(Open to Danny's house, Danny is playing video-games.)
Danny: Oh yeah!
(Danny's dad came, pacing back and forth) (pauses his game) Oh hey dad. What's the matter?
Mr. Jackson: Your mom and her friend are coming.. So we have to be like mom says.. No video games or such idiotic attitude.. Remember what happens if we break the rule?
Danny: Mom will kill us..
Mr. Jackson: I know.. (hears a doorbell) Oh! That's them
(Danny opens the door as a yellow & black striped girl stands out on their doorstep.)
Danny: Oh! Hi there! (The little girl stayed silent & writes down, "Hi." On a notepad she is carrying.) ..Okay?
Mrs. Jackson: Oh Daniel! Hello! Meet Pollen.. She is my friend's daughter.
Danny: She's kind of shy.
Mrs. Jackson: Oh she doesn't really talk much to anyone. And say hello to her mother, Dianna.
Dianna: Hi there!
Mrs. Jackson: Come in, folks! (glares at Danny) Did you take out the trash?
Danny: There wasn't any when I checked, Mom.
Mrs. Jackson: Really? (looks at the empty bin) I could've swore I had that thing filled.
Danny: Yeah.. I wonder why.. (flashbacks to when Danny uses a small MBC gadget to clear out the trash)
Dianna: Danny is it alright if you could show Pollen around?
Danny: I'd suppose so, Mrs...
Dianna: B.. My name is Dianna Bee.
Danny: Alright. (Looks at Pollen) You want to check out the clubhouse? (Pollen just shrugs & writes down on a notepad, "I guess so.") Not much of a talker, huh? Does she have a speech issue?
Dianna: Unfortunately yes. She gives everyone a silent chat because her father.. Um.. Is busy...
Danny: Okay. Sorry to hear that. (looks at Pollen.) Come on I'll show the clubhouse.
(Meanwhile, at the forest.. Mimi, Sam, and Speedy are on a mission.. They looked around and saw honey scattered on the trees and rocks.)
Speedy: Whoever came through here must've been a messy eater.
Mimi: I'll say..
Danny: Hey guys.
Sam: Gah! (accidentally hits Danny over the head with her blaster.)
Danny: OW!
Pollen: (Gasp)
Sam: Sorry, Danny. I didn't see you there.
Danny: That's okay.. Anyways, meet Pollen.
Sam: Hi.
(Pollen writes, "Hello." On her notepad.)
Danny: She can't really talk.
Speedy: Hey she looks kind of odd.
(Pollen writes, "What do you mean?" on her notepad.)
Speedy: I didn't meant it in an offensive way. I meant you're skin color is a bit odd. It's striped.
(Pollen writes on her notepad. "It's a skin condition that comes from my father's side.")
Speedy: Oh.
Danny: So what are you guys up to?
Sam: See behind us?
Danny: Woah.. Honey..
(Pollen walks toward it in surprise)
Danny: Pollen, I don't think you should get too close to this.
Alex: (in the V-Com) Guys.. We need Back-up..
(See Alex, Cathy, Franky, & Juan fighting off an insect like alien)
Hover: Intruderzzz muzzzt be zzztop!
Pollen: (Gasp)
Danny: Don't worry, we'll be there!
Sam: Wait what about Pollen?
Danny: (Looking at Pollen) Can you keep a secret?
(Pollen nodded)
Danny: MBC Power Up!
(Danny transformed into his MBC suit..)
Sam: Come on! Let's go!
(Pollen follows them to SingleTown Football field..)
Hover: (buzzing)
Danny: Stop right there!
(Hover turns around)
Hover: More? (looks at Pollen) Huh? (He gets closer to them) Are you?
(Danny points his Vac Vader towards him)
Pollen: Don't shoot!
Danny: You spoke!?
(Hover attacks Danny)
Danny: (looks at Pollen) Go find safety! (She writes down on her notepad, "Can you keep a secret?" & shows it to him.) Really you're asking that here? (She writes down on her notepad, "Dad" & points at Hover.) (Danny froze) He's your dad?!
(Hover grabbed Danny and threw him away)
Hover: (looks at Pollen) Pollen! (Pollen says nothing) ...P..Pollen? (Pollen hugs him as she cries) It's alright Pollen. I'm here.
