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Summary: Marinette realizes that she might have fallen for her favorite kitty, but what happens when said kitty overhears her? (Marichat)

Disclaimer: I do not own Miraculous Ladybug or any of the characters. The only thing that is mine is the plot.

Marinette doodled absently, lost in thought. She was supposed to be creating a new piece of clothing for Alya's birthday, but was instead doodling pictures of her favorite kitty. She sighed as she realized that she had once again sketched a picture of his face, and quickly erased it, vowing to herself that she would now work on Alya's present

"What's wrong Marinette?" Tiki asked, concern in her voice.

"Nothing, nothing. I just- I cant get that stupid cat out of my head!" the bluenette complained, throwing her hands in the air.

"Does someone have a cruuuuuush?" Tiki teased.

"No no no no no absolutely not that would be so ridiculous I mean why would I like that silly alley cat? He is my friend and nothing more no matter how sweet and kind and amazing and handsome—" Marinette stopped herself, her face going white. "Oh no. No no no no no this cannot be happening!"

"Marinette? What's wrong?"

Marinette just continued to mutter under her breath, completely ignoring her kwami. Tiki looked at her chosen, concern etched on her face. Her chosen didn't freak out very often anymore, so the return of the old Marinette was unnerving to say the least.

"Marinette?" her kwami tried again, "What is it?"

"I like him. I like Chat Noir. Oh no this cannot be happening! I really like him but what happens if he doesn't like me back? What if it makes things super awkward between us and he never talks to me again? What would I do then?"

"Marinette, calm down!" Tiki scolded.

Her chosen continued unbidden, "What if I tell him and he hates me forever for it and we never talk again? I can't live with that! I love him! Oh no I'm in love with Chat Noir! I'm in love with my kitty! How am I supposed to act normal around him, I mean with Adrien I couldn't even string more than a few words together, he is going to think I'm weird and leave me anyways because I am scaring him with my weirdness! Then he will tell me that he never loved me and he will go off and laugh with Ladybug about it! But I'm Ladybug! So then I will have to laugh with him about me and what an idiot I am!"

Marinette finally took a breath, and it was at that moment that Chat decided to speak up, "Ummm, I don't think I was supposed to hear that…"

The bluenette shrieked, spinning around and coming face to face with the very person she had been talking about moments before. A fiery red blush developed on her cheeks, and her heart skipped a beat before resuming beating at a much faster rate. "H-h-how m-m-much did you h-hear?" Marinette stuttered.

"All of it?" Seeing the alarmed look on her face he quickly continued, "Or none of it? How much did you want me to hear?" He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, and Marinette was forcefully reminded of Adrien, who did the exact same thing when he was nervous.

"O-oh I c-c-can exp-p-plain, t-t-there is a g-g-good reason I-I promise."

"M'lady, take a deep breath, calm down, it's just me!"

"E-exactly, that's the p-p-problem, it's you and I just a-accidentally confessed to you and n-now you know my secret identity w-w-when I was the one who didn't want us f-finding out and I won't blame you if y-y-you hate me forever and you n-never want to talk to me agai—"

She was cut off by his lips on hers, soft but insistent. She froze in shock, and Chat moved away, seeing that she wasn't responding. Before he could break contact, however, she responded passionately, and Chat started to purr low in his chest. Marinette pulled away from the kiss to giggle before Chat pulled her in for another one.

After the need for air became more insistent than the need to continue kissing each other they pulled apart. "So, m'lady, do you still think that I would hate you if you told me that you loved me?" Chat asked playfully.

"I-I… guh," Marinette responded, proud of the fact that she could say anything at all. Before long, however, her brain started working again, and she pulled away from Chat. "You only kissed me because you knew I was Ladybug," Marinette accused, proud of herself for not stuttering.

"No Princess that isn't tr—"

"You have only ever loved Ladybug, I was always second! You only kissed me because you knew that if I had a mask on I would be your lady! And I can't blame you," she continued dejectedly, "I mean, after all, who would want to be with clumsy, silly, self-conscious Marinette when they could have confident, beautiful, amazing Ladybug?"

Chat cut her off there, "Marinette, you are Ladybug in and out of the mask. I actually came here tonight to ask you to be my girlfriend, I even had roses ready and everything," he chuckled to himself, "Never would I have guessed that you returned my feelings, and never in my wildest dreams would I get lucky and not have to decide between the two most amazing girls in my life."

"You don't mean that," Marinette whispered. "None of that is true, no one ever even noticed plain old boring Marinette, I was and am still second to Ladybug."

"Didn't you hear me Purrincess? I chose meow over Ladybug, I was done with my heart being torn in half so I chose. I chose you." The bluenette continued to look down, refusing to make eye contact with her partner. "Mari, how can I prove to you how much you truly mean to me?"

She remained silent, and he stood there thinking for a few seconds before muttering, "Plagg, claws in." A green light filled the room, and Marinette squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to see who was under the mask. "Purrincess, look at me. Please," the now maskless Chat Noir begged. "See who I am. I trust you completely with my life, my secret identity, even my heart. All of it is yours, Mari. I'm not kitten around here."

