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Marinette hummed to herself as she waited for her boyfriend, excited to spend the day with him. They hadn't hung out very much lately because of Adrien's many photoshoots, so she was excited for every minute they got to hang out together.

She was sitting on a bench in the park, a cool fall breeze blowing through the red and orange trees. She had her sketchbook out in case any new ideas came to her while she sat in such an inspiring scene, but so far no ideas had hit her. She closed her eyes and listened to the trees rustle, snuggling further into a sweatshirt she had stolen from Adrien a few days ago.

She was dressed warmly, with Adrien's green Gabriel brand sweatshirt on and a pair of skinny jeans with black vans. She had decided to forgo her usual look, even going as far to put her hair in a bun instead of her signature pigtails. She had wanted to wear his sweatshirt, and being the designer she was, she had put a whole outfit together to match it (not that it was that hard in the first place).

She checked the time, frowning as she saw that he was several minutes late. Adrien was never late. Her phone dinged, and she saw a text from Adrien. She quickly opened it, a frown developing on her face the further she read.

sry i cant meet today my dad went feral :(

wht did he do now

said i spent too much time w u

do u need me to talk to him

no sry again that we cant meet

it isnt ur fault

love u Mari

love u Adrien

Marinette sighed as she set down her phone. Great. Gabriel had been disapproving of their relationship from the getgo, trying to limit the couples time together. They had made it over a year without breaking, but in that moment Marinette wanted to do nothing more than swing into Gabriel's atelier (office/study) and tell him off.

She knew she couldn't, however. She slowly made her way back to her house after closing her notebook and putting it in the pocket of her oversized hoodie. She opened the door, and her parents looked up, surprised.

"Marinette? I thought you were hanging out with Adrien today?" her father, Tom Dupain, asked.

"I was, but his dad isn't letting him hang out with me today," she told her parents.

"Oh honey I'm sorry," Sabine told her only daughter, giving her a hug. "Do you want to help in the bakery or go up to your room?"

"I can help," Marinette told the woman, trying to put a bright smile on her face. It didn't reach her eyes, but her parents were too busy to notice.

"Thank you honey! Can you frost the cupcakes for me?" Sabine asked hurriedly.

"Of course Maman," Marinette responded, moving into the back of the bakery where the kitchen was.

It was a large room, with several industrial sized ovens waiting for cakes and pastries and everything else that was made in a bakery. Bags of flour laid in one corner, with bags of sugar propped up against the wall. Three walls of it were regular brick, with no fourth wall as it was directly connected to the bakery.

Marinette quickly set to work frosting the cupcakes. They were red velvet, so Marinette grabbed the cream cheese frosting out of the large fridge and set to work. Once they had been frosted expertly, she sprinkled some crumbs from the cake to the top, finishing the look perfectly. She smiled in satisfaction before placing several in the display case.

"Do you need anything else Maman?" she asked her mother, seeing as there wasn't anything left in the ovens or on the counter.

"No sweetheart, I made all the batter this morning, I was just dealing with a rush when you came in. You can go relax now, don't let me stop you!" the kindhearted woman told her.

Marinette nodded and trudged up the stairs, her disappointment at not seeing Adrien coming back in full. When she made it to her room, however, she was shocked out of her moping by a cat-themed superhero shouting her name excitedly.

"Kitty? What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I came here to see you of course M'lady!" the cat replied happily. Marinette froze.

"Wh-what did you just call me?" She prayed that she had heard wrong. As Chat's face went white her worst fears were confirmed. Chat knew her secret identity.

"W-well. . ." he trailed off, not sure how to respond.

"When did you find out?" she asked softly.

"Let's just say that you should be more careful to not talk to your kwami around your boyfriend."

Anger instantly overtook her, and she pulled out her phone, quickly finding Adrien's contact. "I can't believe he told you!" she exclaimed angrily as she texted him.

i cant believe u. we r done

Chat's own phone pinged, and he pulled it out. "Huh," he told her, "my girlfriend just broke up with me and she didn't even give me a chance to explain." He held up the phone for her to see, and she saw her own name and text message on the screen. Her brain whirled in confusion. He couldn't be-could he?

Chat watched her face as first confusion, then anger and then relief crossed her face before confusion took over again. "Wait. . .I'm not your girlfriend. I'm Adrien's girlfriend."

"Correct," he told her.

"Then why did you say. . .Adrien?" she finally asked.

"Took you a while," Chat teased with a smirk before muttering, "Plagg, claws in," under his breath.

And there stood her boyfriend. Who was also Chat Noir. That would take some getting used to. "Oh my gosh I'm dating one of Paris' superheroes!" she said before pecking him on the lips. She then began dancing around the room, and Adrien stared at her in confusion.

"Marinette? Princess?" he asked, worry lacing his tone. "Are-are you okay?"

"I'm absolutely fantastic," she told him, kissing him yet again. He decided then and there that he was okay with her being absolutely fantastic if it meant he got more kisses. She calmed down finally and gave him a huge, goofy grin.

He returned her grin with one of his own, glad that she wasn't mad at him for finding out or revealing himself to her. Marinette danced up to him and gave him yet another kiss, and he decided that this could have gone a lot worse.

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