The start of his second semester was exciting. Not only did it mean that he was well on his way to becoming a hero but he had another year of training with his friends and making new memories along the way. It really felt like things were going to be great this year! And this year he was going to do even better.

There was absolutely no way that he was going to lose the sports festival. He was taking first place.

But that was still a ways away. Right now he needed to make his first visit of the new semester to the support workshop. He had an idea he wanted to talk to Mei about and he had no doubt that she would be able to help him. Mostly because she already had something similar to what he wanted from last year's sports festival.

Izuku walked with his head held high and took in a deep breath, just in time to crash into someone.


Oh no they sounded cute.

Izuku watched as a box of blueprints went flying up above his head, several of the rolled up schematics falling out and away. But more importantly was the short, exceptionally pale girl that he had just crashed into.

Long white hair that fell all the way down to the small of her back before it was pulled into a short ponytail, two fluffy white dog ears, and ruby red eyes. The girl had a strange cuteness about her that made Izuku feel even worse for bumping into her, doubly so when the box landed on her head. Much like his classmate, Kyoka, the girl wore her school uniform with the vest over her shirt, though unlike Kyoka, this girl wasn't flat. Far from it. "Youchie!"

And now he really needed to apologize to Kyoka later.

"Oh, sorry about that." Izuku gave a polite laugh and reached down to help her up. "I should have watched where I was-"

"Oh!" The girl's large red eyes locked onto him. An Albino? "Wow! You're Deku! Oh wow I can't believe we bumped into you!"

Someone knew him? That was amazing! Well now his self esteem was through the roof; he leaned down and started to help her pick up her blueprints. "You know me?"

"Oh yeah yeah! It wasn't that long ago you know! But you saved us while you were on patrol with Endeavour! You were super cute back then too, we like your hero suit, it matches your eyes and your hairs. And the ears are cute!" the girl said quickly moving about and grabbing at the blueprints with a near manic level of speed. "But you probably don't remember us! You were moving super quick and Endeavour was yelling at you and stuff, we couldn't handle that."

Why was she saying we? But more importantly she thought that he was cute! That made him feel all kinds of happy.

"Sorry about that, we were training on the job." He handed her the last of the blueprints and she bounced back up, her ears flopping with each step. Come to think of it, she was acting like a cute puppy dog wasn't she? "But it's nice to meet you, I'm Izuku Midoriya. Class 1, er actually 2-A."

"It's nice to meet you Izuku-Senpai! Our name is Cerberus but you can call me Cerby, everyone does! Oh because of you, we decided to join the support course!" Was that a tail wagging behind her? It was. She had a tail. Only it wasn't as white and fluffy as he would have thought, instead it was longer, thinner, and blacker, with a spade at the end. "We'll talk to you later! I need to put these in the classroom for sensei!"

Cerby started to run down the hallway, her light quick steps making her look like she was bouncing along like a gazelle. Even the way she ran was what he could call cute.

But then again she was in the support class and even if the girls in there were cute they were also not exactly on the sane side.

Yes, he was basing that knowledge purely off of Mei.

Still Cerby said that he was cute a lot.

That made him feel super special.

Also, why was her name Cerberus? Wasn't that some kind of giant three headed dog or something? It seemed like a weird name. But it seemed to fit her, hopefully he got to see her more often, outside of Mei he really didn't see many members of the support class.

Ah, right, he got distracted by a cute girl calling him cute, he needed to go see Mei.

"Let's see, the workshop is," he turned around, reorienting himself and looking for that simplistic sign that marked the workshop. Over the winter break, the workshop had to be relocated or rebuilt - because of Mei - so he wasn't exactly sure where it was located. Maybe he should have had Cerby show him the way.

"Damn," He muttered, scratching the back of his head. Did all it really take for him to start liking someone was for them to call him cute? Wait, technically all it took was for them to talk to him, and be a girl. Dammit, he really was just super easy wasn't he?

