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Somewhere in the middle of a forest, in the middle of the night,

Her feet are numb and raw from slamming them against the hard abrasive ground. The cold is unkind to her barely dressed body, her once warm outfit of jeans and her favorite yellow hoodie, along with her practical white tennis shoes reduced to a tank top and shorts. Her vision is blocked by the tears that have yet to fall, accompanied with the ghost of her breath materializing before her eyes. The dark of the night blinding her further, causing her to rely solely on the breaks in the trees above her that allow the moonlight to bleed through. She is battling between trees, dodging branches and jumping over rocks that block her speedy path. Branches and leaves are biting and grabbing at her exposed skin, leaving thin traces of blood in their wake. The sound of her heart thumping in her ears, nearly drowning out her own thoughts. She's moving as fast as she can through the trees, anything to get away from him.

"This isn't going to last long! I need to hide!" She manages to think through her blurred thinking.

She takes off to the right, heading deeper into the forest, when she comes across a patch of trees and large boulders. It's her last hope- she needs to survive- if not for herself then for them.

She ducks in between two boulders, collapsing against the edge of the larger of the two. Her hands rush to her mouth the hush herself, focusing on listening for the footsteps of her threat. The stillness of the wood around her disturbing, eerily too quiet for a forest.

Minutes later, she's standing to her feet, but keeping her head low, she makes her way to the edge of the boulder to glance around at her surroundings. She can't see far- if not about 20 feet ahead of her. She doesn't see him, a thought that once would have relieved her but only puts her further on edge.

Her thoughts raced by so quick she could barely catch them, "Where did he?.. Did I lose him? That can't be right."

She looks behind her, nothing but trees, some smaller sized boulders, and the daunting shadows that seem to be growing toward her.

"Thought you could get away now, did ya doll?" A disembodied voice avows into her ear.

She turns as her heart drops, a tightness welling up in her throat as tears leak out of her eyes.

He grabs her head savagely, tangling his hands into her hair to get a tighter hold, and he slams her head into the side of the boulder.

"AH- UGH!" She screams as she hears her head crack from the force.

Her head is pounding as she lay on the cold ground, her vision swimming into darkness as she feels warmth trickle down her face, unsure if it's tears or her blood.

She slips into a warm feeling of numbness. She sees a light.

"I'm sorry… Mieko.. Kiyoko.."

In a library in Japan, August 3rd, 9:18 am…..

Mai walks into the library with her phone and iced earl grey tea in hand, ready to start her morning. Unlike her 16 year old self, she finally caught on to the whole time-management thing, though it is not a completely rare occurrence. She works a slightly longer bob of wavy brown hair that reaches just about her collar bone. She is slightly taller, only reaching about 5'5. Her hips grew out a bit as she matured further but she still confidently rocks her B cup. She's 20 now, in college studying psychology with the dream of becoming a psychologist that works with children, hoping to further focus her practice with children in foster homes and orphanages. Working into her fall semester of college, she's quickly adapted to the life of a college student. She decided to stay at her apartment though, too sentimental to move out. Plus- it's not too far from her college so there's been no need to relocate.

Her job at the library isn't too far out of the way either and she's quite grateful for that fact. Her job at the library varies depending on who happens to be working at the time; sometimes it's re-shelving books, other days she is helping the checkout desk. One of her favorite jobs is to read to the preschool kids that come in on Wednesdays! Sometimes John brings the children from the church to come visit her, he knows just how much she loves working with kids and it's an excuse to come and catch up.

Her relationship with the rest of SPR never dwindled, in fact it had only gotten stronger, and it is yet another thing she is beyond grateful for. Bou-san and Ayako started dating just a little while after SPR disbanded and, while not legally per se, are practically her parents now. She promised Ayako that she would call at least every other day so they can talk, though she just thinks that Ayako misses her a lot since she is always working or at school. Bou-san cried on her first day of college, not that she's living in a dorm or anything. He called his tears "liquid pride". Ayako thought it was a lame excuse and she started calling him an old man, thus fighting ensued. She'll never get tired of their arguments.

Mai goes to the same college as Yasu, a blessing and a curse in their own respective ways. He is also studying Psychology (something he suggested to Mai, something about becoming the best psychologist duo that Japan has ever seen?) so they see each other often. Which means, dealing with his devilishly handsome yet so punch-able face along with his prankster and flirtatious antics. But with the bad, there's always the laughs, lunches and study "dates" (he loves to tell everybody about them, thus giving everyone in their department the wrong idea about the two) that they have together. She loves being able to borrow his mind for a bit, whether it be personal or school life. She truly couldn't ask for a better best friend.

