(Open to Cathy Cleaning up in the clubhouse. Cathy is sweeping the floor when she spots an odd looking gem. She goes over to pick it up as she suddenly gets sucked into a dimensional rift generated from the gem. Cut to a few hours later as Danny & Alex are looking for her.)
Alex: Cathy? Hello?
Danny: No sign of her?
Alex: Nothing so far.
(Danny looks at the stone Cathy found)
Danny: Where did this come from?
Alex: Careful, Danny..
Danny: Pfft! I'm always careful!
Alex: Really?
Danny: What could possibly go wrong? (He touches it & the dimensional rift opens up again.) Woah!
(Alex extends his arm out & grabs Danny's Leg)
Alex: Gotchya! (The rift gets bigger & starts pulling Alex in as well) Not good. Woah!
(The rift swallows them both. Transition to a desert esc location as Danny & Alex fall out of the sky & into the sand)
Both: Oomph!
Danny: Well I guess that could happen.
Alex (Dusting the sand off of himself): Way to go, Daniel.
Danny: (Dusts himself off as he stands up) Hey I didn't know that gem would teleport us. Where did we end up anyway?
(Pan out to see they landed in the middle of nowhere)
Alex: I don't know. But I have a hunch Cathy got teleported here too.
Danny: Well I guess we should probably try to find civilization if there is any.
Alex: (using his heat vision) There should be a town close by here towards the north. It'll probably take a day to get there by foot.
Danny: Maybe for me but you can hover. Much to my benefit.
Alex: Hm. Are you saying what I think you're saying?
(jump cut to see Danny riding on top of Alex's back a la Yoshi as he flies towards the town)
Danny: Woohoo!
Alex: (Struggling) Hold still up there! You humans are a lot heavier than you look.
(Transition to the two looking around the city Danny & Alex enter through the entrance of the city when some guards appear)
Guard 1: There he is! Get'em!
(One of the guards grabs hold of Alex)
Alex: Hey! Let go of me!
Danny: What's the meaning of this?
Guard 2: We are under patrol of Eclipso. (Pulls out a wanted paper with an image portraying Alex in an Arabian style) He is wanted for multiple thefts within the town's market.
Alex: What? I did no such thing! That's not even me, you got the wrong guy!
Guard 1: Tell it to the judge!
Danny: Let go of him that's my friend!
Guard: Friend you say? Well then you'll have to come with us as well as his partner in crime.
Danny: What!? That's not what I meant at all!
(The guards capture Danny too. Transition to an Arabian prison as the two are thrown in.)
Guard 1: You have the right to remain silent, Eclipso.
Alex: I told you that is not my name!
Danny: Talk about your rude welcome.
?: Tell me about it. (See Cathy over in the back) I guess I'm not the only one who got trapped in here.
Alex & Danny: Cathy!
Alex: Well looks like that confirms my theory.
Danny: How did you get in here?
Cathy: Well I got thrown into this tomb of a room after I was assumed to look the part of some sort of thief.
Alex: So did I! They said something about me being some guy named Eclipso.
?: Psst.. Hey! You three. (over by the window of the prison a glowing power takes off the bars.) Slip through this hole & hurry!
Alex: Thanks, I guess. Wait who are you exactly?
?: Explanations later now come on!
(The three slip through the hole to find a cloaked figure.)
Cathy: Thanks. for getting us out of-
?: To the back alley, come! (Jump to the town back alleys where of which we can assume is the mystery man's lair.) I must apologize for the rough arrival to Aliegypt.
Alex: You're telling us that. I just got thrown into there after being assumed to be a thief by the name of Eclipso. Who even is that guy anyway?
(The cloaked figure pulls down his hood, revealing him to be an Arabian esc Vermal)
Eclipso: Well you're looking at him right now.
Alex: You're Eclipso!?
Eclipso: In the fur. It's no wonder those guards mistook you for me, the Anubis God. You fit my visual appearance to a T.
Danny: Why did you help us out of there?
