Chapter 1: The Eco Twins

By: Sacredstar Mentor

Disclaimer: The Jak and Daxter characters are not mine, they belong to Naughty Dog. However, Jak's twins and any other OC characters, that are not mentioned in any of the games. They're my own ideas that I created for the plot of this story. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show people.

In the Haven City hospital, Jak Mar stood near his wife Keira who had just given birth to two sets of twins, one boy, and one girl.

The baby girl squirmed in her mother's arms and murmured baby sounds. While the baby boy gave low yawns with fine vocal cords to produce his voice.

"O-oh Jak they are so beautiful, just look at them," Keira said, admiring her new son and daughter. "They're a wonderful pair, just like you and me," Jak said while putting an arm around her shoulder.

"Our baby girl has green-blonde hair and handsome blue eyes, just like you Jak," Keira said.

"And this little guy has your adorable green hair and baby-doll eyes," Jak replied.

"It's a good thing we wrote a list of baby names, for our son and daughter, huh Jak," Keira said with a smile on her face. As Jak grabbed the notebook on the table, which had a large list of names for their son and daughter.

"Yup a pretty good close call by you dear. Because if it were up to me, I would just name our son Damas instead." Jak replied as he reminisced about his conversation with his wife about their child's first name.

"How about I name the girl and you'll name the boy. If that's okay with you Jak." Keira said.

"I'm okay with that, we'd both judge both their names afterward, okay," Jak replied as Keira nodded her head, as a sign of agreement. After a short silent pause of reading their list of baby names they finally decided.

"For our son's name, I decided with Marcus, as a link reference to my lineage in the house of Mar," Jak said. "How did you fair with naming our daughter?" Jak asked Keira.

"Well, I was thinking of naming her Kyra, as a variant to my first name. Do you think it's strange or suitable?" Keira asked Jak, feeling a little worried that the name choices were dull or foolish.

"I think they're both perfect in my opinion. Don't be too discouraged about the names Keira. We both thought about them for a long time and I think they are fine, no matter what the public or our friends might say." Jak replied.

"Yeah, your right Jak. Their names are perfect and I like them just the way they are." Keira said.

"Marcus Damas Mar and Kyra Hinako Hagai," Jak said their full names out loud. "One day they're gonna do great things in this world and their names will be sketched in precursor history."

"Maybe they'll be greater heroes than you, Jak; with or without eco powers," Keira said.

"Yeah, I think so too."

Keira looked at her husband and said. "Jak, could you hold one of them for me, please?"


Keira handed the baby boy to him. "He's so tiny and delicate," Jak said while gently holding the baby carefully.

Marcus opened his eyes and looked at his father for the very first time, Jak was surprised that his eyes were the same shade of green as his wife. Along with Keira's beautiful blue and green hair, as he smiled at him.

"Hi, there son." Marcus reached up with one of his tiny hands and grabbed Jak's facial hair and gave it a small tug. Keira grinned at Jak and gently grabbed Marcus's tiny fingers. "Huh, the boy has a strong grip like his father. "Jak said, looked back at Keira and nodded to show his thanks, before she quickly fell asleep due to feeling fatigue, with her daughter sleeping delicately on her chest.

Jak looked back at Marcus, who finally went to sleep in his father's arms as well. As Jak started thinking about being a good father figure for his children soon.

I won't abandon them so they can be like me; when I was injected full of dark eco and became an angry force of nature, Jak thought.

A few days later Jak, Keira, and the twins left the hospital and headed to the Naughty Ottsel. Because they wanted to introduce their newborns to all their friends and family in the spare room.

Which Daxter had open to anyone who spent the night drinking or needed a place to rest. When they enter the Naughty Ottsel, Marcus and Kyra were fast asleep in Keira's arms, so Jak helped lighten her load, by carrying one of the twins.

