There was a hidden cost to their sexual escapades at I-Island that neither one of them were rightly prepared for. It was a cost that neither one of them saw coming. Not until they got back to U.A. and went to bed. To their separate beds. Beds that were several buildings apart guarded by pro heroes, advanced security cameras, whatever the hell drone Mei had made, the recent security guard of Cerby's father, as well as her mother now being employed as a teacher, all with a strict curfew that could only be broken for a few hours on the weekend while they watch Eri.

And there was no way, either of them were going to have sex with Eri in the room no matter how horny they were.

This was terrible largely because of their recent discovery that they were horny as fuck teenagers and sex was sex.

It had only taken a week before Cerby started to send him lewds. A lot of lewds. Just an absurd amount of lewds. And he never got tired of them either.

As the days progressed, it got ever so slightly worse. And by slightly Izuku meant a lot worse, with Cerby threatening to kidnap him or develop a portal that would allow her to move into his room without being noticed.

Somehow they made it to winter break and then Cerby snapped and they managed to go out on a camping trip where they fucked.

A lot.

Afterwards Izuku would get mildly turned on anytime someone mentioned camping or he saw an outdoors sports good store.

Also pancakes were a full on aphrodisiac to him.

Despite all the odds, his first real relationship lasted.

Before he knew it he had graduated, and before he could even get his bearings as an adult, Cerby graduated and they ended up stuck in an apartment for six months despite the fact that Cerby got hired to a company that was actually paying her per work hour designing tech and gear, while his hero career got sent into overdrive.

The next year Mirio and Modeus got married.

A year after that Cerby discovered the ring that he had hidden waiting for her to find so he could ask her to marry him.

They got married. It was awesome.

So was the sex filled honeymoon.

And for a while, Izuku thought they had everything figured out. Then, Cerby got pregnant.


"Holy crap!"

Izuku watched as his wife stormed around the delivery room, her tank top hung loosely down her side and her hair was pulled into a messy bun thing that only served to keep her hair out of her face as she jiggled around with no bra. A neat side effect of Cerby's pregnancy was that it caused her boobs to grow. On all of her bodies.

Which meant that while one Cerby had a giant baby filled belly and the boobs to go along with it, there were two Cerby's that had their normal bellies but giant boobs. Which was in Izuku's opinion awesome. And the horny sex induced by pregnancy was likewise awesome.

The two nonpregnant Cerby's grabbed onto each other and cried. "What are we going to do, what are we going to do? We can't handle being a mom! Wait, Wait! We know! Izuku called our mom! Tell her Eri's getting a little sister and she's watching over our baby!"

Izuku just laughed and smiled, holding the very pregnant and steadily breathing Cerby's hand. Well, he was more just resting his hand while she attempted to squeeze the life out of it. It didn't really hurt, but if she kept it up, he might get a new scar or two with how deep she was burying her rather sharp nails.

"Dear," the Cerby in labor squirmed slightly, her hair was even more of a mess than her other bodies and there was a wild, near feral look in her eyes. "Why are you laughing?"

"Because you're freaking out about something so silly." Izuku pulled her hand up and kissed her softly, easing the deathgrip just ever so slightly. "You're the most amazing woman I know, and you're going to be the best mother in the whole world. You have no idea how amazing at all of this you're going to be."

All three Cerby's looked at him with big watery eyes. "Baaaabe!"

He was promptly glomped by all three of his wife as she tried to hug and kiss him with all of her bodies. One whispered into his ear. "But we're never having another kid again."

Then she gasped.

"It's coming!" One Cerby shouted she stood up and ran right into the wall, the next one tripped over her while the pregnant and largely immobile Cerby just sat there, her face marred with pain. Her breathing was rapid and she grabbed Izuku's arm with a death grip that did him proud. "Izuku, doctor, now."

"Right." Izuku stood and moved towards the door, only to stop when the doctor and several nurses came running in. Right, high tech equipment probably let them know exactly what was going on. "She thinks it's time."

The doctor looked at him, placing on a fresh pair of latex gloves and rolled his eyes. "It was time a few hours ago, but still, not the latest I've delivered a child. Now please, tend to your wife."

Izuku smiled and took a step back and in his place the two non-pregnant bodies of his wife stepped in his place. "What's happening? Are we going to be okay? How's the baby? Is it supposed to be this painful? Woah, we didn't know we looked like that, oh, god we shouldn't have looked at us."

"Sir," The doctor gave Izuku a dry look, "Could you please tell your wife's sisters to wait outside."

"Actually, those aren't her sisters, all three of them are the same person. It's-"

"Her quirk, yes, yes, I remember her chart now. But that doesn't change the fact that they're in the way, please take them outside and use them to comfort your wife so we can deliver the baby in peace alright?"

Cerby's ears went down, and she extended her hands out towards Izuku. "Okay."

Izuku sat down just outside of the delivery room, both of his hands were being squeezed to death by Cerby as she closed her eyes, her breathing in perfect sync as she continued to make pained expressions one after another.

"Are you okay with being out here?" Izuku asked, squeezing her hand back.



They sighed and spoke at the same time. "The doctor was right, we are freaking out a lot. And we didn't-Ahh."

They screamed for a moment before slapping a hand over both their mouths, tears streaming down the side of her face, legs stomping as she worked her way through the pain. "We are never having another kid ever again."

"This sucks. It sucks so much and-"

There was a pause. The sound of an infant crying came from inside the delivery room.

Cerby gasped. A wide happy smile on her face as tears of joy began to spread down her face. "Izuku, we want another one."

Izuku rolled his eyes and sighed. Honestly, he should have seen that coming. "Let's focus on raising this one for a bit before we get you pregnant, again."

"We know that's smart, but it doesn't mean we're happy about it."

Izuku sighed and smiled, standing to enter the room and see his new child that his wife was absolutely gushing over.

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