Authors Note (5/26/2020)

Hello Friends! Thank you for giving my new book a chance! I am very excited about this story. I love Chrono Trigger, and I love fanfiction. A couple words to inform with: First, as you all know I do not own Chrono Trigger or any of it's characters. Second, I aim for this to be the first book of my Hero Reborn series! The premise of this story is that Crono will travel to different dimensions to stop the cosmic evil that he meets in this story! This will be a fun way where I can write about how one of my favorite character in stories in general (Crono) will be able to show up in other fanfiction universes (The ones I have in mind at this moment currently, Dragonball Z, Fire Emblem, and Bleach...we'll see where the story goes though!)

Ok, enough spoilers...thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the story!

Hero Reborn

Book I:

The End of Time

Chapter 1

The year was AD 1005, five years after Crono saved the world, and all of time, against Lavos. Life had gone on. Marle became the Queen of Guardia and ruled her land peacefully and without quarrel from other lands. Lucca continued her father's work as an inventor, constantly did her best to break the limits of science, and make their world a better place. Crono adventured around Guardia, keeping people safe and stopping what little trouble he would find throughout the kingdom. He continued to perfect his swordsmanship, even though since Lavos there hadn't been any real danger. Frequently, in the pit of Crono's stomach, he felt a sense of restlessness. As if something, someday, was coming. Something dangerous, and something he needed to stay sharp for.

His friends, Marle and Lucca, did not feel the same way as Crono. They believed he struggled with finding a purpose after Lavos, and whereas they were able to move on, Crono was not. Ironically, the one known as the Hero of Time, was stuck in the past, and unable to see his own future. Crono frequently wondered if his friends were right in their concerns about him, and yet he could not shake the anxious feeling in his gut.

About a year after the battle with Lavos, the three friends found a secret spot deep in Guardia forest that Marle sensed a strong magical presence from. Lucca recalled it as a spot that once had an unstable time gate that they were able to traverse through to travel to a different time period. When the friends found the spot, there was no longer a time gate, but there was a strange altar about the size of a short tree stump. Lucca analyzed the material that the pillar was made up of and shared the shocking truth that it was made from an element that didn't exist on their planet. As they stood and examined the altar, Crono's mystical sword known as Shiva Edge, the rainbow blade, flew high into the air and then stuck itself into the mystical rock altar. It shimmered with light and power, and even though no audible words were spoken, each of the three heroes of time heard a message from the sword made of rare prism.

"It wants us to return our magic that were gifted a year ago to battle Lavos." Marle spoke first, "I think it wants us to have a normal life. And be happy."

"We don't need it anymore." Lucca replied, "Our mystical powers should return to...well, wherever they came from."

Crono wondered what life would be like without mastery over the Lightning element, but he chose not to voice his concern. The three friends held hands, and formed a triangle around the sword. They closed their eyes, and felt the magic in their souls begin to rise out of their bodies. Each opened their eyes to see a bright, sparkling ball of energy leave from each and go into the mystical blade. A yellow ball left from Crono, a blue one from Marle, and a red one from Lucca. They also saw that from the sky appeared a different shade of blue, and a black orb that shot into the sword as well.

"I wonder..." Lucca thought out loud.

"Could those be from our friends from other times?" Marle completed her thought.

Shortly after their magic left, Lucca informed the others that time gates from all over the world had faded away. With the Wings of Time having been left in the future under Robo's protection, this seemed to mark the end of their ability to travel through time at will.

"Maybe since we fixed time the universe realized we don't need those gates anymore?" Marle considered. "It's kind of sad to think that if we ever want to go visit our friends we are no longer able to."

"This is a sign that we need to move on with our lives in the Present." Lucca concluded.

Crono never felt as easy about the disappearance of magic and the time gates as his friends. He did his best to move on, and find a new normal, but he always felt like something ominous was coming. So he continued to better himself as a warrior, through keeping his home safe. Then one day, four years after relinquishing Shiva Edge, Crono was visited by a mysterious stranger.

Crono visited the town square, where he had first met Marle at the Millennium Fair five years ago, and there this peculiar woman sat on the fountain stone wall. She sat calmly, as if she was waiting in this exact spot, at this very moment, for Crono's arrival. His suspicions were confirmed when she spoke.

"I've been waiting for you, Crono." the woman with long green hair, tied in a pony tail spoke. She looked at him with deep purple eyes. She had smooth silky pale skin. It did not look human, but it glistened and was beautiful. "My name is Dimity, and your world is in grave danger."