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Chaos, the embodiment of disorder, destruction, the cause of madness and mayhem. However, it is also the cause of change. There is no life without a few chaotic movements. Whether the results of chaos are good or bad, is up to the threads of fate.

Once again, why should I utter this? Well, let me refresh your memory,

Naruto observed the massive behemoth that appeared in the sky via a gigantic magic circle that Loki used.

"Look at the size of that thing….. This world is filled with many wonders….."

Kurama snorted and said, "This is no time to be admiring our enemies, Naruto. I must say though, that being doesn't feel like any of the previous reanimations you fought with before. I don't sense any chakra from it but a different kind of energy."

"The giant has specialized cells in its skin that converts the magic energy into its kind of energy. All you need to do is-"

'-reverse the process and bingo, we have our answer. Gotta give it to Itachi, Every technique has its weakness alright.'

Naruto then clapped his palm in a show of excitement. He then shouted,

"Alright! Time to get to work!"

"I fucked up big, didn't I?" asked Naruto with a wry smile as he faced not one not two but three beings and none of them looked friendly.

"Honestly, you could have handled that better."

"My champion. You have come."

It was an unearthly voice, mixed with both beauty and awe. A voice that sounded pleasant like that of a kind and caring mother. Naruto knew who this voice belonged to. He sighed and left a wry smile as he said,

"Well, so much for subtlety."

Naruto asked, "What is it, my lady?"

Gaia replied, "I wish for you to free me. If you do so, then I shall take part in whatever plans you have to defeat our foes."

Naruto thought, 'Well, we did enlist her help, might as well go all the way.'

"So this is where she is imprisoned eh? It seems the Olympians have made sure that she doesn't escape."

The other figure went forwards towards Gaia and said in a low, guttural voice, "I have come, Gaia….."

Gaia was able to recognize who he was almost instantaneously, "Kronos…."

"It has been a while, mother."

"It has…. And I see you brought Atlas with you."

"They are leaving! Stop them Naruto!"

But as soon as Naruto was about to make a move, several branches appeared from the ground as quickly as possible and pierced their bodies. They weren't able to resist even a single bit. Gaia who had been silent until now got up and moved her hands to remove the last chain holding her back.

She then said with a deep unearthly voice, "I'm free."

"So tell me, Naruto Uzumaki, will you join me on this quest to save this world?"

Naruto who had been hearing what Gaia said without interrupting could not respond to her and only ask his long-time friend,

'Uhhh…Kurama? Is she-?'

"Congratulations kid, you just got a crazy primordial chick who wants to destroy the world, lusting for your balls-"

It was then a rumbling noise was heard as Naruto saw two other giant figures emerge in the distance. However, these two were not as tall as Gaia, barely reaching the level of her waist.

"I am going to kill you, Naruto Uzumaki!" yelled the now giant Atlas.

Kronos gave a huge bellowing roar as he looked in Naruto's direction with his cold golden eyes.

"-and also got two other titans out for your blood. Yeah, I said it many times before but I'll still say it anyway. Fate is a bitch to you."

...Because things will only begin to get more chaotic from here on!


The entire underworld was in mayhem as the peace conference came under attack. Not to mention the fact, the threat that Ymir, the forefather giant, posed remained at large. While everyone was nervously battling their lives away. A pair of blond-headed men were just seated on a set of chairs on opposite ends while looking at a board in between.

"Checkmate," said one of them as he moved a piece on the board.

"Gahh! One more round!" said the other while frustrated.

The first one smirked and said, "Get ready to lose...again!"

The other snorted, "Don't get so cocky, you just won because of the error I did by accident."

"Yeah, whine all you want but it still doesn't change the fact that you lost."

"Grrr….Imma gets you this time."

Well, you guessed it. The two blond heads were nothing but two Naruto clones playing chess in the middle of the battlefield. Though another voice interrupted them,

"Seriously?! You guys couldn't have picked a better time to play?! If you're free enough to fool around, then come and help me finish this seal!"

