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Author's Note: I added Liz Toomes as a soulmate of Peter as well as an Intern to Jane, Bruce and Hank.

And I added Ororo Munroe soulmate to Tony.

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Chapter .3.

"Welcome to Avengers Island", Peggy says to them coolly.

"Peggy?" Steve asks weakly.

"Yes it is me", Peggy confirms with a glare.

"But your dead!" Steve exclaims.

"That's what I wanted people to believe. But I am perfectly healthy", Peggy replies.

"That is great! We can be together again!" Steve exclaims happily going to hug her but she steps back.

Steve looks at her with hurt written across his face.

"Your lucky I don't shot you", Peggy tells him.
"Peggy what is wrong?" Steve asks.

"What do you think Rogers?" Melinda asks rhetorically for Peggy.

"Mel? Why did you leave me?" Phil asks Melinda.

Melinda's eyes flash with anger. Oh how she wanted to punch him one. Bobbi looked close to punching Coulson out too.

"I suggest you shut up Agent Coulson your already in enough hot water", Carol states.

"Carol Danvers?" Phil asks the other woman.

"Coulson", Carol says curtly.

"Peg what is going on?" Steve asks.

"Just who exactly are you?" Wanda asks the three women her eyes narrowing.

"I am Peggy Carter. One of the Directors of SHIELD and Founders of it. I am also the original Agent 13 and now go by Lady Liberty and one of the three Leaders of the Avengers. You can call me Director Carter or Lady Liberty or Director Liberty", Peggy introduces herself for the sake of those who didn't know her.

She could tell Coulson wanted to have a fanboy moment.

"I am Second Deputy Director Melinda May of New SHIELD and in the Avengers I am know as 'The Calvary'", Melinda states.

"And I am Captain Carol Danvers of the Air Force or in the Avengers Colonel Marvel of the Avengers I travel through the universe helping people. You will be debriefed more on us soon", Carol states.

Rhodes eyes widen he had heard of Carol and he thought back he was sure he had met her sometime before.

Pepper eyed the three women there was an air of confidence about the three. More so with Colonel Danvers then the others.

Steve tried to school his features and not glare at Captain Danvers. She would never be able to take his place. He would show her he could lead the Avengers and then he could lead with Peggy! He didn't really know who Melinda was but he had heard Coulson and his team mention her a few times. He wondered if she was a good Deputy Director of SHIELD or if she was one of the ones who didn't tell her subordinates everything like Fury did with the Tesseract.

Clint eyed Melinda he had heard of her and worked with her before. She was a legend for what she did in Bahrain. What she did that day was how she got the codename 'the Cavalry'. He knew she hated that nickname so why did she start going by it now? And why did she agree to be part of the Avengers?

Scott looked at the three women nervously. They radiated confidence and power. He didn't know how to feel or act while in their presence and he had only been near them for a couple of minutes.

Wanda glared at the three women. Who did they think they were? They shouldn't talk to her…them like that.

T'Challa winces at the looks those three women were giving him. But he supposed he deserved it. Even Shuri couldn't stand him these days. He hoped since Lady Liberty was the legendary Peggy Carter then this situation would go down smoother. As weren't Steve and Peggy soulmates? And as a matter of fact weren't Agent Coulson and Agent May?

Phil and his team where surprised with how Melinda had introduced herself. Yes they had heard she was Deputy Director they just didn't really see her acting like one or ever using the nickname she hated. Phil knew that nickname held pain for her so why after all these years did she start to like it and use it?

"Now Mockingbird, Wasp is everyone accounted for?" Carol asks.

"Everyone is accounted for Colonel", Hope replies.

"Hi Carol, Melinda, Ma'am Peggy!" Shuri says excitedly.

The three stern women's faces soften and they smile at the excited Princess.

"Shuri welcome back. They are anxious to see you", Carol says to the Wakandan Princess.

"They are ALL here?" Shuri asks.