(Hover then heard his com beeping..)
?: (in the com) Hover, where is the honey?
Hover: They're right ready, sir..
?: (in the com) Good. Return to the Beehive, immediately.
Hover: Okay.. (looks at Pollen)
Pollen: P-please don't leave me..
Hover: I'm sorry.. But I cannot anger the Queen.. If I did she'd kill me. I'm.. Sorry, Pollen..
(He left, carrying a barrel of honey with an arm sticking out of it. Danny saw what happened)
Sam: That's terrible.
Danny: No wonder she stayed silent all this time. (Pollen ran and cried) She's a hybrid.
(Back at the Beehive Spaceship, Hover came, unloading the barrel. We see Paige & Chris were brought along on accident & have been trapped in honey)
(Back on Earth, at Danny's house..)
Mrs. Jackson: You did what!?
Pollen: I-I saw daddy.. (cries)
Dianna: (Hugging her daughter) It's okay, Pollen. I'm sure you'll see him again.
Mrs. Jackson: Why didn't you tell me you were married to an alien bee?!
Dianna: I wasn't. We were originally dating long before, then I had Pollen after he had to return to his hive. I too was sad to see him go when he did.
(Danny's mom looked at Danny.)
Mrs. Jackson: And you are- You! An alien-busting member? Oh goodness, I need to lie down..
(Danny's mom collapses)
Juan: Woah. Déjà vu.
Sam: Wait where's Chris & Paige?
Alex: They must've been inside some of those barrels Hover took with him!
Sam: Oh no..
Pollen: (cries) I miss daddy..
Juan: Shh.. I know what it feels like to miss somebody. A lot of us here do.
Danny: Well now we definitely need to find them!
Cathy: But how? We don't even know what their ship looks like.
Danny: Well given the fact they are alien bees I'd say it be some sort of hive shape.
Dianna: Actually you're right.
Juan: Hmm.. Now that you'd mention it.. (Flashback to the start of the morning in Juan's Bedroom) I saw a weird-looking cloud through my telescope this morning just before I got a message on my V-Com. It was yellow and shaped like a cotton candy glob.
Dianna: That's their ship. (suddenly people start running towards them in a panic) What on earth?
Person #1: It's an invasion!
Person #2: They're right behind us!
(See there's a swarm of Beemers)
Franky: If they're here chances are the ship might be that far off from them.
Pollen: One of them might be my dad.
(Pollen ran to the Beehive)
Dianna: Pollen, wait!
(she runs after her daughter)
Danny: Come on, team! We need to go after them.
(The gang follow Dianna and Pollen)
Beemer Guard #1: (spots Pollen) A human girl!
(Pollen's back begins to glow as she sprouts wings)
Beemer Guard #2: Say.. Isn't she Hover's.. Daughter?
Beemer Guard #1: I don't know. (Pollen flew through the hive.) Hey! Come back!
Beemer Guard #2: You cant be seen by the Queen!
(Danny & Co arrive)
Danny: (To one of the Beemer Guards) Did she head in there?
Sam: She might be looking for Hover.
Beemer Guard #1: And what's it to ya.
Dianna: Because I'm her mother.
?: Dianna, is that really you?
(Hover appeared)
Dianna: Hover! (The two hug it out) It's Pollen. She headed into the hive.
Hover: Oh no! If the queen sees her she'll have my head. Or worse with those two in there!
Sam: We need to head in there. Two of our friends are in there too.
(Meanwhile, Pollen is flying around the hive.. Till she heard someone..)
Queen Beemer:
The plan is working..
Loki: Good.
Mehie: Perfect.
(Queen Beemer hears an unfamiliar buzzing noise)
Queen Beemer: Huh? Who's there?
(Pollen stop flying & runs away. She then runs into the room where Chris & Paige are trapped.)
Paige & Chris: (struggling)
Pollen: MBC.
(Pollen looked around and saw one of the MBC gadgets)
Chris: Quick use that heater to get us out of here!
(Pollen grabbed the Heater and melted the honey)
Paige: Thanks.
Pollen: Where is he?
Chris: Where's who?
Pollen: Hover, My dad!
Chris: You mean the Beemer that attacked us?!
Paige: Woah.. He's your father?