The one who shouted at them was another Naruto clone. This was the original one or the first clone that was dispatched to the underworld who was now currently working on the seal for Ymir. The two Naruto clones looked at their pseudo creator and looked at each other before shrugging their shoulders and said,

"Well, we are on standby right now, and it isn't like we aren't busy you know? We ARE actually making sure that any stray doesn't wander over here while you finish making the seal."

"But could you do it in a way that would be less annoying?! You're getting on my nerves man!"

The two Naruto clones grinned and said, "Nope!"

The original Naruto clone looked at them flabbergasted as he then said, "You guys realize that we are in a battle right?! How can you be so carefree?"

"You tell us. We may be different but we are essentially still part of you, right?"

Naruto yelled, "I never fool around in a serious situation, especially during a battle that would mean the life and death of others!"

"..." "..."

Kurama snorted and said, "Yeah, keep talking kid. We believe you."

'The hell is that supposed to mean!'

Naruto however ended the retort as he sighed and said, "Forget it, arguing with you guys is a waste of time. We still have much to do."

As he spoke, a clone appeared in a flash of yellow and said, "You can say that. The devils have begun to close off this area."

The original clone asked with a raised eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"Sirzechs and the others have already taken care of the troublemakers, only the giant remains. They deem him too troublesome to deal with immediately since he's sapping the energy of the realm. They wish to close him off to tire him out before dealing with him. Evacuations are already underway."

Gyuuki said from within, "This is good. If the area is clear of them, then it would be easier for us to do our job."

Matatabi added, "But the question is, can whatever they are doing be able to hold it back?"

Naruto shook his head, "This doesn't change much. We still stick to the original plan. All three of you can help the three factions retreat. Take care of any hostels that come your way. Meanwhile, I'll be finishing up the seal."

The three clones nodded their heads as they all disappeared in a flash of yellow leaving the original Naruto clone alone as he worked on the seal.

Kurama asked, "So how's the progress?"

Naruto scowled as he said, 'I have analyzed the conversion mechanism of the giant and already structured the seal. However the process of making a multi-layered seal on a large scale is quite cumbersome since we have to make sure that there is no internal conflict between the layers for stability, and also make sure that they are of the right parameters. If the seal is made to contain too little, then it won't hold, and if it's too big, then it won't meet the minimum requirements for activation.'

Kurama nodded his head and said, "Fair enough, but you need to remember that you're working on a time constraint here."

Naruto nodded with a frown, "I know, old friend. I am not made for combat situations, only for recon purposes with a little of each of the tailed beast's chakra. The original expected a surprise but not to the extent of that giant over there."

Kurama said, "Exactly why you need to finish up fast. The original will take care of everything else. He already knows the plan."

Naruto sighed and then went back to working on the seal while thinking,

'Let's just hope that he takes care of everything over there in time.'

(Meanwhile in Tartarus)

"Well, fuck me in the ass, Kurama."

"I'm not interested, kid."

"I wasn't meaning in the literal sense!..Argh… forget it, we got other matters to face. So tell me, what should I do with this?"

In front of Naruto were three giant beings roaring and slowly getting ready for battle. Kurama said,

"My advice? We beat the crap out of them."

Naruto grinned and said, "Good advice. So, are you ready to roll then?"

Kurama just grinned as both he and Naruto got into sync mode. Shikaku who was within complained,

"Why is it always him?! Let me out too!" whined Shukaku.

"Shut it sandrat! You'll get your chance!" yelled Kurama.

Naruto gave a wry smile as he faced the three large beings while being the nearly same size as them now. Gaia then said,

"Well, what is your answer, my champion? Will you be the father of the new world?"

Naruto said, "Sorry, but I've grown to like this world, and I'm not interested in watching it burn. Neither by your hands or anyone else."

Gaia frowned and said angrily, "So be it. Then you shall perish like the rest."

Gaia was the first one to make a move as she roared and hit her fists on the ground. The nine-tailed construct jumped and evaded a flurry of vegetation that sprung up from the ground.

