It's with a heavy heart I must announce that I am going on a recluse for a minimum of a few months, maybe extended till next year. As you know, COVID-19 has been on the recline, which means that institutions, businesses, and people are coming out once again with more vigor than ever. Thus the lives of people are once again changing. From a period of self-imposed isolation to a restricted movement, the times are changing once again, and so have I. There are things I must do in the world, priorities that I must meet, and goals that need to be achieved. Hence, the time has come that the author inside me needs to be put to rest. I take it upon my readers to understand my choices and respect them if they could. There has been a lot of love and appreciation for all my stories despite their shortcomings. For that, I give you all my thanks. Thus I bid you, my readers, adieu and farewell for now, in hopes that we may meet once again in good health, sooner than we realize.

Yours Truly

P.S: lol I'm probably ruining the moment of the letter here with this postscript but if you found the letter cringy, then fuck you, asshole! I worked hard on delivering this piece alright?! That shit was gold by my standards and if I see anyone grading this less than an 8/10, then I'm gonna go Godzilla all over their ass!...

Welp anyway, if you don't understand the context of the letter, then basically, College life caught up with me and I'm moving into a dorm shared with three people, but I'm pretty sure you guys figured that out with how lacking my updates have been these past few months. Anyway, writing fanfiction stories secretly is gonna be a really tough time not to mention how I'll be cramped ass deep with work and stuff for the semester considering all the things I missed. So I gotta have to end things here for a while. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue uploading soon (maybe when the holidays hit up) but who knows, only time will tell. So until then, stay safe and be vigilant. COVID still hasn't died down yet. Peace

This note will be deleted when I update another chapter.