Authors Note (5/27/2020)

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Chapter Two

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Crono asked the enchantingly beautiful young (looking) woman who sat by the fountain in the Millennium Square.

"We do not have enough time to delve completely into that full answer." Dimity replied, her voice both soothing and authoritative. "I am a cosmic being, beyond your world, and even your dimension. I am what's called a Keeper of Time. Five years ago, from your perspective, when it was time for Lavos to be defeated, it was I that put the wheels into place five years ago that called you and your friends forth to battle him. Lavos was a threat, yes, but he was mere child's play compared to what your world faces now. She's coming, and she is not a force to be trifled with."

"But first," the Time Keeper continued as she rose to her feet, "I must measure your value, and discern if you have what it take on what is coming."

Crono observed that Dimity wore an elegant pink gown, that seemed to flow in the wind by it's own free will. He had faced many warriors and monsters in his day, and from the looks of her she did not appear as a warrior about to do battle. Dimity slowly waved her hand in a small circle, and a blue light formed. The little blue like was shaped like a sphere, and it flew in a circle around her right index finger. The woman leaned down, and with her finger and it's blue light, touched the ground beneath her. Slowly, out of the ground, a figure began to form out of seemingly nothing. Crono watched as what started as blue light began to resemble Crono himself.

It was as if the swordsman was looking at a mirror. This creature had his exact same face, same blue eyes, same spiky red hair. He had the same slender, but fit build. He wore the same blue tunic, with yellow pants and a white sash to hold his sword, which appeared to be the same make as the one Crono had on his left hip.

"This is your exact replica." Dimity spoke as she motioned to the Crono clone, "From five years ago. He is every bit as powerful as you once were. I want to see how you compare to how you used to be then, today. You better prepare yourself!"

Crono withdrew his katana and readied for battle. He was curious if Dimity knew the extent of his power from five years ago. If she was who she said she was, surely she knew that he was imbued with mystic lightning energy that gave him vast power. Did this clone contain such power? If so, Crono feared he may be overpowered.

The clone lunged forward and right before Crono had a chance to strike, his reflection lept into the air and swiftly descended upon Crono, which was a perfect Spin Cut strike, an attack that Crono had once invented. The spikey haired swordsman hopped back and parried the strike with his own blade.

"Impressive." Dimity observed. "But, not good enough."

Crono decided to strike back and began to spin around holding his blade in a radical attack he referred to as Cyclone. The duplicate saw the attack and knew exactly how to defend against it. He created his own Cyclone strike in the opposite direction. The two sword attacks canceled each other out as the warriors clashed their metal together. Both man and clone hopped backwards, still with their blades raised in the exact same form. It was as if Crono was fighting a mirror. It was in this moment, that Crono's fears were confirmed.

The clone's blue eyes slowly shifted yellow and the winds around the town square began to speed up. Crono knew what was to come, but was not fast enough to avoid. Suddenly a lightning bolt came from the sky and struck him. He felt to one knee and winced in pain. He felt the lightning surge through his body reverberating in several shocks of pain. Perhaps any other man would have given in and died in that moment, but Crono pushed through the pain, gritted his teeth, and slowly looked up to glare at his shadow self. He readied himself to attempt his most advanced sword technique.

" there's something..." Dimity watched Crono, and observed his essence.

Crono rushed forward with great speed and began make quick and perfect slashes towards his duplicate from every which way. He slashed forward, then hopped to the left, and slashed once more, then jumped behind the clone and jabbed with his blade. This was his signature and most powerful attack, simply called Confuse, because no enemy could block it.

Unless, that enemy was an exact copy of Crono who knew the exact footwork perfectly. Dimity's creation knew exactly where to block the blades, and as the two clashed swords, the skies grew even darker. Thunder rumbled, and lightning started to forward all around the square.

The duplicate summoned all the gathering lightning from every direction towards him, electricuting Crono once more. The lightning pierced into his body, zapping him and thrusting him into the air. The heavy winds threw him backwards and into a metal sign for a local restaurant. The sign amplified the electric shock and caused Crono even more pain. He fell face floor onto the cement ground, smoke rising from his electrocuted body and burns all over his skin. He laid motionless.

Dimity hesitated and watched the warrior who was no longer moving. "Is that it?"

After a few moments of silence and suspense, Crono began to groan in pain, and slowly rise up. At first he fell back to the ground. Never one to back down, he tried again and this time rose to his feet. He was barely able to stand, or hold his sword, but he did his best. Dimity watched with wonder at this above average human. Watching him try to fight in this impossible fight was a mixture of inspiring and tragic. Human tenacity among the greatest heroes in creation never ceased to amaze the Cosmic Being, and she had never seen anything like Crono's passion and resolve.

The clone closed his eyes and raised his sword to the sky, collecting all the lightning power he could muster. The sky turned dark, and suddenly a blue light filled the atmosphere. Dimity spoke to Crono, who still stood shaking as he barely contained the strength to keep his body right side up.

"You know what is coming, and yet you still persist?" She asked.

"I am not giving up." Crono spoke resiliently, "As long as there is breath in these lungs, I'll keep getting up. I'm a lot tougher then you're giving me credit for!"

Crono's will was ready to keep fighting, but his body was not. Suddenly, Crono fell to his feet again, unable to stay conscious due to the damage that he sustained. Dimity smiled as the warrior only had moments to live after the decimation he experienced. This was a test, but not a test of strength. She was not interested in seeing if Crono could overpower her creation, she was discerning if he still had the same resolve and push that he had five years ago when saving all of Time in his world,. He clearly still had that drive.

Dimity motioned the clone to move forward towards the practically lifeless Crono. As it moved forward, the clone began to glow blue and became a being of pure light. As the light approached Crono, it began to shift forms into nothing but light. Then, the light entered Crono's body and fully restored his health. He opened his eyes, sustaining no wounds from the battle and rose to his feet, looking at Dimity with confusion and wonder.

"Now do you believe I am who I say I am?" She asked.

"Yes." Crono replied.

"Good." Dimity replied with a smile, "Now let's go restore your powers, and get some back up for the fight to come."

Crono followed Dimity out of the town square, and they moved towards Guardia Forest.