He woke up with a jolt and felt different from usual he didn't know why but it was certain that something had changed as the ceiling he was used to seeing every time he woke up from his sleep was not present and was replaced by a limitless expanse of white.

He tried to move but find out that his body was not there. He could change his field of vision like moving the camera in an FPS game, but he was certain that he was missing his body and had no idea what he currently looked like. Oddly he didn't feel uncomfortable at all, on the contrary, he felt comfortable like he had never been before. He was also noticed that he was not panicking in the current unknown environment that he was currently in.

Where was he?

As his thoughts registered the fact that he was in a strange place, he also realized that he had lost his sense of direction or to put it accurately he couldn't tell the direction in this monochromatic white place.

After some time of pointless looking around he tried to remember where he was before this place he remembered that he watching a youtube video on how Russell Westbrook achieved his 'Triple-Double' season average through boxing out his teammates by selfishly playing ball so that he could pad his stats which got him his MVP title.

He quite liked Russell Westbrook for his agility and explosive physique which helped him drive his way through the defenses of the opposition to the hoop, but the poor shot selection, stealing rebounds from his teammates and low-grade passes which he made so that he could get assists dropped the player's credibility in his eyes.

That was the last thing he remembered and then he was here like he woke up from a nap. As this line of thought ended another thought wormed its way into his mind as it could have sent his brain and heart into panic if he was not in this place.

He couldn't recall his own identity. He couldn't remember his name or his family or acquaintance or what he did for a living. He could recall what he likes and dislikes, his common sense that he developed through experience.

He knew that he had good friends but he couldn't remember who they were. He also knew that he had broken up with his girlfriend recently and yet he couldn't place a person in that position.

As he was contemplating, he was surprised by a sudden burst of golden light that appeared in front of him and broke him away out of his thoughts. What appeared when the light dwindled was a golden colored orb of light. The orb exuded an aura of warmth and serenity that calmed him down.

What followed was an introduction between him and the orb who introduced himself as the GOD, creator, and manager of the multiverse.

GOD: "Child the multiverse and lives in it are governed by a set of guidelines and laws that I set upon the creation of the multiverse, but it seems that there was a mistake, and you died by accident."

GOD explained to him that a person's life span constantly changed based on the choices that he or she made on an everyday basis, of course, it didn't mean a bad person's life span would decrease with every wrong choice made or else all bad people would die early which was not the case, instead, their next life would be affected from the decision made in the current life. All in all, it was a sophisticated system that functioned on complex algorithms that took into factor many variables.

GOD: "What happened in your case is that you died before your intended time, and your soul was ejected from your body. When your body was found the authorities couldn't identify a cause of death and, it was labeled as a heart attack. Your case is unique and first of its kind. I feel that it is my responsibility that you died because of this mistake and have decided to give you a boon. You will be allowed to reborn in any world of your choices with three wishes, like one of those 'isekai' novels that you read while you were alive."

He first was a little put off by his sudden death but immediately became happy and excited when he saw what the GOD was giving in compensation. He thought about it hard and finally decided on the world and the wishes. He was a fan of basketball and loved to watch anime especially sports anime, which got him pumped up every time he saw them, so he decided and told his wishes to the GOD in front of him.

?(Protagonist): "Sir, I would like to reborn in the world of Kuroko No Basket in the same year as the Generation of Miracles."

GOD: "Alright, now tell me about your wishes."

?(Protagonist): "For my first wish, I would like to have the ability; Perfect Copy of Kise Ryota from Kuroko No Basket. For my second wish, I would like to have the ability; God-Speed Impulse of Kongo Agon from Eyeshield 21. For my final wish, I would like to adjust my physique to my preferences."

Third wish was extremely important because if he didn't have the body to fully utilise the first two gifts, then there was no meaning in using precious wishes to obtain them.

If he were to take an anime example, then he choose Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu. Volleyball is sport of height, tall and big players are strong or to put it in a poetic manner; Height makes right. In such a sport a player with Hinata Shoyo's height (5' 4.1" - 5' 7.8" / 162.8 cm - 172.2 cm) would traditionally only be able to play the defensive position; Libero, which is a position that didn't require the person to jump at the net. Hinata Shoyo is what you know as a monster of vertical jump, with his extraordinary jumping prowess and beast-like agility he could make up for his glaring height issue, but even then Hinata Shoyo knew and admitted the fact that he was weak and would never be able to win alone, he would always need a setter who would tear the wall known as block for him to be essential to the team for victory.

He gave his body an extremely great genetic foundation and ability to grow. He set his height to at least grow to 6 feet and 5 inches (195.58 cm), gave himself agile and explosive qualities with good strength and gave himself an excellent dynamic court vision. He knew how important it was to have the talent in the form of a superior physique to succeed in basketball.

He also requested GOD to bless him with handsome looks and a respectable little general which he could be proud of after he was still a guy and who doesn't want to be good looking. GOD generously agreed to everything he wished for and started the reincarnation procedure.

GOD: "Goodbye child may you be happy in this new life, and I once again apologize for the mistake in the system that caused your death.

And just like that, he lost consciousness and began his rebirth in the new world of Kuroko No Basket."


Kise Ryōta (Perfect Copy): wiki/Ry_Kise

Agon Kongo (God-Speed Impulse): wiki/Agon_Kongo

Hinata Shōyō (Haikyuu): wiki/Sh_Hinata