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Tony, Natasha and Sam have been keeping secrets. After the Civil War they reveal their secrets and their friends. Their friends and themselves make the Avengers great again. Pepper and Rhodey go with the Rogues. But Sam stays. 2 years later the Rogues returns and find everything has changed...Soulmarks. Warning Bisexual and Large families.

Avengers/Twilight/Harry Potter/Fantastic Four/SHIELD/Thunderbirds/Captain Marvel/Black Panther/Guardians of the Galaxy/Ant-Man/Doctor Strange/Cody Banks/Artemis Fowl/Vampire Academy/Minor X-Men


Tony groans he hurt everywhere. Ste...Rogers really did a number on him. And he couldn't move. His ears that needed hearing aids since a accident with Howard seemed to have been damaged. Even his technomagic would help him.

His ears always had the hearing aid on. It was the only way he could hear. But now they hurt like hell and so did his leg.

Tony suddenly remembered the emergency beacon it would let his 16 trusted friends know he was in trouble. Six of those friends were his lovers and soulmates. He used to have 17 friends but Andrew Parker yes Peter's Dad. Was a friend before he was killed with his wife Mary. Andrew and Mary walked for the DPP which was Diplomatic Security Services.

It was now surprising but most off his friends and family worked for an Agency.

Everyone had their soulmates names on them but they in a different language. And when they met the name would translate. Sometimes that didn't even help. As Tony was dyslexic. But had learned to do most reading.

One lover wasn't on Earth along with one of his friends. Carol Danvers was Captain Marvel and helped throughout the universe. His childhood friend Peter Quill had been kidnapped and only in the last year remembered they were friends.

Another lover was Ronica Miles and she was a childhood friend. She also another one that worked in intelligence.

Another lover was Maria Rambeau. Who was an Air Force Pilot but had foundered the Agency SWORD which stood for Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division. She had a daughter who also worked for SWORD.

One lover was Sam Wilson. Known him since childhood. Choice Rogers side to try and change Rogers mind. Only to end up in the RAFT so he might not come.

Another lover was Stephen Strange known the ass since childhood. But he disappeared not long ago after a car accident left him unable to do continue being a surgeon.

Next was another lover Queen/Princess/Priestess/Goddess Ororo Munroe an African Princess raised in America. She had love white hair and beautiful blue eyes. She wasn't easy to get hold of sometimes as she had many responsibilities.

One friend named Reed Richards would be pot-luck if he was not on the space station.

One was a British intelligence Agent named Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and might not be able to come.

Another soulmate was Logan Howlett otherwise known as Wolverine. And he had a shit load of baggage. It might come because off their connection.

His friend Brian Braddock or Captain Britain.

Two were SHIELD Agents. Melinda May and Maria Hill. He knew Melinda since childhood and he knew Maria since he was ten and she was four.

His over childhood friend was Hope van Dyne and they stayed friends to piss off their Fathers. Tony knew Hope was going to kill Lang.

His friend Jeff was 6 years older then him. He founded the International Rescue and called his creations Thunderbirds. Jeff was a genius to be able to create the Thunderbirds. All his sons were in the Rescue Business with him. So Tony fought Jeff would likely come.

And his biggest secret his wife Natasha. Yes it was Romanoff. They met as children. Natasha was older then she looked after being given a serum. Tony had too. They spent decades hiding their relationship from everyone but their trusted friends. Even the Avengers didn't suspect anything. He told Natasha to let Rogers and Barnes go. She knew why Tony wanted Barnes to go. Because Barnes knew Tony from childhood. And saved him even through he was a HYDRA killer. But Barnes probably didn't remember. And didn't realise that Tony was his soulmate.

As they just fought it was very unlikely He remembered.

