Chapter 2: Four, Five, Six, Seven

Several days after the Seventh Angels defeat

Deep underneath the city of Neo-Tokyo-03 resided the expansive Geofront. Bathing in all of its man-made beauty. In its center laid Special Agency NERV's main headquarters. Its black pyramid shape and the body of water adjacent to it, making it easily recognizable, sticking out like a sore thumb.

Towards the top of the large facility was the Supreme Commander Gendo Ikari's office. The man himself sat at his desk, examining reports and documents made by the many departments of NERV. Sitting next to him was his former university professor and current Sub-Commander of NERV, Kozo Fuyutsuki, quietly reading the daily paper. The late afternoon colors illuminated the otherwise dark, tomb-like office.

The phone at the Commander's desk started to ring. Gendo swiftly answered, "What is it?" he asked. "...Could you elaborate, Lieutenant? What do you mean by the Second Branch has… vanished?" Despite the alarming news, Gendo didn't sound the least bit concerned. Fuyutsuki, on the other hand, looked up from his newspaper, confused.

"Have the investigations department take top priority on this; I expect a full report from them within the next 48-hours," Gendo said, returning the phone to its receiver and continuing his original task.

Fuyutsuki eye-balled the Commander, "Ikari… how are you going to explain this to the old men?" he asked.

"It's likely they already know. We will not need to uphold any details from them. This time," said Gendo, his eyes still fixated on the papers in front of them.

Misato sighed, "So, what happened?" her voice full of dismay and her face particularly pale. She stood around a group of people, all hovering over the large observation screen embedded into the floor.

"You and everyone else here wishes they knew ma'am," said Lieutenant Makoto Hyuga, "Administration, the Investigations department, and General affairs are all in a total panic…. Hell, even the MAGI is having a hard time figuring it out."

"Well, do we at least have a hint? There has to be something that could give us a clue," said Misato.

Dr. Akagi, head scientist of NERV, shook her head. "All we have to go off of is some geosynchronous footage taken during the incident… Everything else is gone," she said. The beeps of her PDA could be heard as she pulled the footage up onto the screen.

The blank screen the group orbited now showed a still frame of a large crater in the Nevada desert. Ritsuko then rewound the footage. In place of the cavity were many strewn together buildings that made up NERV's Second Branch. Nothing seemed to show any indication of what went wrong. The footage began to play, a small counter appearing on the bottom-right of the screen. Feelings of anticipation grew within each group member as Lieutenant Maya Ibuki counted down with it.

"...Three ...Two ...One ...Contact!" said the Lieutenant.

A large wave of dust was seen flying away from the center of the area, accompanied by a prolonged, thunderous boom. Red began to envelop the screen, only becoming brighter as the footage continued playing.

Then with a loud and sudden crash, static-filled the once red screen, ceasing any further examination of the footage. "This is… horrible," commented Misato, her voice sounding grimmer.

"Everything within an 89-kilometer radius completely vanished, including all 6,908 staff and personnel," said Maya.

"Examining the timetable, It would seem at the time of the incident they were testing the restored S2 engine from Berlin, which was planned to be installed in Evangelion Unit-04 upon its arrival." said one of the other Lieutenants, Shigeru Aoba, looking down at his clipboard.

"A list of possible causes range from oversights during the restoration process to a mistake during shipping," Maya said. "That brings the total up to 39, 768 possibilities."

"It's not like the Third Branch to make a mistake like that. We'll need to rule in sabotage as well," commented Misato.

"But there wasn't an explosion, though. Everything just vanished, right?" asked Makoto.

Misato turned to Ritsuko, "If that's the case, then does that mean the S2 engine is…?"

Ritsuko sighed deeply. "Gone, along with our dreams," she cooly replied.

"Hmph, guess that's what we get for messing around with something we don't understand." said Misato, with the ghost of a chuckle, "...What about Unit-04, don't tell me it vanished too?"

"Fortunately, no, it was still being prepped for transport in Boston when everything took place," said Ritsuko.

The captain blew out a sigh of relief, "Phew. Would've been a disaster if we lost it." she said, "...Not that they were going to do anything with it in the first place."

Ritsuko didn't respond. She instead stared intently at the clipboard in her hands.

"...going to do with their Eva's now?" asked the drowned-out voice of Misato.

