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Summary: Adrien asks Marinette to participate in a photoshoot with him, at his father's request. Little does he know it is a swimming suit photoshoot! (Adrienette with some light Marichat)

Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine, I do not own the characters nor the show!

In this story, we are several years in the future, where Marinette has become very good friends with Adrien, and has lost almost all of her stuttering around him. They are about 17 in this fic, so in their second year of lycée. (For my American friends that is their junior year of high school.)

Adrien sighed, glaring at the piano music in front of him. He could be with his friends right now, but nooooo, Gabriel Agreste just had to put a stop to the idea of his son actually enjoying himself for once. Instead he was locked up in this big, cold mansion while his friends ate Andre's ice cream and laughed in the late-summer sun.

This moment was when Natalie, Gabriel's personal assistant, decided to knock on Adrien's door. Adrien called for her to come in, and she opened the door, her heels clicking on the faux wooden floor.

"Your father has requested to meet with you immediately. He asks you to hurry, he has a conference call in fifteen minutes," Natalie told him.

Great, he can't even give me the time of day. Apparently work is more important to him than I am, Adrien thought. "Yes Natalie, I will be down momentarily," he said instead.

She nodded and left the room. Plagg flew out from his hiding place and gave Adrien a pitying look before flying into his shirt pocket.

Adrien walked through the halls of the mansion with his head down, hoping to get the meeting with his father over with quickly. He arrived at the door of his father's office, and knocked twice. After a commanding, "come in" from his father, he entered the spacious study.

"Adrien, I'm glad you came," Gabriel said, not a hint of a smile on his face. Adrien looked around, seeing that nothing had changed. An abstract picture of his mother still hung on the back wall, but aside from that the room was void of decorations, save a single desk with a high tech computer sitting on top of it. His father was sitting in a sleek white chair, reading a document. He didn't even look up when his son came in.

"What do you need me for, father?" Adrien asked triedly.

"I would like you to invite that one upcoming fashion designer to your next photoshoot," his father told him.

"Marinette? Why do you want Marinette? Usually you make me go with Chloe or someone like that," Adrien said bitterly.

"It will be good for the brand if it looks like we are taking an interest in future designers. Besides, I thought you liked Mlle. Dupain-Cheng?"

"I do like her, Father, I was simply…surprised."

"Well then, since that is settled, you may leave. The photoshoot is in a week, so make sure to ask her soon, and alert me only if she says she cannot attend."

"Yes sir," Adrien replied, leaving the room before his father could change his mind about the best news Adrien had heard all year. He would have a friend at his photoshoot! Maybe it wasn't Nino, but Marinette was a great friend, and he was excited to not be alone.

Once he had made it back to his room, Plagg flew out of his pocket. "I can't believe that old man is letting you enjoy something, the old kook," Plagg told Adrien, flying over to his stash of precious Camembert.

"Plagg," Adrien chided, not at all minding the way his kwami spoke about his father. It was nice to know that someone was on his side, even if it was his grumpy cat kwami. "Did you hear though? I get to hang out with Marinette for a whole photoshoot!"

Adrien started jumping up and down excitedly, but his kwami made sure that his joy was short lived. "You still have to ask her and get her to say yes."

"I know, but she is so selfless and kind and amazing that she would never say no, especially if she saw how excited I am about it."

Not for the first time, Plagg wondered if his chosen was as bessoted with Ladybug as he claimed to be. To Plagg, all Adrien seemed to talk about was Marinette this, Marinette that, Marinette is so amazing, and many more gag-inducing statements that made the kwami want to bash his head against a wall.

"I guess you got that right kid. She would do anything for you," he suggested slyly, trying to get a reaction out of Adrien.

"She helps everyone, Plagg," Adrien deadpanned, not looking very impressed.

"Yeah yeah anyways when are you going to ask her?" the kwami changed the subject quickly.