They walked into the Naughty Ottsel and there to greet them were Daxter, Tess, Samos, Torn and Ashelin along with their son who was only half a year older than the twins and his name is Aster. Daxter wasted no time getting on Jak's shoulder to get a better look at Marcus in Jak's arms. While getting a quick look at Kyra in Keira's arms.

"So you two love birds have twins, huh neat," Daxter said. "So what are their names?"

"The boy's name is Marcus and the girl's name is Kyra," Jak said

Daxter looked at both Marcus and Kyra, who were cuddling up to their mother and father's warm embrace, soundless sleep.

"I got to be honest brother, I was surprised Keira gave birth to not one, but two sets of bundles of joy."

"That must have been painful for a certain someone's wife, isn't that right Jak?" Daxter said with a hint of teasing.

"You have no idea partner, she squeezed my hand for hours, during her painful pregnancy," Jak said as he went into detail, on what happened that day.

"I swear Dax if I didn't have light eco powers to heal my hand. It would be injured for days, no joke." Jak said with a worried expression on his face.

"May I please see my grandson?" Samos asked Jak, he kneeled so his father-in-law could get a good look at Marcus. "The child has your looks Jak, but he has my daughter's beautiful blue-green hair and green eyes."

Keira blushed slightly after hearing her father comment. Marcus and Kyra began to wake up at the same time; they both opened their eyes and saw all the people then Kyra looked at her mother's smiling face. "Good afternoon sweethearts." She said.

Ashelin came over holding Aster; eager to have a look at the adorable twins, who were both smiling at Aster during this heartwarming moment.

Jak, Keira, Torn and Ashelin knew that Aster, Kyra, and Marcus would bond with one another like family or friends soon. Later Tess entered the spare room and climbed up on Jak's other shoulder to get a better look at the baby's.

"Aww the twins are so cute, don't you think so too Daxter?" Tess said, turning towards Daxter. Trying to get his attention.


"And we're the only members in the group who don't have a baby yet."

"Where are you getting at babe?" completely missing what his wife was getting at. Jak on the other hand Jak didn't skip a beat on Tess's true desire.

"Um Dax, I think your wife is trying to tell you something," Jak said.

Daxter turned to look at Tess, having her undivided attention. "What is it, angel cheeks?"

"Daxter, I want to have a baby." Daxter was so dazed, that he accidentally lost his balance on Jak's shoulder and fell on the floor, rethink Tess's comment. While Aster, Marcus, and Kyra laughed at Daxter's clumsiness.

"Tess I don't know if I'm ready to be a father yet," Daxter said as he lay on the cold floor. At this Jak, Keira, Torn and Ashelin all laughed.

Several months later Rayn called Jak and invited him, Keira, Daxter, Ashelin, and Torn to Kras City for her celebration party. After she won the election as the new mayor of Kras City.

But as expected Ashelin didn't not like this idea, for she had never trusted Rayn from the very beginning; ever since the poisoning incident, but Rayn promised that all she needed was good friends to celebrate with.

Instead of only her bodyguards, crime families, and mafia bosses who want to manipulate or exploit her power and connections. She also welcomed the children since she had a backroom for her daughter Tarin and the children to play together.

Plus the babies and children were only a few months between one another and Rayn thought that Marcus, Kyra, and Aster would be the perfect playmates while she was busy celebrating and planning her next move for the city.

So after convincing Ashelin, the group went to Kras City. To congratulate Rayn; no more, no less.

Rayn was prepared for the invitation to tonight's party when she walked to the door of her mansion. She heard the doorbell ring and opened the door for her early and fashionably late guests; both friends and foes alike were conversing at small group tables or eating their meal from the buffet.

"I'm happy you all could make it," Rayn said as she welcomed the friends she formerly betrayed years ago and her butler guided Marcus, Kyra, Aster, and Tarin to the backroom playing area.

"I was surprised that you won the election in a landslide Rayn, but while taking care of a child no less. That's no easy cakewalk." Ashelin said, feeling a little unconvinced that she won fairly.

