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"I said no." A particularly grumpy dragon slayer said as he entered the guild hall. Attached to his hip was two cream colored arms, hooked together. The guild watched as Natsu quite literally dragged Lucy into the building. The tips of her feet grinding against the wood flooring. Her body slumped awkwardly.

"Please Natsu, I'm begging you here!" Lucy whined, digging her feet into the floor to try and stop him. Although he was so strong he hadn't even felt a pull. Lucy pouted silently at that. Not caring that the guild watched in amusement and wonder, she pressed on. "I'll do anything you want Natsu! Anything! Please just do me this favor!" She cried out.

Natsu shook his head and pried off her fingers, sitting at a bar stool. But that didn't stop her from getting onto her knees and clasping her hands together, looking up at him with pleading eyes. He closed his eyes, not wanting to get sucked into her puppy eyed look again. "No way! You know those things aren't my style!" He huffed.

"But it's just for a few hours. Please!" She practically screamed. Though Natsu stayed firm in his answer and turned away from her to get Mira's attention. He was so hungry, and Lucy's begging wasn't making him any less famined. Lucy growled and suddenly spun the chair towards her, standing up and balling her fists in anger. He gave her a blank look.

He knew she wasn't actually going to yell. And he was right. She was just so exhausted from asking him all morning. With her face softening, she sat down on the stool next to him and slumped her head onto her knees. "Please...?" She tried again. Her voice was hoarse and she knew she sounded pathetic. But she also knew that could make him guilty.

"No." He said again.

"But why!" She cried comically.

"Man is it just me or are the roles reversed today?" Max snorted over to Warren.

"Yeah, Lucy is the clingy obnoxious one and Natsu is the annoyed one." Warren laughed back.

Seeing their exchange, Gray got up from his table that occupied him, Erza, and Juvia. He slide over to Natsu and Lucy and sat down beside Lucy, taking a sip of the drink he already had in his hand. He tapped on Lucy's begging form. In surprise, her body jumped a bit before she swiftly spun around to meet Gray's gaze. She blinked for a moment before straightening up and acting as if she wasn't just groveling before Natsu just then.

"What's up Gray?"

"Well, everyone is curious as to why you keep asking Natsu for this 'so called favor', mind filling us in?" Gray snickered. Lucy pursed her lips, before letting out a sigh. She nodded and crossed her arms with a sour face.

"Well, I got this fancy invite to a party. You see, I get a couple invitations to any social gathering every year because of my father's social status, but I usually throw them away because I'm not in his social circle anymore so there is no need for me to go, right," she started. Clearing her throat, she continued on. "Well, this last invite I got was for the Sutendogurasu Ball! It's set in this huge fancy hall where the roof is just stained glass. When the moonlight shines down on it, it creates the most beautiful dance floor. And besides, it's a huge deal in Fiore, Sorcerer Weekly will even be there to document the night!" Lucy swooned.

"I've heard of that ball," Erza gasped. "It's said that when the colors shine down on you while you dance, you glow in such an incredible way. I've wanted to attend that ball ever since I heard about it, but not just anyone gets to go." The redhead explained, slightly envious that Lucy had tickets to go.

"Oh yeah, I think I've heard of it too. The way it was described sounded so romantic." Wendy muttered with a blush, imaging herself with a date on that very night.

"Get your mind out of the gutters child!" Charle interjected.

"R-Right! Sorry!"

"Anyway," Gray grumbled. "What does this have to do with Natsu?"

Lucy turned to the very man in question, glaring at him. "Well, the letter said that I could bring one extra person. So, I've been trying for hours to get Natsu to go with me. I mean come on, it's the coolest thing you'll see all year, why won't you come with me!" She whined, leaning on him dramatically to annoy him into coming with her. He growled into his food and took another bite before answering her.

"Because it sounds boring. Besides Luce, you know I'm not good with fancy parties." He sighed, setting aside his now empty plate of food. Lucy leaned back from him and gave him a small smile.