Eclipso: Because I could tell you aren't from here & I know how harsh the penalty is that they would put upon you if you had been left in there. A penalty worse than death itself. Especially for gods. (He picks up a lamp shaped object) The same fate happened to my sister.
Danny: Wait a minute. I remember reading about something similar to this in world history at school. Can I see that for a moment?
Eclipso: I guess so.
(he hands Danny the object as Danny begins to rub it in multiple areas)
Danny: If I can just pull this off correctly.
(the object starts to glow & a golden mist fills the room. As it clears out we see Eclipso's sister appear with shackles on her arms & a wisp shaped tail to make up the waist down.)
Eclipso: Sonah!
Sonah: Eclipso. Thank goodness you're here.
Alex: Hey, she kind of looks like my sister. Minus the whole genie thing of course.
Eclipso: What's a genie?
Alex: Well.. It's a magical god that grants wishes. Wait why is it that you have such a bounty on you in the first place?
Eclipso: (looks at a castle) The Princess herself..(sigh) I should've stayed away from the palace.. Now she's unable to marry me.
Sonah: That's okay, Eclipso.. We'll find a way.
Danny: Princess?
Eclipso: Her name is Princess Zera.. The Alien of my dreams.. We secretly hung out all the time in the days of our youth..
Cathy: Princess Zera? Hmm.. That name sounds familiar.. (thinking about Zerisa)
Alex: What did she look like?
Eclipso: Like only the most beautiful Zungrabian you could lay eyes on. But until that cruel sorcerer, Orose, told a rumor about me. The king banned me from ever coming into contact with her let alone marrying her. Now I've been forced to live the life of a peasant street rat on the run.
Cathy: Aww.. That's sad..
Eclipso: If there is only a way for me to marry Zera.. I'd take it in a heartbeat.
(fake cough) Ahem. How about me?
Eclipso: That could work.
Danny: Wait, you grant wishes, right?
Alex: Danny, I'm not sure if the genie logic from our world would be the same type for here.
Danny: Oh really? Then I wish to be a prince.
(Sonah started shaking her hips)
Sonah: Your wish is my command!
(She zaps Danny and turns him into a prince)
Danny: There's your proof.
Alex: Okay. Then how can a prince help this situation?
Danny: It's simple.. I pretend to be a visiting prince since you two are Vermals, and I'm a human.
Cathy: What about me?
Danny: You can be my servant.
Cathy: Very funny. (She takes the lamp from Danny) As my first wish I seek to become one of royalty.
(Sonah turns Cathy into a princess)
Danny: Huh.. Fancy..
Alex: Guys I think you're missing the whole premise here. We're suppose to be helping Eclipso reunite with Zera.
Danny: Oh yeah.. And after a few chats, we will convince the king to marry Eclipso Aka Zera's true love.
Sonah: Wait how many wishes does this whole "genie" thing have the ability to grant someone?
Alex: Well it's around 3 to 5 a person from what I can remember. They also can't kill people, get people to fall in love & bring those who are beyond the grave.
Sonah: Okay..
Danny: It's action time..
(At the Palace..)
King Arablien: (pacing back and forth) (sigh)
Orose the Sorcerer: Sire, what seem to be the problem?
King Arablien: My daughter.. She hasn't been able to marry any prince but to think about Eclipso.
Orose: Fear not, sir. She will manage to find one significant to her come with time. (to himself) Where or not she agrees with it.
King Arablien: I'll go talk to her..
(He went to Zera's room.)
Zera: (sigh) (petting her plush tiger alien, Xaga) (singing) Will he save my eyes? Will he save my heart? In the dark? I wish he is there for me.. I wish- (Zera hears her father opening the door & stops singing) Father..
King Arablien: Zera.. What seems to be the problem?
Zera: It's that crime Orose has convicted Eclipso with. It's not true at all.
King Arablien: I know you think that way but, he is the head of law enforcement so he has a say in the matter. And besides, Eclipso is a Vermal.. An enemy..