"On the contrary Ashelin, I simply played by the rules of Kras City government. I merely have more allies to vote for me. Ever since the Kras City grand championship race."

Rayn looked at the cracked backdoor where Tarin was playing with her friend. "She is my daughter and her father is Razer." Jak and the crew were completely silent. After hearing this shocking news.

"You and Razer produced a child together!? How, why, and when did this all happen in the first place Rayn?" Jak said.

"We became a couple one year after the Kras City grand championship race. I thought we would live together as the rulers of Kras City alongside our daughter for a long time. But when I decided to participate in the Kras City election to have a firmer grip on the city. We both argue about our own ideas on how to control the city. The arguments kept getting worse and worse each day until we eventually broke up and went our separate ways."

"I'm sorry your relationship didn't go too way Ryan. Even with an overconfident thug like Razer."

"It's alright Jak, I pretty much deserve this bad karma. After using my friends like pawns, to further my own goals. Ah...well, I better make my public announcement soon anyway; wish me the best of luck." Rayn said with a confident grin on her face.

Rayn also made an inspiring announcement to those who support her election. Eventually, her first duty in the office is to cooperate with Haven City construction companies to implement blue eco-powered subterranean maglev train and railroad tracks within Haven City's new transit system. That transports to Spargus, Kras City, and many other future cities around the world.

This idea was implemented, so the settlements can connect economically and the citizens can build better relationships with one another. Instead of ridiculous competition through combat car racing or fighting for territory, money, and eco.

The only problem getting in her way is Razer and his gang of racers have been causing trouble in the Kras City racing syndicate ever since she and Razer had that breakup. Due to him placing bets on his racer thugs in his very own casino; taking advantage of the sport, to gain a huge profit. To become the true-crime boss ruler of Kras City.

"So where is Daxter?" Rayn asked Jak.

"He didn't want to come," Jak said.

"I'm not going to try and poison your drinks again," Rayn said, taking a sip out of her scarlet red wine glass.

"Not yet, as far as I'm concerned," Ashelin said, not even drinking her wine or eating any food.

"Come on Ashelin, it's a party," Torn said rolling his eyes at his wife.

"So…why didn't he want to come?" Rayn asked Jak.

"Because he said and I quote. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice fuck Krew's offspring too. And I can't really blame him to be completely honest Rayn." Jak is displeased by Rayn's actions in the past.

"I understand," Rayn said and took an awkward pause to take a drink from her wine and then continued their conversation. "So Jak are you and Keira still racers and doing odd jobs missions for Haven City or are you finally gonna be Sig's successor, as the new king of Spargus?"

(Flashback; location: Spargus City)

"Sig I don't want to be king of Spargus," Jak said, feeling quite displeased by Sig's continuous request to make him, next in line for the throne.

"Jak please think about it reasonably, you are the son of Damas, which makes you the heir to the throne. The reason why I claim leadership of Spargus was because I was second in command when Damas died and nobody knew that you were the prince at the time."

"I think the world is better off, not knowing I'm Damas's son," Jak said. It's none of their business where I came from or my past family lineage, thought Jak.

Sig continued ignoring what Jak said. "And you were far too young to take on the role of a king in my opinion."

"Sig I don't know what it truly means to be king and having a whole village depending on your actions, judgment, and wisdom. Also, I and Keira already got married two years ago and she's pregnant with our child, and all we ever wanted was to live a respectable life with our family."

I can't blame the man for being more concerned for his wife and future children. But he also fears failing to live up to his father's legacy and responsibility to the kingdom of Spargus. One wrong move and everything Damas thrived to protect, preserve, and value. Would all be for nothing.

"Jak, you can't escape from your destiny. You were born to rule over these wastelands and the citizens need you to expand our kingdom."

Sig said as he gesturally waved his hand, to show Jak the outside Palace balcony, where the people outdoors were walking side by side with family, friends, and loved ones they hold dear. Who will soon depend on him, the son of Damas and many others to survive?

