It was a bright sunny day in Star City, and there was a dark figure that stood out against the sun, on a rooftop of one of the many tall buildings in the city. This wasn't just any man, this was Batman. The dark knight of Gotham. He sat with binoculars in hand, and he had been staring at a crosswalk, and at the hundreds of people that have crossed for the past hour.

Bruce didn't flinch when he felt the air behind him suddenly surge, and his black cape blowing widely. He simply continued with his gazing. Superman said nothing for a moment, giving Batman a slight nod, he narrowed his eyes as he searched for something that wasn't there.

"What do you see?"

"The building across the street needs better light bulbs. Other than that, it looks like a normal day in Star City to me." Superman answered with a wiry smile.

"It's not just that building" Batman answered, "Take another look around the area."

Metropolis' golden boy widened his glaze, this time making sure to use his X-ray vision to see through the walls. All of the buildings in the surrounding area had flickering lights until the phenomenon slowly entered the streets and citizens began to notice.

Streetlights started flashing, car lights, and horns honked.

And without warning, all buildings darkened simultaneously. On an off, like a small kid flickering a light switch.

"It's been happening for months now... All across the world. Blinking lights, and it hasn't stopped." Batman shifted and pulled out a tube from his belt. He emptied it and handed Superman the paper inside. As Superman looked at the lines and dots, he answered: "Looks like morse code."

"It is. . . It repeats every five minutes, 't34s12y2980, locating a suitable host." Batman continued, "Scientists all around the world have spent months trying to figure out what this means. Poured millions into a solution. They only found where it led. Here, concentrated into a single area."

Superman nodded, "what do you think is causing this?"

"I've narrowed it down to time travel or extra-dimensional travel, both are theorized to need a tremendous amount of energy."

"I know of time travel, Flash told me all about flashpoint. But extra dimensions? That seems to be a bit of reach Bruce." Superman said skeptically

"Yes," Bruce answered shortly.

After a few moments of silence Superman breaks the awkward atmosphere by clearing his throat and hesitantly asking "How's Robin doing?"

"How's Superboy?" Batman said in return, his answer terse.

They both stared at each other, Batman never looking away for a moment, judgingly. "Come on you know that isn't fair, I've told you-" Superman stops and cocks his head, "Did you hear that?"

"No, what did you hear?"

"Voices. . . and they are coming from the ground"

It wasn't long till strange purple symbols rose from the ground and flew towards the crosswalk. The people there, accustomed to villains and bad people, ran from the crosswalk to the streets and ducked in cover while those by the stoplight stared in disbelief.

The voices seemed to grow louder, from Superman's pain-stricken face. After a while, even Batman could hear them from the rooftop. They sounded like millions speaking as one. What they were saying Bruce couldn't identify. And that in its self was suspicious.

The citizens on the ground took notice that the symbols did not harm anyone. No bodies were sent flying, no demons summoned. That was before they began to watch in a morbid sense of curiosity as the world seemed to fall apart.

And from those symbols, the shape of a man was born. As soon as the man was easily recognizable the symbols faded away. And the lights stopped blinking. The event over.

The man had slicked-back black hair, with a gasmask that seemed to take up his entire face. He wore a tattered white lab coat, coffee stains coloring his sleeves. And brown gloves that held on tightly to a clipboard in his hands. He was quite the eccentric sight.

Many began to take pictures from the sidelines, Superman lunged forward as if to move towards the man but stopped when Bruce grabbed his soldiers ignoring his questioning look.

The stranger breathed evenly through his gas mask, muttering in an unknown language softly to himself and jolting down frantically at his clipboard. The man seemed unaware of his surroundings as he took out what seemed to be a tape recorder and began wandering towards a nearby park. He gathered a scoop of dirt with bits of grass and stuffed it inside of a yellowed test tube from his pocket. He also scrapped off tree bark with his fingers and littered them in as well.

Before the man began to speak into his recording device. "t34s12y2980, located suitable host." Superman said without a prompt, relaying what he heard to Batman. "Barometric pressure seems to be around 101,325 Pa. Oxygen levels are sustainable, Population regulated. Further testing required."

With that, the stranger drew water from a water fountain and gathered water samples, before turning and walking back to the crosswalk. The crowd that awaited him parted in silence. He seemed to twist the cap on the front of his mask as if twisting a doorknob and the purple symbols returned faster then they appeared before.

The buildings dimmed again, the whispering continued and then he was gone. As if he had never existed in the first place.

"Were you expecting this to happen?" Superman questioned as Batman released his arm. "I suspected it," Batman replied, "They were increasing the frequency and seemed to change at different intervals."

"Of course you did." Superman sighed as he floated down to the crosswalk and Batman glided down on his 'Wings'. The moment they touched the ground, a red and yellow blur greeted them. The local hero, 'The Flash.'

"You got here fast flash." Superman grinned at the other.

"Well, Fast is my middle name. Or well no it isn't, it's Rudolph, but you get the idea. Anyways you don't get how useful Twitter is these days, Sure there are mean comments here and there but you can always count on the public to take pictures of an apocalypse." Flash's mouth motored on, "I get the news faster than police radios, and get this, I'm verified!"

The Flash zipped in and out of existence. In his hands he now held police tape and orange cones. Five seconds later he set up a barrier around the scene and gently maneuvered the citizens out of it.

"I didn't get enough information from my sources so what did you find, a burglary? Some weirdo thinking it's flashy Tuesday when it's bemoaning Monday?"

"An unknown," Batman replied,

"Ouch, that serious?" Flash winched.

"You have no idea" Superman sighed, "I have a feeling that today is going to be a long day."