Sharon Carter his 'cousin' had transferred from SHIELD to CIA. Adopted daughter Barbara 'Bobbi' Morse, and friends Melinda and Maria worked for SHIELD. And Melinda's Mum was a CIA Agent. Maria Rambeau who he was one of his soulmates through Carol was a Air Force Pilot/Founder of SWORD and her daughter Monica worked for SWORD. Penelope was a British Secret Agent. Ronica was a CIA Agent. He knew a British Covert Operations Agent. One of his sisters soulmates used to be a criminal but turned good for his soulmate Holly. He consulted for MI5, MI6, MI7, SHIELD, SWORD, FBI, CIA, DSS, DOD, NSA, NCIS, and Homeland Security.

He keep the secret of his Aunts survival. As she DID age but somehow was transported back in time after she died. So Peggy Carter became Lady Liberty. Tony would have told Rogers but the Accords happened.

His adopted and biological kids could come but the older kids needed to look after the young. And he had many. He couldn't allow them to go into foster care. They all had powers or was his biologically.

His Brother and Sister could come quickly given their abilities.

So now he was stuck here hoping and praying his friends would come for him.

He didn't know how much time passed before the world became dark. He didn't even know help had arrived...

Three Days Later...

Tony felt the pain his body was in. So he knew he was alive. He felt warm too. So he must have been saved. He felt someone holding his hand.

Tony battles but finally opens his eyes wincing at the light. He sees familiar red-hair. His wife. Natasha. She looked like she hadn't slept in days. As she was trying to sleep now. He looked and saw Sam there too asleep.

Along with his Brother Harry Potter-Stark and Isabella 'Bella' Lahote née Swan-Stark. Both had Howard as their father. Tony hates his father for having affairs. But he shared a good relationship with his half-siblings. And his Step-Sister Rosemarie Hathaway.

Harry had black hair and green-eyes. He was a Wizard. And had been adopted by the husband of his Mum. And they both died for him. And he had as bad of relationship with his relatives as Tony did with Howard.

Isabella or Bella had brown hair and chocolate brown eyes the same as Tony's. She did have magic but different to Harry's. She was a Enchantress Tier-One. And part of the Mythical Council. That made up off every magic race there was. She was dumped by a vampire who basically torn her heart out. But her husband Paul healed it. Her other partners were George Weasley, Angelina Johnson, Marcus Volturi, Artemis Fowl and Holly Short. But after a rogue vampire attacked her she had long scars down her face and neck. But she was still very confident.

His Step-Sister was from Bella's Mum Renée. Rosemarie was a Dhampir. A type of vampire. She was Had been a Guardian to her best friend and now Queen Vasilisa Dragomir. But she left with Lisa's blessing after a guy broke her heart. She is married to Adrian Ivashkov, and Sydney Sage.

Then movement in the door way caught his attention. There was Stephen in a weird outfit. Hope was there too. Melinda and Maria were also there. And Jeff, Penelope and Reed talking in the corner. Of course Tony couldn't hear them.

He saw the distinctive white hair of his wife Queen/Princess/Priestess/Goddess Ororo Munroe aka Storm a Omega threat Mutant.

"Hey", Tony rasps even through he couldn't hear himself

Eyes shoot to him. Natasha and Sam get startled awake and look at him in relief.

'Tony! Are you ok?' Natasha signs

"It pain. What are my injuries?" Tony asks

The friends all look at each other. Tony knew those looks it couldn't mean anything good.

"Tell me how bad", Tony rasps

'You will be fine love', Ororo signs in Swahili.

"How bad?" Tony rasps again.

'Your ears are more damaged. They might not he able to handle your hearing aids', Reed signs

'You have 6 broken ribs, broken arm, wrist and hand. The arm, and wrist now have pins in them', Hope signs

'5 Broken fingers', Maria signs

'You has a collapsed lung and your over lung punctured. It was luck we arrived in time', Jeff signs

'Your gallbladder had ruptured and a laceration of the liver. But we healed that but', Harry signs

'A small nick in your bowel', Ororo signs.