Adrien practically floated out of the limousine the next day for school. Not even Chloe assaulting him could get him feeling down. He couldn't wait to ask Marinette if she would do the photoshoot with him, confident that her answer would be yes. He just had to figure out the perfect time to ask her…

He walked into class, noticing that her seat was empty. Alya and Nino were already in their seats, and his eyes filled with concern as he couldn't find the bluenette anywhere in the classroom.

"Hey Alya, Nino, where's Marinette?" Adrien asked, setting down his bag.

"She's super sick dude, she couldn't come today." At Adrien's questioning glance, Nino explained, "Alya was just talking to me about it."

Adrien nodded and turned to face the front. He pulled out his phone, sending a quick message to her:

Hey, I heard ur sick, do u need anything?

She responded almost instantly:

No, I think all I need is a day to rest, I should be good as new tomorrow!

Okay, well if you need anything tell me, being sick is the worst

Yeah, no joke and thx for the offer

Ofc, I gtg class is about to start but I will text u later?

I await ur text :)

Adrien smiled to himself, putting away his phone as the teacher entered the classroom. He was feeling down since he wouldn't be able to ask Marinette, but she had sounded happy enough in her texts that he wasn't worried about a time crunch.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and his shoulders dropped as the final bell rang. He had to go back to the mansion now, and every moment he was there he missed the lively atmosphere of the school, and the love of his friends.

As he was heading to his father-imposed exile, he overheard Alya talking to Nino.

"-ing over to visit Marinette, to see if she's feeling any better."

"Do you mind if I tag along?" Adrien asked, shocking both of his friends. "What? She's my friend too! Unless you want to go alone for some girl time Alya, I understand if that's the case."

"No, of course you can come! I was just a little surprised for a minute, but don't worry about it. Babe, are you going to join us?" Alya's question was directed to Nino, who nodded his head.

"Yeah, that poor dudette is probably going crazy with nothing to do."

Nodding in agreement, Adrien joined his two friends on their walk to the bakery, only pausing long enough to text the Gorilla that he would call when he needed to be picked up.

After a short walk, they arrived at the bakery. Alya entered first, calling out a greeting to Marinette's parents and telling them that the three teenagers were headed up to visit Marinette. Because of the after-school rush, the couple could do little more than nod and smile before getting back to work.

They climbed into Marinette's room to see her curled up on her bed, shivering. She gave a weak smile to her friends before starting to climb out of bed.

She was stopped by warm hands on her upper arms. "Mari, don't get up for us. We want you to get better, so just rest okay?" She recognized Adrien's voice and realized that it must have been him gently shoving her down, so she nodded, a light blush coating her cheeks.

"What are you guys doing here?" she asked after her friends had all gotten comfortable.

"We came here to visit you, dudette!" Nino told her.

"Thank you guys, this means a lot to me."

"Of course, I couldn't leave my bestie alone, could I?" Alya asked. "Plus, the boys wanted to join me so you got all three of us instead of just me. Aren't you lucky?" Alya sent a sly look at Adrien, and Marinette quickly looked down, blushing once again.

"We just wanted to see if our friend was doing any better," Adrien supplied.

The four talked for about an hour before Marinette started yawning.

"Girl, do you need us to leave? I know that it is only like 5:30 but it's clear you need your rest. Come on boys, let's go."

"See you dudette," Nino waved.

"Yeah, see you Mari. I hope you feel better!" Adrien said before exiting her room. Marinette sighed at the silence, but was quickly pulled into a deep sleep.

She woke up hours later, freezing under her blankets. Deciding that what she needed was a nice cup of tea, she made herself some before coming back upstairs, only to find Chat Noir in her room.

"Hey kitty, what are you doing here this late?" Marinette asked, still shivering.

"First of all, it's only 10:30 so it isn't even that late. Secondly, I heard that a certain Purrincess isn't feeling a-meow-sing, and I wanted to see if her knight in shining leather could help in any way."

"Thanks kitty, but I don't think there is any way you can help."

"Are you pawsitive? Not even a cuddle? Nothing at all?"

