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A casual tune whistled on his lips as he stood outside the balcony of the hotel, gazing at the majestic hue of a sunset sky. The final moments before nightfall were so beautiful above this city… his city.

He continued to whistle on the way to his vehicle, going particularly slow, as he took in the diverse and wondrous scents around him, each one telling their own story: gasoline from passing vehicles, cigarette smoke, the waft of overdue garbage from nearby bins… the smell of sex and shamelessness eminating from him, from his armpits to his loins.

They all felt more special, because they were his. He was the king of this domain; his natural habitat, where the women were loose and the services accommodating. Sometimes, he felt drunk without even a swig of booze. That's what it did to him: power. He could do what he wanted, when he wanted. He could have whatever his heart desired, because he rolled with the group that sat on the throne of his miserable, beautiful city.

As the sun completed its final descent, welcoming darkness to the vast sky above, he unlocked his car and crawled into the driver's seat, shutting the door behind him. He gripped the wheel momentarily and prepared to turn the key… but he stopped. He didn't want to go home just yet. Not just yet… he had to bask. He had to take in the taste of freedom — of absolvement — just a little longer.

He thought about that night… the night that put him in the hole in the first place. He thought about her. Such a strong woman, that... "King" was… anyone could say that. Especially his boss. But she was the epitome of a glass cannon; her intensity and prowess belied such a fear and vulnerability inside her that it was sinfully tempting to peel back the layers and explore her soft core.

He remembered how he didn't want her that night. After she got him good and heated with that cheap shot, he let his partner (the lucky bastard) have all the fun. Not a day went by that he didn't regret it. He let his emotions get the best of him: anger and a rash decision. The hindsight tormented him, constantly pondering what he missed out on. Maybe she was ten times better than the whore he just left moments ago. Maybe she would've been the best he ever had.

Still, he couldn't help but laugh. They tried… oh they tried to put him away. Not in his town. Eleven years? Get the fuck out of here. He made the rules in the city, and he decided what was just and what was not.

...Maybe that's why he felt so compelled to stop by her workplace. Thousands of little voices told him it wasn't worth it; hell, even Big wasn't messing with her lately. But how… how could he stay away? Every fiber of his being pushed his body towards her, like an obsession. He wanted to see those frightened eyes, hear that voice with its adorable macho facade and lovely French expletives. Maybe one of the deeper impulses inside him was tempting him to poke the nest again, and see just how far he could go with... Cécile Levasseur... a second time. Maybe he'd even make up for past mistakes.

But no… the main reason he went there earlier? He just wanted to laugh. Laugh, mock, GLOAT… because he won. He and his partner put the almighty fear in her, and even though his cohort was still paying for the… "liberties" he took with her that night, here he still was, walking the streets. There was nothing she could do to him now. Not her, or that bitch cop, or anybo —


His muffled scream rang out inside the car, and was abruptly silenced.

Me again. I'm thinking this is pretty self-explanatory but I'll bite.

* The gunman was actually pretty passive in MLS, since the driver took charge. Although badly hurt, King was able to take him out with a nicely timed Hookbuster (you know, her throw where she knees and then uppercuts the opponent?).

* King's assailants learned her name when they ransacked the purse she had that night, as it had her driver's license in it.

* This guy is an asshole.

Okay! We made it through another! What will happen now that the gunman has been found? Where does everyone go from here? jojo and I would love to hear your thoughts! Until next time! Cheers~