Pollen: He didn't have a choice. The queen ordered him to do so.
Queen Beemer: And I will be the one to complete his task!
(See Queen Beemer right behind them with Mehie & Loky)
Chris: Mehie?!
Paige: Loky?!
Loky: Ah another hybrid.
Mehie: Double Luck. (Opening a jar holding a Parasite Queen) She will do splendidly.
(A Parasite Queen is let out but instead of going after Pollen it goes after Queen Beemer & takes control of her.)
Queen Beemer: Get that thing off me!
(The Parasite Queen took full control of Queen Beemer)
Hover: (off screen) Pollen?
(Queen Beemer could then be heard roaring)
Sam: Not good.
Hover: Oh no. The Queen must've found her
Dianna: Pollen!
(Queen Bee's roar is produced again but this time in combination of the Parasite Queen)
Danny: Oh no not them.
Sam: Again with the Moon Parasites?!
Hover: Moon Parasites?
Juan: You're queen is also in trouble!
(Back with Pollen)
Pollen: (Buzz) Oh no!
Mehie: Aw well we may not have been to take control of the hybrid but we can always improvise.
Chris: Duck!
(Pollen dodges an arm thrust from the Parasitic Queen Beemer)
Paige: (On her V-Com) Guys come in. Can you hear me? (The device makes no response) (Looks at Chris) The honey must've messed with circuiting. I can't get anything out of my V-Com.
Chris: Mine isn't working either.
Pollen: I got an idea.
(She uses her wings to produce sound waves to relay an "S.O.S." message, which makes it back to Hover.)
Hover: She's over this way. (Pointing toward the left) (The gang followed him. They end up making it to where the honey supply room is.) The Queen! (He looks at Loky & Mehie) What have you two done to her!?
Mehie: We made some adjustments to your ruler.
Loky: You like?
(Queen Beemer roars ferociously)
Hover: No! This is not her! Even she wouldn't act like this!
Loky: Well we did intend on it being the hybrid down there but our Parasite Queen had other plans.
Sam: Chris! Paige!
Hover: Sorry about getting the two of you stuck here.
Chris: It's alright.
Dianna: (Hugs Pollen) Oh thank goodness you're okay. (Hover then sees her wings) (gasp) Pollen!
Pollen: What's wrong?
Dianna: You've grown wings!
Pollen: (Looks behind her shoulder) Oh. I didn't notice that. (Her back glows again as her wings then disappear) Woah!
Juan: (pointing at Mehie & Loky) Guys I think we've got bigger matters to deal with.
(See that Mehie & Loky have waited the entire time for the family tangent to end that they started up a card game)
Mehie: Got any 3s?
Loky: Nope. Go fish.
Mehie: Rabulton Dung!
Alex: Are they seriously playing Go Fish?
Juan: Ahem.
(He catches the attention of Mehie & Loky)
Mehie: Oh you're done now?
Danny: I guess?
Loky: Finally! Now where were we? Oh yeah.. Attack!
(The Parasite Beemer Queen roared)
Hover: We need to get that thing off of her. But how?
Cathy: Water.
Hover: But all we have in here is honey!
Pollen: Then we lead it out of here to water.
Alex: We'll need to distract Mehie & Loky though.
Loky: We can hear you, you know.
Alex: Oh..
Mehie: Humans are weird.
Alex: I'm a Vermal & you should know that!
Mehie: Sorr-ee.
(Pollen looked up to see a giant pouring bucket on top of Mehie and Loky)
Pollen: How about this? (She flies up, tips the bucket & Honey pours all over Mehie & Loky)
Mehie: Oh no!
Loky: Ahh! I'm allergic to honey!
Danny: Well this should be an easy capture then. (He uses his Vac Vader & busts them both)
(The Parasite Beemer Queen roared)
Franky: That takes care of one of our problems.
Alex: Now time to lead the Beemer.
Queen Beemer: Hover! I'll have your head!
Hover: Run!
(As the gang are running we can see some of the Beemer Guards flee in fear)
Hover: What are you just doing over there cowering for? Our queen is in danger!
Beemer Guard #1: That's our Queen!?
Beemer Guard #2: That's even worse!
Beemer Guard #3: What happened to her?
Hover: Two tricksters turned her into that!