The nine-tailed fox construct then fired a few tailed beast bombs at the giant earth mother, each in succession. The hits were successful as they scraped a lot of Gaia's body.

However, the giant mother didn't seem too bothered by the attack and continued to attack the fox construct in a variety of ways. She controlled the natural elements to level the playing field to her advantage. Although the Fox construct didn't have any problems in playing her in her own game. Gaia used a wall of vegetation to pounce on Naruto. Wood and leaves made their way to him at high speeds.

Naruto looked at it and yelled, "You wanna play rough? Ok! Let's play rough!"

He then performed the hand signs before adding,

"Say hello to my little flame!"

"Fire Style: Majestic Destroyer Flame!"

Fire style was never his strong suit. It was more up to Sasuke's ally. However, with enough chakra, Naruto found out that he would be able to give out the same output, and that wasn't a problem for our blond, since he had a never-ending reserve. Though he didn't like using it, it was an exception for the time being since there is an elemental advantage.

Flames spewed out of his mouth like a flamethrower, and while Naruto knew that he had used a lot more chakra than he usually does, it was worth it. The flames were able to hold back the mass of vegetation that pounced on him, burning them down all to ash. Gaia growled and roared at the action as she then charged towards him once again.

Naruto waited for the right opportunity as a raging Gaia charged toward him and delivered a jab. The fox construct dodged the attack and countered it by punching Gaia's gut, delivering significant damage to her shell body. However, Gaia looked unfazed as she attacked him again.

The clash between the two giants went on as each exchanged blows with each other, but neither side seemed to be losing anything. Soon enough, Naruto found the opportunity to come out of close combat and took some range once again. He then observed his opponent with furrowed brows as he thought,

'This battle isn't going anywhere! She just gets back up after every attack, and regenerates what was lost almost immediately!'

Kurama nodded his head and asked, "So what's your plan?"

Naruto took a moment to think about his next actions but immediately decided, 'Let's play it by ear for now. We need to figure out what powers her if we wish to stop her.'

"Fine. Though you're still in a race against time, kid. Remember that. There is one more giant primordial that requires your attention."

'I know, but there isn't much for us to go on right now…'

Meanwhile, both Kronos and Atlas watched the battle from the sidelines. Kronos, being the cunning personality he is, made a decision to stay his hand for the time being. Even though he had been raging within at the blond's interference, he was still able to think clearly. He immediately calmed Atlas who held an equal amount of hatred at the blond if not more. The two made a strategic call to retreat to a distance and watch the battle on, and when the time came, they will be able to reap all the benefits.

The two watched on as Kronos analyzed his opponent.

'The human is faring well against Mother. He sure is as impressive as the black one says. Though it seems like he's still holding back…'

However, a crooked smile formed on his stone-like face as he thought, 'It doesn't matter in the end. Once the two tire themselves out, we can move in wait what in Tartarus?! Why is he moving over here?!'

Kronos saw that Naruto was moving towards him while having a huge grin on his face. Naruto thought as he sneered,

'You two couldn't have possibly thought that you could fish in muddied waters with me around, did you? Fuck no! If I'm going down, then I'm taking you with me.'

Naruto dodged an attack from Gaia which made its way to the two titans. The two didn't have enough time to dodge it and thus could only block it off. Gaia saw that and finally made eye contact with Atlas and Kronos, remembering their presence. She roared, making Kronos scowl in annoyance. He could notice the annoying smirk on Naruto's face as she did that.


Kronos then craned his neck towards Atlas as the two nodded their heads and engaged Gaia in battle. It was now a true clash of behemoths.

The entirety of Tartarus quaked from the battle of the four giants. All of them exchanged blows with each other and the end result was a mixture of mass destruction and chaos. The inhabitants or the monsters who lived in the vicinity have either vacated the place with their tails between their legs or have been obliterated into smithereens.

The battle had gone on for long enough before Naruto said, "This is going nowhere!"

He looked at the state of his opponent currently fighting against Atlas in front and noticed that she wasn't tired at all, while he had expended a considerable amount of his own chakra. Though it might not be that significant, it was still huge. Naruto scowled at his findings, thinking about what to do but then a voice emerged from nearby,

"There is no use fighting her directly."