Ritsuko perked up upon hearing the incomplete sentence. Hmm? What was that?" she asked apologetically, massaging her head. The day had been busy as usual for her. She was now on her way to NERV HQ's cafeteria for a much-needed lunch break, Misato accompanying her. Despite how much she'd like to skip lunch and work, Ritsuko knew it wasn't wise to skip meals.

"I asked what is the First Branch going to do with their Eva's?" repeated Misato, "They don't have anything exactly planned for them, now that that S2 engine is gone."

"They'll be sending all three here," replied Ritsuko as she and Misato unloaded from the elevator. "It seems the U.S government doesn't want to risk losing them or another branch."

"Tch, talk about self-serving assholes. First, they demand the rights to build Unit-03 and Unit 04. And then they just push them onto us like it's our responsibility all of a sudden." said Misato, "If it weren't for the U.K and Russia, I wouldn't have been this slightest bit surprised if they had tried to get the rights to Unit-05 and Unit-06 too."

Ritsuko let out a small giggle. The two arrived at the cafeteria soon after. They sat at one of the many vacant benches and quietly began to eat their food. Misato unwrapped her lunch and wafted her hands around it, taking in the scent of Shinji's cooking.

"God… I don't know how he does it. There's no way a kid his age could make something that smells this good..." With a single bite, Misato felt as if she had entered food nirvana, "...and have it taste even better!" she said.

"It's good to see that your taste buds have finally woken up," said Ritsuko,

"I'm still baffled you were able to live off some of the stuff you ate."

Misato rolled her eyes at the comment, "So~ are there going to be standard pilots?" she then asked, with a smirk, "Or will you be using that dummy system everyone's been talking about~?"

Ritsuko jumped at the question, "Wh-who told you about that?!" she asked frantically.

The captain then snickered, wearing a snarky grin, "You ought to step back from your work from time to time and talk with your co-workers, y'know?" she said, "You'd be surprised at how much gets out."

"Tell me that when the Human race isn't at risk of being wiped out, okay?" said Ritsuko, carrying a stern tone of voice. She then sighed and smirked, realizing how pointless it was to make a fuss over it. "Well, to answer your question, I don't know. The dummy system still has a plethora of major issues with it that have yet to be ironed out. It's not exactly easy to try and create a fake pilot." She continued, "Not to mention, the Marduk Institute hasn't made a report yet…" She said, picking at her food.

"Everything's up in the air, then?" asked Misato.

Ritsuko sighed, "It would seem that way," she said, eye-balling the clipboard next to her tray of food.

Toji, Kensuke, and Hikari all looked at the scientist sitting across from them with shocked and confused looks.

Kensuke pulled Toji aside, "J-just so w-where c-clear here… did she just say that we've been s-selected to be… p-p-p-p..." he whispered, stammering, "p-pilots… like Eva pilots, r-right?" he asked.

Toji nodded nervously, "Y-yeah, s-she did." he answered.

"Huh… A-Alright, w-was just making sure… i-if that's the case, then..." Kensuke took a deep breath and violently jumped out of his seat, "I ACCEPT, PLEASE W-WHERE DO I SIGN?!" he yelled, making everyone lean back in their chairs with startled looks.

Ritsuko hesitantly pushed a piece of paper in front of Kensuke and pointed out each place he needed to sign. The boy quickly skimmed through the document and signed it.

"I-I suppose that just leaves you two," said Ritsuko as Kensuke handed back the document.

Nervous looks were worn by both students. On paper, the decision was easy. Who exactly would want to risk their life and pilot one of those 80-meter tall death machines? However, the amount of pressure riding on the decision made things difficult, as well, Kensuke's over-excited attitude wasn't helping at all.

Toji frowned. Memories of his sister and her unfortunate accident during the fight against the third angel flooded his mind. Truthfully, Toji didn't hate the Evangelions; if anything, he was just indifferent towards them. The mere mention of them made his skin crawl, reminding him of the aftermath, seeing his bruised and bloodied sister under a pile of debris. Her hurt and raspy voice faintly calling his name reverberated in his head.

"No disrespect, doc. But I think I'm… I'm..." Toji's mind trailed off further, his sister's voice replaying...

Toji leaned back, his cheek having a bright red handmark on it. "Ah! Hey, what was the for-" he couldn't finish his sentence. His younger sister, Sakura Suzuhara, sporting a particularly furious look, slapped him once more.

"For punching that pilot! He's saved our lives twice now, and you treat him like that?!" she asked, "Didn't Mommy ever tell you to treat people with respect?"