"Although the future is unknown, you won't be alone. You'll have me, Keira, and all your friends having your back through thick and thin until the very end when you're the king."

Eventually, Jak finally submitted Sig's request, after hearing his strong opinion to make Jak the next king.

But he only agreed to claim leadership after his children were born and his wife was ready to leave. While Jak was living in Haven City, Sig was still in charge of Spargus City and Jak was kept informed on all reports for the time being.

(Present-day; location: Kras City)

"Anyway, that is the whole reason why I'm not king yet. Keira and I just want our children to have a healthy family and a nice safe environment; so we've decided on staying in Haven City until the twins reach a certain age of at least three or four years old." Jak said.

"That's completely understandable, Jak. I know that feeling of protecting those closest to you. Knowing that you can't live a normal life or live happily ever after forever. Because conflict and strife will continue in this world. It's merely human nature." Ryan replied.

After a short pause between the two, Ryan brought the conversation again. Especially when having a silent type like Jak to socially with, for a couple of minutes.

"It seems like the entire group except for Daxter and Tess has a legacy, who will rise to take our places, in ruling our prospective metropolis. As they see fit."

"Yeah, that day will come soon, but for now I just want to live my life in peace, alongside my family and friends," Jak replied.

I accomplished my goals as a true hero and vanquished my enemies in both the past and present alike. All I can ever ask for is love, peace, and happiness for my own well-being and family, Jak thought as he contemplated every single thing he has accomplished in the past and present.

Whether it was helping his friend, Dax, to turning back to a human, putting an end to Gol and Maya's nefarious plot to destroy the world.

Defeating the Baron Praxis forces, killing Kor and his remaining metalheads. Then finally stopping the Dark Makers from conquering their world.

I brought hope, peace, justice, pain, and suffering throughout my adventures. And eventually, it will come to an end and the next generation will take my place.

"I can't wait to see what my bloodlines are capable of accomplishing," Jak said feeling excited, yet a little scared for his children and legacy. He was so close to abandoning his friends and the innocent people who depend on him by almost falling on a dark path. Because he vowed to take revenge on Baron Praxis.

For not just injecting him with dark eco. But for killing his former self. The moment he entered that despicable prison and being treated like a lab rat experiment. Only to escape that prison as a different man; from hero to renegade.

A few weeks later, after Ryan's election party was over. Jak, Keira, Torn, and Daxter was having a couple of drinks and friendly chats together in the Naughty Ottsel...until some unexpected news happened.

"Hey Dax, you've been acting a little weird lately is something wrong?" Jak said and it was true, Daxter had been acting very strange for the past few weeks after Ryan was elected mayor of Kras City.

He even stopped teasing Jak and Torn about the fact that they have entered parenthood and left behind the good old days of racing and killing metalheads long behind them now.

"It's nothing," Daxter said with a different tone compared to his usual upbeat attitude, as he turns his eyes slightly to the left. As if he is hiding something from the group.

"You can tell us anything Dax, we're friends aren't we?" Keira asked.

Daxter took a deep breath and said. "Tess is going to have a baby."

Both Jak and Keira smiled and said "Congratulations!"

"Damn, I feel so bad for the kid," Torn said, taking a sip from his drink. "Stuck with you for a father is gonna be rough around the edges."

"Don't remind me." Daxter snapped at Torn. Feeling very depressed and sad that his comment may be true.

Torn, looked at Daxter a little confused, "chill Daxter, I was only teasing little."

"Yeah, well maybe you're right Torn? Look at me man, I'm not father material. I don't know the first thing about it being a good parent. I never had a father in my childhood and let's face it, I'm not the most responsible person in Haven City."

Daxter took another shot from his drink and said. "I might accidentally ruin my relationship with my son or daughter."

Jak and Keira stared at Daxter, while Torn continued drinking his glass of alcohol silently.

