p style="text-align: left;""A little expense would have been nice," Will snarled as he stomped his way into Henry's lab./p
p style="text-align: left;"Henry turned from his group of monitors, eyebrows climbing into his hairline. "Dude, what are you talking about?"/p
p style="text-align: left;"Will nudged Henry's legs apart, making a space just big enough for his legs. Henry licked his lips, already liking where it was going./p
p style="text-align: left;"Then Will talked./p
p style="text-align: left;""Today's my birthday," Will said, a menacing glare killing the beginnings of Henry's hard-on./p
p style="text-align: left;"Oh. Henry tucked his tongue into his cheek, made sure his face was completely blank. "Um, yeah, I know. Happy birthday, babe."/p
p style="text-align: left;"Will's eyes narrowed and as Henry watched he yanked a battered CD case out of no-where (well, maybe it was Will's back pocket, but if it really did come out of no-where, Will had been holding out on him, the tease), waving it in Henry's face. "I already have U2's latest," Will said, waving the CD jewel in Henry's face. "In fact, emthis/em is my copy. Wrapping a ribbon around it and putting it on my bed doesn't make it new."/p
p style="text-align: left;"Henry dodged the CD case for the third time in as many seconds, grabbed Will's moving hand. "Dude, come on—"/p
p style="text-align: left;""Don't think for a second you can get out of your promise," Will continued his tirade, glare hardening. "I wouldn't even be making a big deal out of this if you hadn't been so secretive about what you had planned."/p
p style="text-align: left;"Henry rolled his eyes. Seriously. emSeriously/em. "Will, don't be dumb."/p
p style="text-align: left;"Will scowled, his nose twitching like it did when he got really pissed. "You have a lot of nerve calling me—"/p
p style="text-align: left;""emDude/em," Henry cut in, smothering the laugh that almost popped out his mouth. Will was cute when he got pissy. "Open the case."/p
p style="text-align: left;"Will blinked down at him, his jaw clenching and unclenching. "Oh."/p
p style="text-align: left;"Henry looked at the lab's ceiling, hoped no one could see his smugness from freaking space. "Yep, I'm awesome. You can worship me with your body now."/p
p style="text-align: left;"Will snorted as he took out the tickets from the jewel case, blinked at Henry. "These are tickets for the concert in Glasgow. emGlasgow/em. The concert's been sold out since the week after the date was announced. Wait, these are backstage passes, too."/p
p style="text-align: left;""It's no biggie. Bono still owes me for a shape-shifter incident on their last tour." Henry shrugged, trying and failing to keep the smile off his face./p
p style="text-align: left;""You think you're so great, don't you," Will muttered, leaning down and kissing Henry like any true U2 fan could./p
p style="text-align: left;"Will moaned as Henry let his hands trail to his ass, and Henry swallowed the sound, growling a little when Will's landed on his shoulders and squeezed. God, Will's ass was—/p
p style="text-align: left;""Wait, emwhat/em?" Will said against Henry's mouth, and leaned back, brows furrowed. "Shape-shifter?"/p
p style="text-align: left;""We've gotta leave in the next few minutes if we want to get to Scotland in enough time to do more than sleep off the jetlag before the concert tomorrow. The Big Guy prepped the jet for me, so it's ready to fly out," Henry said, coughing into his hand and looking anywhere but at Will./p
p style="text-align: left;"Will smirked at him and Henry knew he wasn't fooling him. But what was Henry supposed to say? That Bono had been locked in a vegetable cellar in Idaho while a shape-shifter lived his life for two years? Yeah, right./p
p style="text-align: left;""Fine, I'll leave it alone for now, but you owe me a story." Will took Henry's hand and hefted him out of the rolling chair, and dragged him down the hallway to their room. "After the thank you sex, and then the birthday sex, you'll tell me anything I want to know."/p
p style="text-align: left;"Henry chuckled, not particularly bothered by the observation. He knew he got talkative after sex. Will was totally the master of concentration, and Henry was a willing sacrifice./p
p style="text-align: left;""Yeah, yeah, Will. Just don't call me cheap ever again."/p