Toji opened his mouth, attempting to answer. However, her point was a true one. All he could do at that moment was sit in his chair in defeat while being lectured by her.

"We'd be all dead if he didn't kill that monster!" said the little girl, angrily. "If anything, you should've socked that monster in the face, not him…"

Sakura's words stayed firmly with Toji. With good reason. She was right, after all. It wasn't the Eva that exploded that night. He contemplated some more, took a deep, long breath, and looked towards Ritsuko.

"Y'know what, ignore what I was gonna say earlier. I'll do it, I'll pilot one of those robots you got," said Toji, a fiery look of confidence in his eyes, "On one condition."

The scientist grabbed the pen and clipboard next to her, "And what might that be? NERV will surely take care of it, given it's reasonable." she said.

"I'm not asking for much. Can you put my sister, Sakura, in one of those fancy hospitals you got in the Geofront, would ya? Make sure she gets the best care possible." he said, "Now, where do I gotta sign?"

As Toji was being shown where to sign, Hikari and Kensuke looked at his friend, stunned by his sudden decision.

"Suzuhara, a-are you sure about this…?" asked Hikari.

"Yeah, I thought you said you weren't going anywhere near one of those things?" commented Kensuke, his excitement fueled high now dissipated.

Toji handed the document back, having read and signed it. "I'm dead serious about this. She deserves it after all she's been through. And if I gotta fight in one of those things so she can get what she deserves, I'm fine with it," he replied, the determination in his eyes remaining.

"Very well…" said Ritsuko. "It would seem you're last, Ms. Horaki."

Hikari's anxiety heightened as the scientist shifted her focus to the class representative. With Kensuke's overjoyed attitude and Toji's bold look. It gave her a pounding headache trying to come up with an answer.

She was startled by a sudden tap on her shoulder. She turned and saw Toji and Kensuke, both with concerned looks on their faces. It seemed that she had made it a little too obvious that she was having a difficult time.

"You alright there, Class rep?" asked Toji, "You ain't looking so good."

The girl gave a quick nod and nervous smile, "Oh y-yes! I'm fine," she said, her cheeks turning into a blushing bright pink. "J-just having a little trouble deciding that's all," she continued, "There's just so much pressure, I have no idea whether to say yes or no anymore."

"Well, if that's the case, then what does your gut say?" Toji then asked.

Hikari shot a confused look at him, "My... what?" she asked.

"Y'know, your gut, the inside of you." he said, "Whenever I'm in a pinch and can't decide or figure out something, I calm down and hear it out… So, what's your gut telling you right now?"

The class representative, out of any other options, did what Toji had instructed. She closed her eyes and began to calm herself down, ignoring any distractions, and 'heard her gut out.'

After a few moments, she opened her eyes back up and looked at the woman sitting across from her.

Asuka collapsed face-first onto the living room couch, letting out a muffled groan as her face sunk into the cushions.

"This damn heat… why does Japan have to be so hot?" she asked while trying to mend her headache.

Once again, the day had proven to be dull and uneventful for her. Despite the last day of school only being a few days away, it didn't stop it from being just as tedious as the previous ones. She would have gotten home much sooner if it weren't for Hikari's sudden disappearance. With her gone, the entire cleanup portion of the day took longer than it should have. It had gotten so disorganized to the point she couldn't take it any longer and left, leaving her task unfinished.

Asuka shuffled over to the end table next to the couch and checked the time. It was 14:32. The whole apartment felt like it was missing something.

It then clicked in her mind. 'Shouldn't Shinji be here by now?' she thought, noticing Shinji's absence. 'That explains why it's so quiet. Jeez, first: Hikari and the Two Stooges get called to the principals and don't come back. And now the idiot's gone as well.'

She turned her attention to the direction of the landline phone near the entrance, slowly got up, and approached it, 'Should I call him…?' she asked herself as she continued to stare at the phone. Before Asuka could even pick up the phone, however, the front door hissed open.

"I'm home!" hollered Shinji.

Asuka peered her head out, "Where the hell have you been?!" she asked,

"Wait no, let me guess… you and wonder girl were having one of your guys' silent, one-sided, philosophical conversations again, weren't you?" she asked, sarcastically.

"Oh… n-no, not this time," he replied, embarrassed. "It's just Tama and, I needed to deliver everyone's clean-up schedules for the week since Kensuke and Toji were both out…" Shinji said, placing his things down.

