The Wolves Of Darkness

Author: Hello readers I decided to do a different fanfiction, Alpha and Omega fanfiction. This Alpha and Omega fanfiction is a one shot for now to see if people like it. I may not do a full fanfiction of this. Anyway let's start the story.

Disclaimer: i do not own the Alpha and Omega series they are own by they respected owners, i own nothing, but my own OCs.

Jasper Park, Canada is a beautiful park filled with wildlife and people visiting everyday. But our story is not about the park itself, It's about Humphrey, a omega grey wolf who is mates to the westest wolf leader's daughter Kate, an alpha golden wolf, who is one of two daughters of Winston and Eve.

The other one is Lilly who is a white wolf, her mate is Garth, a red wolf from the eastest pack.

After Humphrey and Kate get back home. Kate decides to marry Humphrey after Kate confesses her love for the grey wolf Omega then the stample happened, Kate finds Humphrey after he was running back to his home, together they both save Winston and Tony for death, a few days later. Every wolf was happy except for Humphrey that is. He found out that his mate cheated on him with another wolf.

"That liar, deceiver, backstabbing son of a bitch. Kate thinks that she can just use me to mate with some fucking wolf instead of mating with me." Humphrey though as he kept crying, running from the pair of Kate and the unknown wolf that he saw on top of his own mate.

Humphrey kept running until he was at the train track between the united pack. Humphrey stop to gether his breath for a few minutes until he heard rusting behind him, so he turned around a 180 degree and what he saw was Kate.

"What are you doing here Kate?" Humphrey said snarling as he can small the sex secet of another wolf on the one he love.

"Humphrey, I am sorry" Kate said guiltily as she started to cry. Humphrey was not buying it one bit as that made Humphrey madder.

"You fucking bitch, i though that we love each other, a prefect coupe of the first alpha and omega pair. But nooo, you had to fuck another wolf behind my back, well i hope that you are happy with him. Causing i am leave you forever." Humphrey shouts as the train can be heard by the two wolves. Causing Humphrey to turn around towards the train

"And speaking of leaving, here is my ride." Humphrey said growling, looked at the train track. Before Kate could reply Humphrey was already beside the train.

"No Please Humphrey, don't go." Kate yells as she immediately runs after Humphrey, But it was too late as he was already on board the train that is headed out of Jasper park. Kate immediately halted and fell to the ground crying that she made the biggest mistake of her life: she cheated on Humphrey for another wolf.