"Yeah I know, but you would make it a hundred times better! I know you're not good with these things but I'm not asking you to be! My only rule would be for you to not destroy the entire building, otherwise you can do whatever you want!" She told him, getting onto her knees once more and quivering her lip.

"Y'know..." Gray hummed. "I could go with you if Natsu doesn't want to. The party doesn't sound too bad."

"Yes, I could accompany you!" Erza shouted, all too excited.

"Yeah I could go if you want me too." Wendy smiled.

"Count me in." Levy grinned.

"Going to a Ball is manly!"

Lucy stood up and watched as her guild talked in excitement. A small smile formed on her face. Her friends were so supportive and nice. Well, most of them were. She peered down to see Natsu cross his arms and frown.

"Fine, I'll go." He grumbled. Although his answer was quiet, Lucy could hear it perfectly fine next to him. A pink blush appeared across her cheeks as a wide and toothy grin broke out. She grabbed his hands and jumped up and down excitedly.

"Oh thank you Natsu! Thank you thank you!" She then let go of his hands to grab his biceps and lift him up. "Oh, we better pick out an outfit soon, we have to be there by six!"

"Wait, it's tonight!?" Natsu gasped suddenly. Though it was hard for him to focus when his hands still tingled from her touch.

"Duh, silly. That's why I was so hellbent on wanting to get you to go!" She giggled, pushing his much taller body out of the guild. She turned to her guildmates and waved. "Thanks for the offers guys! But Natsu just agreed to go!" She squealed, shutting the guild doors as she walked out.

The guild looked at the doors silently for a moment, before they bursted out in laughter.

"Sometimes, Natsu is just so easy to read." Gray cackled.


Natsu frowned as Lucy held up a tux to his form. Wrapping the sleeves around his arms. She furrowed her brows and put that one back, bringing out a bigger one. He didn't know why he suddenly agreed to go. He just knew he didn't want anyone else to go.

He was her first choice after all.

"Are you almost done?" He scoffed, arms tired from holding them up for her to measure.

"I would be if you had the body of a normal teenager. Jeez Natsu, we might have to get a custom made suit. Oh," she sighed, biting down on her nails. "I hope it won't take too long, or cost that much," rolling her eyes at the sudden thought, she put away the biggest tux they had. "Of course it'll cost a fortune, what am I talking about?" She mumbled to herself.

"What are you talking about?" Natsu deadpanned.

"Miss!" Lucy said, calling over a woman while simultaneously ignoring Natsu.

"Yes, ma'am? How can I help you?" The woman asked with a smile.

"Well, I was wondering if we could get a custom made tux for my date tonight? But I really wanted to know how long it'll take..." Lucy trailed off with a polite smile.

"Oh! If it's a custom tux you want, all we have to do is take his measurements. And don't worry about the time, we have the best tailors in Fiore, it shouldn't take more than an hour!" The woman giggled. Lucy gasped with a smile and clapped her hands excitedly.

"Oh thank you so much," she said with a relieved breath. She pushed Natsu towards the woman and gave him a nod. "Okay, they're gonna take your measurements now. And while you're doing that, I'll be trying on a few dresses." She told him, running off to the woman's section. He nodded dumbly and stared at her retreating form. He allowed the employee take him by the wrist, arms slack as only one thought ran through his mind.



She called him her date.

A small, almost unnoticeable blush spread across his face. His eyes just staring down at his clasp wrist numbly. Why did Lucy have to say such embarrassing things? He would never understand girls. Not when they could say such things without a second thought.

Taking his measurements felt like a dream to him. He could barely remember now that he looks back. With a sigh, he stepped out of the back room, nodding as the woman told him his suit was already being made. Peering down at his feet, he noticed another set in front of him. Lucy?