Zera: He didn't act like one though. He wasn't even raised by them, you should know this yourself.
Guard: Sire, there is a royal family on your doorstep.
(Danny & Cathy enter the royal hall)
Danny: Greetings your majesty. I am prince Dannubis Jackson of Singletown.
Cathy: And I am Princess Cathera Smithus of Singletown.
Orose: Singletown? What a strange name.
King Arablien: You two must've traveled from afar to get here.
Cathy: That's one way to put it.
Zera: I told you.. I'm not marrying anyone..
Danny: Worry not. We didn't came for marriage! We came for a visit as we are travelers who travel to see the many sights of what the cities of Aliegypt have to offer! You mind if we set up a feast? (claps his hands)
(Then servants came, holding plates of food)
King Arablien: Hmm.. Very well, then. A feast!
(Orose glared at Danny)
Orose: I must say you are rather strange looking for your attire. I've never met anyone such as yourselves before. Wherever this Singletown of yours is, I must ask you would take me there with you someday.
Danny: Yeah... sure.
(Cut back to the MBC Clubhouse as Zerisa is helping Mr. Smith & Sonara look for Alex, Danny, & Cathy)
Zerisa: This is really odd for the three of them to disappear like that.
Mr. Smith: Indeed. Unless.. (He sees the Gem) Oh no.
Zerisa: Oh where did that come from?
(Zerisa goes over to touch it)
Mr. Smith: No, Don't!
(The rift opens up again & vanishes taking Zerisa with it)
Sonara: What was that!?
Mr. Smith: That is no ordinary gem. Within it is the long lost land of Aliegypt. If anyone were to just merely come into physical contact with the gem without holding it a certain way it will suck that being into Aliegypt never to be seen again.
Sonara: (Gasp) You don't think, that..
Mr. Smith: I'm afraid so. Let's hope that those three are okay.
(Cut to Zera's room as the a gem on a mirror frame centerpiece starts to glow as Zerisa is flung out onto the floor)
Zerisa: Ow, my head.
Zera: (Outside) Who's there? (Zera opens her room door to see Zerisa lying on the floor) What the? You look just like me.
Zerisa: (groans) What're you talking abou- (She sees Zera) AHH! I'VE BEEN CLONED!
Zera: Okay I'm completely lost. What do you mean you've been cloned? If anything you look like a clone of me. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Princess Zera of Aliegypt.
Zerisa: I'm Zerisa. All I remember is that I went over to pick up a gem off the ground at the clubhouse then I suddenly appear here.
?: You weren't the only thing brought over. (See Sickle-Serpent stuck under Zerisa's butt) Now would you mind getting off of me?
Zerisa: Oh sorry Sickle-Serpent.
(She gets up allowing Sickle-Serpent to slither out from Zerisa's back pocket.)
Zera: You aren't from here are you?
Zerisa: Indeed. In fact I think a couple more of my friends are here too.
Zera: What do they look like?
Zerisa: Well there's a human, a Rhapsodian, & a Vermal.
Zera: A Vermal!?
Zerisa: Yeah. The Vermal's actually my boyfriend. Why'd you ask?
Zera: I remember the royal guards throwing a Vermal into the prison just this morning. That might be him.
Zerisa: Could you lead me to there?
Zera: Sure but we'll have to do it in secret. Here Vermals have recently been considered the enemy in our kingdom. Plus if anyone were to see two of me they would freak. Especially if that were to be either my father or Orose.
Zerisa: Alright, you lead. And by the way, I love the outfit..
Zera: Thank you..
(Meanwhile at the dinner table..)
King Arablien: So what is this? (eating Pizza)
Danny: It's called Pizza.. The one of the most popular food from where we come from.
King Arablien: interesting. (takes another bite) A rather distinct flavor but nothing to be frowned upon.
(Zera & Zerisa sneak out)
Zera: The prison should be this way. (Not seeing where she's going she ends up bumping into Alex & Eclipso)
Alex: Hey watch where you're goi.. (She sees Zerisa) Zerisa!?