With a shrug Izuku caught sight of the new building, now looking more like an actual workshop than a renovated classroom at U.A. which it technically was supposed to be. Then Mei happened.

Why did it feel like as long as the list of "rules made because of Izuku Midoriya," was significantly shorter than the list of "rules, regulations, and other stipulations made because of Mei Hatsume?"

Oh right, because failure to him could be life and death, and failure for Mei, wasn't even a set-back. Admirable really.

"Maybe I should just follow the sound of explosions?" Izuku laughed and headed off in the direction he thought it should be.

After a couple of minutes of walking he did find the new building. It looked like a cross between a warehouse and a hanger, made out of steel and concrete with a large breadth of concrete around the edge to hopefully stop any fires from spreading. Izuku glanced into each of the open garages, there were more students than he would have thought, and several were even working on projects together, but he didn't see that pink haired ball of chaos he was expecting.

He arrived at the last garage and found who he was looking for.

And someone that he wasn't expecting to see.

"Oh! Izuku-Senpai! You should have told us that you were heading here! We would have come found you!" Cerby jumped up and waved at him when he walked into what really did felt like Mei's own personal section of the support building, mostly because of just how many of her gadgets were hanging on the wall. And the fact besides Cerby she was the only one in the room.

"Cerby?" Izuku asked, blinking. It was the same girl he had bumped into not too long ago right? How did she beat him here? "How did you get here before me?"

"What do you mean we were just-"

"Cerby!" Mei barked, "Size 32 screwdriver, a bit driller and a portable welder!"

"Oh! Right! Yes Senpai!" Cerby jumped and did her cute run - ears, hair, and tail, all bouncing along - out of the garage through a backdoor that slammed shut behind her.

"So is she your assistant?" Izuku asked, walking over to Mei, the large contraption she was working on looked like a chest plate for a large robot, but the inside was hallowed out, and were those controls in there? "And are you working on a mech suit for the support course?"

Mei spun around, nearly knocking something over as she looked at him with wide yellow eyes, her usual tank top was strained in the usual way and just as stained by oil as he remembered it being. Only this time her chest had a new accessory, a wrench was currently pulling down her top just a bit, somehow being held in place by her breasts or bra. Whenever she moved the wrench moved and whenever that wrench moved "Shh! Don't tell sensei! He'll yell at me if he knows."

Izuku glanced up towards the camera tucked in the corner of the room. Power Loader probably already knew all about it. Not that he blamed sensei, if anybody needed constant surveillance it was Mei, both for her own safety and that of the general populace as well.

The door opened again and Cerby bounced back in holding a box of tools that Mei asked for, humming with each step. "Here you go Senpai! Is there anything else you need from me?"

"Yeah!" Mei placed her hands on her hips smiling a bit. "I can't find my wrench."

"Senpai," Cerby said slowly, a kind smile still on her face as she all but bounced in place. She pointed a gloved finger towards Mei's chest. "It's in your boobs."

Mei blinked and looked down at her chest, her chin touching her collar bone. "Ahh,"

Cerby then turned towards him, her heels clicking as she did so. "So Izuku-senpai, why are you here? Do you need some new gear? Oh! Or are you and Mei-senpai a couple?"

"A couple?" Mei asked, looking confused. "Like workshop partners? Because he's in the hero course."

Cerby laughed, her tail swishing about behind her for a moment. "No silly, like," she paused and then looked Izuku in the eyes, her smile growing for a moment. "Actually nevermind Senpai, we wouldn't want to put ideas in your head."

Mei shrugged and went back to work. "Well, whatever, Izuku's normally here when he needs an improvement to his costume or something,"

"Oh! Exciting!" Cerby bounced up and down clapping. "I can't believe I already get to work on Deku's costume!"

"So what do you want Izuku?" Mei asked, her voice echoing from her latest baby. "Something that goes boom? Or maybe you want your own giant robot! Oh! Or maybe even a jet propelled belt that grappling hook combo that you can-"

"Actually, that's about what I'm after." Izuku finally managed to force a word in. He was still confused by what exactly was happening, like how Cerby managed to get all those tools so fast.