Mai is even close with Masako now! A shocker right? Well once the.. catalyst was no longer in Japan, there was no need to fight over him anymore. They went through their rejections together, allowing them to finally put their rivalry at rest. Don't think Masako isn't still her catty and presumptuous self though, she'd never be Masako without those traits! With their relationship stronger, they can actually stand each other to go on lunch dates or go shopping together at the mall. Though, it's never a dull time going out in public with the Masako Hara, renowned psychic medium. She's always recognized in public, sometimes even crowds swarm around her- it can get scary sometimes. Yet, despite all that, she always stays calm and composed during these situations and Mai truly admires her for it.

Mai loves her family with her whole heart and more, she is so thankful that she could stay in contact with them- she has no clue what she would've done if they all just went their separate ways. With her settling into a new daily life, she's finally feeling herself having a bit more control of her life.

"Good morning Mai! You ready for today?" An excited yet gentle voice pulls her out of her thoughts.

"Good morning Mrs. Yoshioka! I woke up in a great mood today- so today's going to be a good day, I just know it!" Mai exclaims happily to her boss.

"I love that you're always so cheerful Mai! It's like a breath of fresh air." Mrs. Yoshioka smiles widely, crows feet appearing at the outer edges of her finely aged eyes, "Can I start you on re-shelving books in the non-fiction section?"

"Of course! Just let me put my purse in the back really quick!" she smiles, walking briskly past the front desk and toward the door labelled "Employees Only." She goes to a locker, unlocks it, and places her belongings along with her earl grey tea inside while remembering to shove her phone in her back pocket. Leaving the room, she grabs an apron off a hook near the door. She places it around her neck and ties it off around her waist.

She heads straight to the reshelving cart specifically for non-fiction books and gets to work immediately. Humming to herself and working with a smile on her face, helping some people as she goes.

Life has finally started to settle for her once again. Nothing could possibly ruin the happiness she feels right now.


In a lovely house in London, August 4th, 1: 25 am….

He should be sleeping right now, but instead he is up and about re-reading some of his favorite books in his cave of an office. He is reading the words yet, they don't seem to be sticking. What could possibly be on this boy-genius's mind that would warrant distraction? The regret of leaving Japan for a second time.

Oliver left Japan once to mourn his dead twin brother, the burial went well and Gene was finally put to rest. He finally had the closure he had searched so long for and he could finally stop blaming himself for the death of his brother, along with the guilt of not being able to find his body. Though, after all that hard work it seems that Gene still didn't cross over, a fact that he wasn't aware of until he had returned back to Japan for the first time. This fact later discovered during the Midori case*, one of the most dangerous cases he has ever had to deal with, yet he survived only because of his dependence on his brother.

He left again because he didn't like the fact that he still had to rely on his dead twin brother. It made him feel weak and a burden to his team and he didn't like it one bit. So one night he decided to come back to England, much to his team's disappointment and his mother's enjoyment. He can never forget the look that his assistant wore after he told her he wouldn't be returning this time. She had looked so broken yet she still wore a smile. The smile never reached her eyes, instead they held a look of abandonment and broken confusion.

With a sigh he drops his book onto the desk, the book flipping closed with the action.

His research hasn't led him to any new leads for solving his problem. Four years of being home with the best resources at his disposal and he hasn't found a single lead. Well, expect for more hospital visits for over exerting himself during trials.

Not to add to the fact that he has little to no intellectual challenge with his work now, there's rarely any good cases in England. Cases that are too easy or only turn out to be hoax aren't anywhere near as fun as the cases he had in Japan. Coming home he thought that maybe his father would keep him busy at least, but that hasn't proven true either.

In his time home the only thing that has proven change is that he has grown a couple inches taller and has grown some muscle due to working out in his free time. His hair has also grown out a bit longer than he would usually allow, but he hasn't felt that it was urgent. He has bags under his eyes from his late night ventures in his office. At first his parents were worried, rightfully so, but soon his behavior became the usual for Noll.

He hasn't contacted his old team either, not even once since he left for the second time. Why would he need to? They should know that he doesn't do such useless things. They should just forget that he was ever there.

But why can't he just forget them? He thinks about them everyday- especially a certain brunette assistant that made the best tea he had ever dreamed of. Though he wonders about the others too, does Monk still play in that "band" of his? Is Ms. Matsuzaki still her fiery self? Is John still thriving as the youngest catholic priest and exorcist he's ever met? Is Yasuhara-san still his amorous self? Does Ms. Hara still wear her traditional kimonos? Have they changed? As much as he would hate to admit it out loud, they were not just old colleges, but people we might've labelled as close friends- maybe even a second family.

But truth be told, his mind is usually preoccupied with thoughts of Mai. How had she changed? Does she still keep her hair short? Does she still have that curious look in her eyes? Did she end up going to college? Is she ok after I left?