The others including her brother were all looking confused by their conversation.
"Of course where else would they be?", Melinda asks rhetorically.
"Why don't you go in and get sorted and you can meet us in the grand meeting room in a little while", Peggy suggests.

"Thanks!" Shuri exclaims and excited takes off into the Complex.

"Sister!" T'Challa calls out but Shuri doesn't hear him or ignores him and continues on.

"She is fine. She spends most her time now of days here. She is gone to catch up with friends", Carol tells T'Challa.

The way Carol said friends was like there was something else to that statement.

"I believe we should be getting inside", Peggy states, "As we have a schedule to keep"

"Follow us", Carol adds.

Peggy, Carol and Melinda turn to walk into the Complex with Bobbi and Hope write on their heels. The Rogues hurry to catch us with them.

The Rogues noticed how the buildings where huge. Some nearly as tall as Avengers Tower but the width was more than the Avengers Tower and seemed to have a lot of space.

"This is amazing", Scott says in awe of the technology.

"This place is so cool", Leo Fitz says to Jemma.

"What is this place?" Steve asks.

Before the Ladies answer another familiar voice pipes up.

"This is the Avengers Island Complex Rogers and company", a familiar voice says.

Okoye and Nakia jump hearing the voice in the ceiling they fought not to draw their weapons.

"JARVIS?" Rhodey and Pepper gasp.

"Indeed", JARVIS replies coldly.

"What did Stark do to Vision?" Wanda growls her hands glowing slightly.

"Miss Maximoff I suggest you cool down before you great the conditions of your return", Peggy says coldly.

"Vision is fine. Tony found a backup of JARVIS and saved him", Carol informs them.

"Sir has had me operational for the past 18 months. Plenty of time to catch up on all the events I have missed", JARVIS replies coldly.

Rhodey, Pepper and Coulson flinch knowing what kind of damage that JARVIS was capable off. They had been on the receiving end of JARVIS's justice for his Creator multiple times. Their stay here was now going to be hell.

Steve frowns how could Tony restore JARVIS? What else has Tony done?

Wanda swore if Stark has done anything to Vision to get this computer back then he would pay more then he already would.

Clint doesn't know how to feel about JARVIS being back. But he had heard stories of how defensive JARVIS was as his inventor. But they had to be exaggerated weren't they?

Scott hadn't heard of JARVIS before and he wondered just how sentiment he was. Did he have feelings? Did he have his own 'thoughts'? He had so many questions.

So did Fitz and Simmons who haven't heard JARVIS before but heard rumours of Tony Stark's Legendary AI.

T'Challa was interested too. He knew his sister had an AI. Not that he had, had the privilege of talking to IT as she was protective of hers. How did the two compare? Then he remembered the AI that gave them access to this Island. Did that mean there were more AI's then they knew?

"What happened to FRIDAY?" Pepper asks.
"I am still here Miss Potts I just share my duties with my siblings", FRIDAY chimes in.

Rhodey and Pepper winced just how many siblings did FRIDAY mean?

"Now your reacquainted with JARVIS and FRIDAY we will show you your rooms and a few common areas", Melinda tells them.

"Follow us"


Tony sat in his wheelchair hyperventilating as he had heard the Rogues arrival. Not just heard but SAVANNAH had been giving him progress reports on the Jets whereabouts.

"Shh love take deep breaths", Natasha coaxes on her knees trying to get Tony's attention.

With her trying to calm Tony was their soulmates James, Sam, Ororo, Loki and Stephen. Maria Rambeau and Ronica Miles were elsewhere busy. And Felix was destroying dummies in one of the training rooms with some of his fellow Volturi Guard and Logan to ease their stress.

So that left the other soulmates to calm Tony down.

"It is alright Doll they won't hurt you again", James says softly kissing Tony's forehead.

"Even him?" Tony gasps out.
"I will ALWAYS choice you over him every time Doll. I am with you to the end of the line", James replies rubbing Tony's bad arm.