Looking up, his eyes caught hers. She was dressed in a huge off the shoulder strap ballgown. The color was intense, the blood red attracting every eye in the room. Right below the bust, it was wrapped tight with a silky piece of fabric, tied into a bow in the back. It flowed out, down to the floor, cloaking her feet.

He couldn't look away as she did a little twirl. He could feel his jaw drop at the movement. "It's cute right? I think it's perfect, it's gonna match your tie right down to the shade!" She casually picked up the pricetag attached to the waist. Her smile dropped. "And oh boy is it gonna cost a pretty penny. Oh well..." Lucy uncharacteristically said. She could care less about the price right now!

Finally noticing his stillness, she blinked obliviously. Waving a hand in front of his blank face, she frowned. Why was he just staring at her. Did he think it was ugly? She shook her head, his expression didn't exactly convey disgust.

"You okay in there Natsu? Hello? Earthland to Natsu?" She pursed her lips as she crossed her arms. Breaking out of his trance, he blinked several times.

"What was I saying?" He asked her.

"Uhm, nothing. That was the problem."


"Oh shut up, do you like the dress or not?" She murmured, irritable. Not giving her another glace, he stiffly nodded his head. He couldn't risk getting distracted again. Giving him an excited look, she started to hold her hair up in different positions. "Oh and another thing. What hairstyle looks best with the dress? I was thinking a bun, but I could also curl the ends. Oh, maybe half up half down?" She rambled, more to herself than to him.

"Anything is good." He said, cutting her off.

"Hm? What do you mean?" She asked, tilting her head to the side cutely.

"You'll look pretty with any hairstyle, so it doesn't matter." He grinned widely. Seeing as this was the first time seeing his familiar grin that day, Lucy's cheeks set aflame. Holding her cheeks to hide their redness, she turned away from him. How could he just say such embarrassing things like that so nonchalantly? She didn't get guys, she really didn't.

"I-I should probably take this dress off and pay for it. I'll see you after I'm done." She squeaked, getting to the change room as soon as possible. Watching her walk away with a confused expression, he shrugged her weird behavior off and sat down in a chair in front of a window. Now all they had to do was wait for his tux. With a yawn, he clasped his fingers and placed them behind his head. This day was turning out to be more exhausting than he originally thought.

After Lucy finished changing out of her new dress, she stepped out of the changing rooms, her cheeks still red. She still couldn't get over the fact that Natsu had actually complimented her. Damn, he always managed to catch her off guard! Shaking her head, she trudged her way next to Natsu and sat down, her dress folded over her arms. She turned to him shyly, noticing his tired look.

"So how much longer do you think it'll be?" She questioned, trying to break the awkward tension she believed was there.

"Fourty five minutes I'd say." He answered.

"Hm, maybe we should kill time. Wanna do something?" She smiled as his eyes lit up. Giggling, she stood up and told the clerk at the front desk that they'd be back. She gave the woman the dress she was holding so that she could keep it safe. Then, she grabbed Natsu's hands and dragged him out of the building.

There wasn't much to do, but they did have fun just strolling around town as they waited. She sighed in content, smiling when she made eye contact with a few strangers. Though suddenly, she felt something bump her hand. She looked down to find Natsu's pinky brushed up against hers. She had just remembered, the moment they left the shop was the moment she dropped his hands.

Trailing her eyes back up to him, she noticed him looking the other direction, using his other hand to bring his scarf up to his nose. She blinked a few times, slowing registering what he wanted from her.

'He wants to hold my hand!' She thought, her cheeks dusting with a soft pink. She swallowed the lump in her throat and interlocked their fingers. She felt him jolt with the sudden contact, but he quickly relaxed and squeezed her hand. She couldn't believe how cute he could be. Her smile widened ten fold and she swung their arms back and fourth as they strolled down the sidewalk.


"Oh, you two look so cute!" Mira gushed as she snapped a few pictures. Lucy grinned into the camera as she wrapped her arm around Natsu's. After they had walked around town, they picked up their outfits and changed into them before heading to the guild. She chose to put her hair into a half up half down type style. Now, they were standing in front of the guild all dolled up while Mira took many many pictures. The guild stood behind her, some with innocent smiles and some with smirks.