Marinette shook her head, getting under her covers while still shivering.

Chat frowned at her shivering form. "I guess they weren't kitten around when they told me that you had gotten sick. I'm sorry Purrincess, that must be clawful for you."

Marinette simply shrugged her shoulders, nestling deeper into her blankets. Chat, thinking fast, laid down next to her, purring.

"Chat? What are you doing?" Marinette asked.

"Warming you up. And making you fall asleep. Whichever comes first," Chat replied easily.

"Thank you kitty," Marinette mumbled, already feeling herself drifting off.

"Anytime, Purrincess."

The next day Marinette was at school, still a little under the weather but still looking and feeling better than the day before.

"Hey guys, thanks for visiting me yesterday, by the way. I can't remember whether I thanked you or not, yesterday was kinda fuzzy for me."

"No problem dudette," Nino replied, smiling at her," anything for our friend, right?"

Marinette smiled in response, and then turned to the front as the teacher started the lesson. The day passed as it usually did, with Marinette staring at the back of Adrien's head and tuning out the rest of the world.

Before long, school was over, and the friends made their way out the door together. Adrien perked up realizing that now was his chance to ask Marinette, and so he subtly pulled her away from the couple, who were so deep in discussion about a new mix coming out they didn't even notice their two friends disappearing.

"Hey Mari, my dad told me that he wanted you to participate in my next photoshoot with me. I know you aren't really comfortable with the camera, but it would make the shoot almost bearable if you were there. It's next week, and we need to miss a day of school for it, but do you want to do it with me?" Adrien rubbed the back of his neck nervously, waiting for her answer.

She squealed before enveloping him in a hug. "You're being serious? Like you aren't joking with me?"

"Why would I be joking with you? He said something about the brand needing to show interest in budding fashion designers, so that goes to prove that he already has an eye on you and is just waiting for you to graduate lycée."

"Wait for real? Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh I can't believe this!" she squealed, hugging him again. Adrien was confused as to why his heart started beating faster, and a blush started to form on his cheeks, but he pushed the feelings down. He loved his lady, he couldn't start liking Marinette! No matter how amazing and wonderful and sweet and kind and—no, he loved Ladybug. He shook his head, focusing again on what the bluenette was saying.

"I would love to go with you Adrien. Unless you want to go with someone else of course," she added hastily.

"Honestly I couldn't believe my luck when my dad told me I could invite you, so of course I want you there!"

The two smiled broadly before rejoining Alya and Nino. Best. Day. Ever. they both thought.

The night before the photoshoot, Marinette called Alya in a panic, wondering what she should wear. The red-head laughed at her friend's antics, before promising to be over in five.

When Alya opened the trap door, it was to find a very flustered Marinette in a room that looked like it had exploded. Alya could barely see the pink everything, as almost every available surface was covered with clothes.

She smiled as she saw Marinette muttering to herself, "Too formal, not formal enough, eww when did I make that, no no no…"

Alya, deciding that then would be the perfect time for a prank, tickled Marinette on the sides, making her scream and laugh at the same time. She whipped around to see her best friend smirking at her.

"Not funny Alya. I have absolutely nothing to wear! Nothing works! I'm going to show up and Adrien is never going to want to even look at me again because I am such a fashion disaster and the photographer will be appalled and—"

"Girl, you realize that they are going to give you different clothes for the shoot right?" Alya cut her off.

"Of course I know, but first impressions are everything and I want to make the right impression!"

Alya nodded, before picking through the clothes, thinking of an outfit Marinette had made not that long ago. "Aha!" she cried when she found it. "This is the one Marinette! Wear this dress with your boots, and leave your hair down. You do that and Adrien is sure to fall for you!"

"Thank you Alya! You're the best!" the bluenette squealed.

"Of course girl, now go to bed you have a big day tomorrow."

"Oh my gosh it's tomorrow! What if I do something wro—"

"Mari, you aren't going to do anything wrong, so set your alarm for early and go to bed!"