'You have a small crack in your skull that coursed a bleed. The Doctors don't know if there is any damage yet', Sam signs

Tony could tell they were all hesitating.

"What?" Tony asks, "Spit it out"

He sees Natasha take a deep breath and Bella does too.

'You have nerve damage in your wrist and fingers', Bella signs

"And?" Tony asks knowing they were holding out.

'Your Right leg had to be amputated', Natasha signs

Tony's eyes widen and he looks down. Sure enough one of his legs was missing. He begins to panic. He was too caught up with knowledge he didn't have a leg to notice Natasha and Sam hugging him.

Or the nurse giving him sedation...

Three days later...

Tony didn't know how to cope with his injuries. The Doctors told him he had nerve damage in his right wrist, hand and fingers. And without his leg he knew he would never be Ironman again.

Natasha and Sam were still by his side. With the others coming and going. Bella and Harry had gone to see about Pepper and Rhodes. Melinda was getting the Barton family to safety. Like Tony ordered and Hope was getting Lang's. Maria Hill was getting Sam's family. Ororo was splitting time between his bedside and her people.

Tony had remembered those families when he had woken up next and had just managed to tell his family to get they before he noticed his missing leg again.

They were all being moved to the new Avengers Island Complex as Island Tony had bought a few years ago and had been building a safe haven for his super powered children and friends.

'I am so sorry sweetheart', Sam signs

Tony had told the story to his family, and all were furious with Rogers and the others but Barnes as he didn't know what he was doing. They even blamed T'Challa who they found out had left Tony behind too. And T'Challa is a soulmate to them. So how dare he leave THEIR Tony.

"Not your fault", Tony says

'I sent you after them', Sam signs looking quite upset

"It is Ro...HIS fault", Tony says

'Never again will we trust him', Natasha signs

Natasha told Tony she knew but Steve had told her he had told him. So she was furious. Tony didn't blame his fiery wife. He knew Rogers would be unlikely to live when she caught up with him.

'What are you going to do about Barnes?' Sam signs

"It's not his fault", Tony replies

Suddenly Bella and Harry arrived looking grim.

"What is it? Are Rhodey and Pepper ok?" Tony asks

'They left. Rhodes was taken by a Wakandan Jet', Harry signs

'Pepper left a resignation letter on your desk', Bella signs sadly

"Why?" Tony asks

'Rhodes can't accept that your not at fault and he is going to someone who he could trust to help him', Harry signs

Bella looked reluctant to tell him.

"Tell me. It can't be worse then Rhod...Rhodes's message", Tony says sadly

'Pepper said that what you have done to her soulmate is unacceptable. And that she had, had enough pretending to be with you. And can't put up with you anymore', Bella signs sadly

Tony sobs at that two dear friends had left him. They had promised to stay. They hadn't been with him longer then his childhood friends but he thought they had been that close.

Tony tells Harry, Bella, Natasha, Ororo and Sam to leave him for an hour. So he could deal with his grief. They were reluctant but did so.

Suddenly a shadow comes over the door not even ten minutes after they left. Suddenly an arm was around him gently. He was shocked to see Barnes hugging him one-handedly looking miserable.

Tony looks at him shocked. But with tears still falling.

"I am so, so sorry. I...remember", Barnes tells them

Tony having read his lips.

"How are you here?" Tony asks

"I told T'Challa not to tell St..."

Tony flinches

"Sorry. HIM that I knew who could help me and I needed to see my soulmate. He didn't argue after that", Barnes says looking at Tony so he could read his lips

"He is hiding THEM isn't he?" Tony asks

"Yes", Barnes informs him, "And Rhodes and Potts too"

Tony lets more tears fall. But looks at Barnes.

"I remember. I am so, so sorry for what I did", Barnes tells him

"You weren't yourself. And I was emotionally compromised. But it was because HE kept the truth from me", Tony tells him, "I am sorry about the arm"

"That is ok. It was a reminder of HYRDA", Barnes replies

"I can make you a new one. I need a leg anyway. And I'll help get rid of those trigger words", Tony tells him

"Only if you want too. What injuries did HE give you?" Barnes asks

Tony tells him and Barnes looks devastated.