Beemer Guard #2: You mean Mehie & Loky?
Hover: Yes!
Beemer Guard #2: I told her not to trust them but no-hu-ho.. She the queen was too full of herself like usual.
(The Queen roared)
Pollen: We need water!
Beemer Guard #1: Are you nuts!? She can't survive in water!
Sam: We're not going to put her in water. We just need to spray her in the spot where the moon parasite entered her body.
Pollen: It's the only way!
Danny: And we need a big amount of it!
Pollen: We need buckets of water! Lots of them!
Cathy: What if Alex & I used our Frost breath in some buckets & then used the Heaters to melt the ice into water.
Hover: That could actually work.
Pollen: That's great! (The Queen Beemer rampages onward.) Look out!
(The gang split up. Cathy, Pollen, Chris, Sam, Paige, Danny, Franky & a Beemer Guard are sent down the right hall. Alex, Hover, Dianna, Juan, Speedy, Mimi, & another Beemer Guard are sent toward the left)
(The Beemer Queen eyes start to glow green)
Hover: Oh no! It's getting worse! Quick!
(Alex blown down 20 buckets of water and turned them into ice)
Alex: Hurry!
(Speedy pulled out another Heater and burned the ice into warm water. He hands the bucket to the Beemer guard who flew on top of the queen and pour water on the Parasite)
Beemer Guard: Forgive me my queen.
(The Parasite started to shrink)
Cathy: More water! (She uses her frost breath to fill last her bucket with ice)
(Sam uses her heater to melt the ice & hands the bucket to the Beemer guard who pours it on the exposed Parasite. The Parasite shrank and died, returning the Queen Beemer is back to normal.. The MBP came to erase the humans' memories about what happened, except for Danny's mom..)
MBP Soldier: Where are Mehie and Loky?
Danny: (Checks his blaster to find it empty) Not again!
Hover: I'm glad that every Beemer is okay.. Even you, Pollen..
Queen Beemer: (looks at Pollen) You're a hy.. a hybrid.
Pollen: Yes I am.. And that's what I like.. (looks at the Queen) Are you gonna be okay?
Queen Beemer: Yes, your majesty.
Pollen: Majesty?
Hover: There's a reason to why our Queen shouldn't have known of your existence, Pollen. She isn't our Queen now. You are.
Pollen: Me? Queen? (All the Beemer workers bow down in reverence.) W-why?
Queen Beemer: I learned that a true queen has the heart of freedom and leadership. Whereas mine lacked that & I knew that one day I would have an heir fill my spot. In fear of that day I stopped any of my spawn from developing into females. Little did I know one of my finest troops & my younger brother would help to give life to an heir.
Pollen: Younger Brother? You mean.. (looks at Hover)
Dianna: And when I gave birth to you we tried our best to keep you away from the hive.
Pollen: Oh my.. So I'm queen now?
Danny: Congrats!
Pollen: But I don't want to be a queen. I want to be able to live an ordinary life with my mom. (looking at the MBC) With my friends.
Queen Beemer: I see.
Pollen: And the Beemers should be living in freedom.. Like everyone.
Queen Beemer: Why? Beemers are supposed to work: It's in our nature.
Pollen: They can.. But not entirely! Like humans, they deserve to have a break once in a while.
Queen Beemer: Then I ask you one thing. Teach me.
Pollen: Teach you?
Queen Beemer: Teach me to be a better Queen so that when my time is up I leave on a good note. That is my only request of you.
Pollen: Okay, Auntie...
(They smiled.)
(Then the next day..)
Agar: (making coffee) One Honey with sugar spices to go! It's for.. Hover Bee!
Hover: That would be me, Agar.
Agar: Alright.
Juan: (drinking juice) It's so nice that the Beemers can visit the coffee shop.. And their human disguises are realistic!
Dianna: And I'm glad my daughter got to be acquainted with your baby cousin.
(Dianna looks at Till playing with Pollen)
Till: Wings pretty.
Pollen: Aw thanks.
Dianna: (Looks over at Danny) I have to thank you so much for being friends with Pollen. If it were not for you she would still be shy & mute.
Danny: It's no prob.
Queen Beemer: Let's just hope Mehie & Loky don't come across us anytime soon.
(Cut to Marathon Logo)