"Thank you Alya," Marinette replied meekly, watching her friend sashay out of the room.

After Alya left, Marinette slumped into her chaise, returning an earlier text from Adrien.

my dad told me to pick u up at 7. that work 4 u?

yup i'll be up then, thx for telling me

ofc, just dont be late :)

im hurt that u would ever think someone like me would be late

i think u of all people would kno the truth of what i said

see u tmrw Mari

see u Adrien

The next day Marinette woke up in a frenzy, quickly pulling on the dress Alya had picked out for her. It was a simple blue that brought out the color of her eyes. The bodice had lace covering it, and lace covered her arms as well, with the real fabric ending in a sweetheart neckline. There was a wide brown belt sitting on her small hips, accentuating her waist. She quickly threw on boots that matched the color of her belt, brushed through her straight hair, and almost ran out of the house without putting makeup on. Fortunately she remembered, running back up to her room—fortunately without tripping herself—and quickly applied some light eyeliner and mascara.

She rushed downstairs, hearing her parents talk to who she assumed to be Adrien. She came down the stairs, and Adrien felt his face immediately turn crimson. There was no denying it. Marinette was gorgeous. Her eyes were accented by makeup, and the belt around her waist accented her curves sinfully. She was applying some light lip gloss as she came around the corner, and Adrien found himself momentarily fantasizing what it would be like to kiss those lips, to run his hands through that soft looking hai—no! He loved Ladybug!

"You ready to go, Adrien?" she asked, turning to give her parents a peck on the cheek.

"If you are," he replied, trying to remain gentlemanly even though his thoughts about her at the moment were anything but.

The car ride was filled with the two teens chatting (heh get it? Get it?) about everyday life until they arrived at the photoshoot destination. At that moment Adrien started to get nervous, noticing the beach setting. If this was the kind of photoshoot he thought it was, he was going to die.

Natalie approached them holding a clipboard. "Adrien, Mlle. Dupain-Cheng, today will be a swimsuit photoshoot. Adrien your tent is to the left, Mlle. Dupain-Cheng, your tent is to the right." Yup, he was going to die.

Adrien gave what he hoped was an encouraging smile to Marinette while they were drug in opposite directions by their makeup teams. The teams were done quickly, and the two teens were left alone to change.

Adrien tugged on a pair of red swimming shorts with black spots adorning them, took a deep breath, and exited his tent. He almost immediately wished that he had prepared himself more.

Marinette was standing a little ways off, talking to one of the photographers about her designs. She had a simple black one piece on, with little green paw prints decorating it. It was a halter, and the tie holding it up was the same electric green as the paw prints. It made his inner Chat growl in appreciation that she was branded as his, before reminding himself that he loved Ladybug and only Ladybug.

Marinette turned around at the photographer's comment of "there's Adrien" and thought for a moment that she had died and gone to heaven. He had abs. And not just abs, a chiseled six pack. How was she supposed to focus with him looking like that?

Adrien, meanwhile, was having a similar problem. The makeup artists had done a fantastic job, and she looked even more stunning than usual. The swimsuit hugged her just right, and didn't reveal too much to the world while also showing off her muscular body.

As he came up next to her, he whispered in her ear, "Mari, you look drop-dead gorgeous in that swimsuit."

She beamed up at him, a blush coating her face as she responded. "Well, you aren't half bad yourself model-boy." She smirked in triumph as he blushed just as dark as she had been blushing before. Unknown to the two teens, the photographer was already in action, capturing their candid pictures, extremely happy with how the shoot was going already.

Natalie chose that moment to break the two teens up, "Adrien, we have a schedule to stick by. Remember that."

"Of course Natalie," he replied, abiet gloomily.

"Hey, this photoshoot is going to be the best ever remember? We are going to have so much fun and do so amazingly that your dad won't assign you photoshoots for a month because everyone loved the pictures so much. We got this," Marinette cheered, being extra goofy just to make Adrien smile again. She glowed when he sent her a soft smile, and they walked over to where most of the pictures were going to be taken.