"...Speaking of which, have you heard from Horaki lately?"

"Pfft, nope," replied Asuka, "Not a thing, haven't talked to her since this morning."

"Really? Not even a call?" he asked.

"What part of haven't-talked-to-her-since-this-morning did you not understand?!" she yelled, with a threatening glare.

"S-sorry!" he said, quickly raising his hands defensively.

Asuka rolled her eyes, her anger subsiding. Shinji sighed in relief, having dodged yet another beatdown by the short-tempered redhead for the second time today.

"...I-I guess that makes both of us though," Shinji said, "Neither Kensuke nor Toji have called me back at all."

"Tch, even the Stooges aren't talking." Asuka said, "Just what in the hell did the principal want from them in the first place? I swear if one of them roped Hikari into something…" she said, clenching her fist tight.

The phone started ringing. Shinji quickly answered, "Katsuragi Residence… Ah, Horaki," he said. Asuka's head perked up upon hearing her friend's name. "...Um, sure… here," he said, holding the phone out to Asuka.

She quickly snatched it from Shinji's hand, "Hikari! Where were you today? Did something happen at the principal's office?" asked Asuka with a flurry of questions.

"H-Hi, Asuka," nervously replied Hikari. "C-Could you maybe come by my place… like right now?" she asked, "It's um… important. Very important."

Asuka raised an eyebrow, "What, why? Don't tell me that thing happened to Nozomi again?" she asked.

"N-No, nothing like that, this time at least…" she said, "...It's about this morning."

"Oh, well, why can't we just talk about it over the phone, then?" she asked.

"I-I can't. The call will get cut off before I can," said Hikari.

"What? What do you mean it'll get cut?" she asked.

Hikari sighed in frustration. "Please! can you just come over? It'll be quick, I swear!" Hikari pleaded.

Asuka let out a reluctant sigh at Hikari's vague request. "Fine, whatever… I'll be there as soon as I can, but you better tell me everything, everything…" she said, aggravated.

"T-thank you… I'll see you soon, bye!" the class representative said, sounding more upbeat. Asuka then hung up the phone and grabbed her shoes.

"Did she say anything?" asked Shinji.

"No, of course not," Asuka said. "She just kept asking me to come to her place and was being all cryptic," she said as she put her shoes on.

"Hmm, weird… Any idea why?" He asked.

"How should I know? It's not like I haven't seen her all day!" she said.

"Ah, sorry!" he said as Asuka turned her inflamed attitude towards him.

"Whatever… I should be back in an hour or so. If dinner isn't ready by then, I'm gonna finish what I started this morning… And I'm not kidding-" said Asuka, the door cutting her off.

A feeling of relief and peace overcame Shinji as his redhead roommate left. 'Well… suppose I should get dinner started now…' he thought, his spine-shivering at the thought of becoming one with the pavement below.

He entered the kitchen, donning his trusty apron. Just as he was beginning to prepare dinner, the phone, once again, began to ring.

Shinji walked over and picked up the phone. "Hello?" he asked.

What have you found, doctor?" asked Gendo, sitting at his desk.

"There was not much for us to go off of," said Ritsuko, standing across the Commander. "But, after analyzing what we have, we've come to a hypothesis." she continued. "We believe that the incident was caused by a malfunction involving the restored S2 engine delivered from Berlin, possibly during some sort of test," she said.

"...I suppose your hypothesis will have to do for now, what with the little information we have. Good work, doctor." he said, "What of the pilots? Have they been selected and readied?" he asked.

"Yes, sir, four children have been chosen and will be readied accordingly, including the fifth child." she said, "As for the other children. The sixth accepted without any requests. The fourth agreed on the condition that his younger sister be relocated to the Geofront Trauma unit. As for the seventh, she would only accept on the basis her family receives a monthly allowance for food and other expenses.

"I don't see an issue with the requests. Make sure that they are handled immediately," said Gendo, "And what of the fifth child? Given what the report says, he was found in Moscow, correct? When should we expect his arrival?" he asked.

"It will take some time before they are transferred here. Progress is still being made on Unit-06. It is predicted they will arrive sometime in the coming months," she replied.

"Mhm… Very well. I've delegated the transportation of the U.S and U.K units to the U.N; they should all arrive by the end of next week. I leave rest up to you." he said.

