"Why are we listening to this snake?"

"Because I am a snake who toiled besides Kronika, learning her secrets. I know them. Do you?"

To be honest, I don't trust Shang Tsung. He has a point sure, but I don't trust him. Knowing him, he could sell us all out when he achieves victory in his grasp. This is the reason I stayed behind in the present by the Hourglass, so that I can monitor him closely and see if there's any chance he'll betray us, in which I will surprise him when I see his endgame. The only thing I'm seeing through the Hourglass are hints such as him attempting to absorb the souls of Nightwolf's Revenant and the present Jax. He may have succeeded on the Revenant, but not the Jax from this timeline as he is stopped by Fujin. At least Fujin and Nightwolf have the right to be suspicious of him. The moment he revived Sindel, it shows more of his hidden agenda.

In the end, I was right. Shang Tsung is not someone to be trusted. He gave orders to Sindel behind our backs about going to the Isle, not to mention calling Kitana a bigger disappointment. She's going to be disappointed when she found out that her mother is not the loving mother that she imagined in all her life. What's more is that Sindel is the reason she lost her father, Jerrod as she killed him and married herself to Shao Kahn all on her own free will. To think she even helped him escape. The moment he tricked Fujin into giving him Kronika's crown, that's when Shang Tsung has revealed his betrayal. By wearing the crown not only he becomes young, he becomes her equal in power. He proceeded to siege through Kronika's hideout with Shao Kahn and Sindel, but he betrays the two firsthand. With their souls absorbed, he defeats Kronika last, gaining more power for himself.

These events... so this is what will happen if Shang Tsung were to appear to us unsealed by Kronika. I hate to admit it, but she was right to have him sealed. It matters not, as all that is happening on this changed timeline were part of my plan to defeat this sorcerer once he admits his betrayal. I do not have to worry about what had happened to my friends because I will bring them back in my New Era.

With Shang Tsung ready to change the timeline, I made my entrance. So to know the enemy is to be manipulative.

Author's Note: Who knew Shang Tsung couldn't be trusted? Fire God Liu Kang really did pull one amazing gambit by lying to him of staying behind in the present and not get involved in the action, only appearing in the end when Shang Tsung has defeated Kronika, but not before he betrayed Shao Kahn and Sindel.