey guys! So what's going on? Why the serious look?"

Akeno then informed her about what was going on. Rias who heard that went into alert immediately. She nodded her head and said, "You guys stay put. I'll go talk to my brother about this. By the way, where are Issei and Koneko?"

The group finally noticed the missing presence of their two friends. Kiba said, "They were here just moments ago…."

Rias looked serious but she then said, "Nevermind. Issei has my emergency contact magic. If they encounter any danger, I'm sure he'll communicate it."

The group nodded their heads as they prepared themselves for the impendent battle.

(Meanwhile With Naruto)

He was performing his duties as a waiter up to the T while being aware of his surroundings. He was collecting gossip here and there. Who knew if the juicy information he might get be useful in the future.

As he was doing that, he glanced upon a silvery white-haired buxom beauty with aqua-colored eyes enter the hall along with an old man wearing a monocle. Naruto noticed that the beauty was wearing formal attire and stood like a bodyguard beside the old man.

He then saw a pair of familiar faces entering after them. It was Zeus, wearing a white toga with golden linings and a golden wreath made of leaves befitting his title as the "King of Gods", with the red-headed Pyrrha waiting beside him while wearing a traditional bronze Greek armor.

"That's Lord Odin, It seems that the Lord's Satans have invited the complete Norse faction to this party." Said one of the devil guests.

"And that's Lord Zeus. Look at his domineering appearance. Worthy of a king! It looks like they included the Greek faction too." Said the guest beside him.

Naruto smiled knowing that the two important guests have arrived at the party. He then looked around,

'Hmm…now that the guests of honor have arrived, it should happen at any moment now. Where's our lose canon?'

Naruto wasn't just snooping around like a waiter just for gathering gossip. He was searching for Loki while also noting down any suspicious individuals that looked like they were about to make a move. He made Kurama reach out his senses throughout and find out the people with the most negative intentions within the hall.

As soon as he did that, he would silently signal Itachi who was watching him, who in turn pass the information onto Azazel. Azazel then has them monitored in secret.

While Naruto believed that he could perform this easily with the help of shadow clones, Azazel stopped him from doing so and asked that he do it in turn, to prove the weight of the three factions and increase the trust of the other pantheons to battle the Khaos Brigade.

So far, the mechanism he employed put more than 30 people under watch.

"It seems that the trickster god is not here." said Kurama

'No, he's definitely here. Itachi did say that one of his abilities is to disguise himself.'

"You think, he's one of the marked 30?" asked Shikaku

'Yes.' said Naruto.

He then noticed that Sirzechs was up on stage and was going to speak,

"Good Evening, My Lords and Ladies, The Underworld welcomes your presence in these halls as we thoroughly discuss the issue at hand. For months now…."

As he was giving the big speech, Naruto looked around and saw that all the 30 marked targets were remaining calm as they became battle-ready. Naruto thought,

'So….who's going to make the first move?'

Among the 30 targets that he marked were a bunch of people ranging from different factions to different social positions within each one. Naruto looked at them all. However one stood out from the rest. He was a devil servant, a waiter just like him that was making weird movements with his hand.

The man who was making his moves had his eyes on the target. His eyes blazed with masked hatred raging to come out, his hands were about to complete the action when he smirked and ready to fire the spell when he surprisingly felt something sharp on the back of his neck.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Make a move and your jugular would be cut off."

Naruto kept a kunai at the back of his neck with the intent to pierce it. The man stopped his actions and slightly turned his head to look back. He was surprised at how he was caught that quickly, but his expression of a surprise then faded away as it turned into a smirk. He looked at Naruto and said,

"Too late."



A magic circle appeared in the middle of the party hall triggering an explosion near an unsuspecting Odin and Zeus. The thundering explosion echoed throughout the entire underworld. Smoke covered the area and part of the hall was in shambles.

'Damn it! He must have been a decoy.'

The smoke covered the entire place as panic erupted in the halls.

"What's going on?!"

"An attack!"

"Is everyone alright?!"

The smoke cleared away as Naruto then saw that Odin and Zeus were unharmed. In front of them was a light blue-haired man with two bangs in front of him. He had a blue jewel on his forehead and yellow earrings.

"Loki…." said the old man while dusting himself off.

"Tch…. I knew it wouldn't be easy to take you down that easy, old dog!" said Loki with a hint of annoyance.

The old man didn't say or ask anything. He was rather calm despite coming out of the explosion and looking at the youth before him with narrowed eyes.

Meanwhile, the guards for the three factions immediately responded by engaging the 30 marked people. Loki who saw that scowled in annoyance.


"Surrender Lord Loki! You will quietly leave this place to face judgment in Asgard!" said the silver-haired aide.

"Silence your tongue, woman. I have no business with you. It's him that I want."

"Don't blame me for not warning you then!" said the silver-haired woman and rapidly closed in on Loki.

However, Loki dodged the attack and flew back before creating two gigantic magic circles.