Gajeel and Gray specifically, had a wide smirk on their lips. Natsu glared dangerously at them. Arms crossed awkwardly, as Lucy's arms were still intertwined with his.

"Natsu, why won't you smile? Were trying to make happy memories!" Mira giggled, taking another picture of a grumpy dragon slayer and an overly enthusiastic Lucy. But now, her expression was more strained. She managed to elbow her partner in the ribs.

"Smile Natsu, or you're dead. I don't wanna see your frown when I look back on these pictures." Lucy growled, still smiling. With a roll of his eyes, he gave the camera a huge, forced smile. Lucy pursed her lips for a moment. She supposed it was good enough.

With a few last snaps of the camera, they were finally done. With a breath of relief, Natsu dropped his smile. It was around four when the carriage showed up. Natsu's face turned green at the thought of even stepping into that death trap. But he wouldn't complain, because it was Lucy's special night.

He stepped in the carriage, cheeks filling with bile the moment he sat down. Lucy gave him a sympathetic grimace, rubbing his back as the car began to move.

"Sorry about this Natsu, but the hall is over two hours away."

Natsu groaned at the time. Two hours!? How was he going to get through two hours!? The blonde watched him, then grabbed the back of his suit and laid him on her lap, running her hands through his hair. He let out a content sigh.

He always felt so relaxed when she let him lay on her lap.

"Lucy," he paused, taking in a deep breath. "why...was I your first choice?" He asked slowly. That thought had been running through his mind all day. Why him? Why not Loke, or Gray, or even Gajeel? They were probably better at these things than him.

"What a silly question. I chose you because it couldn't be anyone but you," She giggled. "Yup, you may have the manners of a pig and you can't dance for the life of you, but I wouldn't be able to pick anyone else." She said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Natsu gulped and said nothing.

He was much too embarrassed.

They had finally made it to the hall. And just like Lucy said, the entire roof was stained glass. It was actually quite a sight. He stepped out of the carriage with a huge grin, pulling Lucy out with him. She laughed and held onto the tickets tighter. When they got up to the door, she gave the tickets to a man in a suit, before she was pulled in by Natsu.

She let Natsu eat to his heart's content as she stared longingly at the ballroom floor. The moon was already high in the sky, and the stain glass colored the floor. And there was one perfect spot. Now, she just needed Natsu to agree to a dance. She pulled his sleeve and he looked over at her.

"Can we please dance?" She asked him shyly. With a pained look, his eyes traveled to the exact spot that she wanted to be in. With a heavy sigh, he allowed her to drag him on the ballroom floor. She grabbed his hands and put them on her waist. She put her own hands on his shoulders.

They swayed slowly, syncing with the music. She stared at their feet with a soft smile. She couldn't believe he actually agreed. But, she was happy. So happy.

"See," she hummed. "This isn't so bad."

"It's not...terrible." Natsu muttered.

Natsu hated to admit it, but he was enjoying himself. Especially enjoying the stares the two got as they spun. He knew Lucy was quite a catch, so he relished in the glares he was sent by other men. They never even stood a chance with her anyway. As far as he knew, she had totally lost all interest in the guys around her.

...Well, maybe not totally. But she wasn't as eager to get a boyfriend anymore and she didn't go out on dates. She got annoyed when others hit on her, and rejected every offer that was thrown at her. It seemed she had one goal in mind, and she wasn't going to stop until she succeeded. Though he was slightly confused on what goal she had in the first place.

Peering down, he noticed Lucy leaning into his arms, her eyes staring softly into his. He sucked up a silent breath and continued to dance. How could she render him speechless with just one movement? Like he said before, he didn't understand girls. And Lucy...she was the one he couldn't understand the most.