Zerisa: Hey Alex. (She leans over & kisses him on the cheek, making him blush)
Zera: Oh, so boyfriend is another word for lover then.
Alex: And you must be Zera. Pleasure to make you're acquaintance.
(Alex proceeds to bow before her)
Zera: Oh my.. (looks at Eclipso) Eclipso?
Eclipso: I helped him out of the prison along with his friends.
Zera: Oh my! I'm glad to see you!
(They kissed)
Sickle-Serpent: (slithering up to Alex's Shoulder) Sheesh, those two make You & Zerisa look tame.
Alex: Sickle-Serpent!? How did you get here?
Sickle-Serpent: Same way you guys got into this joint.
Zera: He had been sleeping in my back pants pocket when I got teleported.
Sickle-Serpent: And I was having one of the best dreams I ever had. That was until my sleep got interrupted after my ride rear ended her landing.
Orose: Ah.. Hello, Princesses (See Orose with guards at the ready.)
Eclipso: What do you want, Orose!?
Orose: Isn't it obvious? You behind bars! And I want Princess Zera to marry me! So that I can rule this palace!
Eclipso: Over my dead body!
(Eclipso ran and tried to attack, but Orose knocked him out)
Orose: It's useless. I have the power of a shackled on my side. (See that Sonah's lamp had been stolen)
Eclipso: Sonah!
Sonah: I'm sorry.. He rubbed the lamp.. I must do what he says.
Orose: Now my second demand. CRUSH THEM!
Alex: Second? You mean you already used your first? Wait, what happened to Danny & Cathy?
Orose: They will be dessert for my pets.
Alex: Okay now you've crossed the line!
Eclipso: Well you sparked up.
Alex: (looks at his V-Com) MBC, Power Up! No one let's my family become food for beasts & gets away with it!
Orose: What is this?!
Zerisa: MBC Power Up! (Turns into her outfit in the color of Indigo)
Orose: You're one of them!?
Alex: Just so you know you have just crossed the line of the Monster Buster Club. An intergalactic space force.
Zerisa: And the Monster Buster Police.. You are under arrest, Orose.
(Both Zerisa & Alex ready their Vac Vaders)
Orose: Uh uh uh.. Make any funny moves, (Arablien is lifted down) & the king gets it!
Zera: Father!
King Arablien: (gagging) Z-zera! I can't breathe!
Orose: (looks at Sonah) Don't just float there. I told you to crush them!
Sonah: I'm trying to but something's not allowing me to do that.
Orose: Don't lie to me! Crush them!
Sonah: I really can't! I'm being honest!
Orose: Never mind. I got a better idea. Make me a genie so I can do the work for you! (Orose grabbed his staff) That is my third demand of you.
Sonah: (sigh) as you wish.
Eclipso: Sonah. Don't do it!
Sonah: (As she shakes her hips) I'm sorry Eclipso. The one who wields the key calls the moves. I have no say in the matter.
(She turns Orose into a huge genie tyrant as Orose cackles in delight.)
Guard 1: What the.
Guard 2: Run!
Guard 3: MOMMY!
(The guards ran away.)
Orose: (shows an orb of Planet Earth) Now I shall reign all! (shows more orbs of planets)
(A gem starts to take form)
Alex: That's the same type of gem that transported us here to begin with!
(Orose's pets come out.)
Eclipso: (grunts) You won't get away with this!
Orose: I already have, street rat!
(Orose grabbed Zera)
Alex: (Seeing Sonah's key) I got an idea. If I can just get a hold of that key around his belt Sonah will be on our side again.
Orose: Oh not you don't! (Lightning strikes down)
Eclipso: Ah!
(Then Zerisa blocked it with her shield)
Alex: You are an idiot! You should know electricity is one of the many things Vermals can control.
Eclipso: It is?
Alex: Watch & learn, lunar god.
Zerisa: Go Alex!
(Alex shoots multiple electroballs at Orose's belt freeing Sonah's key)
Eclipso: I didn't even know we could do that.