"Yes, sir, a plan is already being outlined in preparation for their arrival. It should be ready within the next 24-hours," she said.

"I look forward to it… if that is all, you are dismissed, doctor," said Gendo.

Ritsuko bowed, "Yes sir," she said. She then turned and made her way to the door.

" more thing, Akagi…" the Commander said unexpectedly, causing Ritsuko to stop dead in her tracks.

"Yes, Commander?" she asked.

"Have Rei's quarterly scans been completed?" he asked.

A sudden aggravated feeling took hold of Ritsuko upon hearing the first child's name, "Yes sir, they were completed yesterday," she said, a tinge of annoyance leaking through her voice.

"Excellent work. You may leave now," the Commander said.

She bowed once again and resumed making her way to the office door. As she walked out of the office, a discontent look on her face grew.

"You two didn't need to come, y'know?" said Toji's father, Hiroshi Suzuhara, stopping at a traffic light, turning to his son sitting in the backseat, "I'm the one who got clearance for this in the first place."

"It wouldn't sit right with me If I wasn't there. Besides, I'm the one who accepted this whole thing in the first place, aren't I?" asked Toji, looking out the car window, "Say? How much longer do we have 'till we get there?"

"Hmm… I'd say a few more minutes," Hiroshi said. "Just sit tight. We'll be there soon."

"You're just as anxious as we are, huh?" asked Hiroshi's father, Chiziwa Suzuhara, sitting in the front passenger seat.

"You have no idea," replied Toji, continuing to look out the car window.

The three chuckled for a second before the traffic light turned green. Everyone turned silent as Hiroshi resumed driving, all feeling an overbearing sense of nervousness.

"WHAT?!" yelled Asuka, sitting across from Hikari.

The class representative leaned back from the redhead, covering her ears, "I-I agreed to be an Eva p-pilot." she said, dismally.

Asuka was taken aback by what she had just heard, "I-I don't get it… I-I just don't get it." she said, "I know why four-eyes agreed, and I can understand the gorilla's reason, but why you? I know you like him and all but that doesn't mean you should start listening to that idiot's advice. You're smarter than that!"

"I-It wasn't just his advice that convinced me!" said Hikari, defensively.

"Oh yeah… Then what did convince you?" Asuka rebutted.

"I… I… You see, my older sister has been stressed lately. She's going from work to school, then straight back to work. Not to mention her exams for the semester are coming up, so she's having to study a lot…" she explained, "and, since we're supposedly being given a monthly allowance..."

"You accepted- what is arguably one of the most, if not the most dangerous job in the world- so your sister could focus on school?" asked Asuka, her arms crossed.

"Yes, exactly!" replied Hikari.

Asuka shook her head and pinched the bridge of her nose, "I still don't understand…" she said "...But I guess it can't be helped anymore. So tell me, what happened after the meeting?" she asked.

"Well, after the interview, they took us to NERV and gave us a tour around the facility, and then they briefed us on everything we needed to know… and that was about it," she said.

"That's it? Just a stupid tour and briefing?" asked Asuka, "...Whatever, what did they go over in the briefing?"

"They just went over what our designations were and what Eva's we would be piloting," said Hikari. "I've been designated as the seventh child and have been assigned to Unit-05." she said, "If I remember correctly, Suzuhara is the fourth and is piloting Unit-03, and if I'm correct, Aida is the sixth and is piloting Unit-04."

Asuka shot a puzzled look at Hikari, "Woah-Woah-Woah… Hold on. Shouldn't Four-eyes be the fifth child? Are you sure that they said he was the sixth and not the fifth?" she asked.

"Yes," she said with a nod.

"It takes months- no years!- to find just one pilot." said Asuka, "For them to find four in a single week is… beyond the word lucky. They didn't tell you who they were in the briefing, by chance?" she asked.

"No, I don't remember a single thing involving them from the briefing," she said.

Asuka sighed, "Of course not, why would they?" she asked, sarcastically, "Well, whoever they are, they better be competent enough to compete with me." she said, "...So, did they discuss when the activation tests were?"

"Activation tests? ….Oh!" Hikari quickly turned and grabbed the NERV handbook sitting next to her, and pulled out a piece of pink, laminated paper. "They're having all three on May 23rd at 15:30, a little bit after the Evangelion Unit-03 and 04 are set to arrive from the U.S," she said.