"I am...", Barnes starts

"Don't. I can't blame you. Your here comforting me", Tony replies

Soon Natasha, Sam, Ororo, Bella and Harry we're back and threatened Barnes with everything they could think off before they decided he needed to be moved in case someone recognised him.

So Barnes was taken to hiding. Leaving Tony with the others. Tony learned the Barton's had been moved without fuss. As Laura was furious with Clint.

Hope moved the Lang's with her father and returned mother.

Maria had got Sam's family moved time the same place too.

So there we're going to be a lot off people on the island. And Tony hoped they would all get along...

A few weeks later

Tony had gotten out off hospital two weeks ago. His arm was in a cast and he would probably need physical therapy. He did have a seizure disorder now thanks to the bleed his brain had.

When he got to the island started to assure his kids he would be okay. As the hugged him for dear life.

He met with his soulmates Logan, Maria Rambeau, Ronica they all were sorry they hadn't come sooner.

His Step-Sister Rose also apologised for not being with him. But she was taking out a Strigoi group.

The Fantastic Four apologised too for not ALL being there. Reed had left a week after Tony woke up.

He also started plans for a new leg for him and arm for Barnes. He also got BARF ready. He put his new plans for the Avengers in motion.

Melinda and Bobbi quit SHIELD to do Tony's new Avengers. Along with Bobbi's husband Lance Hunter. Bobbi told Coulson that she couldn't do it anymore because off what she has been through. And Melinda started a family emergency.

As Tony found out Daisy Johnson was her daughter. So Melinda bought Daisy with her. Daisy was actually Tony's goddaughter. They explained what happened and it was likely inhuman DNA was from her fathers side. Melinda admitted her father was just a fling. But she never regretted having her. The one truth was that her true name was Daisy.

Carol had arrived soon after Tony arrived on the island apologising for not getting here sooner. She bought the Guardians with her. Peter Quill, Gamona, Nebula and Richard Rider aka Nova were furious. As was Carol. And it took a long talk for them not to go after Rogers and his group.

Ororo Munroe was furious with T'Challa as she was married to him. She felt the need to divorce him for what he has down to their soulmate.

But the person who's anger triumph everyone's was Peggy Carter's. She was furious at Steve for hurting her Godson. It took all of Tony's persuading to stop her from going after him. Especially when she saw the letter Steve sent.

He and Hank Pym put aside their differences with thanks to Hank's wife Janet. And Hank admitted he finally didn't see Howard in Tony.

Laura was so grateful and shocked that even in his injured state Tony had though off them. The family whose Husband/Father had betrayed them. Laura had been a godsent to Tony. As had her children. They helped cheer Tony up and the Barton kids loved the Stark kids. Laura had tearfully broken down in Tony's arms and told him she was pregnant. Tony promised he would still look after her and her children. And that he would never push her away because she was having more children.

Maggie Lang was also a saint and had helped Tony a lot and was very grateful that Tony thought off them even through he hadn't even met Scott.

Cooper was furious with his Father. And had shown his magic when Harry was close. Harry told Laura that Cooper and likely ALL her children were Mundane Born Wizards and Witches. And they would probably go to Ilvermorny. That had got Cooper's attention and he listened to Harry's stories and Harry's kids became close with Cooper.

Lila and Cassie treated each other as sisters. And they brighten up the group. Even through they too were angry at their Fathers.

Tony soon had a prosthetic leg made for himself and an arm for Barnes. He even started helping him with BARF. He had been having physical therapy for his right arm.

He was VERY busy fixing things. And he found out that the Rogues were in Wakanda. He didn't like it. How could T'Challa betray him again. Tony decided not to tell anyone. After all he already put Ross on hold when the RAFT was breached. Not that it was hard as Tony had still been in hospital.