Naruto turned to his right and saw that Kronos was by his side, slowly getting up after being roughed up by Gaia.

"Mother is the Earth personified. Fighting against her head-on is not the solution and only serves as a waste of energy. Our only option is to seal her."

Naruto furrowed his eyebrows as he asked, "We?"

Kronos growled and nodded his head, "As much as I hate to admit it, yes. We. I propose an alliance for the time being. Until Gaia is sealed."

"And what happens after that?"

Kronos said, "A point that could be later discussed."

Naruto pondered on Kronos's proposal before turning to an old friend for a second opinion.


"Accept the deal kid, but be careful, I don't trust him to play fair.'

'Me neither.'

Naruto then gestured his hand forward towards Kronos, "Shake on it?"

Kronos took a second or two to understand Naruto's actions before the two shook their hands. Naruto nodded and then asked,

"What do you have in mind?"

Kronos said, "Both you and Atlas can help distract Gaia while I restore the seal that held her. Keep her attention away from me. I'll give you the signal when it's ready. At the time, draw her in towards me."

Naruto nodded his head and looked over. He saw that Gaia was dominating Atlas in the battle, and the Titan of Endurance was barely making a stand against the Earth mother's strength. The two were engaged in a wrestling contest, where both were grappling against the other's body as they tried to push each other off, trying to get their opponent off balance.

Gaia had begun to take the upper hand soon enough as she had begun to overpower Atlas. The Titan of Endurance who had already calculated his defeat was waiting for the inevitable. However, things didn't end the way he expected.

Naruto had moved in at the right time, as the giant fox bit onto her neck from behind and grappled her limbs with its tails. Atlas was able to make eye contact with Naruto as the two nodded their heads in understanding.

Atlas immediately used the opportunity to slip away from Gaia and then made a solid punch on her face, shattering the region.

While the attack was not strong enough to leave any lasting damage, it did manage to daze her for a few seconds. Naruto took the chance to immediately move away from his opponent and began charging a Tailed Beast Bomb. While Atlas prepared his own brand of magic.

The Earth mother had regained her senses and she was pissed. She immediately roared, however, even before she could place an attack on her enemies, she was met with the attacks of the two.

"Tailed Beast Bomb!"

"Slicing Thrust!"

A huge black ball of destruction along with a wave of pure force made its way towards Gaia. They collided with her and exploded with a bang, before being engulfed in a cloud of smoke. A successful hit!

'It's not over yet.'

Naruto knew that that was not enough to take her down and soon enough, as the smoke cleared away, the two temporary allies were able to spot a wall of vegetation covering the Earth Mother.

The vegetation went out a second later, and the two could spot the rage on Gaia's face. She yelled,

"I expected more from you, Naruto Uzumaki! You could have been by my side. You could have ruled the world as a king with me as your queen!"

Naruto looked at her with a quizzical expression as he looked inside for guidance, 'The fuck she on about now?'

"Standard villain monologue, or in this case, the type who got dumped. 'You were the chosen one!' and all that crap. You should know, you watched anime, didn't you?" said Kurama

'Yeah, but this is not an anime.'

"How can you be so sure? For all we know, we could be some little imp's imagination." said Shukaku

Naruto said annoyed, 'Don't buy into those bullshit conspiracy theories and speculations you find on the internet. Those are just nonsense people spew out to get some traction!'

"Hey, you could never know! For all we know, we could be one of those characters in a third-rate story, or worse, fanfiction!" joked Chomei.

Naruto, 'Now you're just fucking with me. But I'm more surprised how you guys are unusually in complete agreement with each other.'

The tailed beasts shrugged their shoulders as Gyuuki replied, "We don't know, Guess we have seen way too many unusual things to just dismiss these theories completely."

Meanwhile, Gaia jabbered on as she said, "...You could have had anyone you liked by your side as your concubine! Instead, you side with the likes of those that wish to harm this world, that wishes to see it destroyed with no chance for recovery!"