"That doesn't look good." Stated Zeus who was unperturbed at the chaotic set of events that was going on right now. In fact, he looked rather amused at it.

Pyrrha, however, didn't have the same trace of amusement that her father had and stood in front of him to perform her duty as his bodyguard.

Then it happened. A huge figure came walking out of one of the magic circles with a menacing growl. It was a big grey wolf.

"It's Fenrir!"

And from the other circle came another being. This one gave hissing sounds as it slithered out. Its body was huge as it occupied the space present.

"And that's Jörmungandr!"

"Are you really intending to start Ragnarok now?!" asked the silver-haired bodyguard.

Naruto who was watching the entire scene didn't make a move but he frowned while clenching his fists.

"This is not the time to reveal yourself, Naruto. Not to an audience this big. The big one hasn't arrived yet. Control your emotions." Chastised Kurama

Naruto slowly let go of his fists and said, 'You're right. The plan is working so far. Once we reveal ourselves, he'll know that we took the bait.'

Loki gave a maniacal laugh and said, "Ragnarok will begin now. And it will begin with your life brother! Prepare to die!"

The two beasts moved in to attack the gods in front of them when a wall of ice suddenly erupted between them.

"I'm sorry for coming in late! But Magical Girl Levia-tan is at your service!" said Serafall who jumped in between.

The three faction leaders finally made their move. Azazel said, "Surrender Loki. You are outnumbered."

Loki smirked and said, "Who said that I didn't have any backup?"

As soon as he said that hundreds of magic circles emerged with brigades of magicians appearing in the sky.

"Khaos Brigade!"

"Who was the traitor that allowed them here?!"

Naruto was stunned at this development but not for long. He thought, 'But how?! I thought we got rid of all the ones that could have made a gateway!'



Naruto immediately turned to see a fighting Asia being grabbed hold off by a creepy young devil wearing expensive clothing. He had dark green hair and squinted eyes, with a creepy smile on his face. Kiba was down presumably from a sneak attack and shouted out her name.

He had black hair and a creepy aura on him. Naruto thought, 'It's him! He wasn't here before!'

"Let me go!" cried Asia

"Don't resist dear…. Soon you would be mine….That red dragon doesn't deserve you! Only I and I alone!" said Diodora

Akeno and Rias were in a battle-ready stance. Rias shouted,

"Let go of my servant at once! Do that and I'll make sure that your death will be less painful!" commanded Rias.

Diodora gave a creepy smile and said, "I don't think so, Gremory."

He immediately teleported out of there with Asia in his arms, leaving a few of his maidservant/peerage in his place to fight Rias and her group.

"Coward!" shouted Rias

Rias moved into engaged Diodora's maids but someone already beat them to it. Naruto took care of them instantly knocking them all out.


Naruto gave Rias a Hiraishin Kunai and said, "No time to talk. You should be able to track Asia with the devil piece power she has. Find her and bring her back safely. Throw the kunai at the ground if you meet any trouble. Now go!"

Rias and Akeno nodded their heads as Kiba was given some Phenex tears that they had been gifted by Ravel.

Rias then shouted, "Where the hell is Issei and Koneko?!"

(With Issei)

"Dragon Shot: Shotgun!"

Things had gotten heated up pretty quickly with Issei and Koneko. Issei had been sneakily following up on her as soon as she left the party hall only to find her meeting her sister, the one that Rias had told him about the day before when he found out about Koneko's true nature.

They had met up with Kuroka, who had lured her sister away from the rest of the group and she forced her into coming along with her, to exit the Gremory group.

Koneko resisted. And thus the situation devolved into a fight with Koneko and Issei on one side, Kuroka, and Bikou on the other. Things were going pretty smoothly for a fight…sort of.

"Argh god damn it! Stop moving around!"

"Hahaha! Try hitting me Red Dragon! You can't can you?! You suck!" taunted Bikou/

"Shitty monkey!"

With Kuroka and Koneko, on the other hand, it was a bit more serious. Kuroka had the upper hand but Koneko was holding out on her own very well.

"Ahhh~ I see that you have finally accepted your true nature Shirone~ It's a good thing that you have grown~"

Koneko didn't say anything. She silently attacked her sister. Kuroka dodged the attacks and cast illusions of herself to disorient Koneko.

Koneko didn't fall for them and shouted, "Parlor tricks."

"Oof~ That hurt Shirone. You are insulting our legacy~"

Koneko snorted and then attacked further. However, Kuroka did the same thing like before and didn't make a move.

Koneko believed that she had enough, she started to gather senjutsu energy from the surroundings. Kuroka noticed this and turned serious, but she didn't show it on her face. A feeling of pride erupted in her heart knowing that her sister has finally accepted her lineage, if not her.

However that pride was hidden by the smirk she showed her while saying, "So you can use senjutsu now? You really have grown up a lot~"

Koneko replied, "No thanks to you."

She then pounced on Kuroka more aggressively than before. Kuroka took an active turn in dodging her attacks this time as unlike before, if she didn't take this seriously then she might have to go back with more than a few broken bones.