Tony had to decide what to do about his company. As Stark Industries needed a CEO. And he didn't what to do it. So he asked his siblings Harry and Bella to be Co-CEO's. They were shocked but they agreed.

So now Tony was holding a press conference to announce it. He already told the Board. But he didn't tell them they were his siblings. They didn't need to know that.

So he had Happy drive them to Stark Industries having Bella open a portal for them to Tony's House. Now Tony, Natasha, Ronica, Bella, Paul, Harry, Happy were all ready for the conference about the change of CEO's. Then in a few weeks there would be the Avengers announcement. Carol, Melinda, Bobbi, Sharon and Daisy would be disguised in the crowd.

Tony has his sunglasses on and his suit on that would hid his leg and braced arm and hand.

'Ready for this?' Natasha asks signing

"As I could ever be", Tony replies, "I am turning on my hearing aid"

His hearing aid could only be worn for a short amount off time now. Since Rogers had caused more damage then there had been.

Happy stops and gets out to open the door.

With his sunglasses on and his mask set he gets out of the limo. He wonders if the Rogues, especially Potts would be watching…


"You shouldn't have taken them in", Shuri tells her brother, "How could you go against your soulmate?"

"Sister it is complicated", T'Challa replies with a sigh.

"Complicated? Well Sergeant Barnes is not here. How are you going to keep it from them?" Shuri asks

"We will say that it is Barnes's wishes for himself to be along with his treatment", T'Challa replies

"You only let him go because his name came up on your arm. But why support him and not Doctor Stark?" Shuri asks

She respected Doctor Stark. She called him that after all he had several PHD's. And he was a genius. Shuri was sure he was more intelligent then her. After all he HAD created a NEW element in his basement. And had designed everything like his weapons and armour without an ounce of Vibranium. So she could only imagine what he would do WITH it.

Suddenly her phone goes off. She frowns when she looks at it.
"It seems Doctor Stark has called a press conference it will begin in thirty minutes", Shuri tells her brother

"Then lets get everyone together", T'Challa decides leaving

Shuri rolls her eyes at her brother. She didn't know what had gotten into him. She arrives with everyone gathered.

Rogers, Barton, Maximoff, Lang, Potts and Rhodes. She had reluctantly helped heal Rhodes but he didn't go back and now had been labelled a rogue. They were all gathered in front off the TV that was now tuned to the US.

"Stark as called this to gain attention", Wanda states

"Probably as Hank would say. After all Hank hates the Starks", Scott agrees

"Tony does like attention but most his press conferences are for a reason", Rhodes states
"But he normally announces the most outrageous things in the middle off press conferences. Like that 'I am Ironman' statement all those years ago", Pepper tells them

T'Challa was there trying not to comment. He knew he did wrong. But he couldn't find a way to change what had been down.

"Now we take you live to Stark Industries where Tony Stark is holding a press conference about his company's future", the new anchor says

The screen switches to cameras outside Stark Industries. They watch as a limo pulls up. And Stark's drive Happy Hogan gets out and opens the door.

The Rogues see Natasha get out first. Then a stunning woman with long black hair and a stern look. A woman with her brown hair down up in a very professional bun comes out with a Native American Man. Then next a man with black hair, emerald-green eyes and glasses comes out.

"Who are they?" Steve mutters

"Why is Natasha even with Stark?" Clint growls

Finally Tony comes out with his trade-marked sunglasses on. Shaking hands with his driver.

To the Rogues Stark was acting like his usual self and didn't notice the difference. But Shuri did. She saw his limp and the way he held his arm to his chest. T'Challa also noticed.

People were shouting for his attention to the Clint and Wanda's disgust. And Steve, Rhodes and Potts disinterest

Tony grins at the cameras.

"Ladies and Gentlemen and people of the Press. I am Tony Stark even though I am sure everyone knows that", Tony says chuckling

Everyone laughs.