Orose: Ah!
Cathy: Got it.
Zerisa: Cathy? I thought you & Danny became pet food.
Cathy: We escaped.
Danny: It also turns out his pets weren't fans of Calamari.
Alex: Danny that's offensive.
(Orose attacked Alex, but Eclipso grabbed Alex and blocked Orose's attack)
Eclipso: Let me have a try at this electrokinesis.
(He generates electricity into the form of an Arabian sword)
Alex: Woah! And I didn't even know we could to that.
Eclipso: Neither did I.
Orose: You think a measly sword will stop me?
(Orose produces a sword of his own. The two then begin a sword fight.)
Eclipso: I may be weak! But I got more strength than what you could ever imagine!
Orose: A bit countering with your words. You may not have been raised by Vermals but you sure speak the tongue.
Eclipso: I know, but I can't let you win!
(Orose attacked him. Alex looked and saw a rift opening)
Alex: Guys. I think our world is merging with this one.
(The rest of the MBC come out through the rift along with Mr. Smith & Sonara)
Danny: Well that was convenient.
Mr. Smith: Freedom. Wish for her freedom!
Sonara: That way the key will be locked onto him instead.
Orose: More Rats?
Eclipso: You see what you've done? You're causing the world to collapse in alongside theirs!
Orose: I doesn't matter. So long I see your Vermal street rat blood stained across my blade I will be satisfied.
Alex: (takes the key) I wish for the freedom of Sonah!
Sonah: (gasp)
Alex: And for Orose will be trapped in the key!
(Sonah begins to transform back to herself.)
Orose: What?! No! No! (shrinks and get sucked into the lamp) Noooooooooooooo!
(The rift closes)
Eclipso: (Looking at Alex's Vac Vader) May I?
Alex: Gladly.
(Eclipso entraps the lamp in the Vac Vader.)
Eclipso: Arablien!
(See the King laying on the ground)
Zera: Father!
King Arablien: Thank you.. (smiles) Eclipso, my greatest apologies for the misjudgment that had been laid upon you. (He looks over at the MBC) And thank you for stopping Orose. Monster Busters, was it?
Alex: Yes.
Zera: (looks at Eclipso & then back at the king) So, is it okay?
(Arablien looks at Eclipso & nods)
King Arablien: You may kiss the bride.
(Eclipso looks at Zera and kisses her)
Paige, Mimi, Cathy, & Sam: Aww!
(Transition over to a wedding ceremony)
Alex: (To Zerisa) Look at them. Kind of reminiscent of us aren't they.
Zerisa: (Holding the thrown bouquet) Looks like we might be next...
Alex: Oh.. (blushes)
(Sickle-Serpent slithers out of Alex's side pocket & onto his shoulder)
Sickle-Serpent: Hey not to be a party crasher here but um.. anyone know how we are getting back home?
Alex: Actually that's a good question.
Zera: I got an idea. That gem which transported you here may have an exit back to your world somewhere in the palace.
Zerisa: Wait wasn't there a gem shaped exactly like that on one of your mirrors?
Zera: You're right. It could be the way to get you all back home.
(Transition to them in Zera's room as they say their farewells.)
Eclipso: And remember if you ever want to stop by again you know what to do. (He looks over at Alex as he is about to pass through the rift) Take good care of Zerisa.
Alex: I will. (Alex passes through as we flash to a white screen. It then fades to SingleTown back at the clubhouse.)
Chris: Uh.. Where's Danny?
Franky: Don't know.. He says he have a "surprise" for me.
(Danny appears, wearing the prince outfit)
Danny: Greetings.
Danny: First it was Chris, then Sam, then Alex, now it is my turn.
Franky: Your majesty. (laughs)
(Danny laughed too.)
Danny: Come here. (they hug)
Franky: I love you, Daniel.. I love you with all my heart.
Alex: (To Zerisa) Looks like someone is ready for another Aliegyptian Nights.
Zerisa: Yup..
(Cut to the Marathon Logo)