It was the most childish thing he had ever done, up and leaving the job and life he had in Japan over something that's so small but seemed so big at the time. He didn't even consider what he was leaving Mai with after he left. He had rejected her due to his own jealousy of his dead brother and left her unfairly questioning herself. Then he returned, didn't even apologize, and then two weeks later left again. His leaving left Mai confused, jobless and sad.

"Wallowing in self-pity are you, Noll?" A higher pitched version of his voice echoes from a small hand mirror lying on his desk.

Oliver can't help but glare at the item, questioning why he didn't discard the item as soon as he got back to England four years ago.

"What do you need to bother me about now Gene?" Oliver says in a rough voice, which he then cleared.

"Bother you? Oh I'd never bother my oh so loving little brother," Eugene giggles through his smirk, "just wanted to give you a little heads up about something but if it truly bothers you I guess I can just save it." His voice turns to fake sorrow as he speaks.

Oliver glares at the mirror once again, saying nothing, yet his eyes said "My patience is running thin, speak before it snaps."

Laughter can be heard throughout the dimly-lit room, feigning childish mischievousness all throughout. "Fine, fine, I'll tell you already. Father has a new case for you, it's a pretty serious one too. I just want you to prepare yourself just in case things get too dangerous." Gene says with a lingering smile from his brother's reaction to his earlier antics.

"And the details of the case?" Noll says with curiosity, this case obviously piqued his interest.

"Can't tell." Gene says plainly.

Oliver looks to the wall of bookshelves to his right, completely questioning why he even acknowledged his presence in the first place.

Once again laughter burst through the mirror, Gene obviously enjoying his little brother's torment.

"Im serious though, I can't tell you. Where's the fun in that? Gotta have something to look forward to tomorrow." Gene says through his fit of giggles. "Well, I'm going to go and leave you alone in this freakishly dark and gloomy room. Make sure to get some sleep yeah?" Waiting for no response the figure disappears and Oliver is left with his own reflection in his tiny hand held mirror.

Sighing while glancing at a clock on his desk, it read 2:33 AM, the boy decides to go to bed and get some sleep. Silently excited for the potential break of boredom, silently excited to get a case that will finally challenge him.

In a restaurant in Japan, August 4th, 2:13 pm,

Mai and her family sit in a booth at their favorite restaurant, the order goes as follows: at the edge on the left is Masako and next to her is John; next to John sits Yasuhara, who is currently flirting with him; then there sits Mai right in the middle, then there is Ayako and finally Monk sits at the edge on the right. Their table is full of drinks and plates that once held their delicious meals.

"So Mai, how has college been so far? Are you enjoying your spring break?" John asks sheepishly, trying to get out of Yasuhara's flirting spree.

"It's been great! While I love being in school, I am totally grateful for spring break- today is Yasuhara and I's first day of spring break!" Mai says happily and holds a piece of fish in her chopsticks.

"Do you have any plans for your break?" Ayako inquires, her attention now focused on the small brunette to the right of her.

"No, I asked for less days at the library from Mrs. Yoshika so I can relax a little, but I told her to call me if she needs extra hands or to cover for someone. Other than that I just planned to get a little ahead for my classes and stay at home." Mai states, she then shoved the delicious looking piece of fish into her mouth.

"Well that's just unacceptable, you don't have anything fun planned for your break?" Ayako says in a shocked state. Mai shakes her head no, still chewing her food.

"Well then, I guess I'll just have to take you shopping during your break." Ayako says matter-of-factly.

Masako silently giggles from across the table while Mai is silently rolling her eyes at her adoptive mom, knowing there is no use in fighting her on her passion- shopping. Masako knows how brutal Ayako can be when it comes to shopping, the woman is pretty brutal.

Suddenly a rock song is playing loudly from under the table.

Monk blushes slightly and scrambles to answer his phone quickly, everyone else lightly giggling at his clumsy actions. Monk looks at the caller ID and his eyes widen a bit, but he quickly changes his expression to not worry the rest of the group.

"I gotta take this, I'll be back in a couple minutes" He says quickly and with a smile. He shoots up from his seat and glides to outside the restaurant.

Ayako raises a brow, suspicious of her boyfriend's actions, but let's it go quickly, remembering to ask about it later. She turns back to Mai, whose eyes are still following Monk. Mai also brushes it off, but her gut tells her that the call he just took is an important one.

The group's conversation continues, everyone talking about their days or telling funny stories to each other.

Meanwhile, outside the restaurant,

"Long time no talk Lin-san." Monk states with a smile.

"Hello, Takigawa-san." Lin's deep voice seeps through the phone


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