Naruto asked, 'Umm… translation?'

Kurama replied, "She said, 'Bastard! I gave you the chance to get a taste of my earthy ass and instead you chose to just leave me dry, you prude!"

Naruto said, 'That's a pretty crass way of putting things.'

Kurama shrugged his shoulders as he said, "You said you wanted a translation, you got it."

Naruto sighed and then said, "Look here lady, I already told you. I'm not interested in destroying the world with you, and least of all, procreating with your gigantic old ass."

"""Oof!""" said all the tailed beasts at the same time.

"That was a sweet burn." said Shukaku

"Yes." said Gyuuki as he nodded his head.

"For once I agree with the sand rat, but are you sure you should have said that now?" asked Kurama.

Gaia roared in anger as Naruto calmly replied, 'We need to give as much time as Kronos needs and that involves having Gaia place her attention on us. So yes, there was no problem.'

"Oh no, I wasn't saying that you were wrong, but rather, you could have distanced yourself a little further."


"Look out below!"

Just as Kurama warned, Naruto moved away from the place followed by giant roots emerging out of the ground.

'That was close… Could have warned a bit sooner, Kurama!'

"We thought you would have noticed. Seems you made out just fine, though the same couldn't be said for your other friend, I suppose."

Naruto noticed what Kurama was talking about and saw that Atlas had been bound by the roots. He wasn't unable to break free of it. Soon enough, Naruto then observed something that scared him for the first time in a long while.

'Are those roots…?'

"Yeah… it would be best if you take this a bit more seriously and avoid them."

One would wonder, what manner of event could actually put them on alert. Though, why wouldn't they? After all, They just saw the Titan of Endurance actually be buried deep within the roots until Naruto couldn't spot him anymore. They couldn't even detect a life signature. Naruto immediately knew that that was the untimely end of the TItan of Endurance. Gaia declared in a cold and apathetic tone,

"I gave you life. I could take it away as well."

The roots rose upwards and targeted Naruto who prepared to dodge them. However, Kurama had a few words to share,

"Those roots seem to suck out any form of energy and feed them to her. Whatever you do, don't let them touch you for long. Just keep whatever you're doing and let her be distracted."

Naruto nodded his head and then continued to dodge the incoming attacks from Gaia. While he was able to avoid most of them, a few roots were still able to grab a hold of him, but Naruto quickly got rid of them.

The battle went on for a while before Naruto thought, 'Well this is nice, running around and dodging a frenzied Primordial's attacks that could potentially kill us, all the while running on a timer.'

"There's no use complaining. We can't use Six Paths mode to suppress Gaia since we don't know what the other titan is planning."

'Oh gee, you think I didn't know that? Why do you think I'm running around in base mode?'

"If you already knew, quit whining. Besides, I don't think we need to wait any longer."

As soon as he said that, Naruto then saw an energy beam that was directly targeted at Gaia. He saw the direction of the attack and saw Kronos nodding his head. Meanwhile, Gaia was able to dodge the attack and saw that Kronos was the one who made the move. She roared as her roots started following after him.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and thought, 'Not good.'

"We need to take the aggro off of him, kid."

Naruto then immediately moved in, right after Gaia, and clashed against her. Gaia was momentarily distracted by the opponent that was in front of her, giving Kronos enough time to dodge Gaia's roots.

The pair of Primordial and Tailed Beast battled in close quarters, as Naruto slowly brought their battle to where Kronos was.

'Almost there…'

"You're close, kid! Get ready."

Naruto then saw that they were in range. He then saw Kronos who nodded his head and immediately performed the function. The seal was activated with both Gaia and Naruto at the center. Gaia was quick on the uptake and figured out what was going on. She roared and immediately tried to get out before the seal activated and took effect.

Kronos, who noticed that, yelled "Stop her, Uzumaki! She cannot get away!"

"On it!"

The two giants battled as Gaia tried to get away from the place, but Naruto wouldn't allow her to leave. He caught her by the tails and held her down as the seal activated. Sealing chains erupted around her as they pierced her body. Her energy was collected and slowly distributed back to her surroundings.