She felt a now clawless hand lightly tilt her chin up, and she slowly opened her eyes to reveal… "Adrien?"

"The one and only," he smiled cheekily.

"But-but why would you trust me? I mean n-now that I'm thinking about it you both have so much in common that I should have seen it b-b-before, I mean you even both rub the backs of your n-necks when you get nervous, but—" she was cut off by a finger on her lips, and Cha-no, Adrien looked at her, a look in his eye that sent chills down her spine—the good kind.

"Mari, I know your biggest secret, it's only fair that you know mine. Plus, I wanted you to know that I trust you completely, and I won't ever keep secrets from you if I can help it."

His soft speech made Marinette tear up, and before he knew what was happening she had her arms wrapped around his middle, hugging him tight. He gladly returned the hug, reveling in the fact that they seemed to fit together perfectly. "Thank you kitty," Marinette whispered into his chest.

He tilted her head up so she was looking at him, and softly kissed her forehead. "Anytime you need it, Princess," he said lovingly.

"Do you-do you want to sit down?" Marinette asked nervously.

"Sure," Adrien replied easily. They sat down, and Adrien asked the question they were both thinking: "What now?"

"Well, I mean it's up to you, I don't know what you want and it's okay if you don't want to do anything about it—" Adrien continued to smile softly at her.

Oh man she's cute when she's flustered he thought to himself.

"Mari, I was meaning which personas will be dating which personas. Do we want to date as Marinette and Adrien, as well as Ladybug and Chat Noir? Or do we want to date as Marinette and Chat Noir as well as Adrien and Ladybug?"

"Y-y-you want to d-date me?" Marinette asked questioningly.

"I kissed you, didn't I?" Adrien responded cheekily.

"Well... " she said shyly, "Maybe it would be best if we date each other while we are both in our civilian forms as well as when we are both in our superhero forms? I mean that way we don't have to remember that we aren't with the person we are supposed to be dating."

"That sounds like a great idea. Chat Noir is going to be one happy cat when he realizes that his lady loves him back." Adrien wiggled his eyebrows at her.

Marinette didn't dignify that with a response, simply humming her agreement. "You should probably get home before your dad starts looking for you kitty," Marinette told him.

"My dad wouldn't be the one looking for me. He would send Natalie to look for me," Adrien replied bitterly, but still getting up to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow?" he asked, looking at the bluenette.

"You can count on it," Marinette smiled.

Adrien gave her a parting kiss before muttering, "Plagg, claws out." A green flash of light later, Chat Noir was once again sitting in Marinette's room. "Bye Princess."

"Bye kitty."

Chat left through the hatch that led to her balcony, giving her one last wave before disappearing into the night.

Marinette left the bakery the next day in a rush, eating a croissant while running down the street. She bounced at an intersection, waiting to be able to cross the street. A black limousine pulled up to her, and Adrien got out of the car.

"Hey Mari, do you want a ride to school?" he asked.

"That would be wonderful," Marinette replied while blushing a light pink. Adrien held the door open for her before getting in himself. The ride to school was mostly silent, with the two teenagers occasionally catching each other staring before quickly gazing out the window again.

When they arrived at the school, Adrien once again held open her door for her, and she smiled gratefully at him. As the limo pulled away, none other than Chloe came prancing up to Adrien.

She tried to plant a kiss on his cheek, but he expertly dodged. "Adrikins!" she shrieked, "What are you doing hanging out with Mari-trash here when you could be hanging out with me?"

"Chlo, you need to stop," Adrien told her sternly. By this point, a crowd had gathered around the three teens.

"No, it's her who needs to stop! She has had a crush on you for the longest time and now she is just trying to get close to you so that she can steal you from me!"

Marinette flushed red, her blood boiling at Chloe's accusations, but Adrien spoke up before she could. "I sure hope she has a crush on me Chloe, I mean we are dating, aren't we love?" He directed his question to Marinette, and she smiled softly up at him while nodding in agreement.

"What?" Chloe shrieked. "You must have brainwashed him!" she accused Marinette. "There is no way that he would willingly date you!"

"Chloe!" Adrien said harshly. "Enough is enough, stop treating my girlfriend like that! I made a choice, and you have no control over me, so don't try to make it seem like I wouldn't want to date the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful girl in the school! Now, if we are done here, I would like to get to class before we are late."

With one last cold glare, Adrien wrapped an arm around Marinette's waist and they walked into the school together. When they entered the classroom, a high pitched scream emitted from the bluenette's best friend.

"Mari! What happened? And most importantly, why didn't you tell me?" Alya asked in one breath.

"Alya, calm down, it's okay," Marinette laughed.

She wasn't the only one surprised or happy about the two finally getting together, and the two were quickly surrounded. The two dealt with those kinds of responses for the rest of the day. But one question in particular was asked a lot more than the others, and the two would smile at each other before answering.

"What caused you guys to get together?"

"Let's just say it was a happy accident."

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