Both sides fought each other till exhaustion. The pair of yokai retreated simultaneously and created some distance in between.

Kuroka had a face of pain. Some of the attacks Koneko made had gone through and may have broken a few ribs of hers. She then said,

"That was a good fight. You're strong now."

Koneko wasn't doing well either. She panted and gasped in exhaustion from the fight.

Silence prevailed between them masked by the shouting and yelling of the fight going on beside them. However, they didn't hear those noises as each of their senses are more concentrated on the opponent in front of them.

Kuroka was the one to break the silence. She asked,

"Tell me Koneko. Do you trust the ones you surround yourself with? Will you stay with them no matter what happens?"

The younger nekomata was stunned at the way her sister addressed her. Her surprise elicited a response to the question subconsciously.


The older nekomata stared at her and sighed. She thought, 'Just like I thought…..seems it's no use. I can only protect her from the shadows.'

Kuroka then turned towards Bikou and said, "We are leaving Bikou. I got what I came for."

Bikou playfully asked, "What? Already?"

Kuroka responded with a short, "Yes."

"Aawww- that sucks. And we were just getting into the good part! Anyway, the boss lady has commanded. Later Red Lizard!"

"Come back here asshole!"

AS they were about to leave with Kuroka using her Youjutsu, Koneko yelled,


Kuroka turned back to face her sister with a face devoid of emotions, just like her sister's. Koneko got even more surprised but didn't waver before asking.


Kuroka didn't say anything and allowed her blood-related sister to continue.

"Why come back after all this time? Why now?"

Kuroka turned away without answering but Koneko then heard something that confused her even more.

"I never left."

Silence. Complete and utter silence enveloped the area until Issei got a beeper in his pocket. He found out that it was Rias calling him and he attended it.

"Issei where the hell are you?! Are you alright?!"

"Hey President! I am with Koneko here and you would not believe-"

However, Rias cut him off and said, "There's no time for that. Ask Koneko to set up a teleportation circle immediately! There was an attack at the party and Asia was kidnapped by Diodora in the confusion!"


"Come here fast! We are going to go save her!" said Rias with urgency unhidden.

"We are coming over immediately!"

(With Naruto)

The battle was ongoing between the various groups. The appearance of the Khaos brigade Magicians didn't help settle it sooner. However, Naruto still didn't make a move. He was waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Naruto saw that while Fenrir and the Midgard serpent were doing a lot of damage and causing havoc, they were outnumbered 100:1, and thus exhaustion was an inevitability.

'We are having the upper hand now…..whatever card they have left, they will unleash it.'

He then saw the face of Loki's face filled with rage and anger. The scowl and the hint of desperation in his eyes. He immediately brought out something from his pockets.

Naruto spotted it and recognized it immediately. It was the same seal that Katarea Leviathan used.


As soon as he thought that, three coffins emerged off the ground.

The coffins then slowly opened up to reveal three individuals, one of which he recognized. All three of them were Cloud Shinobi, with two having similar appearances. The first one was a woman in her twenties, having long blonde hair and a lithe and slender body. The second one had silvery white long hair and a beast-like appearance. The other was the same as the previous one with only his hair color being gold.

'Yugito Nee….and the other two I don't recognize.'

"Those two are the Gold and Silver brothers. Kinkaku and Ginkaku." Said Kurama with a frown.

'You look like you have a history with them.'

Kurama nodded and said, "Not a pleasant one."

The three faction leaders knew who they were from the weird appearances they had and the purple eyes. Sirzechs said,

"Purple eyes….they are the reanimations that Mr. Naruto told us about. Like the ones we met before."

Azazel nodded his head and replied, "Yeah."

Naruto noticed that the three were not moving. He thought, 'That's strange. They are not moving...'

'And Loki isn't giving any commands. What is he waiting for?'

But that question was soon answered when a magic circle much larger than the previous ones appeared in the sky. It was much larger than anything. An object came out of it.

It was a foot. But the foot itself was around 10 meters high.

Then out came a being that might have been the largest humanoid being he might have ever seen. Standing at a height of 150 meters, the giant gave a loud thundering roar as the ground he stepped on cracked underneath his weight as lava flowed from it. The breath he gave was icy and cold, creating gusty winds. Two horns adorning his face which had purple orbs.

The sign of a reanimation.

Odin, who had been calm the entire time, started trembling. Loki who saw that laughed and said,

"So how is it, brother? My big surprise!"

"It's not possible….how…."

The silver-haired woman beside him asked Odin, "Lord Odin, who or what is that?"

For the first time in her life, Rossweise had seen Odin become serious, with a terrified expression. He was a pervert, a carefree person. She knew his history but could hardly believe that he was the man in the tales that she heard in Asgard. However, she understood that he was strong, stronger than most beings, and had never seen him scared. Scared for his life.

Sirzechs asked, "Lord Odin…..We ask you again. What is this thing?"

However Odin ignored them and looked at the giant in all his splendor as he muttered,


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