"Why?" moaned Gaia with her tone indicating deep hurt.

Naruto sighed and didn't give her any verbal answer. Only silence. Naruto saw Gaia was about to be sealed and thought to himself, 'Guess it's ove-'

Although, even before he could finish that line of thought, he saw that some of the chains grabbed on to him too. They were rapidly draining away his chakra. Naruto went alert and saw that Kronos was giving an evil grin in the distance. Kurama warned,

"Get away kid!"

Gyuuki said, "This is bad."

The other tailed beasts thought the same as Gyuuki while Naruto struggled to break free from the chains.

Kronos laughed as he closed his eyes and yelled, "Guess you're just unlucky, Uzumaki! Don't blame me for doing this but you have been too much of a hindrance. The seals will leave you enough power to sustain yourself, and send everything else back to the environment. Don't worry though, I'm sure that my mother will provide you good company."

"Our plan may have been completely foiled by your interference but I could at least show some results with you gone. Fare thee well, Naruto Uzu-"

Though when he opened them again, Kronos was utterly surprised by the thing he just saw.

"W-what...What is this trickery?!"

He saw that Naruto was standing out in the distance, with his tailed beast mode deactivated and a wide grin on his face, while he was the one who was getting sealed in by the chains!


Naruto didn't say anything and thought, 'Flying Raijin Jutsu: Body Substitution, Success!'

"Your father's technique…" said Gyuuki

Naruto thought, 'Yeah. It's the fourth and final variation. A combination of the Flying Raijin and the Body Substitution Jutsu. Unlike the normal Body Substitution which is limited by its range, I'm able to fly and substitute with anyone who possesses the marker within the range I could sense. I mastered it during our time in the spatial field made by Ophis.'

"Truly terrifying.." said Matatabi as she thought of the possibilities.

"But when did you mark him?... Oh!" asked Shukaku as he realized when it was. Naruto confirmed his hypothesis as he nodded and said,

'Yeah I marked him when I shook his hands. I knew that the guy was cooking something up when he asked for an alliance. So, I made it as a precaution, who knew it would have actually been useful..'

"So wait, you were just acting when you were struggling with the chains?"

Naruto grinned, 'I just wanted to have a little fun at his expense. The guy thought that he could outsmart this prankster king? No way!'

Naruto then heard a voice in the distance, "This isn't over, Naruto Uzumaki!"

Naruto saw that Kronos was slowly being dominated by the chains he had activated. He smirked at the sight and said,

"Don't blame me Kronos! You got yourself into this mess all on your own. Now it's up to you to exit. Enjoy the rest of eternity with your mother, momma's boy!" laughed Naruto when Kurama intervened,

"Alright, that's enough. If you have oh so forgotten, we have somewhere else to be right now."

Naruto agreed to what Kurama said and added, 'Yeah, I know. We have finished what we came for, so let's jus-'

However, another twist of events occurred as Naruto found everything to be frozen, including himself!

'Wait, Wha- what… What is happening?! I-I can't move! I'm frozen, Kurama!'

For the first time, Kurama sounded flustered as he said, "I-I don't know, kid!"

Naruto then saw something that stunned his being. Kronos broke away from the chains as he growled,

"I said…."

He then slowly approached Naruto with a dagger that laid near the ground,

"... this isn't over!"

(Meanwhile in the Underworld)

The clone Naruto was more or less finished with his mission. Although, things had changed drastically from before.


The Giant Forefather Ymir was roaring in the background as he battled against Grayfia and Baraqiel, or just literally thrashing them around. The clone could tell that the giant wasn't being serious at all as he played around with the pair of fallen and devil. Though the two weren't alone now, as they had three reanimations by their side assisting them with the surroundings were a mess, filled with debris and craters. The area was mostly empty as all the remnants have been relocated and the stragglers have been taken care of.

The clone was in Sage Mode as he watched on with a furrowed face as he looked at the ongoing scuffle. To his side was a kunai knife that had already been thrown on the ground.