Mei pulled her head out. "I knew it! I have just the thing for you!"

"Don't you want to hear what exactly I need first?"

"Oh right, unreasonable demands that I will have to fulfill, bring it on!" Mei punched her chest, spreading some oil along her skin. A moment later Cerby handed her a moist towel.

Why did it feel like this was just about as close to pure chaos as he was ever going to see?

"Well Senpai? What exactly do you need?" Cerby asked, pulling out a notepad to write on.

Izuku laughed a bit and scratched the back of his head. "Well, I managed to make my quirk do something new."

"Oooh, exciting." Cerby muttered, Mei just looked at him with wide yellow eyes.

"I can float in the air pretty reliable now but I can't fly or anything, so I was wondering if you could-"

"Oh!" Mei snapped her fingers. "We can install some small jets along your back and belt that can give you limited propulsion while you're floating! I can even link the controls to only activate while that aspect of your quirk is active, Cerby, get my-"

"Hover soles? Wait, Izuku-senpai uses his feet a lot right?"

"I was going to say jetpack, but get those too! Oh, and my wrist control system! Oh, and the wire arrow, if he's out of range for his black whip then my wire arrow should be able to assist with his mid air movement."

"Oh that's a good idea!" Cerby ran past him, gathering some of the items Mei asked for off the wall her large energetic smile spreading with each step as her long white hair chased after her. "We can't believe we get to work on Deku's suit already! This is amazing! Oh Izuku-senpai, do you need a form? We can go get you one."

"No, it's already, I'll pick one up on my way out." Izuku laughed, watching the two girls work. Apparently Mei finally found someone that functioned on the same wavelength as her and then made that kouhai her assistant.

"Oh, are you sure? We can go get you one real quick, we can even get permission from Sensei?"

"Oh! While you're out I need at least one drill, and a type 5 screwdriver, and a good amount of that new material we got from I-Island." Mei commanded, now looking over her old inventions. "I'm sorry babies, Mama's going to need to repurpose you."

"Right! Got it Senpai!" And with that Cerby was out the door again.

She really was super cute. It was a shame he didn't really remember exactly when he saved her, during that whole Endeavour training he was so obsessed with go go go.

Hopefully he'd get to know more about her later.

Before he could even relax Cerby burst back into the room, holding one of the hero requisition forms up for him. "Here you go Izuku-senpai, please, let us know if there's anything else you need."

How was she so quick? Maybe Powerloader's office was just super close by? "Thanks Cerby."

"Ooh! If you're going to thank us, can you pat our head?" She leaned forward just a bit showing off the snow white top of her head. "Right between the ears."

Okay, that was just adorable. "Uhh, if you're sure?"

She nodded keeping her head lowered. "Do it, Senpai."

He brought his hand up towards her head and patted her head softly, making sure to rub her ears on the way.

Cerby squeaked, and took a step back, her eyes wider than normal and a blush was spreading across her pale cheeks. "Woah! That was way more stimulating than we thought it would be."

"Uhh," Izuku looked at his hand. "Was I too rough, Cerby?"

She shook her head. "No. We just liked it more than we thought we would."

"Oh, is that a good thing?"

Cerby calmed down a bit, a gloved hand resting on top of her chest, her poise and posture slowly returning. "It's really good Izuku-senpai, but we need to go to work now, if you just sign the form we can fill it out for you later!"

Before he could really process what she just said Cerby darted back into the back room.

A moment later she popped back out holding several crates for Mei, her red eyes locked onto him for a moment before she darted back beyond the door.

Izuku was no expert on emotions, but he was fair certain that Cerby had a crush on him. A big one too.


AN: You can blame/thank my betas/advisors for this, they kept posting cute Cerberus art in my discord! To those of you who don't know who she is go play Helltaker on steam. Its free.