Tokiwadai was getting instruction by the coach in the timeout.

Coach: "It is good to move the ball around as you did, but I want you to score more offensively. Kageyama, Mibuchi, and Ishida, I want all of you to shoot more. Otsubo and Aone, make sure to stop Nebuya from scoring, and don't lose to him in the offense."

Shun: "Coach, I want to say something."

Shun continued when the coach nodded.

Shun: "Nebuya Eikichi likes to force his way to the basket, so when he gets the ball, Otsubo-senpai should try to stop him, but at the same time other players near him should try to reach in for steals. This way, he won't be able to get into the stance, as it would require him to dribble the ball, and that might result in a steal."

Coach: "Excellent, if we stop him from getting into the stance, we can stop him from using force. Otsubo, stay close to him so that he has trouble turning, and others, try to reach in so that he is forced to pass the ball."

The game started with the ball in possession of Meiho. The moment Meiho's point guard crossed the half-court, Ishida came in fast and smacked the ball out of his hand.

Meiho' PG: "Wha-!"

Meiho was shocked by the sudden turnover, ran after Ishida.

Ishida dribbled with the stolen ball and shot a three-pointer from the key. He didn't even look behind him to check if there was anyone on his tail and shot with confidence.

[A/N: The key is the point on the three-point line directly in front of the basket.]

The crowd erupted in applause for the sudden turnover.

Meiho was shocked by the sudden turnover, which gave the upper hand to Tokiwadai.

But at that moment the Meiho's ace shown, he dribbled the ball on his own to the basket, shrugged aside the double-team of Aone and Mibuchi, and scored.

Nebuya: "Muscle Score!"

Murasakibara grumbled when he heard Nebuya scream,

Murasakibara: "He is so loud, it's annoying."

Aomine: "Hahaha. I like this guy; he has a great spirit."

Satsuki: "It seems muscle-heads attract each other."

Aomine snapped his head towards Satsuki and asked,

Aomine: "Who are you calling a muscle head?!"

Everybody: "You."

Aomine sweatdropped at that.

At the court, Shun was starting to feel a little irritated.

Shun: "He is getting on my nerves. Mibuchi-senpai, let's start dropping some threes."

Mibuchi: "Yes, let's widen the gap a little, shall we. I want to see if he can keep up with three players who are scoring three points at a time."

Shun smiled, the main focus of the game was going to change, from the inside to the outside. Shun looked at Mibuchi and told him something.

Shun: "Mibuchi-senpai, I will be doing something that I never did in any previous match or at the practice. Don't be surprised and focus on scoring."

Mibuchi looked at Shun with a little suspicion, but he didn't say anything and just nodded.

Shun kept his ability to instantly copy moves a secret, nobody knew of Shun's copying ability, but this time he was going to use it to give his shooting a little boost.

The game continued with Ishida passing the ball to Mibuchi, who was surprisingly guarded by Nebuya. Mibuchi smiled a little at his guard.

Nebuya who saw that felt something was wrong, and then he saw Mibuchi jumping backward, he tried to contest, but he couldn't reach.

Shun, who saw Mibuchi pull the 'Heaven' form, couldn't but smile.

Shun: 'No matter how many times I see it, his form is really beautiful.'

Mibuchi's form was smooth and stable; it was those qualities that helped him to jump high and maintain mid-air balance, giving it a quality that drew eyes to him.

At the current moment, all the people in the stadium were looking at the ball, which went into the hoop with a swish.

The crowd that was silent a moment before erupted to a cacophony of cheers.

Viewer: "What was that! Did you see how he put so much space between them, the Meiho dude wasn't able to put up a decent guard against that shot."

The crowd was filled with people talking about Mibuchi.

The game continued with three of the Tokiwadai players dropping daggers from outside. The score became huge instantly with Mibuchi leading the offense.

Shun looked at the time and saw there were only three minutes left in the first half. He turned towards Ishida and said.

Shun: "Ishida-senpai, gather all the passes to me till the end of the first half."

Shun was double-teamed by Meiho, but he still got the ball as he had requested from Ishida.

Nijimura: "What is Tokiwadai's point guard doing, he shouldn't have passed the ball to Kageyama, when he is already being double-teamed."

Akashi thought so too but didn't say anything as he had a feeling that something was going to change.

Shun took a deep breath and said.

Shun: "I haven't scored much in this game; let's change that."

The two defenders were confused by what Shun said, but then they saw Shun move away from them. He was far away and in the air.

Mibuchi's eyes widened to the limit when he saw Shun pull the 'Heaven' shot.

The ball went into the basket before anyone could react.

Haizaki, who was leaning back in his seat, sat upright the moment Shun pulled the shot.

Aomine: "So he can do that shot too, having two members who can pull that shot is very problematic."

Haizaiki stared at Shun on the court and then spoke up.

Haizaki: "That was not his move; he copied it."

All the members of Teiko became alert the moment the word 'copied' came out of Haizaki's mouth.

Akashi: "Are you a hundred percent sure."

Haizaki nodded and explained,

Haizaki: "That Kageyama guy's shooting form is different if that was his move then the form should have been the same, but the form that he just pulled was a carbon copy of that other guy."

Kuroko: "So, what you are saying is."

Everbody looked at Haizaiki for confirmation.

Haizaiki: "That bastard can copy other's moves."

Teiko's team got even more convinced when Shun pulled the 'Earth' shot, which Mibuchi had showcased twice in this match.

Kageyama Shun was now priority number one for Teiko.

The first half ended with the score 43-32 in Tokiwadai's favor.