"I am sure everyone is eager for my announcement about my company. Having people question Stark Industries for weeks. As the Company has been in Limbo due to Miss Potts resignation", Tony says

The crowd yells questions. But Tony puts his hand up.

"As such with the resignation of Miss Potts my company is in need off a new CEO. I am happy to report and announce the TWO CEO's of Stark Industries starting immediately and they both have a life long contract that only off their freewill can break…", Tony says

"He chooses a NEW CEO? He wouldn't know where to look", Pepper says

"He chooses two CEO's they would be nutcases with Tony's track record", Rhodes says

"May I introduce my first Co-CEO Mrs Isabella Lahote", Tony says gesturing to the brunette next to him.

The woman gives a polite smile to everyone.
"The other Co-CEO is Mr Harry Potter", Tony says gesturing to the black-haired man

He nods at everyone.
"They will be working in tandem. And they will have FULL control over my company. As I would trust them with my life", Tony tells everyone

"His record with trust isn't good. They are going to bury Stark Industries", Steve states

"What is he thinking? Giving two strangers that much power", Pepper growls, "He didn't even give me"

"I now turn this conference over to Isabella", Tony says stepping back to where Natasha was.

"That was short for him", T'Challa states worriedly looking at his soulmate.

The woman Isabella outlines changes to Stark Industries to everyone and answers questions with ease.

"Stark Industries also are in negotiations with Rand Enterprises, Worthington Labs and Pym Technologies to join forces and help and lend on each other…", Isabella states

"Hank will never agree", Scott says

"Who are Rand and Worthington?" Clint asks

Shuri knew they were two wealthy families. And Pym wasn't know slouch either. She wondered if Doctor Stark would be willing to work with her.

"Now I will take questions", Isabella says, "You in the Green"

"What are your qualifications?" the woman in green asks

Isabella smiles, "I am a genius in my own right. Not as close as Doctor Stark…"

"Your level with me Isabella don't sell yourself short and you either Harry", Tony interrupts smiling gently at Isabella and Harry.

The Rogues were surprised by what he said. Normally he would brag and claim that he is better then everyone.

They were surprised too when Isabella and the man Harry smile.

"To answer everyone's question. As I am sure your all eager to know. I have Doctorates in Computer Science, Arts, Literature and English. Mastery's in Business Administration, Political Science, Science, and Public Administration. Degrees in Accounting and Finance, Economics, Marketing, and Technician. I also have a Pilots License and a firearms license. And I speak Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Pashto, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish and Urdu", Isabella says shocking everyone

"That is impossible", Wanda growls

"Doctor Stark has more then that", Shuri informs her glaring at the Witch.

"I have Doctorates in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Public Administration and in Science. Mastery's in Accounting, Engineering, Finance and Marketing. I also have a Pilots and Firearms License. I also speak Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Xhosa and Zulu", Harry tells the press

Everyone was shocked. But hey quickly recover and shot out questions.

"That is all. Thank you for coming", Isabella says stepping down.

They left to people yelling out more questions.

"You heard it first here. Stark Industries has two new CEO's", the news anchor says

They turn the TV off and all and start saying how Stark had gone off the deep end.

Shuri just glares and storms away. T'Challa sighs how could he fix this?

Avengers Island…

Tony sighs they were getting ready for another press conference this time about the Avengers. He would be officially stepping down and handing over the Avengers to Carol who said she would stay. But would go if needed.

With his hearing, no leg, damaged arm, wrist and hand he would not be able to continue being Ironman. His official reason was because he wanted to step back and join the Accords Council that was being formed and handle the Technology, Weapons and Medical needs off the Avengers.

Tony also been dividing the Avengers into Divisions and offering places to people that had people in the Avengers.

