Both teams entered the court for the second half.

Midorima: "Tokiwadai's game is going to change, Kageyama Shun is going to start his stealing."

Aomine: "I think Nebuya Eikichi won't be able to get the ball a whole lot in this half."

Nijimura: "With Kageyama stealing passes, it is completely possible."

Shun walked on the court for the second half of the game. He had already figured out Meiho's usual pass pattern, all he needed to do was to be at the right place at the right time, and he would get the ball.

The game started with Shun intercepting a pass to Nebuya right in front of him. Nebuya chased after Shun, who had the ball.

Nebuya: "Come back here."

Alas, Shun was faster than Nebuya, and he scored at the bucket scored with a simple finger-roll layup.

Nebuya was furious he got the ball and dribbled the ball, but Shun got in his way, the still furious Nebuya tried to move past Shun but got charged with a charging violation.

Murasakibara: "Arara, he got in the loud guy's head and caused him to commit a foul."

Haizaki: "That Kageyama sure got in a good steal."

[A/N: Stealing, you get it right.]

Akashi: "The things will get worse from here on out. Meiho will not be able to score much, and the pressure will pile on."

Akashi was right the situation got worse, Tokiwadai started to gain turnovers and started to score from the outside.

Ishida got into a rhythm and started to pull more threes than the first half. Mibuchi drew in more fouls and increased the value of his plays.

But, nothing could beat the damage Shun was doing, he kept stealing the ball, and Meiho's morale dropped to an all-time low.

Nebuya got agitated, and his performance started to drop. He made silly mistakes in finishing at the rim.

Nebuya was trying to push his way to the basket, and Aone who was trying to stop him pulled back at the moment Nebuya pushed back, causing Nebuya to lose balance, and Aone stole the ball.

Even Shun got a block in, Nebuya tried to score with an overhead layup got the ball smacked out of his hands from his back.

Shun: 'This game is over with this.'

Meiho had given up on the match, and Nebuya was now in a rut. The point gap was almost impossible to recover from, and Tokiwadai was still increasing it.

Shun decided to let Otsubo, and Aone score from here on out, they had worked hard to stop Nebuya all game and deserved a chance to score freely.

Otsubo went out a dunk streak; he spent the last minutes of the game, dunking at each of his baskets.

Viewer: "That tall guy is awesome; he is dunking all over the place."

Viewer: "*Whistle*, look at that point gap, is this really a semi-final in the Nationals."

Viewer: "Look at Tokiwadai, dropping those threes. As expected from the reigning champions. "

The crowd was going wild at Otsubo scoring, and Nebuya, who was now in a rut, couldn't stop Otsubo.

Haizaki: "Look, Murasakibara; that old guy can dunk."

Murasakibara: "I can do it too; our opponents weren't strong enough for me to dunk."

Nijimura, who looked at the match said,

Nijimura: "The moment Nebuya broke down, the game was over."

Akashi agreed with Nijimura, Meiho was a one-players team, and the moment they couldn't get the ball to their ace player, the game was already over.

Nebuya's slump sealed the deal, and Meiho lost the game.

The game ended with Tokiwadai scoring a whopping eighty-five points to Meiho's forty-nine points.

This game Shun played like a balanced player, he divided his attention in scoring, supporting, and defending.

His final score was twenty points, fourteen steals, ten assists, and three blocks.

Announcer: "Semi-finals, number one; Tokiwadai Middle School vs. Meiho Middle School. Tokiwadai Middle School will proceed to the finals of the Nationals-Middle school division."

Tokiwadai celebrated loudly, and some players even picked Shun up and lifted him high.

When Shun got down, Nebuya Eikichi came towards them and declared with a face that looked like he had just recently cried,

Nebuya: "I will take my revenge next year. I will gain more muscle power, and win the Nationals next year."

With that Nebuya left, leaving Shun with a thought.

Shun: 'This might cause him to gain a formidable mental strength as well, I am looking forward to the next year. Next year, the Uncrowned Kings will be at their best.'

Nijimura got up from his seat and ordered the whole team,

Nijimura: "Everybody, let's go we need to head to the locker room, the coach will be discussing strategy before we head to the official warmup. Make sure not to leave your stuff here, so double check before leaving."

Teiko's team got up, and they headed to their locker room.

The starting members of Teiko were thinking about Tokiwadai's performance, and how they would play if Teiko went up against Tokiwadai in the finals.

Shun headed back to the locker room to change, on his way there, he crossed paths with two people he was least expecting to meet.

Shun saw Akashi Seijuro and Midorima Shintaro, walking towards him.

Akashi, who saw Shun stopped, seeing that Shun also stopped.

Akashi: "You are Kageyama Shun, from Tokiwadai middle school. My name is Akashi Seijuro, from Teiko middle school, and this is Midorima Shintaro. Congratulations on making it to the finals."

Midorima also congratulated him.

Shun: "Thank you; it was a team effort. I have already met Aomine Daiki and Kuroko Tetsuya from your team. I heard that this year's Teiko is especially strong, I am looking forward to playing against you guys in the finals. Best of luck with your semi-final game."

Akashi: "Thank you. Please, look forward to it."

Both parties said their goodbyes and left without any further conversation.

Shun: 'I am looking forward to the finals; I want to see how do I compare to the Generation of Miracles. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day.'

Shun walked towards the locker room while humming a cheerful hymn.