Ella is Phil's youngest daughter and she is just as troubled as Ben and Louise (her older siblings) they are both protective of her so when Grant moves her back to London after being kicked out of school will she tell them why? her mum, Sharon and dad, Phil let her stay but will trouble follow her and her teenage life.

Flashback:Phil's Phone starts ringing*

"hello... Grant what's up... Ella? what's up with Ella... SHE WHAT?... yeah send her home she can see me and Sharon and we can talk to her... yeah bye" as he ends the call he See's Ben has returned. "hi dad, how ya been?" Ben asked as he saw his father.

*Flashback ended*

Ella wobbled off of the plane and caught the tube to Walford and headed straight to the vic. when she got there Mick asked her for ID and Ella gave him a fake one with her real name but false age. A few hours had passed Ella was so drunk that she couldn't talk properly, Mick had remembered the name on her ID and decided to call Ben.


Ben found out about his baby sister going off the rails when he came back so when she got to London he was going to give her 'the teenage talk'

Phone rings*

"Hello Mick what's up... yeah I know Ella she's my sister why... she's wasted? why did you serve a fourteen year old alcohol?... alright yeah thanks for telling me and not dad he'd go ballistic"

when Ben got to the pub he saw a young girl with brown hair and blonde tips "Ella... Ella why don't we go and sit down somewhere else yeah" "bwen I am not going away..."

Ben picked up his sister's hand but as she got up she was Wobbling everywhere and fell on to Ben "hehe so...ry about that and am Abit tipsy" when she didn't realize who she slipped on, Ben carried her to the arches and luckily Phil wasn't there

'listen Ella I'm going to the cafè so stay there and don't move" whilst he was talking he noticed his sister was passed out so he locked her in until he got back... he got back and Ella was still asleep so he woke her up "Ella wake up, I'm back and we need to talk..." "Ben, w-where am I last thing I remember is I was having a drink it was about 2'o clock and now I'm here... what time is it" "it's 5 and you're in the arches. now, what's been going on with you, 2 years ago you were a brunette, and a sweet young girl and now you've died you're hair, been kicked out of school, and have a drink problem. is everything ok with you and is there anything else different" he looked at his sister as she threw up and Phil walked in "Ella? when did you get back and why have you just been sick?" "Ella has been here for about an hour, I saw her and brought her here to catch up" Ben told his father "and I was sick because of the plane ride here" Ella lied because she knew how her father would react.

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