"So we are announcing your retirement then the new Avengers current roster", Melinda states

"Yes. How is it going finding powered people?" Tony asks

"Good. They agree because you won't turn them over to Ross or the government. They rather have your way", Daisy tells him

"That is better then the alternative", Peggy says

"You still not going to reveal your identity Aunt Peggy?" Hope asks

"No. Luckily Anthony already got that passed the UN", Peggy tells them

"Who won't be revealing their identity?" Daisy asks
"From the current roster Violet Enchantress aka Bella, Wolfe aka Paul, Lupa aka Leah, Mage aka Harry, Moony aka Teddy, Guardian aka Rosemarie, LEP aka Holly Short, Daredevil aka Matt Murdock, Black Sky aka Electra, Winter Wolf aka James Barnes, Cavalry aka Melinda May, She-Hulk aka Jennifer Banner, Red-Hulk aka Betty Ross, Ororo Munroe aka Storm, the Young Avengers…my Elder Children and Deadpool aka Wade Wilson", Tony replies grimacing at Deadpool's name.

Everyone looks amused by that.
Sam laughs, "He still can't believe Deadpool is one of Peter's mates"

Snickers come around.

"He had Michelle. Why did it have to be Wade?", Tony mutters

"Okay everyone lets go over this again", Natasha calls

Everyone runs through everything before they floo to the Avengers Compound. Tony was a little nervous.

"Everything will be alright", Natasha says kissing his lips

"She is right Sweetheart", Sam says kissing his lips too

"Nothing will happen to you", Ororo murmurs kissing his lips too.

"You have us. Till the end off the line", James Barnes tells him under his mask.

"Till the end of the line", Tony agrees


"It is starting!" Scott yells

They had all gathered to hear the Avengers announcement. They expected Tony too announce something about the Accords. And maybe announce who other then Vision was with him.

T'Challa and Shuri were also present. As was Phil Coulson's team who had appeared not long ago. Steve and Clint were furious that they hadn't been told. But were glad he was alive.

"We go live to the Avengers Compound", the news anchor states

They see the stage that had a group off people lined up. Some with masks and costumes others without.

They then see Natasha, Sam and Tony walk forward.

"Sam is with them!" Wanda exclaims

"Why is Sam with Tony when he was on my side", Steve mutters

"Can't believe Nat is still with the bastard", Clint growls

He was angry that he couldn't get a hold off his family. As his farm was deserted according to T'Challa.

"Good Afternoon everyone. I would like to welcome you to the Avengers Compound. I know everyone is speculating on who the Avengers are. Since only Vision, Falcon, Black Widow and myself remain. Today we will be putting out an official current Avengers roster. But first I have an announcement about myself", Tony says to everyone

"When is it not about you", the Rogues mutter but they were curious.

"Today I announce officially that I will be stepping back from Ironman and a active Avenger", Tony tells everyone

That had the crowd yelling.

"WHAT!?" the Rogues yell

"He would never do that", Rhodey mutters something didn't sit right to him.

"But good riddance", Wanda mutters angrily.

"I will be putting my time into the newly Council called the Accords Council. And designing the technology and weapons for the Avengers. I will also continue to consult with the new Leaders off the Avengers", Tony explains

"Who is leading the Avengers then?" someone yells

"I would like to present Captain Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, Lady Liberty as Co-Leaders and Queen/Princess Ororo Munroe aka Storm of the New Avengers", Tony says introducing the two women with him.

Both were in Red, Blue and White. Lady Liberty wore a mask, Captain Marvel didn't and Ororo looked very intimidating.

"He replaced Steve. The bastard", Wanda growls

T'Challa looked at Ororo with longing.

"Why isn't Lady Liberty showing her identity?" someone yells

"Not revealing your identity is allowed as long as at least one member of the forming Accords Council knows who they are. It has been made one of the modifications. And the Accords will continue to be modified. Now I turn this media conference over to them", Tony says stepping back

"Modifications?" Steve asks, "The original Accords being changed"

"Would it make a difference?" T'Challa asks curiously

"I don't know", Steve admits

"The current Avengers are the Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff, Falcon aka Sam Wilson, Doctor Stephen Strange, The Sorcerer Supreme. The Calvary. Agent Miles, Agent 13 aka Sharon Carter. The Wasp aka Hope van Dyne…", Captain Marvel states pointing at each one.