'Where is he?!'

"Seems like he's met with some trouble." said Kurama.

'Whatever it is he's doing, he needs to do it fast. I'm on my last strands of chakra here and the giant has started to become more active, and I doubt the barrier would work like the devils expect it to.'

Naruto looked onto the weary and desperate conditions of Grayfia and Baraqiel, making a conflicted face.

"I know what you're thinking kid, but there is nothing you can do. The original may be able to sense and jump across dimensions, but he still needs the specialized Hiraishin kunai for that. That is why he left you with it and gave you enough chakra to protect it. You are the beacon here, and you need to be present for him to jump."

Naruto sighed and said, 'I know Kurama, I only wish I could reduce the casualties.'

Gyuuki was the one to speak now as he said, "There is only so much you could do, Naruto. They knew what they were getting into when they made their choices. Besides, they still have those three to assist them."

Naruto nodded his head reluctantly. He then looked at the reanimations and thought,

'It's still surprising that those three haven't noticed us yet.'

"Yugito must be losing her touch if she still hasn't detected me yet." thought Matatabi.

'Yeah. Although it works for us right now. We don't need to let them know of our presence here. It will work out just fine...'

Like his words, he could tell that the five were distracting the giant pretty well, even if they were only being played around with. Although things didn't last long in that fashion. Ymir was getting more active by the second, and Naruto could feel that he was pissed. The breath attack he had made had turned things around completely. Naruto was not caught in the crossfire, but the dust made by the jump attack had made its way to him as well. Naruto predicted it beforehand and was able to avoid the dust entering his eyes.

His vision was impaired for a few seconds as the mixture of mist and dust had covered everything up. However, Naruto was still in his sage mode and was able to sense the damage that the giant had caused in the last move.

He was even able to sense the five others who had been separated, with two directly beneath the Giant Forefather. The three others were in different directions but were slowly regenerating from the injuries. The barrier had come into place as Naruto could see the purple divide.

But they were not his concern for the moment as he saw that the Giant Forefather was seemingly about to deliver the final blow to the pair of Fallen and Devil. The blond Shinobi could tell that Ymir was about to finish two, and was about to prepare a flame attack. The two opponents could barely stand after the last attack.

Time had slowed down as Naruto was faced with a conundrum. He didn't want to interfere before as he knew that the two would survive the attacks, but now that the fatal blow was about to be delivered, he knew that he had to do something. But there were just not enough choices. He couldn't move in time to help them escape, not without the Hiraishin which he had energy for only one more. Not enough to save them. Not to mention the fact that he had only one more Hiraishin kunai in his hand since the last one was destroyed in the attack from before. What he held in his hand was the last specialized kunai knife.

Should he throw the kunai, Naruto knew that if the original didn't appear, then both Grayfia's and Baraqiel's lives will be lost. While the clone could make more kunai knives, he was sure that more lives would be lost in the time he did so. However, should he appear, then the lives of all could be saved.

It was a difficult decision. To choose whether to act and risk everyone's lives? Or just let them die.

Naruto could see the hopeless look on Grayfia and Baraqiel as they were about to meet their end. He sighed and then made a new clone, who then dispersed himself. The old clone looked at the kunai knife he had in hand and thought,


Kurama knew what Naruto wanted to say and sighed, "I know what you're going to say, kid. Make it count."

The Naruto clone nodded as he threw the kunai at the pair.

'Come on boss, you've always been a lucky bastard. It's about time for you to show up!'

The clone watched it as the kunai went flying and stuck onto the ground with Baraqiel and Grayfia as the flame attack was launched.

His gamble didn't go unrewarded.

(With Grayfia)

Grayfia closed her eyes as she had already accepted her fate. She waited for the inevitable flame to consume her and burn her flesh to ash and cinders.

However, the moment didn't come.

"How long are you planning on posing like that?"

Grayfia was startled as she quickly opened her eyes to find herself alive and well. She then looked at the front and saw a familiar blond with a wide grin, while a confined and distant giant was rampaging in the background.




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