"I know how you feel Daxter," Jak said and it was true if anyone knew how Daxter felt, it was Jak.

"No way," Daxter said, rolling his eyes gloomily.

"I do in case you have forgotten, I didn't really know my father either; I'm scared of being a parent, just as much as the next guy." Jak paused for a minute. "Besides you managed to keep Naughty Ottsel in business for the past few years haven't you?"

"Well, it's not like I haven't done that work alone; if it wasn't for Tess this place would've ended up like a filthy Yakow barn, full of broken beer cans, liquor glasses on the floor, and alcohol colored stains on the tables."

"Exactly!" Keira chimed in the conversation. "Tess will always have your back; you don't think she is going to let you take care of the baby all by yourself?"

Daxter paused for a moment to think about what Keira just said. "Besides Dax, you're a funny comedian, so your kid is probably going to spend most of his or her childhood laughing at your jokes. You're going to be a good father Daxter and you won't go through this alone." Keria said, and this made Daxter feel much better about everything.

"Thanks for the advice, Jak and Keria."

"No problem Dax." Jak and Keria relied on unison.

The four of them sat on their seats quietly for a short time and until Torn responded. "So…Jak," he started looking at both Jak and Keira. "How are the Terror Twins?"

"They're both fine," Keira said, watching over the twins in the back rooms.

"Has one of them…you know activated any type of eco abilities at all?" Torn asked, mostly looking at Jak.

"Neither one showed any powers." Jak replied with a hint of joy in his voice, "from what I can tell both have absolutely none of my abilities."

"So where is Tess?" Jak asked.

"She is sleeping right now and trust me, brother. You don't wanna wake up a pregnant Ottsel. They get really cranky when you don't give them their afternoon rest."

Before Jak got a chance to reply. Jak heard Keira's voice suddenly scream out of nowhere.

Calling Jak's name for help down the hall; fearing something might have happened to his wife and children, Jak ran down the hallway to see what was wrong; he saw Keira just outside the cracked door.

"Keira, what happened?" His question was already answered when he saw small sparks of violet lighting and blue aura light underneath the door. Jak rushed in and saw Marcus's skin was dark gray and his hair was light gray. While Kyra's skin was glowing with a bright blue aura with her eyes completely pure white. The polar opposite to his twin brother's dark form.

Jak picked up both of the screaming infants. "It's okay, it's okay daddy's here, I got both of you."

Both Marcus and Kyra began to calm down. The twins opened their eyes and they went back to normal.

Jak sat on the chair cushion and held out his index finger for his son to grab and Jak saw small dark claws on his hand, he was just like him and so was his daughter, as she was channeling light eco within her body until it suddenly stopped after being comforted by her father's arms.

Marcus was first to calm down and went back to normal, as Keira finally got the courage to move forward to Jak's shoulder and comfort Marcus. Keira took him without a shred of thought, she held Marcus close and began to cry, Jak put his arms around her.

"Keira, I'm so sorry." Keira looked at him, feeling ashamed of herself. "It's my fault our twins are born with these eco powers."

"Jak I'm not blaming you. I'm ashamed of myself because all I did was scream in fear, at the sight of our own children's powers. They were crying and I just looked away. The twins were just born a few months ago...Jak I failed as a mother." Keria said as tears streamed down her face. While looking at Jak, showing pain and sadness in her eyes.

"Keria, you're not a terrible mother, you were only frightened and surprised by our children's eco powers. It's merely human nature to be scared by the unexpected. Like, remember that first time I showed you my dark eco form. To protect you from those Krimzon guards thugs that were harassing you?"

"Yeah," Keria replied as she reminisced about past events. "It was a huge surprise to see you like that up close. But I learned that your dark eco does not define who you are. Your actions and choices are what shape your own destiny whether it's right or wrong. It wasn't your fault that you were injected with dark eco. But you learned to control it and not let the anger consume you."