The photographer started ordering them around, and Adrien noticed the tight set of Marinette's shoulders. "Let me lead," he whispered to her, not breaking eye contact until she nodded her assent.

From the outside, the two teens looked like they had become one in that moment. The photographer snapped shot after shot, and Adrien led Marinette through the photographer's instructions like a pro, because, well, he was one.

"Magnifique!" the photographer said excitedly. "Adrien, you need to bring her along more! You two go together better than pizza and Italy!" This comment caused both teens to blush, and the photographer delightedly took more pictures of their embarrassment.

After the photographer—Marinette learned that his name was Victor Alarie—was happy with the shots for their outfits, they were commanded to change by Natalie.

When Adrien came out of the dressing rooms, he realized that this day was going to get much worse. So much worse. Marinette was now in a strapless number, a pale pink color with ruffles in just the right places, and Adrien realized two things: one, he was falling for Marinette, and two, the clothing was only going to get skimpier on her part. He had seen photographers do this before, where they started with the most concealing clothing and ended with the most revealing. He now remembered that Victor was one of those photographers, and cursed himself for not being more prepared.

Marinette was having a heart attack. Like a full fledged heart attack. She just stared at Adrien, wide eyed. He was in a pair of swim trunks, sure, but the designers must have been trying to kill her. They had changed his hair. Gone was the slicked over side-do that he usually wore. His hair now greatly resembled Chat Noir's, and it was creating quite the temptation. All Marinette wanted to do was run her hands through his hair, but she knew that for the sake of looking sane she could not even think about touching it, let alone go through with it.

Victor started ordering them around again, and Marinette eventually found that she could not resist. She put her hands in his hair, reveling in how soft it was, while looking Adrien in the eye to make sure that he was comfortable with what she was doing. He didn't show any disgust or misgivings about it, instead threading his own, warm hands through her hair. If this wasn't heaven, she wasn't sure what was.

Before long the two secret superheros were ordered to change again, and Adrien received yet another shock as he took in Marinette's new appearance. She was now in a flowing lilac two piece, but her makeup. Oh her makeup. The makeup team had gone to a whole new level. She now had much bolder makeup on, and he noticed that it went with the swimsuit rather well.

Marinette was looking at him, taking in his abs (she didn't look for that long!) as well as his new swim trunks, also a lilac which he somehow managed to pull off. He still had a bedhead, and there was a look in his eye that sent tingles down Marinette's spine.

Victor got the two together, commanding them to look into each other's eyes with lust. They both blushed at the idea, but neither of them found it hard to accomplish his orders. After a few more poses, Victor had them change one last time.

Adrien thought he was prepared when he walked out of his tent, but he was not. Not at all. Because-because Marinette had abs. And oh man was he attracted to her in that moment more than he had ever been attracted to even Ladybug. All of her features seemed to be amplified in that moment; the way she smiled and laughed, the way she treated everyone with such kindness, the way she seemed to be such a natural model, just her.

Marinette felt his eyes on her, turned, and gulped. Adrien still had the bedhead, sure. He still had the abs. But the designers were trying to kill her with this swimming suit. It was lower cut than all the rest, exposing more of his stomach as well as more of his hips. Marinette liked that. She liked it a lot.

She was snapped out of her trance by Victor yelling at the two of them, telling them to get their butts over to him, now. The two obliged, although both were unable to resist sneaking glances at the other.

Victor led them through multiple poses, and then told them to do a pose that felt natural. The two had been leaning towards each other more and more, and the photographer wanted to know what would happen if he simply let them choose. He was not disappointed by the results.

"Are you okay with this?" Adrien asked, concern in his voice.

"More than okay," Marinette breathed, before his lips crashed onto hers.

Her hands instantly went to his hair, and he pulled her closer, his hands on her hips. They both momentarily forgot where they were until Victor shouted in joy, "Magnifique!" breaking the two apart.