"All three at once?!" she asked, "I thought the activation of an Evangelion was a "delicate process." so what's with the rush? Gah! What the hell's going on?! This day has left me with nothing but questions upon questions!" she said.

Asuka massaged her head in an attempt to calm her mind, "So… who else besides me knows?" she asked.

"No one besides you and Kodama. If I told anyone else, who knows how much trouble I'd be in? I'm likely already in trouble as is, after telling you."

"Hmph, you're probably right. I wouldn't doubt that Section-Two is spying on us as we speak," said Asuka. "No one at NERV has a sense of privacy," she continued, "...So, was that it… or was there anything else that I'm not allowed to know about?" she asked, sarcastically.

Hikari chuckled and shook her head, "No, that was pretty much it," she said, "Though, something weird did happen."

"Like what?" asked Asuka.

Hikari shrugged. "Suzuhara left suddenly, while we were in the briefing, two men in suits came in and took him. He didn't say anything, but it seemed pretty important," she said, garnering even more confusion from the redhead sitting across from her.

"But what could be more important than that?" she asked.

Toji walked down the hospital hallway, his Father, Grandfather, and two Section-Two details behind him. All three men were beyond nervous. This was no easy matter to attend to. After what felt like an eternity of walking, the trio arrived outside the door of a small hospital room. Hiroshi looked at the two agents, who nodded and waited beside the door. He then lightly knocked on the door.

"Come in!" yelled the person from the other side.

Slowly, the three entered the room and were greeted by an excited Sakura Suzuhara, watching TV in her hospital bed. "Toji! Daddy!… and Grandpa? What are you two doing here? I thought only Toji was coming?" she asked.

"What? Am I not allowed to see my one and only granddaughter?" jokingly asked Chiziwa as he pulled up a chair.

Sakura laughed at her grandfather's joke, bringing a warming feeling into his old heart. All three sat down beside Sakura.

The room had a cold feel to it. Japan may have been in a period of eternal summer, but this felt too cold. There was also a strong smell of disinfectant that stung their noses and made them all feel light in the head. Not to mention, the room itself was small. Despite the conditions, Sakura seemed to make the most of it, the place being decorated according to her requests. Many of her drawings were lined up on the wall; a few crafts she had made were placed around the room, giving it a homey feel to it.

Sakura's excitement quickly turned sour, noticing their less-than-chipper faces. "All right… Is something wrong? Are they putting me in another room?! But I just moved into this one last week." said Sakura, with a pouty face.

Hiroshi snickered, "Don't worry, sweetheart. Nobodies putting you in a new room… at least not yet." he said.

"Then What's wrong? Why do you look so sad…? Did something bad happen?" she asked, concerned.

"Oh no, don't worry, nothing bad has happened," replied Toji, "But… we've got some good news, and some… not so good news for ya," he said, struggling to say the last part. "The good news is that well… you're being transferred to the hospital in the Geofront next week, y'know the one Dad talked about once?"

"Wait, what? But why? I thought you said it was too expensive? Did that Mr. Commander Ikari guy give you that raise you wanted, Daddy?" she asked.

Hiroshi let out a humorless chuckle, "Nope, as much as I'd like one, I don't think they'll ever give me one, the bastards…" Hiroshi sighed, "Y' see sweetheart, the reason for the good news is because of the not-so-good news." he said, turning to Toji.

"What do you mean?" asked Sakura, tilting her head.

"I… Ya know my pal Shinji right? The one who pilots that robot?" he asked.

"The one you punched for no reason? Yeah, I know him," she replied, unintentionally jabbing at him.

"Well, it turns out… I'm gonna… gonna… be, well-"

"Gah! What are you trying to say? Just spit out!" Sakura said.

Toji sighed and turned to both his father and grandfather. Both men nodded, wearing anxious yet reassuring faces. "I-I'm gonna be… a p-pilot like he is," he said.

Sakura at first raised her eyebrow in confusion, unsure of what he meant. As her mind processed what he had said, her eyes grew wider, her mouth dropped low. The room became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The only audible sounds were the rhythmic beeping of the heart monitor and the faint clicking of wheels on a gurney. Sakura suddenly embraced her brother tightly.

"Toji?" his sister asked, her voice cracking, tears streaming down her eyes.


Did you know Kung-fu Panda is an allegory for Dante's Inferno?

In case it wasn't clear: Unit-05 is from the U.K; Unit-06 is from Russia.