"We ALL are Lionheart", Ororo says her voice saying Lionheart in Swahili.

"And anyway I can just turn them into mice and fed them to a wolf", Loki suggests.

"Or I can send them to the Dark Dimension", Stephen suggests.

Tony looks at the pair of them.
"Their joking Tones", Sam states tiredly.

"Not", Loki and Stephen mutter already planning murder.

Tony's lips twitch even though he was still panicking.

"Match our breaths Tones", Sam says putting Tony's nondamaged hand on his heart.

"In…out…", Natasha coaxes.

Tony starts to calm down. He was home. They couldn't harm him in his home could them? Surrounded by all his soulmates and friends? But what about T'Challa?

"Shhh we will deal with the sorry excuse for a king later", Ororo states like she was reading his mind.

"What if you feel the need to bond with T'Challa or Tash your bond with Barton or Oro your bond with your first husband or Jay your bond with Him…?" Tony states.

"No what ifs Tone", Natasha says sternly.

"Those bastards aren't getting our sympathy anytime soon", Ororo states.

"The Witch…", Tony states.

"I will have her powers bound before she can even blink if she even looks at you funny", Stephen interrupts.

"That's if she survives MY wrath and that is a BIG if", Loki adds.

Tony groans his hearing aids were starting to give him a headache.

"I think you had enough hearing today", James says looking at Tony worriedly.

"Just a headache", Tony replies.

"Любовь don't hide things from us. Especially your oldest friends", Natasha tells him stroking his face.

"She is right Moyo Wangu", Ororo says agreeing with Natasha.

"How bad is your headache?" Sam asks softly.

"7", Tony admits.
"Then I'll get your painkillers", Loki replies disappearing before reappearing with a bottle of pills.

Stephen already had a bottle of water ready.

Tony take two of the pain pills gratefully. He was still in a state of panic now that is home had been invaded.

"We are ready", Tony hears Maria Hill whisper.

For only his hearing aids to pick up.

"Maria just gave the signal for you guys to head up", Tony tells them.
They all look at each other. They didn't want to leave Tony. But they had to debrief the Rogues and Agents.

"I'm staying with you Tone", Sam says after they had all decided that out of the soulmates he could be spared.

"You don't have too", Tony lies.

"I believe we could use some us time anyway", Sam replies, "And we have bets to monitor"

Tony gives a slight smile at that. There were many beats going on at the moment. And he did mean many. With so many people living here and who are active Avengers or in one of the Divisions that meant a lot of bets and a lot of money ready to change hands.

The beats were serious, but they were also a way of distracting and cheering up Tony.

"I'll stay for now too. But might come up later", James states.

"I'll head up now if your ok with that Tones?" Natasha asks him.

"I'll be fine Красный. I'll just turn my hearing aids off and it should calm me down farer", Tony replies giving them ALL a weak smile.

"I love you. быть сильным", Natasha says kissing his lips.

"I will and I love you too", Tony replies kissing her back.

Natasha leaves then Ororo kisses him and tells him she needs to head up too. Stephen and Loki also tell Tony they had to go up but both looked apologetic.

"If I don't go up Thor WILL spill blood or destroy this complex", Loki states kissing his husband.

"Go before Thor tears the place down", Tony agrees.

Loki grins and teleports out.

"Rest", Stephen states kissing his lips before leaving.

"So why don't you show us those specs that Jeff and you have been working on?" Sam asks.

Tony gives a weak smile before turning off his hearing aids and signing for JARVIS to bring up the specs with James and Sam taking a seat on either side of him.

They were keeping him grounded.

But he couldn't help but wonder if the meeting upstairs would go off without much blood spilt…

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Любовь – Means 'Love' in Russian

Красный – Means 'Red' in Russian

быть сильным - Means 'Be Strong' in Russian

Moyo Wangu – Means 'My Heart' in Swahili