They looked at each other, wearing matching fiery blushes. Victor clapped his hands together in joy before telling the two of them that they could get changed again. The two didn't talk or even look at each other while the Gorilla drove Marinette to her house, both of them blushing too hard to be able to face each other at that moment.

"Thank you," Marinette said. "For today," she clarified.

"Of course, that was way more fun with you there." Adrien responded.

"Will I see you tomorrow?"

"Unless my dad decides to do another photoshoot, you can count on it."

They arrived at the bakery, and Marinette got out of the car. After giving Adrien one last smile and a wave, she walked inside. Adrien watched her go, thinking about the kiss. Man what a kiss.

"And then we kissed!" Marinette squealed over the phone.

"NO! Really? My OTP is finally coming to life! This is the best moment of my life! Girl I'm so happy for you!" Alya responded, excited for her friend. She had noticed that Adrien was starting to seem like he liked Marinette as more than a friend, but this just confirmed it. She was so excited for her friend, after all, Marinette had liked Adrien since they were thirteen years old for crying out loud!

The two chatted happily for a while, unaware that a very similar conversation was going on between their two other friends, Nino and Adrien.

"And then I kissed her," Adrien sighed.

"Dude you are in so deep," Nino laughed on the other end of the phone.

"I knoooooow," Adrien groaned, falling face-first onto his bed. "I just-I couldn't stop myself. You should have seen her Nino. It was…"

"Indescribable? Amazing? Revolutionary?" Nino teased.

"You really aren't helping. And how do I treat her tomorrow? Do I pretend nothing happened? Because something happened. Ug this is way harder than it should be."

"Dude, just be yourself. Do you like her?"


"Do you want to date her?"


"There is your answer my dude. Talk to her. Don't tell her I told you this, but she has liked you for a long time. Like a really long time. So if it is rejection you are worried about, don't stress. She will say yes. I know you used to like Ladybug, but not everyday is a girl like Marinette going to walk into your life and give you the chance to be hers. Don't waste that chance dude."

"Thanks, Nino. I'll talk to her."

"That's my man. I'll see you tomorrow dude. Don't freak out on me."

"Bye Nino," the boy hung up and sighed, flipping over on his bed so he was looking at the ceiling. Tomorrow was going to be a good day, he could feel it. Or at least he hoped it would be.

"Hey Marinette? Can we talk?" Adrien asked, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. The final bell had just rang and all the students were quickly evacuating the classroom, looking forward to their weekend.

She nodded and smiled at him, turning around to say goodbye to Alya. She turned around and followed him out of the room, concern and curiosity etched on her face. She followed him outside into a little protected courtyard, where no one could see them. He rubbed the back of his neck again while taking her in.

Wow she's beautiful, he thought to himself.

"What did you need, Adrien?" Marinette questioned. Concern was now the dominant emotion on her face.

"Well, um, I-I-I need to t-talk to y-y-you."

"Adrien? Is everything okay?"


"What? I'm sorry Adrien, I couldn't understand you."

"I really like you but I don't know what to do about it and I can't get that kiss off my mind," he said slowly. He was blushing, he could feel it, and he really wished in that moment that he could channel more of his inner Chat Noir.

"W-w-what? I m-must have m-m-misheard y-you," Marinette stuttered.

"It's true," Adrien confirmed. "I really like you Marinette. I have for a while. I was just too blind to accept it. I-I was still trying to bury my feelings for you until I kissed you. In that moment, I realized that there was no way I could ever bury my feelings for you without them digging themselves back up when I least expected it. You were never the one I thought I would end up with, but you were the one I needed to end up with."

"I-I like you t-t-too," Marinette confessed. "I have for a long time, but I never guessed that you could ever like me back. I always figured that it would be one sided, and-and I'm glad that I'm wrong."

"I'm glad that you were wrong too. But what does this make us?"

"Whatever you want us to be."

He beamed at her before giving her a tight hug. After he had released her, he grabbed her hand, and they walked out together.

Yes, Adrien thought, today was even better than I thought it would be.

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