"Hope? She is involved in this", Scott mutters confused

"Also with us is Quake aka Daisy Johnson, Mockingbird aka Bobbi Morse and Bullet aka Lance Hunter…", Lady Liberty tells them

"That is where those three have gone", Jemma states

"But what able Melinda", Phil mutters looking at the group

"More include Mage, Braveheart, Violet Enchantress, Wolfe, Lupa, Winter Wolf, Moony, Guardian, LEP, Red Hulk and She-Hulk…", Captain Marvel tells everyone

"There are more Hulks!" Clint states looking worriedly.

"But Banner was the only one we knew. Isn't that right sir?" Leo asks

"It is. I don't know how there can be two more", Phil states

"How can we tell them apart?" someone yells.

"Red Hulk is obviously Red and She-Hulk is Blue/Violet. Also with us is Captain Britain aka Brian Braddock…", Lady Liberty states.

"How many replacements are there for you?" Scott asks Steve

"How dare they?" Wanda growls

"Wolverine aka Logan Howlett is with us when it is needed and so is Deadpool", Captain Marvel tells everyone

"Really Deadpool? He is crazy. This group are going to fail", Clint tells them snorting.

"We also have curtsy of Tony Stark. The new Ironman, Iron Leader. Iron Lady, Iron Heroine, Iron Maiden, Iron Protector, Iron Hero, Iron Shield, Iron Defender, Iron Guard, Iron Trickster, Iron Warrior, Iron Solider, Iron Enchantress, Iron Tech, Iron Stealth, Iron Rescue, Iron Fusion and Iron Mage. None off which will be revealing their identities", Lady Liberty says pointing out the 19 different Ironman suits

"Tony is letting strangers in his suit?" Rhodey asks shocked.

"But he hated it when you took War Machine", Pepper says just as shocked.

"They must have egos to match Stark", Clint states

"I wonder who they truly are", Scott mutters

"The group Defenders will also join us as a if needed group. So that will be Daredevil, Black Sky, Iron Fist, Power Man and Power Woman. The Group Fantastic Four will be with as in if needed basis. The Fantastic Four include Mr Fantastic aka Reed Richards, Invisible Woman aka Susan Richards nee Storm, the Human Torch aka Johnny Storm and The Thing aka Ben Grimm", Captain Marvel tells everyone

"And International Rescue will join us when needed with their leader Jeff Tracey his six sons and two others", Lady Liberty tells everyone

"Also the Guardians of the Galaxy will help if they are in our solar system and yes they are people from different planets but their leader is human. There are 8 members off their team", Captain Marvel tells everyone

"What are they thinking? Letting aliens in", Clint growls

"Anyone under the age of 21 don't have to share their identities even with the Accords Council that is forming. But when they are 21 one member off the Council must know and vouch for them", Lady Liberty tells everyone

"It that group at the moment is Spider-Man, Iron Lad, Iron Heart, Hawkeye, Robin Hood, Wild Cat, Private Britain and Junior Fantastic", Captain Marvel tells everyone

"How dare they replace me", Clint growls

"Don't worry whoever it is, won't match your skill", Wanda assures him

"That is the current Avengers line up. And you can be assured we serve to protect the people and help them", Lady Liberty tells everyone

"Anymore questions?" Captain Marvel asks

Many people yell out and the questions keep coming.

The Rogues where shocked, angry and confused. How did Tony find these people? How dare Tony replace them? They were confused as to why Tony would step down when he loved being Ironman. And they were confused about why Tony gave some strangers his suits.

And what was the Accords Council?

And what would the changes be in the Accords?

Would they ever go come and to their original positions…

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Next a time jump to 2 years after the Civil War.