Dang did again."STARBURST" i scream.i decide 2 find out where my brother sent me.i transform into a shadow dragon and liftoff.i see a monastery.i rushing through my wings i detransform .i see colored dots below.i am falling fast.i hit the ground with a thud.

The fall would have killed me out of my power form,but my powers kept me from dying.

I was knocked out.

Kai's pov

She fell from the an she lookd like a dragon."is she a cloud person" asked jay

"No"i we hear a crackle of flame and all run to find the the cloud girl floatin in the air holding fire like i looked like she could threw warter at her she froze eyes were took of to the sky…..and fell back eyes stoped glowing and i saw they were fire disappeared from her hands and she landed on the grond."hello"she said "where am i"

Zanes pov

"Ninjago "i answer"are you lost".