"I still don't get why you like these things." Natsu muttered, trying to keep his mind off the way her eyes bore into his. Or the way her scent surrounded him, making it so it was the only thing he could smell.

"Lots of girls like these things, Natsu. I guess this is just how we are. It's a chance to dress up and mingle and feel pretty. Plus, a lot of people like to show off." She giggled, taking in everyone's attire. Everyone here dressed as though they were royalty. Granted, some may be royalty here, but most just wanted an excuse to wear their finest clothing.

Lucy and Natsu continued to make small talk and tease, not realizing that they had moved directly under the moon.

Red light then shone down on the two of them. She stared up at the moon that gave light to the giant red rose that was printed into the glass. Then, she looked at Natsu. She gasped at the red hue that outlined his body. He looked...absolutely stunning.

This was ten times better than she could have ever imagined. And it was even better that she was here with Natsu.

"This night is absolutely perfect."

"What makes you say that?"

She raised her brow at him, stifling a laugh. "Are you kidding? I'm dancing at a ball, wearing a beautiful dress, and I'm here you with you. Nothing could make this night more perfect." She grinned. They spun around as the music continued.

"Do you have ta say it like that..." Natsu murmured, turning away from her but gripping tighter on her waist. She didn't say a word, but just leaned her head into his chest. She slipped her hands down his chest, before wrapping them around his middle. "Eh, it's hard to dance like this y'know..." he whispered.

"We don't have to dance, let's just stand here under the light."

They stood there for what seemed like hours. And slowly, it became later and later. And people were beginning to leave. But Lucy didn't want to go yet. She still wanted to stand under the light with him. She just wanted to be with him.

Because she loved him.


"Aren't these pictures just lovely?" Mira giggled, showing the guild the pictures of Natsu and Lucy from the night before. Natsu hummed in annoyance as he dug his palm in his cheek, leaning his elbow on the table. Lucy laughed next to him, laying her head on his upper arm.

"Oh don't be so grumpy. I think we look good!" Lucy smiled, holding up her favorite picture of them so that they could both see. She was actually very beautiful in that dress, now that he really looks at the picture, not that he'd admit that to anyone.

The doors to the guild then suddenly opened. "Hey look what I found in the new Sorcerer Weekly magazine!" Max announced, running over to the group of mages that surrounded Natsu and Lucy. Lucy snatched the magazine out of his hand, standing up and reaching over Natsu to do so. Her eyes widened when she looked at the cover. They had took a picture of her and Natsu under the stained glass and put it on the cover of Sorcerer Magazine.

"Oh wow! Look Natsu, we made it on the cover of Sorcerer Magazine!" She squealed, showing it off to him as well as the others surrounding them. Erza gasped and then grabbed the magazine from her, staring at the cover. Her armored hand crinkled the sides as she shook.

"Y-You two look so good...how I wish I'd been there!" Erza whined, passing the magazine to Wendy so she didn't have to look at it anymore.

"Wow, Erza is right you guys look good. Just like a couple. So romantic under the red light..." Wendy muttered with a blush. Lucy's cheeks heated up at Wendy's words, but she couldn't stop the smile that formed. They really did look like a couple. And the picture captured that moment perfectly. She was so happy she had gotten to experience that with Natsu.

Turning to look at him, she noticed the way his bottom lip quivered and how his face took on the color of his hair. He was clenching his fist at his side as he glared at both Gajeel and Gray. They were teasing him, pointing at the cover of the magazine that Wendy had a few seconds ago.


She stared at him until he noticed. He turned to her, expression obviously embarrassed as he asked her why she was looking at him like that. As if she were being controlled, her body moved on its own. She planted a hand on his shoulder and got up on her knees, giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you for coming with me last night, Natsu."

His pink face molded into cherry red as he slapped a hand over the spot she kissed.


A/N- I had a really great time writing this! I just love the idea of Natsu and Lucy going out together and just having fun. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this read!