"That's right, but this time you, me, and our friends are here to help our children use their powers responsibly and use them for good purposes to help others in need."

Jak said as he wiped away the wet tears on Keria's face. Jak and Keria put their children back in the baby cradle and then he hugged her to smooth her worries and doubts.

Two years later Jak and Keira decided they couldn't stay in Haven City much longer, due to Jak's bad reputation caused by Count Veger and the former members of the Grand Council of Haven City in the past.

Ashelin and Torn did their best to rebuild trust and explain Jak's false crimes, by reporting to the public about Veger's traitorous actions, toward the house of Mar, involvement in the dark warrior program, the bombing in the palace, and framing it on the Metal Heads. This, in turn, reflected on Jak since many suspected Krew was the reason for the metal head invasion, and Jak was found guilty in the association.

Despite all their hard work to clear Jak's name. They only manage to change some of the minds of the Haven City citizens, as the years passed after the war was finally over. But the issue got even worse when the public found out the news about the birth of the Eco twins, in Haven City hospital records of the time of Keria's pregnancy.

Jak and Keria couldn't stand the people's fear and prejudice against Jak and his twins. Citing that he is a "dark eco freak" or monster. And the twins will be no different than him.

So they packed their belongings and got tickets for the blue eco powered subterranean maglev trains to Spargus City. The ride was pleasant, once they landed and the double doors automatically opened. When the heat hit Marcus and Kyra and they both began to cry a little.

Because the twins' living environment has drastically changed from a peaceful and busy city to a hot, dry, and sandy desert atmosphere. The twins eventually calmed down after being soothed by their parents. Jak and Keira left passenger docks and went into the city where they could find Sig. They found Sig in the garage working on the Gila Stomper. He looked up and was happy to see Jak and Keira.

"Jak, Keira you have returned, you've been gone for too long, in my opinion."

"Yeah, well Sig," Jak began. "I just wanted to worry about my own family and the twins, until I was ready to accept being king."

"Twins huh, that is a huge surprise indeed Jak." Sig looked at the two bundles of joy who smiled at him, "So Spargus has both a prince and princess, they are both so cute." He walked over to them and said, "Hey there cherries one and two." Kyra grinned and Marcus laughed at Sig's comment.

" Hey, watch it Sig," Jak warned. "They might use your cyborg eye as a chew toy," Jak said while laughing alongside his family.

The Spargus City gates opened and Kleiver disembarked his Sand Shark after collecting a few lights and dark eco crystals for the precursor monks.

Kleiver came up to Jak and said, "so the future king and queen have finally returned huh, where have you been offsider, you missed a few combat racing events in Spargus?" Kleiver asked, but Jak didn't have a chance to reply when his eyes wandered to the twins in Keira's arms. "You have twins huh, ain't that surprising?" Kleiver said as the twins took one look at Kleiver and began to cry and Kleiver felt very offended. The twins eventually calmed down and afterward, Jak and Keira left the garage and headed towards home, the palace.

three months later, Jak got a call from Daxter.

"Hey Dax, how's Tess doing?" Jak asked

"She's great! She had the baby! I have a son!" Daxter was overjoyed, Jak was happy for his friend.

"That's great Dax. What's his name?"

"Basile. Basile Arey Casella."

"That's a cool name."

"Tess thought so. Did you know that Ottsels are born with light pink fur?"

"No joke!"

"Jak is that Dax on the phone?" Keira asked if she had just finished feeding the twins and now was wondering what was going on.

"Tess had the baby," Jak said.

"Oh that's wonderful, tell them I said congratulations!"

"Yo Dax, Keira said congratulations on the newborn."

"Tell her I said thanks and I really should hang up right now. Tess and my daughter need me. You know how it is brother." Daxter said

"Trust me I know, exactly how you feel man." Jak said, "We'll come over and visit you at Haven."

"I'll see you soon Jak, "Daxter responded and ended the phone call.